Rush Limbaugh Tells People Not To Donate Money To Haiti

January 13, 2010

Rush Limbaugh is using the catastrophe in Haiti for his own on the air purposes. His infamous scowling at liberals has now been taken to the lowest level possible.  Right now, people are donating time and money to help those in dire need, but Rush Limbaugh uses his time to tell his listeners not to donate. Media Matters quotes Rush further.  He’s using this to once more attack the President. Next, he’ll say the earthquake is ACORN’s fault. I’ll leave you with this:

LIMBAUGH: Would you trust the money’s gonna go to Haiti?


LIMBAUGH: But would you trust that your name is gonna end up on the mailing list for the Obama people to start asking you for campaign donations for him and other causes?

CALLER: Absolutely.

LIMBAUGH: Absolutely right.

CALLER: That’s the point.

LIMBAUGH: Besides, we’ve already donated to Haiti. It’s called the U.S. income tax.

  • joe citizen

    just wait until the “hackers” clear out the electronic bank accounts of the rich; “yard sale” Die Hard IV(style)! P.s. keep ur gold; b/c I know how to provide a service and you can’t eat gold. p.s. the huge gold value increase is more so in America than anywhere else; (oooooo, I can’t wait)

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