Rush Limbaugh Tells People Not To Donate Money To Haiti

Rush Limbaugh is using the catastrophe in Haiti for his own on the air purposes. His infamous scowling at liberals has now been taken to the lowest level possible.  Right now, people are donating time and money to help those in dire need, but Rush Limbaugh uses his time to tell his listeners not to donate. Media Matters quotes Rush further.  He’s using this to once more attack the President. Next, he’ll say the earthquake is ACORN’s fault. I’ll leave you with this:

LIMBAUGH: Would you trust the money’s gonna go to Haiti?


LIMBAUGH: But would you trust that your name is gonna end up on the mailing list for the Obama people to start asking you for campaign donations for him and other causes?

CALLER: Absolutely.

LIMBAUGH: Absolutely right.

CALLER: That’s the point.

LIMBAUGH: Besides, we’ve already donated to Haiti. It’s called the U.S. income tax.

  • Nate

    Terrible. They always find a way to Politicize things. How can the Right sit idly as these douches makes us look completely idiotic

  • Kevin

    You are so taking this out of context. That was in referance to a caller talking about if they sent the money to And Rush said that do you really think the money will go to Haiti and the caller said NO. To all others he said if you can donate please do so, like the Red Cross. In general Rush is saying don’t trust your Government with your money, send it to the people that you really know will get the money to Haiti ASAP. Shame on you for trying to make out Rush a bad guy. If you want to ask a good question why don’t you ask all those in congress how much of their personal money did they donate to Haiti.

    And by the way if you do donate to they now have you email account which gives them access to all the information on your personal computer.

  • wuggaslady

    I’ve got a strong stomach, but this guy really makes me sick.

    • Anomaly100

      No stomach is that strong:-)

  • Haiti is poor because

    Solely written like that it sounds bad but refer to kevin above post for further explanantion.

  • Bob

    @Kevin – Are you really that dumb?

    “they now have you email account which gives them access to all the information on your personal computer.”

    I’ve been working with computers for 20 years now and I’ve never heard of this magic trick. Can you explain to everyone how it works?

    • Anomaly100

      @Jason & @Bob: You’re right IMO. Someone around here works with the site but it’s up to him whether he wants to speak out or not. I’ll ask.

  • Jason

    @Kevin: Giving your email address does not “give them access to all the information on your personal computer.”

    Do you even understand how email and computers work?

  • joesmo

    RUSH is right and the KING! This article was taken out of context.

    • SkepticalObserver

      The quote cited here does not show Rush telling listeners not to donate. I have listened to him for 20 years and I refuse to accept the blogger’s assertion that Rush would call for his listeners to not donate for Haiti.

      I DO believe he would suggest donating directly to Red Cross or other direct charities and avoid going through the Government. Too many fingers handling money that way.

      • Anomaly100

        @skepticalObserver: The site directs us to the Red Cross or other charities in order to help these people. Instead of telling people to donate, he’s using this horrific event to get in a few digs to the President by saying don’t donate through them. This denotes something else altogether, giving people pause to help these people. I call that using a tragedy to benefit his own agenda, which is money or power. Or both.

  • The Truth

    As Kevin said, the quote is taken way out of context.

    Limbaugh’s assertion was to go directly to the web sites of organizations providing aid rather than link through the White House web page.

    Media Matters is only interested in painting Limbaugh in an unfavorable way. This is an excellent example of how they go about it.

    • Dan

      This is so typical of this idiot!

      Gripe about this and other things at the

  • Joe

    @Kevin and @Don Loser
    If you or Rush Limbaugh actually went to the site
    and looked at the Donation page it has links to the Red Cross site. You don’t send your donation directly to the White House, it links you to the Red Cross site to send donations. So its all bs by Rush again, he nor you went to the site to get the facts. Just making crap up.

    • Dave

      Kevin is right/wrong. Rush is wrong but taken out of context. Kevin had it right that Rush wasn’t saying don’t donate and that he was saying don’t do it through the site. The problem is, if Rush had checked the page, he would have seen it they were not collecting the money directly, but in fact they direct you to links of the American Red Cross and The Center for International Disaster Information.

      Now.. The center is in fact a .gov site.. so technically they could harvest your e-mail and donation info to use it to solicit things from you later. I’d like to say that it would be absolutely moronic for Obama to do this as it would be somewhat obvious if he did, but… I have seen this government do monumentally stupid things before and nothing would surprise me anymore.

  • the situation


    This is a hilarious conversation. No one bothers to even verify what exactly the website provides. If anyone took the time to visit the Haiti webpage on they would see that it simply provides links to the Red Cross and CIDI website. There is no form to enter your email address (and apparently subsequently have the government look inside your computer) or donate money.

    Link below for those obviously too lazy to research anything themselves:

    • Zach

      I strongly dislike Rush Limbaugh as much as the next sane person. The title is misleading and it seems, as other readers have pointed out, that the quote is being taken out of context. Great click-through generator though.

  • Rod

    It may have been taken out of context, but this line is pretty self-explanatory…
    LIMBAUGH: Besides, we’ve already donated to Haiti. It’s called the U.S. income tax.

    So, basically, we shouldn’t donate to anybody or any country in need, since we already paid our taxes.

  • Robert Joly

    400 years ago it was the problem people that were send away by the country of origine to populate and develop new land.In our days it is the brightest and richest that leave the poor country of origine to enrich even more the one that accept them. If Haiti is what Haiti is today it is because that situation .If the brightess and richest people would not have been accepted as economic refugies ,those people would have contributed over the years to the development of that nation and the infrastructure that they have today would have been a lot better making that tragedy less of a desaster.

    • John Mark

      Let me preface this by saying I am not a Rush Limbaugh fan in point of fact I find him rather offensive.

      As already mentioned by several people. If you read or listen to this conversation contextually you will understand that Rush is not advocating that anyone not donate money to support Haiti in this crisis. He merely is saying that he would not recommend that you donate via Which should be obvious to anyone NGOs consistently are more efficient in providing aid in times of disaster than government (katrina anyone?).

      So if you must hate Rush that’s fine but please hate him for policies or ideas he actually supports!

      thank you,
      -John Mark

      P.S. also anyone who thinks the government doesn’t already or could not easily get your email or personal information whether or not you like it clearly has been under a rock for about 10 years.

  • GAC

    I heard the show. Obviously you didn’t. If you would not just kneejerk the post and go listen to what someone actually said, these lies wouldn’t get a life of their own.

    Very nice job of listing a partial conversation to further your LWWJ beliefs

    • Anomaly100

      @GAC: If you listened to his show, then did any of it upset you? He said a lot more that we should all be upset about. This was a small part of a long hate speech. Apparently you do not get upset by the constant stream of lies & visceral hatred that spews from his mic each and every day. How dare any of us disagree with Rush! We may have to apologize like Michael Steele did.

  • Dave

    Oh and… has your e-mail address and thus can take over your computer? Thanks, I needed a good laugh :)

    • Lucia

      You know what makes me sick… people that don’t realize that if you don’t help others how the hell can you really help yourself? If your neighbor is falling down and you don’t lend a hand… will that make your picket fence whiter?? Or leave a homeless person behind to piss on it??
      This planet will never move forward until all this small thinking ends… Rush is like cancer… I’m not American… and Thankful for that… but all the criticizing you all do of a President that is trying to make your country BETTER and HEALTHIER is astounding… don’t you all see that countries that you openly scorn are living better, happier, then you? Small thinking is killing your country. If you had a friend or family member in Haiti or any other place that is hit by NATURAL disaster, would his words be so correct then??? Get a grip… Sorry to rant… but there are so many of you that get it… and so few… that listen to Rush L…
      Stop thinking about yourselves. This planet is for all of us… together.

  • Tracy from Canada

    @Cindy: When an earthquake hits America and swallows up the whole Republican Party.

    While we all eagerly wait for that to happen, why don’t you resist that Starbucks latte this morning and send the $5 to Haiti?

    And don’t be afraid of that weird tingly feeling you’ll get afterwards.
    That’s called BEING HUMAN.

  • Babs

    As someone who works for the government and has truly seen money wasted and paperwork clogging the system, I will definitely be making my donation to someone other than the “The White House website”. I’m not afraid they will hack my computer and this has nothing to do with the president’s agenda. The system is what it is and it’s a mess no matter who’s driving.

  • kuziam

    Wow, @kevin, you are an idiot. First of all having my email wouldn’t allow access to my computer… That is just stupid. Then again you listen to Rush, so it is typical.

    Did you bother to check the site to see what clicking the link would do? IT BRINGS YOU DIRECTLY TO THE RED CROSS…

    People should be HAPPY that the link is there. You KNOW it isn’t a fake scam site that takes your donations for profit… IT GOES DIRECTLY TO THE RED CROSS.

    Now kindly play in traffic… I’m sure you can win a Darwin award~

  • Joel


    Would you care to give back the money/aid that the international community gave the U.S when Katrina devastated a section of your country because of your Governments own fault? Have some compassion.

    • Paul

      Rush is a fat jerk.

  • coldhearted

    what im about to say is going to make alot of self-righteous people upset but I feel it needs to be said.

    Why bother???? that country has been a shambles for years and quite frankly I fail to see how donating is going to make it any better.

    Do you think haiti would donate and rush to Americas aid if a tragedy like that happened over here? Even better point when do we as a nation take a step back and put our own house in order before running off to try and clean up someone elses mess?

    I turn the news on and all I see is pictures of people sitting around crying and waiting for someone else to show up and make things better. I say suck it up and drive on. I would love to see a news broadcast that showed the native haitians organizing themselves and rebuilding their countries infrastructure to be more efficient and able to funtion without the intervention of other nations but that will never happen because those people dont want to be self-determined.

    Is it horrible that it happend? Yes, I do think it was a tragedy. Do I think that all the millions of dollars of “aid” being sent there will help the people it really needs to help? No but im sure it will prop up a corrupt government that has and probably never will have the best interest of the people so governed at heart.
    Im also pretty sure that a few “celebrities will up their image buy “volunteering” in the “relief effort” which is just another way of saying “hey im going to use this tragedy to get myself in the public eye and up my image as a “humanitarian.” . They are’nt, they are parasites who feed of misery. Find the man who gives anonomously and thats a good person.

  • barney

    for christ’s sake people (that would be you kevin), go to (it won’t hurt) and look for yourselves. there is no form to complete, info to give, or secret hack that reads your computer’s contents. the only thing on the page is a link to the where can then donate. get it?

    take off the tinfoil hat and join us here on earth. oh, and try thinking for yourself occasionally… it’s kinda fun.

    • LAURA

      GO BROWN GO!!

  • Max

    Show us the transcript from the entire broadcast. Oh, wait. If you did that, people would see that this is slanderous filth.

    • Anomaly100

      @Max: I left the link for anyone to see. You will hear Rush in his words, not mine, so please check this out for yourself & you will hear some real “slanderous filth”. Regarding the transcript, it’s easy to Google.

  • joe

    And your point? I agree. My government gives money on my behalf (against my personal wishes) to these governments already. Sorry you got bad luck, but when I was hungry it was up to me to feed myself. Help people out sure, but am I OBLIGATED to do so? Heck no, and the more people act like I am somehow obligated I will assert in action and words that I in fact am not obligated.

    Help your neighbor? Sure. Help the world? No thanks.

  • Snookie

    @Kevin and @Don Loser

    did you actually look at how this works? is an INFORMATIONAL SITE…you can go there and learn what is being done…if you want to donate, you can click on the Red Cross Link and it takes you to…wait for it…wait for it…. the red cross site!!

    shocker…how dare Obama try and help people find a trustworthy donation spot for them to give their money to people in need

    Rush counts on his listeners to be as lazy as you two..congrats on living up to his low standards so he can continue to be a hate monger

  • ReallyReally?

    There are real people trapped under buildings and helping them is even a discussion? Cindy, how far does “our own” go? Does it mean only help Americans? Because there are Americans in that rubble. You might feel differently if it were you in there and others decided you weren’t worth it.

  • Excuseme

    Don Loser,

    First thing is that the website does not capture any personal information. It provides links to website where people can go and donate. The Red Cross being one and Center for International Disaster Information being another. Rush did say that people should not donate since they already donated via the income tax. Basically discouraging people to give more. Do not be a ditto head and just believe whatever Rush says. Sometime he has a good point and other times he is just being a jerk.

  • simplydumbfounded

    Ok seriously, does anyone read the previous comments left before making a comment? You should. You will find that there are several factual statements made about how the conversation really went. That was only a small part of the conversation. This is what is wrong with people today. So quick to judge without hearing everything. They hear part of what was said and shut out the rest which usually is the part they should have listened to. People also fall on the bandwagons instead of having their own thoughts, and trust me…Rush is a huge “hate/love” bandwagon for many. People need to learn to listen/read everything before making a sound judgment. Let the judgment be YOUR OWN, and not your friend’s or your bosses judgment. Think for yourself….don’t fall on bandwagons because usually you will just fall off!

    The computer part is pretty funny though. It is usually a process before they can actually get your personal information. All they can get from an email is basically where your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is. They can retrieve your computers IP as well but they usually still have to go to the ISP for the information. If the ISP won’t give the information, then it becomes a legal battle. But I still never leave out the option of illegal government hacking. That is what some would call paranoia or a conspiracy theory. That’s another topic! short…think for yourselves, find the facts, make better judgments and decisions based on your findings. It’s better to be informed than to not be.

    • skatty

      I freaking hate Rush. Taking what he said that far out of context is really way worse though. He said the opposite of what this post says. He encouraged donation. A monster he may be but to say he does not want to people to donate is as bad as any of the dumb crap that rolls off that serpents tounge. I will not be back to this site and the editors should also be ashamed. Rush says plenty of borderline retarded stuff without someone having to mislead your readers.

      • Anomaly100

        @Skatty: I did not “edit” the post in the way you are referring. I left the link to direct anyone back to the Media Matters post. If I left the entire post from MM’s, we would be also talking Rush’s obsession with our president. He’s undermining everything the President is trying to do for our country, for us all. If Obama discovered another planet which had resources to which we could never imagine, free land for all & floating clouds to sleep on, Rush would say the President is trying to create an exodus from Earth. He would say Obama hates our planet. If FreakOutNation is so shameful, then why would I leave the comments from people that do not approve of this site. Remember, Rush cuts his mic off when a caller is against his views. I have not done that & I never will. Every comment that has come in will be approved except for ones from Spam hell advertising their wares.

        • Common Sense

          While I understand that many of you have preconceived notions about the evils of Rush Limbaugh, the conclusion of your discussion concerning the above out-of-context quote is simply absurd. Rush wants you to send your money in directly to the charities that are working there, and he stated this in essentially the same breath if you read the transcript. The point is that(in nice, big letters, so you’ll pay attention to it) IT MAKES NO SENSE WHATSOEVER FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO RELAY YOUR MONEY TO THE CHARITIES. In fact, their establishing a means of doing so is, in itself, a grievous waste of tax-payer money. In conclusion, Rush deserves absolutely no criticism for this statement, and those who do continue to criticize it are merely selling themselves into a stereotype which Rush makes fun of quite often.

          … And no, they can’t access your personal computer by getting your e-mail. Duh.

          • Keith

            Rush is a fat, lazy drug addict that shouldn’t be breathing the same air as we do. He does nothing but stir up flies and created divides between the American people and we need to stand together now more than ever. Him and his ilk like Pat robertson needs to join the human race and STFU!

  • Jonah Johansen

    In what logical universe
    don’t contribute at the government web site,
    contribute directly to the red cross or other reliefs agencies
    = don’t contribute ?

    Liberals can’t even construct a decent ad hominem!

    • toby

      @bob I was about to agree with kevin until I got to the last line of his post… now I think he’s just one of those conspiracy nuts that walks around with tinfoil on his head /shrug

  • Elisabeth


    I hope an earthquake strikes your town soon. Maybe you’ll change your tune about “taking care of our own”. We live in a world – everyone is “our own”. Limbaugh is the most contemptible person I have ever seen/heard on the airwaves. When your respective times come, hell for both of you will be far too good!

  • David

    Though I don’t agree with Kevin’s comment about stealing the info from your computer from something as simple as an email address, I have to take issue with two other things you have said (or not said) in response. 1) No one has adequately disputed the point he makes about Rush Limbaugh being taken out of context. You immediately jumped down his throat for being tech illiterate. 2) Though they will not be able to steal all of your information, don’t put it past ANY politician to use that email address for future POLITICAL email lists. And the point is (and this is a bi-partisan point) that government has shown that they cannot be trusted with our money. Charity and Aide organizations have shown themselves to be much more efficient. The government asking for donations for Aide to Haiti is no different than the Gov’t asking for donations to pay off Social Security…They can’t be trusted to effectively execute either one of those actions.

  • Rufus


    Really, is that the BEST you can come up with? The issue here is whether Rush said “do not donate to relief efforts in Haiti”.

    And all you can do is point out that someone, who by his own account, is technically illiterate.

    Bob, you’re pathetic.

    “Freakoutnation” should be ashamed of posting this crap. Just shows how much integrity they have.

    @Kevin is the one who speaks the truth on this thread. I too listened to Rush yesterday and in no way did he imply that people shouldn’t help the good people of Haiti.

  • rev_g33k

    Hey Anomaly100,

    Awesome reporting, way to fact check, I am surprised you are not working for MSNBC!

    Sarcasm aside, if you want to play reporter at least put your whole ass in to it.

    As Kevin said, Rush said to do not donate using the government donate to groups like the red cross.

    To quote Rush:

    “I did not say, ‘Don’t make donations.” I said private donations are going to be much better than a government donation. Go to the Red Cross, do other things, but don’t go through the government. It’s just going to go through hands and bureaucracies and $1 is going to end up being $0.30 by the time they are done with it.”

    Do you know what that took?

    2 minutes on Google!

    Also i find it interesting that you have replied to Cindy, Jason, Bob, and Marketing_Secret_Sauce but not the people that called out your error. You have viewed the comments since Kevin made his, yet you have not acknowledged your error.

    Go Go pseudo journalism,


    • Anomaly100

      @rev_g33k: I have not avoided anyone’s comments. By the way, I’m happy to see Democrats and Republicans here. I have many problems with what Rush said. I didn’t post all of it because it’s content was offensive. His racist comments are not acceptable in my world, so I posted this small piece of the Media Matters post. I am an honest person & I will reread their post again & I’ll do something Rush has never done. I will apologize to him through Twitter & this blog if I was wrong & he was not creating the xenophobic fear he’s famous for. He did in fact tell people not to donate at His opinions are fed through his mic, reaching his listeners ears & they believe them to be facts. What a beautiful world it would be if Rush could apologize for the mountain of hate he’s created? Thank you for your compliment on my post. I’d be honored to work at MSNBC. 😉 I’m always happy to reply if I am asked. Drop by anytime & if asked, I’ll always reply.

  • Truthexpress

    Kevin and Don Loseron – there never was a way to donate via – there was only a link to the Red Cross. And that thing about them having acess to your computer has been debunked a long time ago.

    • Rebel

      Screw you liberals. I doubt that any of you have ever listened to the whole Rush limbaugh show. Nobody with the exception of maybe Sarah Palin is as maligned in the press. All you do is parse his words and take his comments out of context and I am sick of it. Rush is a very entertaining guy who lifts my spirits every day with his humor while making his point and defining what we conservatives believe in. We are not evil selfish greedy bigots. We are big-hearted and fun loving. All we ask for is for limited government intervention in our lives and in our economy. It is you liberals who are vile and nasty and a bunch of “mind numb robots” who follow the lead of the liberal media like a bunch of sheep jumping off a cliff. My liberal neighbor came over and practically assaulted me because “Fox was not covering the situation in Haiti.” What kind of nonsense is this? I doubt very seriously that this neighbor actually came to this conclusion by watching Fox news – I’m sure it was just the liberal talking point of the hour that she was repeating. And what the hell do I have to with Fox news? They are a business and they can choose to report whatever they want. Just because I am a conservative and an admitted ditto head does not mean that I sit around all day holding my breath for Oreilly’s show so I know what is going on. I actually watch very little news on TV becauses I get all my news real time over the internet during the day – TV news is just a rehash of what I have already read about online. I used to have a sense of humor about all this, but now you liberals have pinched my last nerve. You screwed up the housing market. You screwed my 401k and you screwed up the economy and I want you idiots out of my life. Rush is an example of what you can do with freedom and opportunity in this Countryl. If you despise him so much, why don’t you move to a Socialist utopia like North Korea or Cuba? Get the hell out of my country and leave me alone.

      • Anomaly100

        @Rebel: It is not your country. It is all of ours. It would be simpler to move Rush to “North Korea or Cuba” than us. You see, we love this country & that includes the 47,000 American that will die every year from the lack of health care most of us take for granted, like Rush. I’m tired of this country ostracizing these people. It is their country too & they deserve to live in it. We tried to go the bipartisan route. IMO, all bets are off.

  • Jose

    @Kevin and @Don Loser, He says that we donate enough by taxation. Isn’t “enough” another way of saying “you don’t need to donate yourself cause the government is giving money already”? Besides, the website is NOT taking money. It only links to the Red Cross and other .orgs and it doesn’t take any personal info for mailing lists. Check it out yourself. It’s a ridiculous claim from a manipulative jerk (Rush) obsessed with bringing partisan politics into EVERYTHING.

    Don’t accuse people of hating Rush and not “hearing what you have to say” when you yourself didn’t even checkout the website to see if what Rush said was even accurate.

    I’m not saying don’t listen to Rush. I’m saying verify his claims. I assure you most of them are bogus, incomplete, misleading or good ol’ lies.

  • Vinod Tonangi

    Some of the commenters believe that this was taken out of context, but Rush has made comments aganist supporting Haiti just a day ago.

    He believes Obama is sending troops to Haiti because a) he’s black and b) because we wants both the “light & dark skin” black vote.

    To even imply that the White House would take donations meant for Haiti and use them in some other manner is disguisting. If someone believes that this administration is that evil then why even live in this country?

  • Disgusted

    I think it’s funny how after Kevin makes a post pointing out how out of context this statement was taken, people start jumping on him about the computer comment.

    It doesn’t refute the main point he was making, how much of a horrible stretch this was to make Rush out to be the bad guy on this one. Instead it’s just more people trying to discredit what Kevin says by ridiculing other sections of his post.

    Way to go Bob and Jason, you’ve completely missed the point.

  • Jonathan

    I can’t believe how naive and wrong Kevin and Don are! Have you actually looked at the page? is NOT collecting money directly from website visitors, and they are NOT collecting your email address – they have provided a page with information on how you can donate/help. They direct you through to the Red Cross’ website to donate directly. So both of you are naive, and Rush is severely mistaken!

    • Stump

      Wow. So we have Rush on the right politicizing this and now Media matters and freak out nation on the left politicizing.

      I wish both sides would figure out that Haiti is about helping people not furthering your agendas. :(

  • m

    TO: and others

    You should write about this:

    when did the reader comments become more important than the article itself?

    I hope long time ago and this is one of them……

    Great job Kevin only comment with an email?????
    Believe me they have other means to invade your privacy, and governing laws too.

  • Jim

    The OP seems to be intentionally misconstruing Rush’s statements. Donating money in an *effective* manner is a very important issue with charities. There are numerous cases of massive donations going to waste or being squandered by the wrong organizations or impulsive donations.

    It is very good advice to donate directly to an organization like the Red Cross instead of a political organization like, regardless of who is running that political organization. The Red Cross has proven that it can handle the donations effectively.

    At best, money sent to will only be redirected to organizations like the Red Cross – but with more expense and waste. And it is unlikely that any politician would pass up the chance to gain political capital – such as adding you to mailing lists, or at worst, having only “most” of the money reach charities. That seems to be what Rush was discussing, and it’s an honest point.

  • ThinkBeforeYouType

    Kevin – You’re defending the hate-monger even before you do an y research. Check the website, all it has is a link to the Red Cross site, it never asks for you email prior to the link. Type ditto-head behavior, believing everything that blowhard says without bothering to check the facts first.

    Cindy – Aren’t we all human beings? Isn’t that ‘our own’ she be first and foremost? I wonder how you’d feel if or your family were from Haiti?

  • bigX

    Anomaly100 lays the smackdown on Cindy.

  • Clinton

    I wish people would read a little more, maybe this is why the site is called “freakoutnation” because people freakout and do not check facts. Don’t worry this is how everyone operates Liberals and Conservatives alike in our current media environment.
    1. Please someone find me a place on to donate. Not there, there is a link to the Red Cross for donations and the instructions for donating via text message. Who donates to the Whitehouse I mean really where would this money go? Not to Obama. There is none. more BS from Rush.
    2. If you go to which I am sure Rush did not do you will find very helpful links to the Red cross and other resources to help.
    3. This is a useful tool to hopefully prevent people from donating to organizations they are unfamiliar with. Hell even our local Attorney General (ND) even had a bit on the local news last night cautioning people to ensure they donate to organizations they are familiar with and trust. This is exactly what the white house was doing. But some people hate those in the white house so bad they will find every way to misconstrue facts. Hell I think if somehow world peace happened Rush would blame Obama for putting all those in the military out of work, or if world hunger was somehow cured he would blame Obama for all the Farmers being out of work.

  • Sebastian


    “Shame on you for trying to make out Rush a bad guy.”

    Shame on you for even trying to defend this evil bastard. He’ll use any excuse to further his own agenda, including, obviously, the suffering and death of others. This guy is truly evil. The fact that you’re sticking up for him makes you complicit.

    “And by the way if you do donate to they now have you email account which gives them access to all the information on your personal computer.”

    Did you hear this crap on Rush’s show, Glen Beck or Hannity? Do you even know how computers work? There is NO WAY for the White House to get all your personal information from your computer based on an email address. This definitely sounds like a BS talking point you grabbed from Fox News. Please – educate yourself FOR REAL instead of being yet another misinformed, talking point-spewing Fox sheep.

    • HEGEL

      since both democrats and republicans believe healthcare reform was a necessity, it’s safe to say a bill need to be drawn up. The bill they are working on now IS bipartisan. the only repbulican input was “we dont like this bill” and “tort reform”. if anyone watched c-span 2, they would understand that conversation on tort-reform is already taking place. if the healthcare bill was nt bipartisan, then there would be a public option. AND everyone knows that the financial crisis was essentially due to the reagan administration’s inability to properly reform the system in the 80’s, and with alan greenspan’s inability to deal with the birth of so much intellectual property know as the dotcom bubble; though he thought he could handle it, by not allowing more regulation, control was lost. while many underlying issues, such as the mortgage crisis and ponzi/pyramid schemes essentially crashed the market if you are to blame this problem on one man alone, then i would have to say ronald reagan: for appointing alan greenspan in 1987. while no one will read this, it’s necessary to understand that recognizing the outrageous things that republican talk show hosts and pundits say only gives them a reason to live; it creates great interest. I DECIDED TO PUT THE MOST IMPORTANT PART IN CAPS, BECAUSE NO ONE WOULD WANT TO READ THE REST WHAT I JUST TYPED. ANYWAY, IT’S INTERESTING HOW THE “LEFT” BEGS FOR REGULATION IN ORDER TO PROP UP THE BROKEN LEGS OF CAPITALISM, WHILE THE RIGHT CONTINUOUSLY TRIES TO ALLOW THE SAME PROBLEMS TO REPEAT THEMSELVES, AS IF IT’S JUST A PART OF CAPITALISM. WE NEED FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE FROM THE GROUND UP. A GROUND-UP REFORM OF OUR ECONOMIC SYSTEM MUST TAKE PLACE. THE QUESTION IS NOT “IS GOVERNMENT REGULATION NECESSARY?”, BUT IT IS RATHER “WHAT KIND OF REGULATION IS NECESSARY?”

      • Anomaly100

        @hegel: Your comment was read and I find it to be honest. Imagine that, honestly in political conversation. That’s a new concept.

  • carver

    “You screwed up the housing market. You screwed my 401k and you screwed up the economy and I want you idiots out of my life.”

    The housing market, your 401K and the economy all went in the toilet before Obama took the oath of office so the idiots of which you speak would be the Bush administration.

    • Anonymous

      All he’s saying is not to donate money through the government, not that we shouldn’t donate at all.

      • Anomaly100

        @Anonymous: The site only directs donations to the Red Cross & isn’t taking them specifically. Perhaps you should look up the site & see for yourself as so many other people in this comment thread did. It may enlighten you.

  • Truan

    I’m thoroughly enjoying the comments ‘this site is taking his quote out of context!’, especially considering the fact that that’s ALL Rush Limbaugh seems to do on his show. Ever consider this piece as satire, rather than news?

    Of course not. You’re too busy bitching at liberals and trying to blame them for the recession your last leader got us into.

    Grow a pair.

    • rebel

      Anomoly. “We tried to go the bipartisan route” on Healthcare? Oh really? Please cite an example for my enlightenment. Since when do the Democrats work with the Republicans? The only time something is called “bipartisan” is when the Republicans give in to the Dumocrats. You guys go have your fun because you are going to get your clock cleaned in 2010. In 2012 your messiah will retire to make speeches for a living and we will get a conservative in office that will start to repair the damage done by the “bipartisan” Dumocrats.

      • Anomaly100

        @Rebel: I can cite you many examples but consider this: When we tried to discuss health care throughout the Internet, comment after comment said, “Democrats have all the power, so what do you need us for!” When the President did not fight as hard as most of us would have liked, we lost the public option because of his bipartisan efforts. Now, I’m hearing, “What bipartisanship?” The health care reform bill is watered down & a mere shadow of what it was. Consider this too: Republicans fought the bill saying we would hurt the insurance companies. Explain that to me. This would mean that no Republican has ever had a pre-existing condition & their premiums were never raised, otherwise you’d be as pissed off as we are. On your other comment you said Americans don’t die from lack of health care. Can you say “Google.” Research this because I have. You can choose to believe this or not, but I was brought to a hospital after being mugged & beaten until I was not even recognizable. I was burnt, couldn’t walk & pronounced dead for 3 minutes. They kept me 4 hours & I was shown the door. I had no insurance. I’m insured now & this was long ago, but you just don’t forget these things. I hope this kind of thing never happens to you.

  • Eric

    This is absolutely hilarious. I love how everyone defends Rush’s comments, talking about how we should do research to not take them out of context but none of them have actually gone to to see that there is no donating to the white house but only links to the Red Cross and instructions on how to donate via text message. Nowhere asks for your e-mail address, nowhere asks you to donate through any political organization, quite simply it tells you how you can help if you so choose. I completely agree that this comment was taken out of context, fair is fair whether it’s from the left or right in my opinion, but the comment itself in context is equally as stupid.

    Personally though I think nobody should donate to Haiti, I’d rather see the millions of children that die due to a lack of health care in America get this money than people in any foreign country. Yeah, it sucks, but I didn’t see the rest of the world donating millions of dollars to the United States when Katrina happened. I’d rather help my fellow countrymen that help make this country so great regardless of which side of the political fence they are on.

  • Eric

    Also, the red cross isn’t even handling their own donations, I’d be more worried about Convio taking their cut than I’d be worried about the federal government (who, you may note, were the first aid to actually show up in Haiti). Do some research first people.

  • Bob Spears

    Dear Rush,

    Thank you you steaming pile of crap. I was on the fence about donating but when I saw this headline I rushed mine you rushed to my iTunes account and donated money to the Haiti relief effort.

    F you very much

    • Tee Padgett

      Rush is an idiot. I don’t know why anyone even gets upset when he says the things he says.

  • Paul

    Anomaly100 – I’m a republican and even I have a hard time with Rush, but how are you any better than him? The headline of your article is misleading and phares in a manner solely to undermine someone (The same way you claim Rush undermines Pres. Obama). You know the one about the stones and glass houses, yes?

  • DeezZ

    Anyone that gives Rush the benefit of the doubt is a fucking idiot, out of context or not, he’s a leech on the poor well being of others and not to mention a stark annoying extremist. Eat shit if you support this guy.

  • brad

    Everyones bad mouthing everyone else…liberals are bad…conservatives are bad…rush is bad…the sooner people accept everyones point of view and not let stupid comments get to them the better we’ll all be. anyone can make a persons comment sound stupid, and theres always someone else to make the next comment sound even stupider, grow a set and stop trying to be the top dog whose opinion is absolute. you’re all dumbasses in my book, who the hell cares what rush limbaugh has to say.

  • Tashi

    So sad,

    We are now officially The Divided States of America. I hear a bunch of concerned citizens protesting being ripped off in some way or another. We are correct to be concerned about being ripped off, but we continue to allow it to happen. The poor keeps getting poorer and the government just gets bigger. Every few years the government leadership changes and everything is gonna be great but things get worse and we get a new government agency (homeland security during bush and Obama is pushing for a financial regulatory agency) and another carrot dangled in front of our faces. The American society has over extended itself. Why are the best jobs government jobs? I would love to be a fat cat politician with no perception of the hardships every American faces on a daily basis. I would love to have the healthcare plan that they have or should politicians get what the poorest americans have? There is no right or left, conservative or liberal, republican democrat. We have a few rich people on a hill making sure we are taken care of. They aren’t doing a very good job. Fix my DAMN roads! What are you doing with my taxes?

    • Rebel

      Carver you are a pathetic loser. Blame it on Bush eh? Let me spell it out for you. The problem started with the Carter admin and pressure to the banks to make home ownership affordable for everyone. Consequently the banks loosened the regulations and lent to those who could not afford. We could have survived the 10% of bad paper out there except that Fannie and Freddie bought them up and sold the bad paper as mortgage backed securities which led to the collapse of the stock market and my 401K. Again- it was the dumocrats like Barney Frank and his ilk at Fannie & Freddie running the show. You have to be more creative than just blaming Bush for everything – that is so old school. This is 2010, why don’t you come up with some new bs?

  • Marie

    An aside to all of you…..Google the history of U.S. interference in Haitian politics. Read about CIA involvement (1990s), the abduction of their democratically elected president (Navy Seals – 2001), denial of basic humanitarian aide and the dumping of rice at below market value. After thoroughly educating yourself on these issues, decide whether or not we have any additional moral responsibility to the people of Haiti.
    Having said that I am angered that Mr. Limbaugh, like so many others, is using this horrendous tragedy to further his own agenda. He could have kept politics out of his answer and stated facts…the link DIRECTS you to the other sites that have been previouslymentioned.

    • Anomaly100

      @Marie: Thank you for the walk through history. Pat Robertson seems to think Haiti is cursed & we know this is only a myth, but I’ve recently discovered that many think this is true. Kudos for your insight.

  • Rebel


    No one is dying due to lack of health insurance. It is called the Emergency Room. Just show up and they have to treat you whether you have insurance or not. A friend of mine had a heart attack recently and he went to the emergency room with no insurance and received the best of care. People are dying in the countries that have socialized medicine like Britain and Canada.

  • JF

    “And by the way if you do donate to they now have you email account which gives them access to all the information on your personal computer.”

    That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Having some person’s email address is not the same as having access to that person’s email account. And, by the same token, having and email address does not give one access to your hard drive.

  • joe

    Limbaugh, once again, makes a great point… Obama announced that the U.S. will donate $100 million to Haiti. This money comes out of our pockets as tax money.

    Do you really think they need more of your money?

    Do you really think that all of the money you donate goes to the people that need it?

    I’ll answer both of those questions for you: No and No

    I’m glad that somebody like Limbaugh is bold enough to speak the truth even though it may not sound appeasing at first glance… but think about it and you will realize that he’s right.

    By the way, don’t we have homeless people, suffering here in the U.S.? I hope you all donated to them first.

    • Anomaly100

      @Joe: Yes, we should help people in America. We have people dying. You didn’t want to “donate” your taxes to that & most of us wouldn’t have to pay them. But then you called us “Socialists!” We wanted to take care of our own but the right wouldn’t let us. We are powerful because we give to other countries. I would love for us to help some of our people too, but why wouldn’t you let us? You’re right, Limbaugh is bold. He’s a bold faced liar & if you think he’s telling you the truth, then I’ve got some condos in Haiti to sell you. They’re in a lovely place called Port Au Prince & it’s rockin’.

  • JF

    @Rebel: Its funny that you are calling people names, and trying to give a history lesson in who “caused” the recenty economic collapse. I have a pop quiz for you, which you are sure to pass because you are so incredibly brilliant. Name the president who said this:

    “More and more people own their homes in America today. Two-thirds of all Americans own their homes, yet we have a problem here in America because few than half of the Hispanics and half the African Americans own the home. That’s a homeownership gap. It’s a — it’s a gap that we’ve got to work together to close for the good of our country, for the sake of a more hopeful future. We’ve got to work to knock down the barriers that have created a homeownership gap.

    I set an ambitious goal. It’s one that I believe we can achieve. It’s a clear goal, that by the end of this decade we’ll increase the number of minority homeowners by at least 5.5 million families.

    To open up the doors of homeownership there are some barriers, and I want to talk about four that need to be overcome. First, down payments. A lot of folks can’t make a down payment. They may be qualified. They may desire to buy a home, but they don’t have the money to make a down payment. I think if you were to talk to a lot of families that are desirous to have a home, they would tell you that the down payment is the hurdle that they can’t cross. And one way to address that is to have the federal government participate. ”

    I’ll give you a hint… the quote comes from October 2002. Good luck figuring out which president said it!

  • Old Engineer

    Rush did not suggest that people should not contribute humanitarian aid if they wish to do so; he did suggest that sending aid via Washington might not be the most efficient path.
    Personally, I wonder why the C130s are not now parachuting food, water, cooking fuel, and basic first aid items to the perimeter of Port Au Prince rather than landing, concentrating supplies where the people are not, and where aircraft fuel is in short supply. Why in heaven not fly round trips from south Florida and get the supplies distributed quickly, before dehydration and disease set in?
    Maybe they have the Katrina crew doing the planning…

    • rebel


      Go back to school and study economics. Then study the healthcare system in Great Britain and Canada. You will come to understand that the public option will be a disaster.

      • Anomaly100

        @Rebel: I have lived in Britain.

        • hampster

          Limbaugh and Robertson are two worms out of the same can of worms. They both exemplify the hate REPUBLICANS have for minorities, the poor, and disadvantaged. The typical response of the AMERICAN REPUBLICAN PARTY OF NO. Guess those republicans also mean NO HELP to those in need!!!!!!!

  • hofeling

    Rush Limbaugh is an idiot but this story is crap. This is the kind of reporting I would expect from Fox News…half truth and taking things out of context. I think the right gives us enough ammo that we shouldn’t need to make things up or tell half the story. This makes US look bad.

  • Calvin Jones and the 13th Apostle

    For any of you excusing Limbaugh, I suppose you’ve heard his latest missive. Why does Limbaugh hate the U.S. military? Especially considering he’s broadcast(why I don’t know) on Armed Forces Radio.

    • Thomas

      Rush Limbaugh said (and I’m paraphrasing, so don’t get your undies in a wad) that the president of the United States of America would use the death of 50,000 Haitians for political gain.

      What a moron.

      And all you (mostly paid) righties out there, please don’t try to distract people on the fact that he was also saying (paraphrasing again) don’t donate through

      That’s like saying you don’t believe in having the government run healthcare (which is valid), *…because those libo-fascist-demo-commies-pinkos want to kill old people. (that second part means you are a danger to yourself and America, because of your ignorance or intent to deceive Americans).

      Either you believe the president is an absolute monster, because – oh the humanity – he thinks we should be able to keep our homes following a bit of pneumonia or more than one broken bone – OR – you’re sane, intelligent and informed.

      Sorry Dittoheads. Keep following Rush. He uses shock to make millions. You use Rush as a replacement for thinking. In the end, he’ll be fat and rich (oops. sorry. he’s already those things), and you’ll still be uninsured, bankrupt, and ignorant.

    • Anomaly100

      @CalvinJones: He compared the military to “Meals On Wheels.” I don’t know how people defend this man.

      • john adams

        rebel, didnt your ilk already leave this country once? I think we called it the War between the states. Us northeners kicked your mighty asses and burnt your homes to the ground. I still get off on the idea of kicking you bums out of america again. Us yanks are tired of being held back by racist morons like you. Thank you William Tecumseh Sherman.

  • rebel


    “trying to give a history lesson in who “caused” the recenty economic collapse”.

    I wasn’t trying to give you a history lesson in regards to the “recenty” economic collapse, I gave you a history lesson.

    When are you going to stop blaming everything on Bush? Bush just said that home ownership is desirable and we should help people come up with a down payment. He did not say lend money to people who cannot afford to pay it back. He did not say to package up all that bad debt into mortgage backed securities and ruin the world financial markets with bad paper.

    If you go back and check your facts, you will find that there were warnings from the Bush administration about the Real Estate bubble that were ignored by the mainstream media.

    Go back to your history lesson. It was your hero Jimmy Carter that started pressuring the banks to write bad loans. That was the start of it. Barney Frank and his buddies put the nail in the coffin over at Fannie/Freddie.


    oh and my mistake, i hadn’t noticed i wrote “checks” instead of “loans”.

  • labia

    i noticed he didn’t actually say not to donate. i’ve listed to his show in the past and this looks like it’s being taken pretty far out of context. maybe not, but more than likely considering the last line is indicative of his sense of humor rather than a strongly held conviction. maybe they could have posted the whole conversation. but maybe that wouldn’t get as many diggs.

  • Brett

    Ok. I hate Rush. Won’t lie about it. I understand that this is taken out of context. I’m going to say this simply. It SOUNDS worse than it is, and this website totally made it sound like Rush is 100% evil. That is not to say that what Rush said was wrong and shameful. Even while promoting good in the world, he had to throw in a comment about the left and how Obama could steal donated money. Again…the link to the red cross is on the page….

    Even though he was promoting aid overall, he’s still an awful excuse for a human being. I know that many of you reading this actually enjoy Rush. He’s a very polarizing individual. Personally, I can’t wait until he dies, and I’ll go by myself a nice expensive bottle of whiskey the day he does.

    By the way, Rush is 100% evil, but only about 50% evil this time (I had to take away 50%, cause overall he’s still promoting aid to Haiti)


    • Anomaly100

      @Brett: I’ll buy you that bottle of whiskey, if you share it with me :-)

  • John Alway

    This is taken completely out of context. By any chance is the person who runs this website a leftist? I’m guessing, yes. Has to be deliberate, because I found the full context in a matter of a short few minutes:

    Here is a link to the show where Rush said that quote given as the headline of this page. It’s clearly taken out of context:

    [start of quote]
    “RUSH: We’re going to start in Raleigh, North Carolina. Justin you’re first today. Great to have you with us.

    CALLER: Mega Rush Baby dittos. My question is, why did Obama in the sound bite you played earlier, when he’s talking about if you wanted to donate some money, you can go to —

    RUSH: Yeah.

    CALLER: — to direct you how to do so. If I want to donate money to the Red Cross, why do I need to go to the page and —

    RUSH: Exactly. Would you trust that the money is going to go to Haiti?

    CALLER: No.

    RUSH: Would you trust that your name is going to end up on a mailing list for the Obama people to start asking you for campaign donations for him and other causes.

    CALLER: Absolutely.

    RUSH: Absolutely right.

    CALLER: That’s the point.

    RUSH: Besides, we’ve already donated to Haiti. It’s called the US income tax.

    CALLER: Rush, my mother was going to be on a missionary trip. She was going to leave at 4:30 this morning to go to Haiti with our church.

    RUSH: That’s another point, too. Churches —

    CALLER: No government money, Rush.
    [End of quote]

    So, notice that he is suspicious of anything sent to the government, and prefers you send it to the Red Cross. I agree with this. That’s all this is about. Sheesh

    • Anomaly100

      @John: I’ve already posted a video of Rush defending this. I wanted any ‘rightists’ to know that I am fair. He screamed at a woman calling her a “Blockhead!” He bullied this caller & tried to intimidate her. Can you honestly sit there and tell me Rush is a good man? A fair man? He tells the woman on the video that she has “tampons in her ears!” Seriously, would you let a man talk to your sister, wife, girlfriend or mother like that? This man is a bastard. I took nothing out of context & left the link for people to see. He is discouraging people from donating. He cares about no one but himself. Sheesh.

      • faye

        Rush is very self centered and doesn’t have compassion for the poor. It’s not like these people chose to have this earthquake. He’s very self righteous and only looks out for his wants. I’d prefer to listen to Opera on the radio than him…

  • Linda

    The Haitans have been governed by the United Nations for years because they can’t institute a government that is not corrupt and inept. Obviously the current state of affairs tells us something about the United Nations ability or desire to do anything beneficial. Every time there is a disaster anywhere we soon hear about the billions that disappeared and no one can find. Will this be any different? Of couse not!!

    As has already been said, we continue to spend millions to prop up this country through our taxes over which we have nothing to say. There won’t be one more cent from me.

    • LAURA

      While my heart goes out to the children there, I will not send one dime!! Let Obama find some of my taxes like he did for Nebraska and every other crook in DC.

  • rebel


    The “Community Reinvestment Act” was passed by Jimmy Carter and the Democrats. It gave incentives for low income buyers to buy homes. That was the start.

    In 1995, Clinton and the Democrats added massive new provisions. The revisions allowed the securitization of Community Reinvestment Act subprime mortgages. Are you with me so far? That forced the banks to issue 1 Trillion dollars in “sub prime” loans and created subprime mortgage securities.
    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac became heavily invested in these securities. Fannie/Freddie were making a lot of money selling these securities and they were pressuring the banks to approve these subprime mortgages or they would pay stiff penalties due to the Community Reinvestment Act- started by Clinton/Democrats.

    So you see, it started with Carter with the creation of CRA. Clinton and the democrats opened up the door for the suprime mortgage backed securities. Fannie/Freddie, quasi government agencies run by Democrats (Barney Frank) were making a lot of money selling the securities to banks which further increased the pressure on banks to approve mortgages.

    As long as property values were going up it was not a problem. But interest rates went up and the homeowners could not make the payments on the subprime loans and that was the beginning of the meltdown.

    Check out this youtube video. It sums it up nicely.

  • fcalvin

    , His man is cancer; he should be arrested along with dick Cheney
    He is a drug addict, who cares what this a whole says

    • Nancy

      Seems like if you want to be honest and informed before making a judgment about anyone, you should get their side.

      For those of you who really do want to know what’s up, here’s the link to Limbaugh’s actual opinion so you can decide for yourself with fairness.

      • Anomaly100

        @Nancy: I’m glad you left this link. I did however just post a video of Rush defending these accusations. You may or may not find it of interest.

        • Robert Wayne

          As usual, Rush Limbaugh told it honestly and like it is. The imbeciles who are still believing Odumbo’s lies are the ones taking it out of context and using this to bash Limbaugh and the rest of us who know what’s really going on in this country.

          • Anomaly100

            @Robert: Tell us what’s going on in this country, but please do not parrot Limbaugh. I want you to tell us.

  • Steve G.

    I heard Obama say the US was going to sent HAITI 100 MILLION DOLLARS, who’s money is he sending if not the tax payer’s.And may I say with military and humanitarian aid also.People should give through their own charities,they don’t need to go through the White House website

    • Anomaly100

      @Steve G: Did you not read the other comments or follow the link? The site directs people to the Red Cross. They aren’t taking donations themselves. It is for charity only.

  • Kyle

    Limbaugh is actually discouraging donating to Haitie through the red cross-i didn’t watch the segment, so even if he did say to donate through the red cross, he is contradicting himself. The website links to the RedCross as a source for donation–Limbaugh says not to donate through…using the transitive property, you will notice that he is saying to not donate to Red Cross.

    Although he might not have intended to tell people not to donate to the red-cross, i believe he should get his facts straight to prevent him from contradicting himself. To further rectify my point, look to the last line which says:
    Besides, we’ve already donated to Haiti. It’s called the U.S. income tax.

    Which basically means he is discouraging donations.

    Some people have said that Haitie wouldn’t come rushing to America if we needed help, the person who said that fails to recognize that Haitie is one of the poorest countries in the southern hemisphere/would they even be able to help? It is crucial that America helps. It not only will aid a country filled with poverty, but it can actually help America, as it will be seen as a leader.

    Zalmay Khalilzad, Analyst, RAND Corporation, “Losing the Moment,” WASHINGTON QUARTERLY, Spring 1995, ASP. Under the third option, the United States would seek to retain global leadership and to preclude the rise of a global rival or a return to multipolarity for the indefinite future. On balance, this is the best long-term guiding principle and vision. Such a vision is desirable not as an end in itself, but because a world in which the United States exercises leadership would have tremendous advantages. First, the global environment would be more open and more receptive to American values — democracy, free markets, and the rule of law. Second, such a world would have a better chance of dealing cooperatively with the world’s major problems, such as nuclear proliferation, threats of regional hegemony by renegade states, and low-level conflicts. Finally, U.S. leadership would help preclude the rise of another hostile global rival, enabling the United States and the world to avoid another global cold or hot war and all the attendant dangers, including a global nuclear exchange. U.S. leadership would therefore be more conducive to global stability than a bipolar or a multipolar balance of power system.

    The article above basically says that USA needs to be a leader, it will prevent nuclear proliferation and a system of global mutual respect.
    To add on to aiding people who are in poverty,

    Robert Rector, fellow, Heritage foundation, Testimony before the Senate Joint Economic Committee, September 25, 2008,, accessed 2-22-09. Point #2 Most “poor” Americans are not “poor” in any normally understood sense of the word. For most Americans, the word “poverty” suggests destitution: an inability to provide a family with nutritious food, clothing, and reasonable shelter. But only a small number of the 37 million persons classified as “poor” by the Census Bureau fit that description. While real material hardship certainly does occur, it is limited in scope and severity. Most of America’s “poor” live in material conditions that would be judged as comfortable or well-off just a few generations ago. Today, the expenditures per person of the lowest-income one-fifth (or quintile) of households equal those of the median American household in the early 1970s, after adjusting for inflation. For example, according to the government’s own data, nearly two thirds of households defined by Census as “poor” have cable or satellite television. Eighty five percent have air conditioning. Overall, the typical American defined as poor by the government has a car, air conditioning, a refrigerator, a stove, a clothes washer and dryer, and a microwave. He has two color televisions, and cable or satellite TV reception. He has a VCR, a DVD player, and a stereo. He is able to obtain medical care. His home is in good repair and is not overcrowded. By his own report, his family is not hungry and he had sufficient funds in the past year to meet his family’s essential needs. While this individual’s life is not opulent, it is equally far from the popular images of dire poverty conveyed by the press, liberal activists, and politicians.

    The article says that living in america and being poor is nothing compared to living in other countries such as Haitie. We need to act now to help these suffering people, they are buried beneath rubble with little time left for them to live. The people that are in poverty in America can wait, they are definitely better off than pople in Haitie.

  • MinJack

    People might donate directly to Red Cross through a white house site, because they trust it is not a scam.

    There’s hundreds of people in our own hemisphere, close to the United States, dying every day that relief cannot be delivered because of the logistical bottlenecks: ports are destroyed, air control towers destroyed.

    It’s time to step up and show we can get our fat butts off the couch and send twenty bucks to the red cross. It takes one minute.

    I can’t believe this is being politicized! What is Jesus Christ in heaven thinking about our reaction to this event?

  • Xander

    This is for Rush fans: Stop wasting your time defending him.
    I’ve read every entry here and come to a realization: those who hate Rush will do so forever.

    And give the progressives posted here their just due…it appears Rush did make a mistake in assuming you can donate money directly to the White House for Haitian relief. So he made a mistake. (Doesn’t he admit he’s right just 95.5% of the time?)

    And to you progressives: can someone make a minor mistake such as this and not be judged evil, a liar, a moron, a racist, a hater, etc.? Does this mistake warrant such visceral condemnation? Since when is making a technical mistake the equivalent of wanting to destroy civilization or kick it when it’s down?

    In all this text, that seems the only substantive argument you progressives have. Otherwise you offer superficial attacks such as how stupid or evil he is or we are for listening to him. Don’t you realize by now saying that doesn’t even make us (or him for that matter) even blink?

    If your purpose is to get people to stop listening to Rush, you aren’t going to accomplish that by telling us how evil he is or how much you want him off the air or how you’d wish he’d just have a heart attack and die. That only makes us like him more.
    So you’re wasting your time as well.

    His technical mistake doesn’t lessen his perspective: just how long is the U.S. expected to give money to this country with no result? Didn’t we get a good return on our investments from Germany and Japan? Why is it so wrong of us to think Haiti can, with their hard work and our money, do the same?

    Does it make you feel better knowing that our money was sent in massive quantities before, during, and no doubt will be following this crisis? What good are your positive feelings if nothing is ever accomplished decade after decade? The end result shouldn’t be your good feelings – it should be the sovereign success of Haiti.

    But that’s all you have to offer. You feel good about the U.S. giving money to Haiti. When someone comes along and suggests it’s wasted effort then, now, and in the future, your feelings are hurt. But your good or hurt feelings don’t accomplish anything. In the big picture, your feelings are worthless.

    Now, if you want to call me a hater or racist for thinking this, that’s your prerogative. I won’t return the sentiment.

    • Anomaly100

      @thunderchild: Did you hear what he said about the President trying to help these people? He implies a secret agenda. He said the President will use this situation. Even some of the right pundits were calling him “deplorable.” This isn’t a right vs left situation. This is tens of thousands of people’s lives at stake and Rush used this to undermine and take swipes at the President. I found your comment fair to everyone, but please do not expect me to think that what he says is 95.5% accurate? As far as being a racist is concerned, would you like me to post all of his racist quotes on this blog tomorrow, because I’ll be happy to. Honestly, I will if that’s what it takes for anyone to see that folks on the left are not casually calling people racists.

    • Jusus

      “Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot”
      Senator Al Franken.

      • Anomaly100

        @Jusus: Franken rocks! He has not disappointed us.

  • Another Steve G

    Amazing how providing a fucking link to the red cross gives them access to all your personal information. Rush and his followers truly deserve each other. Unreal.

    • fredipuppy

      Now that we are adopting illegal Haitian democrats we should she a bolster in Coakley’s poll numbers as they are bussed to Boston in a relief effort.

  • jscam

    Too funny. Someone takes a sliver of a quote, completely misleading, and the haters come out to give an evil monologue. You don’t like Limbaugh. We get it. But blame him for something he actually said. Plus, I agree that tax money is going to Haiti. They need more? While the aid now is being looted? Give all your personal money. Great Idea! You know Obama will take care of you here with more handouts…
    And no, I’m NOT DONATING! Spent time there with the Navy in the ’94 trying to help. A corrupt and racist country.

  • Xander

    Anomaly 100: He didn’t imply a hidden agenda. Anyone with an ounce of sensibility knows, as he stated, Obama’s supporters in the press will sing his praises in his handling of the situation, unlike that simpleton Bush… Rush was simply being preemptive.

    And why wouldn’t Obama use the situation to his advantage? Any sensible politician would – if his response is timely and actually helps the situation, why not mention in his upcoming State of the Union speech on how well he handled the crisis?

    Concerning the 95.5% accurate of Rush, that’s what he says on his show. Sometimes it fluctuates between 91.5 – 99.5%, but those are his words, not mine. He is touting his politically prophetic abilities – which are more often accurate than not. (Although he doesn’t mention when he is wrong – ‘cause he is egotistical I admit!) It is evident you don’t listen to his show with regularity considering he says it at least once a broadcast.

    But why is it you are calling him racist? And what good is it to post all these racist quotes you’re talking about? I’ve already read them all. I hear this all the time, but I need some explanation – and I’m not being sarcastic here. Progressives throw that word around without any substance attached to it, as if the word itself suffices. Back it up, please.

    Thanks for the fair compliment.

    • BK

      Xander, what does Rush need to do to prove he’s racist? Maybe it would take him lynching somebody to be proof enough for you? Providing quotes is one very good way of “backing up” an assertion – as most people who graduated high school easily realize.

  • Utah Liberal

    If there were a god that sick fat blowhard would have suffered a miserable non-fatal (dying is too easy) heart attack. But then as stone cold as his character is, no doubt his heart is as solid as a very cold rock. This guy is one serious tumor on the world and should be treated extensively with his own out of pocket expenses and put through the health care system using and alias to see how reality is actually as ugly and the man himself.

  • Jarrett

    I am not from the US but a northern observer. I just wan to say shame on all of who are not willing to help these poor people. That is just selfish. How quickly you guys forget Sept 11 and hurricane Katrina and how the world banded together to help you guys out in your time of need. The same people saying they need to look out for themselves would be the first to criticize other people for not helping in these American disasters.

    And you wonder why there is so much hate for you country. The worst part is that there are good people in your country and all these selfish douche bags give them a bad name.

    • Anomaly100

      @Jarrett: Before I left America for many years, I thought the world loved America. Our country is very narcissistic in that aspect. When I traveled overseas, I realized how much people hated us. Our nose is in their business. Please know that not all of us are like this. Right now, there is an intense amount of money pouring out of the pockets of America’s people. I live in the States again. I am proud of the people that care, people like you. The whole world isn’t consumed by greed. Just big part of it.

  • Liar Limbaugh

    When Jesus Christ hears Robertson and Limbaugh spewing their vomitous Hate Mongering in the name of God, he himself will introduce them to the Devil!
    It’s Vile and Disgusting that these two Morons have a microphone or a following! While thousands of human beings, that God created are pinned under slabs of concrete and orphaned babies wander the streets naked, their only concern is to blame Obama for giving this disaster immediate attention! After Katrina,their Hero Bush flew to California to attend a dinner party!They are SICK, SICK, SICK, PERVERSE, HORRIBLE EXCUSES FOR HUMAN BEINGS!!!!

  • rebel

    Get a sense of humor. Rush is not a mean-spirited bigot. He uses sarcasm to make his points on his show and you morons are to dense to understand. No one would watch his show if he spoke in a monotone and totally serious all the time like on NPR. By the way, he does a fund raiser every year for cancer that raises millions.

    As for Obama, this is an opportunity for him to actually look like he is accomplishing something. He can stand up there and tell everybody how he is sending in aid. How hard is that? I the great messiah am saving the world. At least he can look like he is doing something besides appointing tsars and reading off a teleprompter.

    You progressives or liberals or communists- and the rest of you mis-informed cretins out there need to get a life. Can’t you do something productive with your lives besides bashing George Bush and Limbaugh?

    And Anaomaly, you are so creative. Gee, let’s start a blog and parrott all of media matters talking points. Why don’t you contribute some original though to the discussion?

  • Nancy

    oops- just noticed that someone has posted this link a ways above. Well, can’t hurt to try again. Hopefully those who respect themselves as fair people will check it out.

  • fredipuppy

    Rebel, that’s the M.O.S. of the fourth branch of govt. the media; to mimic George Soros approved talking points.

  • CessileClam

    I for one am NOT donating to Haiti. Yes. I do feel my tax dollars are apparently going to do it FOR me. Yes I feel for the situation and people. To help pay for our help Obama ought to cut some of the billions in pork in some of his bills and help with that money. Or maybe some of the money given to CAR companies instead of human need and also to finish the rebuilding of New Orleans, an American city, and in Mississippi. The word HAITI hasn’t passed obama’s lips ever and yet in 5 minutes he pledges MILLIONS, faster than his response to terorist attack recently and with our tax money and in terrible financial times. Where is the help from SOUTH AMERICA? Other Caribbean nations? Haven’t heard a word……shouldn’t everyone help EQUALLY? If obama can suddenly come up with millions, where has the help been for Americans without jobs and losing homes to foreclosure? It’s all just a mess and this Dem is ready for a responsible Republican ( and NOT Jindahl) to take the reigns. At least put the stops on this nutty congress.

  • Nac Dasty

    @Rebel: You hate black people don’t you?

    • Xander

      You still haven’t answered my questions to my satisfaction; in fact, at all. Stop dodging and engage.

      • Anomaly100

        @Xander: I am not dodging. I just got in, but I will answer your question, but it may not be to your satisfaction. We shall see. Give me a little time.

  • Jim Gindles

    Speaking of not doing any research, those of you who say nobody helped us with Katrina should type in “Katrina world donations” in a Google search and see what comes up. Actually, more than 75 foreign governments and organizations came to our aid, pledging more than $850 million. Even Iraq offered $1 million.

    Ironically, our government only accepted $40 million of this $850 million (less than 5%). That somehow had to be Obama’s fault, because he … well, because Rush thinks it was.

    This is all documented (see what you can learn when you actually look something up for yourself instead of trusting a radio hatemonger to tell you what you should believe?).

    • mathew

      Limbaugh is a fat,drug infested bigot. The reason he doesn’t want any money being collected for Haiti is that he prefers it being sent directly to him for his own drug purchases.

  • Jim Gindles

    News Alert for CessileClam: Obama is president. As such he can not introduce any bills, so if there is pork that you don’t like (of course, to you that probably means money that went to someone else’s district), find out who introduced it and send him or her a letter of protest. And I agree completely with your complaint about money given to what you call CAR companies. But just for fun, look up the legislation that made that bailout possible. Then look who signed it. For some reason, Obama spelled his name “GEORGE W. BUSH”.

    • Anomaly100

      @Jim: It’s nice to see a few fact based comments here. I’m glad you added yours. It’s like beating your head against the door because some don’t want to hear it. It’s frustrating, but needs to be said. All of a sudden, they want “smaller gov’t.” It’s a miracle I tell you! Kudos on the Katrina research. I’m from New Orleans & clearly remember who helped & who was on vacation when Katrina hit.

  • ibk65

    “And by the way if you do donate to they now have you email account which gives them access to all the information on your personal computer.”

    Paranoid much? If you have someones email address, you can send them an email. Period. End of story. Who let you buy a computer? Please do us all a favor, put it back in the box, take it back to the store, and tell them you are too stupid to own a computer.

    • rebel

      @ Steve M

      If you don’t like it here, I would be happy to purchase a one way ticket to the Country of your choice.

      By the way, you Brits might want to try brushing your teeth now and then. That might help. We have an ingredient in toothpaste called fluoride that really helps fight cavities.

      • Owen

        This pablum is an overt lie, which is to be expected. He did not tell people not to donate money to Haiti. He has encouraged people to donate to charities they trust. He discouraged people from sending their money to the most corrupt, inefficient, incompetent organization in America – the federal government.

        And he was exactly right when he said you are donating by paying income tax. Obama immediately announced that the U.S. government would be donating $100 million in aid to Haiti. Where do you think that money came from? Do you think they passed a hat around the White House and the Congress and came up with $100 mil. because they are so benevolent? Of course not, dear taxpayer, it is coming from the income taxes you paid. Of course, a significant portion of detractors on this site probably don’t pay income taxes so they can’t relate. And their hatred of conservatism overrides the probability of any rational thinking. But for crying out loud, try getting your facts straight before spouting off.

      • Anomaly100

        @Rebel: Can you actually see through the monitor & see @Steve’s teeth or are you stereotyping the British too? I would think you’d like them. Wasn’t Gordon Brown and your boy Bush, buddies?

  • BAW

    That guy is the devil. I am not sure if he makes comments for attention of if he is beyond evil. We need to continue peace keeping efforts around the world. Freedom to travel safely is true freedom. The trading of goods and services around the world is true freedom. There are some dictators who make freedom for their nation difficult due to extremism. We need to eliminate them in order to free their people. The world should be free to travel and free to trade. People like Limbaugh who practice and preach seperatism sets us back a million years. The hatred is going to eat him alive. He is a sociopath.

    • rebel

      @Nac Dasty

      No I don’t hate black people. You infer that I hate black people because I enjoy listening to the Rush show?

      Are you aware that Rush’s call screener is black? What is up with that?

      Are you aware that the RNC MIchael Steele is black?

      Ever heard of guest host on the Limbaugh show Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams (google them). They both happen to be black.

      What about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas? Ever heard of him? Another black conservative.

      Why don’t you go back to school and get your GED? You might learn something like how to think for yourself instead of following these idiots in the left wing blogosphere.

      • rebel


        Don’t confuse @Anomaly by asking for facts and figures. When they don’t have any answers they blame Bush for everything. If that doesn’t do the trick, they blame Cheney. Man they really hate that guy for some reason.

      • Anomaly100

        @Rebel: I’m sorry, but saying there are 2 black Republicans does not mean that Rush is not a racist. Michael Steele is the token black man in their party & Rush is their de facto leader.

  • Steve M

    As an Englishman could I just point out to the idiots on here that claim people are dying in the UK because of ‘socialised medicine’, you are talking utter nonsense. I should know. I had two heart attacks in one day two years ago. I received excellent treatment, at no cost, on the National Health. Treatment that is available to every single person in the country regardless of their financial wherewithal.

    Do you actually ever make any attempt to learn about the big wide world out there rather than just accept what you’re told at face value?

    The insularity and ignorance shown here is startling. Good luck to all you ‘liberals’. You must feel like the lunatics are taking over the asylum.
    Shame that you have to share your magnificent country with such morons.

    • Anomaly100

      @Steve: I lived in London for 6 years and I have NO complaints. My aunt has Alzheimer’s here in the States & we find ourselves having to ‘spend down’ the money she saved all of her life. Now, if she doesn’t, it will be taken from her. Our elderly do not even get to keep their dignity when that happens. Unfortunately, some from the right wing consider Obama a “far left radical” or a “Socialist commie, dictator” and it’s a shame they haven’t read or seen political situations in other countries because our President would be considered leaning slightly to the right. Everything is relative, don’t you think? You make me miss London.

  • Dr. Larry S McKone

    My God, you Americans have no idea do you? You really do not see it: your empire is crumbling under your feet, it is history repeating itself all over again. You people through your government and military kill Indiscriminately, you ignore the pain and suffering of human beings all over the world, men, women and children, children for God’s sake. Much of the suffering caused by your direct or indirect neglect and greed. When something like the Haitian Earthquake happens you pat yourselves on the back and praise yourselves for your compassion, but what do you do? You take care of your own first, and you do it unflinchingly. (See Cindy’s ignorant comments above.) People are people, and American life is no more valuable than any other, but the way in which you behave it would seem an American life is worth hundreds or thousands of any other. Millions of Iraqi’s have died, as have Afghani’s, in two horrifying wars that did not need to be fought. Obama was supposed to stop this, but no, it continues. I really don’t know why I waste these words, few of you will get it, few of you will really take the time to consider the actions of your government or do anything to stop it. Like past empires you refuse to see what is right before you, like ancient Rome who watched games and gladiators, you play Nintendo and listen to your iPods, while your empire disolves beneath your feet.
    America was built on the most noble ideas imaginable and your Bill of Rights and Constitution are probably the most remarkable documents ever written. How could you have allowed your government to tear these documents to shreds? How can you stand by while people like Limbaugh and Pat Robertson spit on the things that made your country great? I just don’t get it.
    If there was ever the time for an American Revolution, it is now. time to throw off the shackles of your oppressors and save yourselves before the inevitable fall of your great nation.
    Look east and shiver American, China is about to overtake you as the world’s technological and military superpower, and as bad a job as you have done as the world’s leader, I wonder how we will do when China is at the helm of the global ship.
    I am not anti-American, though you may never believe it, I am simply telling you the truth as seen from the outside, you need to get it together before you are a footnote in history, or worse lead us all into a global war that will destroy us all.
    Just my humble opinion. :-)

  • carver

    @ Anomaly100
    It’s standard rhetoric for the right is to bloviate about how horrible the UK and Canadian health care system is, not because the health care is inferior but, because it offends the gods of the “Free Market”.
    The Free Market works well when it is transparent, fairly regulated and actually free within broad limits. It has never been that way.

    • George M. Berndetti

      I do not understand why anyone pays attention to the first-year college dropout, Limbaugh. He has alway had a problem with people darker than he. Our people, as I see it, are not donating to Haiti nor to the U.S. government, but to the Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations. He aim has always been to help the rich boys of this nation, not the people in need.

  • dinyar
  • rush flush
  • Xander

    BK: ‘Xander, what does Rush need to do to prove he’s racist? Maybe it would take him lynching somebody to be proof enough for you? Providing quotes is one very good way of “backing up” an assertion – as most people who graduated high school easily realize.’

    The question is what does Rush have to do to prove he is not a racist?

    The quotes you refer to I’ve already read. The “famous 10 most racist quotes of Limbaugh” etc. I found them brutally honest, acerbic, even insulting, but that is not the equivalent of racism.

    Something you progressives need to understand is that simply talking about racism and race issues themselves is not the equivalent of being racist. Your side is so terrified to broach the subject itself that when someone does, your reaction is naturally to recoil.

    Additionally, since words are the only true weapons you have, you react to words with the same intensity with which you use them – as weapons. When conservatives talk about race, you see it as an attack on race. Hence, when white people talk about black people, especially white conservative people talk about black people, in your eyes, they might as well be stomping on their faces – or lustfully desiring to hang them from trees.

  • john adams

    Who would listen to an oversexed, overmedicated obese man who goes by the name of rush limpballs? He is just mad at the world that he has to pay for sex and has to take drugs to like what he sees in the mirror.

  • Johnny

    100 million to Haitai that is a JOKE. The United States is BROKE what credit card are they going to put the 100 million on?

    Are we stupid. Yes, because those is government don’t understand that we are out of money and we keep electing them. To those in Yurba Linda BROKE means that we have no money to sent.

    I buy American. Let’s close the borders and start manfacturing our own products.

    The Melting Pot concept means that we are all going to lose our own culture.


    • Anomaly100

      @Johnny: May I ask you if you are for Sheriff Arpaio? What about the Minutemen? It’s just a hunch, but I’m guessing yes.

  • john adams

    Rush Limpballs is just a drug dependent entertainer who does have health care unlike the plethora of hillbillies here.

  • eric

    Pay attention to the context people, of course this posting is taking it out of context and not posting everything. Limbaugh and the caller are referring to using the donation via referral which will put you on a mailing list. If the US Gov’t wants to give $100 mil. to Haiti, they will do it with tax dollars, not from extra money we give them.

    If you want to donate, give it direct to Red Cross or similar groups, not through the white house.

  • Margie

    Wow. Lots of misinformation here, on both sides. Yes, Rush was misquoted and things were taken out of context. But he also discouraged donation by saying that we donate to Haiti by paying our taxes.

    The man says hateful things all the time. Even if he was nice this time around (which he wasn’t) he’s usually very mean and hateful, and he causes the Dittoheads to be hateful as well. Just read the comments on this page. The people who are pro-Rush seem to be much more hateful. I just don’t understand it.

    As my bumper sticker says, “Better a bleeding heart than no heart at all.” I am proud to be a liberal. I hope that the conservative Rush Lovers will eventually figure out that this world is a better place when you spew love, not hate.

    • Anomaly100

      @Margie: I am jealous of your bumper sticker.

  • Susan

    I have a suggestion…why not have the banks return all of the bailouts and send a large portion of that to Haiti???? Since it is our money after all. And because of them, we are out of work!!! We can’t donate like we used to….no jobs=no money

  • Flamengo1265

    Talk about distorting and misleading……..Rush said not to donate through the .gov website and I agree. I donated directly through the International Red Cross. Look there are lots of reasons to not like Rush L. but don’t insult our intelligence with this “Rush said not to help Haiti” BS. Lies, propaganda and mistruths, no matter who tells them, are wrong.

  • Ditto_to_all

    i just love it, he is 100% correct, every person that currently pays into the federal income tax system has ALREADY made a pledge, kiss my ass Obama, no more money for you

  • Jimbob

    Limbaugh is scum, his defenders are no better. They sit slack jawed and soak in the bile, hatred and ignorance every day and think they are right about everything. They are right about nothing, from economics to world history, they get nothing right, ever. The only thing that binds them is their hatred for any who disagree with them.

  • clifton powell

    Man that is the wackiest shit i wish i coul bust his bitch ass in the face he is an abomination wow FUK u U bitch!!!!!!!! no good will come to u u hateful man

  • 69thInftman

    You remind me of so many sure-of-themselves so-called “conservatives” in the early to mid 1960s. Everything’s simple and cut and dried. The big difference is that they didn’t have the access to computers, and actually had to work to get their message out. Agree or disagree, they were committed and worked hard at it. You’re so sure of your view of a world you clearly have little or no experience with. Yessirree folks behold the ‘Ole Rebel there….a real Airborne Ranger he is. The sight of piles of dead bodies wouldn’t bother an armchair John Wayne like him one iota. I hear he took first place in the Masturbation By Keyboard contest in high school.

    And for those of you too young to remember, some of us knew Rush Limbaugh when he was fourth-rate dj in Kansas City, after a stellar career as a draft dodging coward. That was before he became a mouthy, fat, drug addicted, five-times-married closeted fag.

    • Anomaly100

      @69thInftman: I didn’t know he dodged the draft too. This explains why he defends Cheney will such gusto. Personally, I think he has a man crush on our President. Why else would he be so angry? 😮 I’m kidding, but not.

  • Lisa

    Poor … Poor Rush. Blowhard, druggie and fat bastard. How’s that for compassion?

  • CessileClam

    Hey Jim Gindles: Obama went ahead and signed into law a Bush-era bill that yes did spend alot of money but HE COULD HAVE VETOED IT……but NO he went ahead and signed it, stating “It’s old business…..” WHAT???? He COULD HAve STOPPED MILLIONS IN SPENDING on HIS watch but didn’t. So ?????? Because he KNEW he was going to do the same exact thing. So Obama should have stopped any PORK spending with his veto so he would actually HAVE the money to spend on Haiti.

  • Aria4567

    The megalomaniacal disinformation oozing out of Rush Limbaugh’s oxycontin-perfumed maw is precisely the reason that that the republican party should never again come to power. What a bunch of fat, greedhead fascists.

  • thinkindpndnt

    Look, I’m not sure why people continue to defend his statements by saying that “he didn’t mean don’t donate to Haiti. just not to go through the government to do it” when it has been explained and proven that the website merely directs you to the red cross. Are people really that stupid?? I guess Rush assumes his listeners to be so stupid that they will just take his word and not investigate themselves. Looks like he is correct in assuming that.

    All I can say is “It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt”

  • obvious card

    the only reason why this is going on is because its black people in haiti. no other reason. if it was some little back-washed town in the middle of whitieville we wouldnt be having this conversation.

    • Anomaly100

      @ObviousCard: That was my thought too. In fact, this happened during Katrina. Don’t get me wrong, people were generous, but my hometown residents wouldn’t be on the rooftops screaming for help if this had been Rodeo Drive in L.A.

  • Larry

    Best thing to do is to stop listening to Rush! And work hard.

  • PatAnn

    Maybe I missed something. Someone posted that there was simply a link provided to Red Cross and CIDI. But, at, the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund is being endorsed and a link is provided to the fund website.

    The best thing we can all do is follow our consciences. Then if we decide to donate, donate through a reputable source. We want to be sure the ones in need are the ones who benefit from the donations.

    • Anomaly100

      @PatAnn: Well said & I didn’t go to their website to donate, I just went to Oxfam. It’s all a matter of following our consciences as you so aptly put it.

  • jorge

    Don’t be followers!!! Listen to the radio spot in its entirety. Limbaugh basically says if you want to give to Haiti go to the Red Cross, Church, etc…, not the government. Does anybody disagree with this?

    • Anomaly100

      @Jorge: And Rush is discouraging people from donating. If you go to the site, it directs people to the Red Cross. They do not accept these donation. That is untrue.

  • Wake Up America

    Well, well, well. Haiti has finally reaped the fruits of its unholy pact with the devil, from way back in 1791. It was going to happen sooner or later. The “freedom” that Haiti sought for its slave population was dearly bought, indeed. Rather than wait for the natural progression of history (which would have resulted in the gradual abolition of slavery and independence, as it occurred everywhere else), Haiti chose to force the issue of “freedom”, with disastrous results. Tyranny, poverty, gross mismanagement of the country’s resources, narrow minded myopia in it’s populace. While I would normally deplore the loss of life resulting from any catastrophe, i find it hard to generate sympathy for this oh-so avoidable happening. The country has no leadership, and more importantly, its people are corrupt to the core. How else could a country allow unregulated construction and development with no planning and/or regard for natural catastrophes? Know something? There was an earthquake similar in size and scope to this one, that struck the island that struck the island some 200 years ago (coincidentally, right around the time the haitians achieved “independence.”) You’d think the haitians would have recognized a sign from G-d back then, dontcha think? But of course not. Remember the tropical storms and floods that ravaged Haiti over the last few years? Same storms happened to the Domincan Republic (same island, right?). Only Haiti suffered catastrophic flooding and loss of life. know why? Because the Haitians deforested their entire land, like locusts. There is no point in donating any money to this lost cause, because it will only vanish into the pockets of whoever is “running” the country, and a few years from now (or sooner) we will be asked to donate money for yet another “disaster” which was caused, once again, by Haitian corruption. better for rthe world community to help[ this aberration to expire than to prolong its useless and corrupt life any longer.

  • Moshe

    I don’t understand what is wrong with not sending money to hati. People are still living in filth from Katrina and our own goverment doesnt care about that. Why don’t the Naacp help Hati there black o ‘Im sorry whats the word now afican american thats right.

  • Annie

    Oh, Rebel,

    You poor, uneducated slob. If you had any inclination of understanding recent history, you would indeed recall that the recession began in 2007, the housing bubble grew and burst between 2003-06/07 (depending on the U.S. region) and retirement account balances/stock markets plummeted in 2008. Why, I believe that would be the Bush Administration’s chapter in American history, and last time I checked, yep, Bush isn’t a liberal. These terrible incidents occurred under Bush’s watch, and he proved time and time again that he devastated our international relations, created a mockery of U.S. security, created a national deficit unseen previously and essentially just created a lackluster economic situation that the current Administration is diligently working to clean up. It’s like weight gain: if you get 40 lbs fatter over the course of six months, it’s probably going to take you at least half of that much time to lose the excess weight.

    Please get your facts straight before you lash out and post your venomous diatribes. Oh, and spell check is a standard feature on most personal computers. Use it.

  • Wendell

    Liberals are so easily rallied around a lie. Rush didn’t say not to donate to Haiti. He said that if you want your money to be used effectively, give through a private organization, and bypass the White House. Note. You can’t spell liberals without also spelling LIEs and BS.

  • Wendell

    Ahh, nice liberals. Calling for Rush to be murdered. I hope everyone comes to realize that liberals are liberal in name only. Disagree with them, and they want you killed.

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  • ks1 to vote


  • biggn9900

    I’m a retired Marine and ask that no one gives aide to Haiti until we give aide and support to our homeless on our own streets. Don’t get me wrong, I am very sorry for what happened in Haiti, but it makes my heart ache when I hear about a homeless fellow warrior, child , or any U.S. citizen. I thought charity started at home. Seems to me that for many celebs and polititians, Rep. and Dem., charity starts at the best photo op. or sound bite. Shame

  • Annamaria Cogan

    So mr. Limbaugh,
    when your fat ass is confined to a hospital bed – should we not give you a second f***** thought?!!!

  • yarra

    clearly these moral majority folks are hypocrites if they say they believe in God more than everybody else. Even if they think haitians are lower than animals, they would help a dog in trouble. So for them to say do not help haiti, they are not excpecting Jesus to come back to judge them, becaue he said, if you help the LEAST OF MY BRETHREN you have done it unto me. Look on what happened to haiti as a warning to all men, because God himself cursed the whole earth so these things happen for us unto an example to prepare for waht is coming to us. So continue to hate. You all got yours coming. Mark my word!

  • Shirley

    Rush DID NOT say that in the concept News jerks are wanting people to think he did…He doesn’t think people should be sending money TO THE US GOVERNMENT because it won’t get to it’s destination. I am so sick of the twisting these news people are doing. They are causing more trouble than necessary. Obama wants you to send money to him so he can give it to the Red Cross which in itself doesn’t give all the money to where it is meant to go. Look at Louisianna. They were lucky if the Red Cross gave them 1/4 of the money collected to help them..On top of that, The Red Cross expects what ever people get from them, they want those people to pay them back…Ask a Military person what they get for free from them…NOTHING. Why would anyone have to send money to Obama to give to the Red Cross in the first place? Just go to your local Red Cross satelite. I wouldn’t give money to the Red Cross if my life depended on it. I give to either Catholic Charities or the Salvation Army. They don’t pocket any of what they get.

  • ks1 to vote


  • 69thInftman


    I respect your opinion on Haiti, and agree wholeheartedly with you about the treatment of our own homeless. I would encourage you to do a Google search under “My Power Of One”. It’s the approach thta some of us in Kansas and Missouri are taking. Sometimes the efforts aren’t enough. Sometimes we fail. But we start over and try again. There really are a lot of people out here who work everyday on behalf of the homeless, including homelss Vets. The problem is, we’ve become a nation of self-centered, holier than thou wienies. Most of these people talking about this stuff don’t have a CLUE what the world is really like beyond their own protected personal sphere. You have to BE the kind of society you want to have. If people want to have a country that’s defined by an ethic which depends on having someone to hate and look down on, and in turn to be despised and hated by the rest of the world, we’re on the right track. But if you want to have a country that is truly strong, rather than depending on smirky, candyassed, dimestore rhetoric, you have to BE strong yourself. You don’t have to like everyone or agree with everyone. But you DO have to decide that you’re going to carry on like Americans, not like a parody of the Italian Fascists in the 1930s. We’re a great enough country that we CAN take care of our own. And at the same time we can show that truest blessing of great wealth is to be able to show our greatness by helping whenever and wherever there is a true need. SEMPER FI.

  • Dr: Woody Greninger

    So much for the first ammendment….

  • Ugh Lee

    The United States currently gives Haiti in excess of $75 million a year in aid. We (and other nations) have been doing this for years. At what point do the government and people of Haiti need to be held accountable for showing progress and effective use of donated monies?

  • Dwayne

    Why soooo much hatred here?? Just because others don’t share your personal viewpoints there is no need to be un-civil towards each other. Rush wrong or right expressed his viewpoint and that’s his right. I personally don’t agree with him but it is HIS right. Let’s show more love and understanding with one another and make this world a better place. Love you all

  • Wert

    rushlimba ur a bitch i dont care if im banded from this site!!!1

  • pinkie

    Listen to the whole segment instead of skewing what he is saying off a few paragraphs. that some leftest website put up. always making a huge deal of something when you don’t have whole story

    • steve

      Rush. Remember your pass heart attacked? Please be thankful to God that you are still here on this earth with your family . It is ok if you don’t have the means to help those who can’t help themselves, but don’t be a deamon. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  • Pekelo

    Lets substitute anyone’s mother in place of Haiti.

    Lets pretend ____’s mother is in the hospital with a ailing kidney. She has no insurance and needs our donations in order to survive.

    Now read the “snip-it” again.

    CALLER: — to direct you how to do so. If I want to donate money to ____’s mother. why do I need to go to the page and –

    RUSH: Exactly. Would you trust that the money is going to go to ____’s mother?

    CALLER: No.

    RUSH: Would you trust that your name is going to end up on a mailing list for the Obama people to start asking you for campaign donations for him and other causes.

    CALLER: Absolutely.

    RUSH: Absolutely right.

    CALLER: That’s the point.

    RUSH: Besides, we’ve already donated to ____,s mother. It’s called the US income tax.

    Self explanatory.

  • dan

    every one thinks we are the word baby sitters. our country is hated all over did you or not see that from 9 11 who has ever givin our country any money from any thing that has happened to us. if our goverment keeps it up we will be like hati and have nothing with all the spending and traveling they do.

    ps global warning is a joke

  • Jessee

    Rush is a Big Fat Jerk… matter what side of his mouth he’s talking out of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • biggn 9900

    Please consider this point. My child is cold and hungry. I have a blanket and a bowl of soup. I give the blanket and soup to a person down the street. I ask you to give at least equally to those at home. I would be ashamed of myself if my child didn’t get food and warmth

  • rebel


    How many times do I have to give you libs an economics lesson? I give you facts and history and all you do is blame Bush. So here it is for the last time:

    Jimmy Carter, Community Reinvestment Act
    Clinton & Democrats, mortgage backed securities (do you know what that is?)
    Fannie/Freddie pressure on banks to write 1 Trillion in subprime mortgages so they can package them and sell the mortgage backed securities.
    Interest rates go up, and all the bad paper becomes worthless and we have a financial meltdown.

    Instead of blaming Bush for all your problems why don’t you look in the mirror. You could start shaving your underarms and legs and take a bath now and then. If you smell better, you will be happier-I promise. Give me your address and I will send you some men’s deodorant. You will have to start with that until you get your smell problem under control.

    Best Regards,


    • rebel


      If Rush is such a failure, why don’t you tell us what a success you are? I’ll bet you still live with your Mother and she washes your socks and underwear for you. You are such a success and a role model. I’ll bet you never had too much to drink or have been overweight or in a relationship that did not work out. Maybe you could start your own radio show and entertain people for three hours a day and have over six million listeners. Do tell us all what a success you are.

  • Pam Garcia

    What about the people who sacraficed while volunteering to help at the 9/11 site. Many of these people have nothing due to illnesses suffered. They now live in deplorable conditions! Why not put money to help them with the losses they incurred? I am sure the money wouldn’t be waisted to help rebuild their lives! They were there to help for OUR country!!

  • Rick

    What a lot of SH–, Rush said that you would be better off giving to the Red Cross then the Us Government. By the time the money gets to the victims there is not much left. You can’t trust our government to do the right think.

  • TB

    Agreed: “LIMBAUGH: Besides, we’ve already donated to Haiti. It’s called the U.S. income tax.”

    But, I also choose to donate to the Red Cross and give more on top of my income tax contributions.

  • Rae jean

    Russ Limbaugh is a carbuncle on the backside of this country, and should be dealt with accordingly. Lance it, let the foul sludge of hate and ignorance drain fully, pack remaining crater with a clear heart, charitable good actions and attitudes. Pat Robertson needs to be dropped off onto a deserted island so we normally functioning citizens aren’t subjected to his ignorant, insulting ramblings. Oh, and he can take that moron, Glen Beck with him, too.

  • 69thInftman

    No actually, Rebbie boy, I’m a 61 year old Vietnam veteran, and a documentary photographer, with 6 years of post secondary education, who speaks three languages fluently, and has worked in countries I imagine you’ve never heard of. And I haven’t had any help from my “mommy” for over 40 years. And I certainly don’t need to rely on idolization of someone I don’t even know, adoringly referring to him by his first name, like some zombie cult member. As I said…some of us actually knew the fat flake in Kansas City, probably before you were born. His “success” is based on his ability to appeal to scared people who are even less than he is. And it’s a good thing you’re not betting too much on my not ever having had too much to drink, because you’d be as broke as the U.S. auto industry. But you know…people can get sober after boozing it up. If you ever awaken from being a button pushing parrot, pretending to have a knowledge of economics, the hangover will be a lot worse. Do yourself a favor. Get out a little more often. Afghanistan would be nice. Iraq even still has opportunities. Pay some dues. Become as worthy of calling yourself an American as the good men and women who are growing up fast and smart in those hell holes. Or if you’re just too scared for that, go read some of the works of Mussolini. He, too, was big on rallying people to “The Way Things Oughta Be”, rather than dealing with the here and now. He was a novelist before he was a blustering idol for the weak and cowardly. He too, entertained millions on the radio for hours a day.

  • Scott Christensen

    I've already donated to Haiti. Its call US income tax.

  • Ported

    For the record, I think that Rush is nothing short of a racist and an opportunist. What he does is stir the pot in order to make big profits from the brainwashed idiots that continue to support him. I think that it is a shame that so many continue to believe in Rush and support him, even when he is so obviously wrong. They need to face the fact they they have lost some humanity. I have tried to listen to Rush “Blah, blah, blah” Limbaugh but I could not believe his constant trick of mixing enough truth with bullshit in order to make it sound believable. I worked for years with people whom are his devout followers. This has led to many loud discussions. I don’t beleive everything that anyone, whether Democrat or Republican, says. Use some real knowledge that you actually obtained, on your own, in your decision making.

    Rush has no shame and will do anything for political gain, and profit. I am surprised that he did not come right out and blame the Democrats for creating the earthquake. He came close. And, then to criticize our government for helping another human being in distress. This is what we have always done. He surely is not a Christian. And. Pat Robertson needs so turn in his bible.

    I am further distressed by the younger people in this country whom have grown up so self-centered, cynical and ignorant, that all they ever see is there own immediate needs and have a constant need for immediate self gradification. They seem to have no knowledge of the our history. The Haitian peolpe did assist the U.S. during our early wars for independence.

    God help Us

  • demillicent

    Why is it that people don’t realize that when you log onto the government website to donate, the Red Cross and other legitimate organizations are there. I’m floored by how dumb some people are. Some people would grab their crackers and run if rush said that the mountains were made of cheese.

    Rush is a rabble rouser who doesn’t say things because believes that they’re true. He says them because he knows he will get more publicity by saying mean and hateful things. I’ve tried to listen to him, but I get physically ill when I hear him slapping his desk and rattling those papers around. He’s a disgusting fat drug addicted pig.

  • Ported

    @ rebel

    You need to relax and find something else to do with your time. You have been online too long and seem a bit overheated.

    There is more to life than texting.

  • demillicent

    # biggn9900on 16 Jan 2010 at 8:53 pm
    I’m a retired Marine and ask that no one gives aide to Haiti until we give aide and support to our homeless on our own streets. Don’t get me wrong, I am very sorry for what happened in Haiti, but it makes my heart ache when I hear about a homeless fellow warrior, child ,************************************* Shame on you! This is a natural disaster that has happened in that country. Just as Hurricane Katrina devastated many in this country, the same thing is happening in Haiti. How stupid of you to say that we shouldn’t show compassion to our neighbors in their time of calamity. When 911 happened, they showed people in so many countries that were sobbing because of what happened to us. The only people rejoicing were the terrorists and those countries that sympathize with them. Australians were so compassionate to us. A few months later a terrorist detonated a bomb there and our president didn’t send any condolences until the Australians chastized the president ignoring their plight. Most Americans are most generous in times like these. But there are always going to be people like you and the Lush Limbaugh the drug addict.

  • anonymous

    It amazes me how this guy is on a $100million dollar contract and he has a crapload of sheep listening to him preach to them.

    No matter what context the quotation is from, all I can say is that I have no respect for ‘him’ whatsoever after all of the terrible remarks he’s made.

    I would also like to restate my appreciation for those who have dignity in our country, unlike Rush.

  • It makes me sick to think that you guys defend this repugnant man, and most likely he’d never do the same for you.

  • romeo

    hi from Croatia! are u people insane!?? did that dork Limbaugh even seen what happened on Haiti?? not a good insite on what americans think about the rest of the world.we’re not the richest country in the world but our government is doing the best it can to help those in need.Limbaugh should be ashamed for his words and all of you should judge him for that!

  • zpg410

    Rush Limbaugh tells people not to donate to #Haiti, b/c they'll just end up on Obama mailing list #gop #tcot

    • Jenny G

      Rush Limbaugh Tells People Not To Donate Money To Haiti

  • john adams

    hey rebel why dont you and your redneck friends secede again from america. Us yanks would like nothing more than to repeat our asswhooping we gave you last time.Only difference is this time we will use napalm on your useless ass.

  • john adams

    600,000 soldiers died because the south didnt want to pay their help. I say screw the south and give texas back to mexico, they are nothing but ignorant,racist pigs who bring down america.

    • greeko

      Rush is the perverbial family that shows up at a family’s funeral and fights for who gets what. Why is he saying this now?Why can’t he let other people take care of business? It is none of his business to what other people are doing. Just because he disagrees doesn’t mean he has to trash the Haitian people.Comments like the above and how President Obama responded quicker because they are black,he just shoots off at the mouth,he and his followers are the most digusting part of America.Divisivness is his code of color.
      He is nothing but a tele-evangelist selling his religion.Only he can promote hate and destroy what America used to stand for,helping people.

  • rebel

    @69th and john adams

    Rebel was just a name I chose at random, I am actually not a Southerner at all. I am not some narrow-minded hick. I grew up in the Northeast and spent my formative years overseas in Asia. I attended International schools when I was in high school. I have travelled all over the world and I have friends all over the world that I keep in touch with. And yes I am college educated.

    The fact that you would assume I am a “redneck” because of my name just shows what a bigot you are.

    So go home to your mommas and stop screwing with my liberty and my livelihood.

  • usuk

    stop taking words out of context you ignorant limp dicks

  • Anne

    Anomonly 100-who posted this, also edited Rush’s statement to make it seem that he said something he didn’t. I heard the exchange. He said not to send money to Haiti through I’m sure he’s right. As we can all see, you can’t trust Obama with your money.

  • John Arietano

    Quotes from the Obama Administration:…”Washington has taken de-facto control of earthquake-ravaged Haiti.”…”We are in it for the long haul,” Biden added. “It is going to take years.” ….

    Under the guise of Humanitarian action, the Obama Administration is once again jumping on the Bandwagon and GRANDSTANDING for the sake of Obama’s public face, while America is being shoved under the bus of Socialism by Obama and his cronies….Where is Obama going to get the $100-Million-plus which he has committed to Haiti!?!?!…He is destroying America’s economy, America’s unemployment is at the highest in 30+ years, and he is and bleeding America dry, yet he can find $100-Million for a country whose government would just as soon piss on America…

    Why can’t (don’t) the other nations of the world pick-up the tab on Haiti !?!…America is constantly helping countries hit with disasters and countries in need of aid…and all the rest of most of the world do is crap on America and tell us what an arrogant country we are…No one (aside from Great Britain and Israel) ever comes to America’s aid…All these other countries do is hold their hands out when they want something, complain that we don’t give them enough and, then, tell us to go to hell…just like the lib-dems, multi-generational welfare recipient families, and the hands-out system-bleeding minorities here in America …
    It’s time the rest of the world took on the burden of bailing out other needy countries…And it’s time the governments of those “needy countries” took the responsibility of caring for their own and stop depending on the United States…America has enough troubles of its own with Obama systematically destroying its economy and tearing the country apart…

    As for Michelle Obama…Maybe she should stop taking all those trips and dragging her 26 assistants around with her (at massive TAXPAYER EXPENSE!!!) and, instead, donate that equivalent amount of money to the Haitian relief cause…All she’s really doing is grandstanding…just like her despicable anti-American husband, the Usurper Obama…
    It’s time America turned its eyes inward and did all it can to help itself out of the Socialist hole it is in…And that would start with the ELIMINATION of Obama & Company…as quickly as possible….

  • John Arietano

    Stop your crying…Haiti is a cesspool because of the people of Haiti and the fact that most of them are to lazy to make anything of their lives or their country…and because of the corrupt government which refuses to do anything to assist its own country…
    America has been donating MILLIONS to Haiti every year…Yet the money never seems to bring about any improvements…Haiti is a festering canker sore on the planet and no amount of aid, assistance or money ever seems to change that fact…
    Why should we send more money or do anything else to help Haiti when HAITI WON’T HELP ITSELF…
    The natural elimination/destruction of Haiti, through hurricanes, earthquakes and other cataclysmic occurrences, is an example of how the earth uses the process of “survival of the fittest” and “natural selection” to attempt to heal and improve itself…
    If you have an issue with that…go complain to God or who/what ever controls the forces of Nature !!!

    • biggn9900

      Demillicent, Before you give me any more crap,let me ask you a few questions. Were you there when the rescue and clean up(recovery of bodies) after the towers fell? I was. Do you have scars on your body from 3 enemy bullets and 2chuncks of shrapnel got while fighting honorably for the country that has given you the right to say and type whatever you want? I do. Have you ever held a dying and dead child, killed by the so-called governmental genocide of the country called Somalia? I have. Do you have the right to give me crap? You do. Do I have the right to tell you to Kiss My A$$? YOU BETCHA I DO!!!


    Rush could care less one way or another about hati,, what he is concerned about is getting all the FREE publicity that he can and keep people talking about him which is good for HIS RATINGS,,,,,

  • rebel

    You liberals miss the whole point. You think that those of us who take issue with this post do so because we are “mind numb robots” out to defend our leader Rush. That is not it. You don’t get it at all.

    The problem is that the premise of the article is a complete and total lie – regardless of whether you agree with Limbaugh or not. Whichever side you are on, if you listen to what was actually said, he did not say do not donate to Haiti.

    Almost every day the media publishes misleading stories such as this. Consequently, many are just assuming these misleading headlines and stories are the truth without knowing.

    I just happened to be listening to the show so I know the truth and you can call me a racist or evil or a bigot or whatever you like but……………………



    • Jonathan

      This article is completely misleading. Rush was not saying “Don’t Donate”. Just donate directly to the agencies themselves (aka Redcross). Not through the white house which has abused mailing lists int he past.

  • Kenneth Madeley

    I agree with Mr Limbaugh. Why give directly to the people of Haiti? We already gave all those billions to the government and the government IS gonna give billions in aid. I’m unemployed and wondering when work is gonna come my way. I could use some more relief from the government myself.
    I really am sorry that the Haitians are suffering. But isn’t there some people here in the U.S.A. still hurting from Hurricane Katrina? Why not take care of ourselves FIRST?

  • silly

    GEESH. LIE LIE LIE Listen to the transcript or go find Rush Limbaugh defends Haiti comments on you tube.

    He did say we already gave to Haiti…okay, he’s right….when Obama pledges 100 million to Haiti its our money. Just like when he spends 12 trillion…its not OBAMA money.

    Rush did not say not to give to Haiti, he pointed out if it goes thru the government Haiti will see a fraction of the donation and he suggested donating to the Red Cross.

    Just a let’s hate on Rush opportunity spiked with some lies.

    • Anomaly100

      @Silly: Follow the link I left. He is telling people to not trust the President and I’ve mentioned this several times in the comments. He infers that will send email asking for donations. He also discourages people from giving by insinuating that will not get the money to them. They don’t take the money but direct people to the Red Cross.

  • Shirley

    In reply to biggn9900. God Bless you! And thank you for putting your life on the line for me and all sorry a$$eS that only think of themselves. We are in this world to help each other and you answered the call.

    Also, it’s not the fault of the poor people of Haiti that their criminal government takes the money the U.S. sends them and builds themselves a mansion on the hill for their governing body, fills their pockets and doesn’t give a crap about those poor suffering inhabitants.
    They need our help.
    Who cares and what does it matter what people like Limbaugh say or don’t say…all the bickering doesn’t change the fact people are suffering. What if it was you or your child or mother or what ever loved one. Words are only words. It doesn’t fix the suffering.

    • http://[email protected] john doe

      What if the Hatians was an ALL white country? Do you think Rush comments would have been the same as to not donate to Haiti?

  • biggn9900

    Shirley Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words. I don’t intend to sound hateful but it gets my dander up a bit when I read or hear things like this. I supose I sometimetimes feel I’ve earned the right to speak my mind , even if I step on some toes. If I offend anyone, I’m truly sorry,but there is no way in hell I will change my opinion, that is all it is, to make someone else feel better. I’d rather you hate me for what I am than love me for what I’m not

  • Shirley

    To biggn9900
    It was easy for me to tell you thank you. It was a lot harder for you to do what you did for this country and the world. You sound like one very well rounded person. I love your last statement…You don’t want to run for President by any chance do you? we need someone who isn’t a phoney.
    Bless you…and I respect your opinions. This is what America is supposed to be all about.

  • Pekelo

    @ “T” on 16 Jan 2010 at 11:49 pm
    @ Rebel on 16 Jan 2010 at 11:56 pm

    —-“T”… what your saying is that we shouldn’t donate cash because with a shit eating grin Bush asked that you not send blankets or food just send money. Hmmmmm. So millions should suffer to appease YOUR mind.

    —-“Rebel”… you know what they say; If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…. then it must be a redneck. LOL. No really, I do apologize for that. Its just that you stepped right into it.

    FYI; I am a republican…… just not an anal retentive one. So please leave your name calling for someone who fits your demeanor and not mine.

    You are absolutely correct on how the subprime mortgages created a fiasco but you fail to realize is that it was greed that was a driving force. Since the 1980s, (Bush Sr./Clinton) the government’s relaxed regulation of financial markets had permitted reckless behavior that otherwise would have been restricted. This led to the secularization of hedge funds in which investment banks in the 1990s (Bush) created a “shadow banking system” —-a parallel network for channeling investment and credit—that was largely UNREGULATED. A big difference from deregulation. Hmmmm, naaa, this couldn’t have been the spark?!?

    As the shadow banking system expanded to rival or even surpass conventional banking in importance…. politicians and government officials should have realized that they were recreating the kind of financial vulnerability that made the Great Depression possible.

    Your analogy’s are like cockroaches invading a home. Yes they are disgusting and gross but what you fail to notice is the garbage you created that led to the infestation. This isn’t a bi-partisan or partisan argument. This is GREED and the fleecing of Americans. Clinton may have started to relax its regulations but under Bush’s watch it go underground…. sort of like a black market.

  • biggn9900

    To Shirley Thanks but no thanks for job suggestion. I don’t think I would get very many votes. My wife thinks I would never get elected because of my attitude towards many of todays global issues. I think I would lose because she said so. I may be the man of our home but she’s still the boss. Maybe she should try. Hmmmm………….


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHhahaha..ha.ha.haaaaaaaa. this is funny. over a hundred comnents over somthing that is totally irrelevant. hahaha…entertainment.

  • switchback

    I wonder if Shirley realizes that biggn9900 stated NOT to give to Haiti. (biggn9900on 16 Jan 2010 at 8:53 pm). because she has me confused with her statement, “We are in this world to help each other and you answered the call.”…………..

    Thank you biggn for your service but have you no compassion for those suffering? I understand the plight of the homelessness but these are people trapped under rubble…this isn’t politics. A homeless person has the choice to be helped or help themselves but its kind of hard to save yourself with your ass stuck between 2 floors

  • biggn9900

    I wonder if switchback realizes that I said do not give aide to Haiti until we give aide to our own. Let me say so everyone can understand. If you want to give 10 or 20 dollars or whatever it is, please give the same to a local homeless shelter or any worthwhile cause. McDonald’sHouse , Shriners, any thing. Just don’t forget about our own. I have more compassion than you can imagine. I’ve seen suffering like most people can not comprehend. DO NOT THINK FOR ONE SECOND THAT I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE HAITIANS, but I do admit that I care more about my fellow Americans than anyone else. If you don’t like that,let me know and I will gladly take your sorry ass off my list.

  • Dennis Klein

    Absolutely disgusting: Rush Limbaugh urges people not to donate money to Haiti, claims it's Obama propaganda

  • Rebel

    @ Pekelo

    Thank you. I enjoyed your post. You are an oaisis of civility in a desert of anarchy on this board. I have been arguing with these kooks since last weekend and there have only been a handful of friendly posts.

    I agree with your point about greed and a lack of regulation. The SEC was asleep at the wheel on this one as it was with the Bernie Madoff scandal.

    Greed was the underlying factor, but it was Fannie/Freddie that were underwriting the subprime mortgages and then packaging them up and reselling the mortgage backed securities. It was like throwing gasoline on a fire. They had to keep writing the bad paper so they could keep making profits selling the mortgage backed securities. I’ll bet the fatcats at Fannie/Freddie just thought they were so slick making all that money and property values going up and up.

    Okay libs, now pay attention to the next part because I am going to add one more point here that has to to with your favorite President: Bush

    There were warnings from the Bush administration about the subprime mortgages. The warnings were ignored by the mainstream media and by Fannie/Freddie.

    Yes, that’s right. Check back later and I will
    post a link to support this. In the meantime, if any of my conservative brethren will post the link I would appreciate it.

    I’m mad at the SEC and the fat cats on Wall Street and the bankers that should have known better, but it was Democratic policies and Fannie/Freddie that created the perfect storm that ruined my 401k. As a business owner, I have seen a 60% drop in income since 2008, so I have personally been hurt very hard by the current financial crisis so I am not going to sit back and laugh at you idiots anymore. I am going to challenge you and call you out as long as my fingers can type.

    And I kind of like the name “Rebel”. I did not think about it at the time I created it, but what name could be more annoying to a lib?

    So go ahead and post your your misleading info. Your good old boy Rebel will be there with his Bible, pickup and shotgun rack to defend the truth. YeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • Rebel

    @ Anomoly

    Michael Steele is a “token” black man? I am insulted by your comment. All black people republican or democrat should be insulted by your comment. Shame on You.

    • Jarrett


      I agree entirely with your statements in response to my post. I has hoping to reach the other 2/3 of your country. My only hope is that I seen a post on the other day that showed polling stats for the election and from the age group of 18-30 there was only 2 or 3 states that had a republican majority. As long as the younger generations learn from our mistakes hopefully things will get better.

      They (republicans) live in fear of there downfall and that will fight a dishonorable fight to the end. But there will be an end.

  • Rebel

    As long as we are on the subject of donating to charity, I wanted to share something with my friends here:

    I was a chaperone at a Christian youth retreat this weekend. One of the speakers was from a charity looking for sponsors for poor children in third world Countries.

    I just want you to know that my wife and I decided to sponsor a child in Kenya.

    The same charity had also just put together a program to donate to Haiti and we donated to that as well.

    If any of you liberals or conservatives can find it in your heart to help these poor kids, this is an excellent charity to donate to. The money that you donate will go directly to help a poor child of your choosing:

    • Anomaly100

      @Rebel: Thank you for your link. I’ll check it out later when I have a moment. So, you’re a Christian too I see. My church does a lot of mission work to countries just like Haiti. They may even go there as well. I wish I could go.

  • Rebel

    @ Kenneth

    Sorry to hear that you are unemployed. The only way we are going to create jobs in this economy is to reverse the socialist policies of the current administration. You are doing your part by voicing your opinion on this board. We can take back this country in 2010 in the November elections.

  • Strikesmefunny

    No doubt that what has happend in Hatti is horrible and they need help………..but what about what has happened to hard working american citizens who are losing their homes because of outsourcing of jobs and a corrupt government? I don’t see anybody trying to do a damn thing for them…except try to buy their house at a below market price. How much help did Hatti send here after 911 or Katrina? So, go ahead and send your money to Hatti and pat yourself on the back for what a great humanitarian you are. I’m sure it will bring you comfort when you see your neighbors evicted……I will keep my money here and buy some groceries for a neighbor that has been laid off or give him money to help him keep his home or pay a utility bill.

    • Anomaly100

      @Strikesmefunny: Haiti is the poorest section of the western hemisphere. Sadly, they have no money to send us. I hope your neighbor gets work soon. It’s tough out there.

    • Curtis Guyton

      Limbaugh is way over the line here with these comments. He’s saying this stuff because he has a level of influence in the MEDIA world.

      Limbaugh will never fail to turn me off, time and again. And he is not the voice of the republican party.

      • Anomaly100

        @Curtis: I take it you’re a Republican? If so, I am so happy to hear that Limbaugh does not speak for all of you.

  • Pat Robertson and Rush Slimebaugh are 2 of the biggest douchebags on the planet. It is comforting to know that their hatred and ignorance will be exactly what propels them to hell in a handbasket. God won’t want them, but Satan will give them “dittos” for evil jobs well done.

    • Rebel

      @ john doe

      I don’t think there is such a thing as an all white or all black country. It is ridiculous to look at politics through race anyway. I’m sure if you go back far enough almost all black people have some white ancestry and vice versa.

    • Anomaly100

      @SusiQ54321: I think they’ll be fighting Satan for the title of “Most Evil.”

  • Shirley

    To switchback
    I know what he said..and he could be right. I however don’t believe we have the magnatude of suffering in this country like they are right now in Haiti. I respect his opinion even though it doesn’t agree with mine. Here we have welfare and unemployment and family members to help people get on their feet…unfortunately they take this hand out here in this country and many think it is forever free money..sooner or later they have to do something to help themselves but many don’t. The government of Haiti is obviousley taking our money and the poor never see it. That isn’t the fault of their poor especially now..This is a natural disaster and many innocent people are suffring and we need to be there to help..IN MY OPINION.
    Even with difference of opinions he and I have..he still answered his call to duty to protect us here in this Country and to make life better in the Middle East by fighting the terrorists. Nothing should take that honor away from him.

  • Rebel

    @ Anamoly

    Yes, I am a Christian. The charity does have a ministry in Haiti. Everything is administered through the local Churches and almost all the money you donate goes directly to help the child you choose to sponsor. There is also an opportunity to travel to the Country to visit your child and do mission work. You have to pay for a portion of your travel and the rest is sponsored through the mission, but you do have an opportunity to go an visit and meet your child.

  • Rebel

    OK everybody. I did not listen to the whole show today, but Rush did mention several times that he “did not say to not donate to Haitie” He said to donate to the Red Cross. He said that he was not against donating to Haiti at all. I hope that this will clarify his position on the matter and we can all move on to something else. I don’t know how he could have made it any clearer. So media matters and the rest of you naysayers out there, what else can the guy say?

    @Anamoly – I did not listen to the whole show, so I don’t know if he said anything about him personally donating to Haiti. I did pass on your offer to “don a miniskirt and wear a belt of pork chops” if Rush would donate and I am waiting for verification from the show. Anything for a good cause to help the poor people of Haiti. And I’m sure he will donate to a reputable charity so the money will go the poor people and not the corrupt government there.

    Peace Out,


  • Rebel

    @ Anomoly

    As promised, here is the link regarding the BUSH admin efforts to curtail the reckless lending practices of Fannie/Freddie in 2003. This was on the front page of your Bible, the NY Times.

    Sorry people, but you can’t blame the mortgae crisis on Bush. If his recommendations had been followed in 2003, we might not have had the meltdown we had in 2007:

  • Marious

    @Coldhearted, you are a fool sir. First, if anyone would look into US history beyond their high school history books, you might see that most of the economic issues in Central America and the Caribbean are the fault of either US economic practices or direct military intervention (e.x. look up the Banana Wars).

    Second, Rush is just like any pundit on either side of the monochrome political fence. A liar and a profiteer. Yes, the quotes are out of context and yes he failed to look up the info on the white house web page first. He and the goons who mis-quote him are equally guilty of fear mongering and dividing the American people. They make sure we fight among ourselves instead of fighting the people who are taking away our freedom!

  • Rebel

    @Curtis & @anomaly

    Limbaugh does not speak for nor have anything to do with the Republican party. He espouses the principles of conservatism and he is one of many leaders in the conservative movement. Aside from that, he is a businessman who has figured out a way to keep his name in the media with his controversial comments. He will even tell you when something he says is going to create a firestorm. The next day the idiots in the mainstream media will be bashing him. The end result of this is that it creates better ratings for his show and is making him one of the wealthiest persons in media. All you wingnuts that hate him so much are making him rich. Isn’t that ironic?

  • Rebel

    @ Anomoly

    Here is a link off the Rush Limbaugh show website

    Did you see the prominent red button that says “Donate to Haiti”

    I think it is time to admit you were wrong. It costs money to post the link on his web site which in turn generates donations from his millions of listeners. He had to pay someone to put the link and graphic on his website – that qualifies as a donation doesn’t it?

    It is time for you to live up to your promise – you can skip the pork chop belt. Being a gentlman, I will not hold you to that.

  • Big AL

    Notice that nobody that defends Rush can respond to his comments showing his real feelings when he said….

    LIMBAUGH: Besides, we’ve already donated to Haiti. It’s called the U.S. income tax.
    CLEARLY, he was not advocating listeners to donate and to suggest otherwise shows just how naive a Rush lover can be.
    He NEVER states in that original broadcast for his listeners to donate. It is always amazing how selectively people can look at something. Rush defenders over and over stated that he never said NOT to donate…yet they somehow think that he did say TO donate directly to the Red Cross..just not through the Go read it again and cite me the sentence where Rush tells people they should donate to help Haitians.
    All he said was we already donated with our income taxes. Cold hearted and stupid. Yes, the next day he was re-inventing history and claiming what he said/meant was to donate directly. That is standard for Rush to change his the content and intent of his words on subsequent days to avoid getting pinned down to an ignorant statement.
    You are right, Rush lovers will love him no matter what he says and does because they filter everything through Rush-tinted glasses

    • Anomaly100

      @Big AL: I call it selective memory.

  • Rebel

    Comrades Big Al & Anomaly,

    Even in the original broadcast he did not say not to donate to Haiti.

    His point was:

    1) not to donate through so that your info would not wind up on a democratic fundraiser database.

    2) US aid that has already been donated to Haiti came out of US tax dollars. I doubt that much if any of that money went to help the poor people of Haiti. Haiti is corrupt and very little of the money that went to the government went to help the poor people of Haiti as evidenced by the deplorable conditions there even before the earthquake.

    What really irritates me and what motivated me to start commenting here is the way the mainstream media and front organizations distort and misrepresent what Republicans, Conservatives and especially the former President George W. have said. It is not so much about Rush as it is about any person that does not agree with the liberal media’s spin on the news.

    Ogranizations like Media Matters distort the truth and they get idiots like Comrade Anomaly to believe them. So F Y’all and the horse you came in on. You can fool some of the people, but thanks to the NEW MEDIA you cannot fool all the people. Sorry, but your monopoly is over. The NY Slimes and The Washington Compost are nearly bankrupt. Freedom, Liberty & Truth shall prevail.

    • Anomaly100

      @Radical Rebel: If I am “Comrade Anomaly” then you get to be “Radical Rebel.” At least you made me smile. :-)

  • mike kemper

    hey there,yeah you, shallowminded people, the us isn’t the only country helping out in haiti, matter of fact we weren’t even the first ones there, we love to travel there but we don’t want to help? isn’t that called double standard?

  • Mark

    Um rush limbaugh is right we shouldn’t we have our own problems with our president and our finanical issues right now so we are in no place to be helping other people out.

  • Greg

    This forum is about the poor victims of haiti, not rush limbo…lets give the attention where it needs to be…lets forget about the money thing for the moment and just help these people to get on there feet again…i am sure that they would do it for us if they could if we were in their situation…lets keep moving forward people…and may god bless the USA and Haiti.

  • Rebel

    Comrade Anaomoly. I like the name Radical Rebel. It suites me. Thanks :-)

  • Rebel

    @ Greg. Sorry. The people of Haiti are not going to do
    Jack S#@*** for us. They do not have any money.

  • Pete Ficorelli
  • joe citizen

    just wait until the “hackers” clear out the electronic bank accounts of the rich; “yard sale” Die Hard IV(style)! P.s. keep ur gold; b/c I know how to provide a service and you can’t eat gold. p.s. the huge gold value increase is more so in America than anywhere else; (oooooo, I can’t wait)

  • Don Loser

    I don’t know who you are, but what you said is right on. I WAS LISTENING to Rush’s program when the dialogue took place. What you state is FACTUAL. Rush was not saying “Don’t donate to the relief of Haiti” As I recall he offered more than just the Red Cross as a way to donate. He did say was not a trusted way to donate. I personally would not do it that way no matter who was in the White House. Kevin, anybody who hates Rush is not going to believe anything we say in support of what we ACTUALLY HEARD…they are most likely to prefer the “out of context” version which enforces their preconceived notion of Rush. Cliff, you know you have always had my utmost respect, but I really think you let this one get by you. Think what you must about Rush, but I am sorry you let this out-of context quote go through.

  • Marketing_Secret_Sauce

    typical and the MAJORITY will not listen to him. Haiti will get the support worldwide anyway. I just sent money. Eventually he will look ridiculous as usual. Thank God there are not a lot of him and his kind left in this world.

  • Anomaly100

    @Cindy: I thought that’s what we were doing with a public option.

  • Wilie

    As usual, the liberals posting comments on this blog have a problem with facts. You people are liars, fearmongers, hipocrites. You are the lowest form of humanity,causing most of humanities pain.


    im beginning to think you just make things up, and then tell people to study it, in order to give you time for your next inane rebuttle. where exactly were you educated?

    also, it’s surprising that all of these folks giving “history lessons” have yet to even mention alan greenspan, even though most have already settled that fact that he’s really the one to blame.

    jimmy carter pressured the banks to write bad checks? look, i dont like bush, and i disagree with republicans, but at least im aware that no one, republican or democrat, goes out of their way to fuck the country over. our leader’s problems are always that they are too focused on their ideologies, and unwilling to change for the better. jimmy carter wasn’t sitting on some throne with a with cloak going “excellent, this will lead to the downfall of the country ive been chosen to lead! my evil plan is finally coming to fruition!” you clearly suffer from some sort of delusional paranoia, my friend.

  • Xander

    Come on Anomaly100, you can do better than this. I’m dissappointed. I’ve laid down the gauntlet and you’ve only responded once – and that response didn’t have enough meat on it.

    I’ll be back in 12 hours. I expect a reply.

  • Anomaly100

    @Xander: I appreciate your tenacity! I really do. I’ve just added a post especially for all of you. You see, I’m not so bad 😉

  • Xander

    rebel: Their ideology can’t be sustained without an object (or objects) to hate. Whereas we see challenges to overcome, they see enemies to be destroyed. That’s why we don’t clamor for people like Maddow and Olbermann to be ‘taken off the air.’

  • bobby

    rush you have gone to far this time,you are only looking out
    for yourself and the hell with people in need.i hope you have
    a good nights sleep,safe place,warm food and clothing.

    comments like yours of others in need will earn you a place
    in hell.The devil needs you to carry his fire and you are a good
    one for this job.You must be on a trip without any bags.

  • wil
  • t

    stop donating!!!!!!!!!! its not our problem stand up and say no to this lying theaving nation its pathetic we let our government keep stealing our money. i just saw bush on tv talking about donating and the way he was saying it was flat out fucking rude he said people want to send blankets and water but just send the cash. how damn rude to just say something like that thiers a difference in askin but you dont tell somebody what to do and how to do it that was a pathetic way to ask the american peole for money. just send cash with a fuck you smiile on his face. you donate money and your stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!