Advertising For Obama’s Assassination

WorldNetDaily is trying to peddle their crap with this picture.  Please,  show me how this is patriotic.

When is enough, enough?! When is someone from the right wing going to step up and speak out against this?

Rush Limbaugh wants President Obama to fail and WND wants him to die.  That’s real patriotism for you for only $6.99.

When is enough going to be enough?  Please Republicans, call WND out on this.

This make me sick:

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  • Ross

    Would you have the same reaction last year if this image was George Bush?

    I doubt it…

    • Anomaly100

      @Ross; yes.

  • Rmuse

    How utterly sickening. The asshats who promote this should be called out and jailed. NOT funny, and not at all decent

  • Varuka Salt

    Umm…that’s just a tomato, not a bullet hole. Just sayin’.

  • You know

    A rag for the redneck racist jerk offs who can’t stand this man’s skin color…

  • Hank

    Just stumbled across your site. While I don’t agree with your philosophies, I commend you on your effort and your open manner of entertaining opposing commentary. Much more interesting than a strictly censored (to the extent of censoring opposing viewpoint) site.

    By the way, that appears to be a tomato. I’m not aware that anyone has ever been killed or even seriously injured by being hit with a tomato. I seem to remember someone being thoroughly entertained at a former President being the target of shoes.

    It’s the hypocrisy. With me, that’s all it’s ever been. And BOTH sides can be so hypocritical, all the while declaring they are not.

    Good luck with your efforts.

  • BobbeeJ

    This is horrible and as far as Im concerned….this is treason; this is acting against the country, the covernment and our President. I am appalled at such hate and sickness of this magazine and what it represents. All who are party to it, and all who do not speak out against are low excuses for human beings that I have ever seen. People need to protest such garbage. This is a persons life, our country’s leader and I do not think this type of behavior should be allowed. Freedom of press or not…that was created when people had a conscience….these people do not. They are trying to take our country down…stop this hate NOW!

  • Jackie Morris

    @ Ross- Last year if it was Bush would we have the same reaction?!?! Get a clue! These are racist, haters, bigoted assholes… Then you have Fox- the 24/7 anti President Obama station. Nobody called for Bush & Cheney to be killed (not on the left), jail maybe- but not death!!!

  • LauraNo

    # Varuka said:
    Umm…that’s just a tomato, not a bullet hole. Just sayin’.

    I propose we all head over to WND and see what they’re saying. Then we will know what was meant by the result we observe.

  • Aviva Gabriel

    Do YOU think that’s “just a tomato?” Maybe it’s literally a tomato; I can’t tell on my monitor.

    But the intended implications have more to do with blood and bullets than tomatoes and taunting.

  • Gemfinder

    @Ross: If it was a tomato (as it appears to be), no, I wouldn’t be outraged. I’d smile. The bastard would have more than deserved it.
    If it was a bullet to the face, yes, I’d be outraged. Can’t bring a dead man to trial, and I respect the office if not the man.

  • Hank

    @aviva – Press Control and “+” sign. Enlarge it enough and I think it will be obvious it’s a tomato, complete with a seed. With that said, the should have anticipated the commentary and made it more obvious it was a tomato.

    I would think it’s more a commentary on his utter failure as a President so far. I think most Conservatives feel about Obama as liberals feel about Palin. Obama is the worse thing to happen to the Democratic Party in years. Maybe since Carter and beyond. The longer he is around, forcing his radical liberal agenda on an unwilling populace, the further in the hole Democrats sink.

    I just find it difficult to comprehend why liberals get so upset about the least insult, real or perceived, directed at Obama, when there was no room on, and they were falling off the bandwagon of ridicule directed toward the former President.

  • AlphaAnt

    That’s suppose to look like a bullet in the center and it’s suppose to look like blood. Believe me, if they really wanted this to look like a tomato, there would be no doubt about it. Another giveaway is how they made all the other colors in the picture shades of black and white, accentuating the red. This picture isn’t even subtle enough to be called subliminal. It is what it is, loud and clear, the assassination of President Obama.

    @Anomaly100, Left you a DM

    • Anomaly100

      @AlphaAnt1: I considered the source. It’s WND and if they wanted us to think it was a friggin’ tomato, it would clearly look like a tomato. On my way to check your DM!

  • AlphaAnt1

    That’s suppose to look like a bullet in the center and it’s suppose to look like blood. Believe me, if they really wanted this to look like a tomato, there would be no doubt about it. Another giveaway is how they made all the other colors in the picture shades of black and white, accentuating the red. This picture isn’t even subtle enough to be called subliminal. It is what it is, loud and clear, the assassination of President Obama.

  • Tomoyo

    To answer tour question, Ross, yes. W was the President. We have a system that carries these guys out after a specific time frame. I see no reason for anyone to wish a U.S. president dead no matter what his politics or degree of competence.

    My question is, if this were Hillary Clinton or John Edwards doing the exact same things, would the same sample of the American people be so thirsty for their blood?

  • Anok

    I can’t tell if it’s a tomato, a smashed clown nose (to go along with the title “no more clowning around” or something more sinister.

    However to answer the question that had been asked a few times “Would we be so upset if it has been Bush?”

    The answer is that this type of imagery never even graced the pages of magazines, newspapers, general media or the like – which is telling. We didn’t need to be upset by it because, even as upset at Bush as we were, we never stooped that low to begin with.

  • Evan

    Melodrama much? How an image of Obama with a tomato thrown on it is supposedly promoting his assassination is totally beyond me.

    I didn’t see anyone on the left decrying a movie made about the assassination of George Bush, or books fantasizing about the assassination of George Bush, or protestors hanging or burning effigies of Bush or people calling for his assassination.

    What do they freak out about? A tomato. A rotten tomato for a rotten president. But hey, the politics of identity require you to throw out the victim card. Cry racist while you’re at it. That’s the SOP while stomping on every one else.

    Oh no! Killer tomatoes!

  • Marina Gipps

    This isn’t the America that we know and love. As the daughter of immigrants, it pains me even more to see this. Everyday I pray for the safety and well-being of President Obama. I am thankful that he is in the White House instead of John McCain who cares nothing about health care. My father (an MD), who passed away last April, supported a Single Payer system and some form of health reform at the very least. I am happy that he lived to cast his vote for Barack Obama.

  • Bob Powell

    Hank, regarding Obama “forcing his radical liberal agenda on an unwilling populace”: You are clearly nuts. Obama is well to the right of “liberal” and “liberal” is the true center. Liberals understand this, which is why Obama’s popularity has declined.

    Google “Hannity Insanity” “Political Compass” to see how far to the extremist “right” this nation has moved … which is exactly why the US economy is collapsing. To hear the right-wing extremists, one would think liberals have been in charge since Reagan.

    • Anomaly100

      @Bob: We suffer from global narcissism in America. We do not think beyond this country. I have traveled extensively and what they call liberal here, is pretty mild relatively speaking. In fact it’s centrist. I’ve seen the political compass you’re referring to & I think everyone should. It would wake up a few people.

  • TP

    Am I the only one that sees a tomato in his face? Come on, people, crying over a ripe fruit in the face seems a bit histrionic. ..

  • Rebel

    @ Ross: If it was George Bush they would be saying it was a tomato and they would be asking what all the fuss is about. After all, a tomato is only a fruit. How harmful could that be? With their obsession with gays, liberals are just fine with fruits.

  • pat1944

    RT @lovelyladypa: @joanwalsh Advertising For Obama’s Assassination: via @addthis SICK BASTARDS WHERE IS THE GOP THEY MUST BE DOWN

  • Michelle Matthews

    RT @Karoli: RT @avivao RT @uncajoe: Advertising 4 Obama’s Assassination WorldNetDaily: via.@FreakOutNation || SO WRONG

  • Bob Powell

    @Rebel: Ah, “conservatives” think there’s a “left” in America. The true left believes government should own and run all businesses; you’ll never hear that in the media. Liberals don’t believe that, but the “right”, that we hear from every day in the media, believes virtually all gov’t must be privatized … that is, it must be destroyed. There is no “left” left in America. Google: “Hannity Insanity” “Political Compass”.

    @Anomaly100: Correct.

  • Michael Arnold

    RT @Tymlee: RT @Karoli: RT @avivao RT @uncajoe: Advertising 4 Obama’s Assassination WorldNetDaily: via.@FreakOutNat …

  • Will

    @Ross – We had EIGHT LONG YEARS of Duh-bya Bush and didn’t have to see anything like that, but we have to look at crap like this after only one year of Obama?!! That’s the basic difference between the left and the right. We hated Bush but never wished him dead.

  • MiddleAmericaMS

    RT @FreakOutNation FreakOutNation » Advertising For Obama’s Assassination

  • Wayne M. Crislip

    After examining the photo, that does appear to be just a tomato. I can’t say from this alone if there was an actual threat suggested.

  • rob

    This is unepcetable these people should be punished for this i bet who ever did this would not be happy if this was George Bush how about if we put one hah people wouldnt like it i wish this could be removed somehow DEFENETLY not funny!!!

  • Rebel

    @ Will: Eight long years of Bush and you didn’t see anything like that? You must have been out of the Country. No President was ever treated so poorly by the media. They even tried to name a sanitation facility in California after Bush – how disrespectful is that? Bush was bashed daily by the press, the networks and by Hollywood media types and it was all good fun. If anyone says the slightest negative thing about Obama, then the liberals in the mainstream media whine like a bunch of girley-men sissies.

    I would also like all you libs to take note that ex President Bush has been enough of a gentleman to keep his mouth shut after leaving office whereas Carter and Clinton have gone all over the world badmouthing the US and generally making horses asses out of themeselves.

  • T Canard

    It looks more like a clown nose on an overinflated ego that has burst or it could be that a tomato smashed it. Either sound likely.

  • Looking

    For all you tomato apologists, have you ever heard of subliminal messages / stimuli?

  • Tom Woolf

    “Would you have the same reaction last year if this image was George Bush?”


    This country has two methods for changing Presidents:
    1) Elections every 4 years; and
    2) If they are lawbreakers – impeachment with conviction.

    I would have loved if W had been impeached and ousted due to his lies about Iraq and unconstitutional surveillance of American citizens. He was not – so I had to wait years to get rid of him.

    But I waited. Impatiently, unhappily, but I waited, because THAT IS THE WAY CIVILIZED SOCIETIES WORK.

    It is easy to see that WorldNutDaily has no issues with regime change using non-lawful means.

    • Anomaly100

      @Tom: Well said. 😉

  • Richard Laksana

    Advertising For Obama's Assassination? –

  • shrinkingviolet

    Honestly, now that it’s been pointed out to you guys that it’s a tomato on our fearless leader’s face, dont you feel just a little bit silly about getting the vapors about this? Subliminal message, my rearend. After countless examples of the constant abuse and ridicule and Nazi comparisons of our former president, you guys sure get your panties in a wad about something so clearly innocent. And the drama……..did you almost cry when the movie about the assasination of W came out? I wish our President (that’s right-mine too) all of God’s protection, and to anyone who would do him physical harm, you are scum. Anyone who even advocates this is un-American in my opinion. There are only two kinds of people. The decent and the indecent.

    • Anomaly100

      @shrinkingviolet: As it’s been said again and again, if they wanted it to look like a tomato, it would. I also pray for our president, just like I did the last one.

  • Krieks

    The headline says “ENOUGH CLOWNING: AMERICAN’S REJECTING ‘GREATEST SNOW-JOB ON EARTH.” Doesn’t even hint at anything subliminal. It’s obviously a response to Obamacare, which was the main news of the week. This is a weekly magazine, so it’s just a witty commentary.

  • sharon stillson

    RT @FreakOutNation FreakOutNation » Advertising For Obama’s Assassination

  • Kathy Mullins

    RT @Tymlee: RT @Karoli: RT @avivao RT @uncajoe: Advertising 4 Obama’s Assassination WorldNetDaily: via.@FreakOutNat …

  • Stallwart

    It’s amazing how all the vulgar criticism of Bush, his daughters, Condoleeza Rice, Cheney – and so on – was considered patriotic dissent. But show a tomato on the face of your beloved messiah, Barack Barry Hussein Soetero Obama and you hurl. It’s laughable. Completely laughable. Get over it. He’ll be a one term president and you can wear the t-shirt for the next 20 years.

    • Anomaly100

      @Stallwart: Don’t bet on it. Just a little friendly advice. 😉

  • Beat And Release

    Holy Smokes!!! How horrible must they be to plaster a tomato on a picture of the Lord of Lords, the Savior of the World, the Immaculate One??!!??

    Oh, woe is me!!!! What horror will they visit upon The One next?? I can’t bear to even imagine it.

  • Enrique

    The majority of you are either blind or you need a better computer moniter. The tomatoe depicted on his O Hussaines face only states the he is doing a terrible job, and I say amen to that. No too long ago in the theatre when a play was booed it was usually followed by thrown tomatoes and other vegetables. Come on now, I’m neither Coservative or a Liberal but I have to agree that President Obama is running our country into the ground. If you don’t agree then take off your rose colored glasses and look around. As for conservatives being filled with hate that would warrent the assination of the president Bah!!!

    • Anomaly100

      @Enrique: Fair enough, but can you say in all honestly that the militias that are forming because they think Obama is going to take their guns, is not a threat. Death threats to this president just after being sworn in were 400% more than the previous president’s threats. You don’t hear the word, “Revolution” being thrown around in the news day in and day out? I’d really appreciate just a little honesty from someone, so I pick you. Care to answer? Hang on, I just found out after I wrote this comment that all of you came from a blog called, “Political Revolution.” That is ironic considering what i asked about the word, “revolution.” I just came back to add this last bit. Forget the honesty, i don’t think you’re capable considering where you’ve been.

  • ChrisG

    Oh for God’s sakes. You people make me sick and wanna puke my guts out with your stupidity. ITS A DAMN TOMATO!!
    I mean..REALLY!?

    Someone on this site explain to me how the hell it looks like a bullet hole…do any of you even know what a bullet hole LOOKS like???

    Here, I’ll even be nice enough to show ya…

    Geez, people. C’mon now. What you are doing is called grasping at straws. And some of you are actually acting like the clinically insane. Get a grip on yourselves. Its a damn tomato…making Obama look like the clown he really is…and isn’t that the headline of the article anyway:

    ‘Enough clowning: Americans rejecting ‘greatest snow-job on Earth.’

    You liberals are seriously stupid and/or insane.

  • Jay

    Big deal, so there is a pic with tomato thrown at Obama. Big deal. Where were all you “peaceful” liberal a-holes when a movie “Death of a President” was made, which was obviously trying to encourage harm to George W. Bush. How about you peaceful, tolerant lefties burning images of Bush, showing Bush dolls being hanged and all the vicious hate filled actions you showed towards him.

    Just remember this liberals, your actions towards Bush are a big reason why we are acting the same way towards YOUR president(Obama is not my president). Those of us on the right have not forgotten your deep hatred, and thuggish behavior while Bush was in office. Your actions during the Bush years have caused us on the right to use your own tactics and actions right back against you.

    You don’t like, we don’t care. How about next time a Republican wins the presidency, you show him or her some respect!!! If you do that, then we will be more than glad to treat a Democrat president with respect. But, to make it simple, we on the right are getting even with you on the left for how you were towards Bush. In other words, we are going to show Obama the exact same respect you simple minded buffoons showed Bush.

  • Michael Dean Miller


    Hey, folks, it’s just a tomato. Traditional, ol’ fashioned American symbolism of political dis-satisfaction and frustration. Nothin’ to get over-clocked about.

    Let’s just be happy it wasn’t a fruit like a peach. Then all the gay blacks out of Georgia would be upset, too.


  • Calynn

    For all you that can’t tell this is a tomato…….get some new glasses or update your monitor.

  • Dude23

    This is stupid; and I don’t mean the WMD picture – I mean this web sites reaction to it. You can google “Hitler Bush”, “Bush Assassination” or any other similar phrase you wish and come up with tons of images and articles regarding the former president. In fact you can even find some from liberal professors teaching courses using such anti-bush imagry.

    I don’t like Bush either and was entertained by all the anti-bushies with their posters and protests. And likewise I don’t like Obama and I am equally entertained by the anti-Obama stuff.

    But, you liberals have a mind disease that affects and retards common sense and logic.

    I am neither a Democrat nor am I a Republican so I’m not siding with either side here because of party affiliations or ideologies. But, seriously, a lot of liberals are struck with obsessive celebrity icon disorder (Celebrity Worship Syndrome; Mad Icon Disease), amnesia, history denial disorder and a whole host of other issues and disorders including just about every form of psychosis one could care to mention.

    I mean you want to talk about patriotism yet the whole concept of it doesn’t even exist in any normal form in the liberal mind. Liberalism is completely void of patriotism. What it is full of is psychosis and contradiction and dangerous action as a result.

    I mean the Democrats and the Republicans are both street hustlers; the difference being that Republicans are full of baloney and lie a lot. The Democrats are just flat out crazy people to be avoided at all costs. It’s one thing to deal with a liar, but to deal with a total psychotic is purely another thing and dangerous at best.

    It is a shame really because at one time in history the Democrats used to hold values that actually made sense and could be looked up to and were worthy of consideration. Now their party and their philosophy and ideas are self destructive, destructive to others, destructive to the nation, destructive to the world at large. I mean, who in their right mind would want to be associated with a group of people affected with such a disease.

    It is one thing to be a liar and know you are lying (Republicans), but it’s a whole different ball game when you are lying and don’t even know it (Democrats). That makes both groups crooks, except one group still holds it faculties while the other has completely lost it mind.

    So, no I’m not defending Republicans here because they are crooks and liars. So I don’t associate myself with either party. But seriously, Republicans need to stop lying and stealing and Democrats need a total rehab session and perhaps some electroshock therapy or whatever treatment is appropriate for psychotics.

  • der Slatz

    Ross – have you got Altzheimer’s? You forget all of the pictures, cartoons and videos portraying Bush being assassinated and debased. Obama is the worse president in the annals of our history. Face it. He’s a loser and needs to get lost.

  • The Wolf

    The photo is of a tomato thrown in Barak’s face. That is how I see it, because that is what is is and I tend to look at the facts. However, we as humans see things the way we want to see them. You seem to see this as a bullet hole. It really makes me wonder if you want to see it that way because that is what you want to happen or if you see it that way because that is what you are afraid will happen. Perhaps you need to re-evaluate yourself.

  • KBR

    President Half-breed with a tomato on his face is funny. People have had all kinds of fruits and veggies thrown at them. Would this have been a better picture if he was eating watermelon or chicken. What makes him special? Just because he is an intellectual president doesn’t make him any better than anyone else. Apparently the complainers have never seen a bullet hole.

  • Wake up

    Its is a reflection of a sick mind that sees anything other than a tomato in the picture. We all know that everyone sees art differently and what we see in the art is a reflection of our interpertation of the piece and that interpertation is based upon our life experiences, wants, wishes, desires and fears,

    BHO has always been a great mirror for the people, for they see in him what the want and not what he is.

    If you see a tomato as a bullet hole, you probably have some underlying desire or fear of him being shot in the face.

  • conan

    We are going to need a bigger tomato for this narcissist….

  • JamesBaud

    As far as I can tell, that’s just ‘Bama’s big drunken nose! Didn’t his doctors tell him to lay off the booze??

  • Loren Jackson

    You poor little messed up Liberals have you’re panties all in a wad because someone pokes fun at the Monkey….too damn bad! You all were laughing you’re asses off when that sick movie came out about Bush getting assassinated. Curious George has fallen in the poles farther, and quicker than any President in history at this early stage of the Presidency. He is the perfect example of the styrofoam turd…that no matter how many times you flush him down….he pops his ugly ass head out of the shit shoot and swims back up. He’s is toast and outta here in Jan 2013….count on it!

  • Skipfoss

    I love it keep the good work. This stupid bunch of progressive bullshit that has come up with the idea that tis is a cll for killing Ovomit are about as asinine as you could find, they nearely advertised for some one to kill Bush with “The Assination of a president to bad they can’t actually find a thker on the tamatoe shott

  • Skipfoss

    pardon the spell ing I have a diffrent key board

  • CommonSense

    America has a serious case of Alzheimers. Just Google George W. Bush and see some of the SHIT that was published and put to FREE SPEECH in images.

    And a TOMATO is offensive? He looks like a red-nosed socialist BOZO, not like someone took a saw off shotgun to him.

    Some of the comments are so assinine, it isn’t even funny.

    • Mike

      The usurper will fall hard. Rev. Manning will have his day in court. discovery will be granted, treason is punishable by death under rule of law and the usurper will be convicted due to the mountains of evidence against him and he will be executed. The JOY of justice will be realized and never again will the U.S.A. be governed by a foriegn tyrant. His execution day will be CELEBRATED annually for all time.

      • Anomaly100

        @Mike: Dick Cheney is foreign? You’re right though, he needs to face charges.

  • Annie Oakley

    OMG! What a bunch of tripe from a bunch of Barry Sotoro worshippers! It is a friggin tomato in the face of a socialist/marxist! Get over it! You crucified Bush daily and no one ever had the vapors over it! What a bunch of cry baby whiners! You all make me sick, he is a horrible president, tripling our deficit and our children and grandchildren will be stuck with this un- payable debt, yet you defend this corrupt czar appointing unconstitutional usurper in chief! He is a 1 hit wonder and I pray we survive the next 3 years intact as the LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE! Because he and Reid and Piglosi are doing their best to sink the ship of Freedom!

    • Jerry

      What is wrong with you peope? It’s a tomato, however, it should have been a larger one.

  • RT1025

    Well, isn’t it amazing that all of these leftists have so quickly forgotten that the “right” people also have a “right” to freedom of speech. It is quite clear to anyone that thinks with the “right” part of their brain that this is a tomato and not a gun shot wound, anyone that watches TV would know the difference these days. Furthermore, the leftists are again ignoring the fact that the Esteemed Former President (Dub-Ya) Bush has suffered far worse things from their hands than this pathetic president has and will from ours. I also feel that having tomato or egg on his face is how foreign governments look at him. So, to all you lefty people- BE HAPPY, NOT GAY! BUTCH UP! STOP WHINING!

  • Kyle St. Pierre

    You people seem like you’re having sex with Obama. A tomato in the face is totally referencing that we want that n*gga dead. Or is that what you want to hear? Obama is a clown, just like Bush. And the more you people try to seperate the two because Obama has only one year of him being President and Bush had Eight, or because one is republican or democrat. I bet you people still think the country is in good condition and that we’re all fine. You do realize that slowly but surely, Obama, just like Bush, is telling you and your opinion to go eff yourself because he’s gonna do what he wants. Shit, does it even matter at this point that I voted and helped campaign for this man in Florida. He lied to you all, still is. But his c*ck is so far down your throats that you cant pull it out and say “Wait a second…This is weird.” Sorry for the inappropriate analogies but some of you need this. Wake up. It isn’t about Right/Left/Republican/Democrat anymore. It is about the freedoms we’re constantly losing, the things that both keep trying to do to us. When a Government has become to wild to be controlled we must dissolve it. Because a Tomato in his face is the least of his worries… If we really wanted a pic with a bullet in his head, I’m sure they would have photo shopped it. In fact, TO PHOTOSHOP!

  • Ross

    Politicians used to get pelted with fruit and vegetables regularly. I think it’s a good idea to revive this practice! As for those who are trying desperately to perceive this photo as a call for Obama’s assassination; get real, it’s just a tomato.

    Remember the play, books, and movie that called for Bush’s assassination? Don’t try and portray yourselves as peaceful martyrs of violent right-wing goons. That dog won’t hunt.

  • Hank

    @Krieks…My bad. I usually research a bit better. I should have looked for the accompanying headline and commentary. When you take the headline into consideration, the image should be very obvious.

    A flattened Clown Nose.

    Personally, I think the Libs/Dems are more vested in harm coming to this President than anyone. Just as they were vested in failure in Iraq. Politically, it serves them well.

    • Anomaly100

      @Hank: In Iraq? We had no business being in Iraq. Since you brought up failure, didn’t the Republican Party’s de facto leader say a little something about wanting failure? You can’t pin that word on us when your party earned it.

  • John Ammons

    I must say that I find the FreakOutNation to be a vecerdious site. They follow and have belief in a narcissistic, theomanic shoulderclapper.
    One must feel pity for such partisans…as it is so much easier for them to do what they are told by their betters than it is for them to think for themselves.

  • Hank

    Just a friendly reminder. Durbin. Murtha. Kerry. Just to name a few.

    And re: wanting failure. Another myth perpetuated by lib half truths and out of context statements. 1 line out of a 10 minute statement. He wasn’t asking for failure of the country. He wasn’t seeking defeat of our Armed Forces in the field. And don’t erroneously say I am “defending” him. I personally don’t listen to him or care too much for his effort.

    But truth is truth. What he said is that he wanted the Socialist Policies of Obama to fail.

    I like your blog. Pleasant surprise. My personal take, you should spend more time promoting your own effort, which I feel is superior, than just clapping lesser, petty “bloggers” on the back and agreeing with them.

    • Anomaly100

      @Hank: We do agree on one or two things from time to time even though I try to remain in the background as much as I can. I find myself compelled to tell you that I am pleased to hear that not all Republicans listen to Rush Limbaugh. I am the only Democrat in a long line of Republicans, yet somehow we seem to find neutral ground when I go home to visit. That said, I am aware of a few good Republicans that like honest debate but lately I haven’t seen too many. I have found myself agreeing with Bill O’Reilly on a couple of occasions and Shep Smith is very honest, even though we are so different. I don’t like Chris Matthews so not all of us “libs” watch everything on MSNBC. We may find that we have more in common than people would think. I wish our politicians on BOTH sides could do the same. I mention this because that is the reason I blogged this particular cover. WND is held in high regard to quite a few right wingers and they are being duped in my opinion.

  • John Ammons

    I must say that I find the FreakOutNation to be a vecerdious site. They follow and have belief in a narcissistic, theomanic shoulderclapper.
    One must feel pity for such partisans…as it is so much easier for them to do what they are told by their betters than it is for them to think for themselves.
    Do not fear the truth.

  • Craven Poll

    Hopefully the next picture will be him with a huge Texas sized boot shoved up his Rahmhole.

    This guy deserves no respect, he is a total clown.


  • Seriously

    I have trouble believing that the people on this board are actually real. What kind of emotional blinders do you have to live with to see a plane image, reality, and interpret it in such a panicked, hysterical manner. Whenever you hear a baby cry, do you assume the parents are abusing it? These extremes could only come from very sick, solitary, brainwashed, and demented people. I’d really recommend that each of you seek medication and take it in large quantities. This great of a disconnect from reality is not healthy, and no the cast of friends are not “actually” your real friends. Get out of your home from time to time and stop deluding yourself.

  • Rebel

    Dittos to my conservative brethren, Republicans, and right-leaning moderates who have commented here. Apparently, I am not the only one who remembers the eight years of Bush bashing. To the kooks who post here regularily, especially those whom I have had to insult in the past (you know who you are) – these are the voices of regular middle of the road Americans with whom Obama is unpopular. Don’t even try to say that his bad poll numbers are because the radical left are not happy with him for not being even more liberal than he is. Obama is unpopular with the majority of the Americans right now – that means more than 50% for you kool aid drinkers.

    @Anomaly: I would be willing to bet you or any other of the kool aid chuggers here that Obama is a one term President. The Messiah knows that he is a one-termer at this point and he doesn’t care. He is going to spend us into bankruptcy and leave us like the weakened socialist Countries in Europe that he admires so much. Considering his skills as a speaker, he is probably already calculating the many millions he will make on the speaking circuit in 2013. Like Clinton and Carter, he will traverse the globe bad mouthing America and whatever Republican is in office.

  • Freespeechlover

    How sad that there is such hypocrisy out there! It is just a TOMATO, people! Were you as outraged when the movie came out during Bush’s presidency called “Assassination Of A President” ? Of course you weren’t! You didn’t have a problem with them depicting in a MOVIE an ACTUAL assassination of a president looking very much like Bush, that was fine with you hypocrites! You didn’t have a problem with Bush being depicted as the joker, but when it was Obama in the same way, it suddenly became racism! When Bush was depicted over and over as Hitler, you enjoyed it, but if Obama is called a socialist you scream with rage!

    You people that say you are in tears over this, and say it is calling all the rednecks out to assassinate him! You are just showing your own prejudice and hatred against people from the South, and for anyone who has a different OPINION than you!

    How many of you said that instead of a shoe thrown at Bush, someone should have taken him out? I heard the left saying he and Cheney should be dead many, many times!

    YOU are the reason that there is so much hatred in politics today! You people with you blatant hypocrisy and hatred for people that have a different opinion than you! Did you see Christians out there shoving old lesbian women to the ground? No, you saw gays shoving a little old lady with a cross to the ground! There was not one arrest for violence during the tea party protests. The hate filled signs that accompany YOUR rallies are EVERYWHERE. You have to look pretty hard to find the few who bring them to a tea party rally, and those few are not true tea party people! We don’t storm the White House with fake blood on our hands, we don’t throw pies into faces of people speaking who have different opinions than us, all we ask is to be able to say how WE feel, and you want to take that away from us!

    And you call yourselves tolerant! Look up the word, for you don’t understand the meaning at all!

  • Richard Kula

    Nobody called for Bush & Cheney to be killed ??????

    Let’s see…. wasn’t there an entire film produced and released to theatres based focusing on the assassination of George Bush?

    I think it is called “Death of a President” (2006)

    I think what is projected by the left that the right wing might do is actively be done by the left wing. The right is so timid about using the “C word”… communist or communism that no one can talk about how “government control” is increasing and we are rapidly losing our individual “freedoms”. Communism has never worked anywhere “for the people” and millions of people have died as a result of it. Socialism is the new word for Communism.

  • SanIAm

    I really didn’t know that there were people like you guys out there…I’ve always imagined that what I heard about folks like you was lies…that you really didn’t exist? A bullet hole? Really? In what world other than your own? I didn’t even read the story the first time I saw the cover of WND…and I KNEW it was a tomato…and knew it was a play on a shoe being thrown at President Bush, when he hadn’t done half of the horrid and sick things that President Obama has done …done to receive and deserve the tomato.

    Course I also know, from “rumor” beforehand and now from reading your site, that this is a perfect excuse for “you liberals” to start cussing and screaming and toting around signs that make no sense…so, go for it! Go hard! Dig in deep! It still won’t change THE FACTS that President Obama IS an abomination, nor change the fact that he is determined to promote all but the USA. Even die-hard liberal friends are running and hiding in shame whenever his name or his works are mentioned.

    Pathetic…and you guys continue to go way overboard, over things such as this tomato in Obama’s face…it’s what you’re known for! Fits perfect…wear it!!! :)

  • J. A. Gleason

    Will and Anok may not remember the proliferation of venomous anti-Bush commentary. In one version of her video for “American Life,” Madonna lobbed a grenade at a Bush lookalike. And the 2006 film “Death of a President” features a sniper shooting Bush in Chicago – which one poster to recalled.

    “Melodrama much?” wrote Evan. “How an image of Obama with a tomato thrown on it is supposedly promoting his assassination is totally beyond me. I didn’t see anyone on the left decrying a movie made about the assassination of George Bush, or books fantasizing about the assassination of George Bush, or protesters hanging or burning effigies of Bush or people calling for his assassination. What do they freak out about? A tomato. A rotten tomato for a rotten president.”

    At the website for MSNBC personality Ed Schultz, Merickson wrote, “Throwing rotten vegetables at politicians is a time honored American practice that has fallen out of use. Its (sic) not a death threat. Rude & disrespectful, but not a death threat. (As the cover suggests, accuracy when tossing out accusations is important.)”

    Even an open WND critic at tried to quell the frenzy.


    You liberal psycopathic pussies!!!! Whaaa, whaaa, whaaa. Always trying for moral equivalence and outrage over nothing. Why don’t all you limp wristed, marxist, athiest atoms to man idiots get the F%$K out of my country. A tomato……….too bad it wasn’t a hand grenade. Take your paxil and get the hell back under your rock!!!

  • Robo

    Are you really so retarded you don’t see the large circular part of the tomatoe? You’re grasping at straws to claim that looks like a bullet hole. Get a life.

  • Robo

    Does anyone remember the picture of GWB holding a gun to his own head advocating that he commit suicide? I think GWB and Super O are both douchbags who are the left & right wings of the same bird (banking, corporate & military interests). Anyone notice how many of Bush’s policies Obama has continued? Get past the left right paradigm people.

  • Justin

    Jesus Christ!

    Pull up your panties and clean yourselves off, you shrieking, hyperemotional Democrat girlies.

    You know what? Even better. Grow up and get a real job. If you have nothing better to do than manufacture outrage from your Mommy’s basement, it’s time to grow a pair.

  • Huskerfan44

    Why is everyone so upset over a tomato?
    A quart of swine defecation would have been much more appropriate.

  • Freespeechlover

    Enrique, where the heck do you get your figures from? 400% higher than the threats against Bush! Really??? No way is that true, and you know it! Bush was threatened on a daily basis by far left nuts,and terrorists! Obama came into office with a huge approval rating, and there were no more threats against him than previous presidents! They ALL get them! You just want to claim this to fuel your weak argument, when there are NO FACTS to back you up! You know why I know this? Because I get updates from the FBI all the time, all you have to do is sign up for them! There are many other sources that prove you are wrong, also.

    As for being “duped”, it’s quite obvious that the ones being “duped” are the ignorant ones who hang on the vitriol spewed by Olbermann, Maddow, Mr Ed, Shuster, Maher, Griffin, and on and on…the left is virtually on every single TV station and in every paper, and yes, they are on FOX news. Funny how childish and scared you get though, when one lone network dares to show both sides of an issue, you resort to calling it silly names like “faux”…threaten advertisers to pull their ads. You know, I think MSNBC is the biggest hate spreading machine on TV, and yet I would NEVER think of calling any of their advertisers and tell them to stop putting ads on there! You know why? Because I AM tolerant! I understand what the 1st amendment means, and that means you get to talk, and so do the others!! Tell me, were you disgusted when Bill Maher said that Glenn Beck should be killed the other day? I disagree with Beck alot, but I think he has the right to talk without having to have bodyguards! I would bet anyone here that he and other on FOX get more death threats than Obama!

    Aviva, Jackie, et al, grow up! Learn how to be tolerant! Do you approve of people going around shouting down speakers, and throwing pies in their faces who have a different opinion than you? The hate spewed by Olbermann is disgusting, the hate on the dailykoz, is sickening, how many times do you hear conservatives saying they hope that the cancer that someone has kills them? They did that to Tony Snow many times, and crowed delightedly when it did! Tony Snow never spoke hatefully, try to find one death threat he ever made, yet they were truly evil in their attacks against him! I don’t like the way some have posted on here, just sinking to the level of the far left with their potty mouths, it’s easy enough to make the point how wrong you are without stupid name calling! Leave that to the Kathy Griffins, Olbermanns, etc., etc.,

    All you have to do is quote any of their anointed leaders and show them their hypocrisy. If any of you would have the courage and fair mindedness to be the tolerant person you claim to be, you will tell your own side to stop being so full of hate, stop the threats, stop the ugly signs, stop LYING, stop their propaganda, and try to work things out in the peaceful manner you claim you want. ALL the violent protests have come from the left!

    Both sides have honest differences of opinion on how things should be done, if we can look for a middle ground together, things would be better for everyone! The problem has been made very clear this past year, that the far left has no intention of trying to meet in the middle, they want it THEIR way ONLY! And don’t say that Bush didn’t go halfway! He went too far, that is why we were so in debt when Obama came in! He signed everything that the dems and reps sent his way! He has kept his mouth shut, and that can’t be said about the two previous dem presidents! Carter is ALWAYS spitting out hate, and Clinton isn’t much better. Bush could have told everyone the truth about how badly Clinton botched up the warnings about 9/11, but he didn’t. Instead, he has taken the heat for it, when it’s so insane that anyone could possibly think that he was diabolically evil enough to have been able to get such a heinous plot put together in less than a year!! Oh no, you on the left want to have it both ways, on one hand, you say what a complete idiot he is, and on the other, you say that he was behind it!! You want to say that he lied about WMD’s, while even Ted Kennedy said Hussein was a threat, NOT because he listened to Bush, but because of the evidence that was given by many intelligence agencies.

    Come on, STOP the lies! ENOUGH! You want the government run one way, others want it a different way, that is all there is to it! STOP the LIES about racism, this isn’t about race! We should be able to disagree with our president without being called racists! We should be able to hear lots of opinions, not just spoon fed your point of view! We don’t throw pies in the faces of your speakers, did that ever happen to Ward Churchill? Bill Ayers? How many radicals get to speak at colleges without that, but when a conservative, let alone a WOMAN tries to talk, (like Michelle Malkin or Ann Coulter), they are assaulted! Imagine if anyone on the right tried to do that to one of the countless liberal women that speak! You should try and open your minds to other points of view, and compare, like RATIONAL, truth seeking people do! If you don’t agree, fine, but have the tolerance you claim to have, and let others speak, too!

  • Fliberals

    It should be a big glob of white since the Liberals in control of newspapers, entertainment, and neo-leftist colleges circle jerk to the image of this Kenyan American to united collective socialist orgasm.


    Typical liberal whining about nothing. I don’t care what they say, there would have been no concern had this appeared on the front page the the New York Times rag with President Bush. Maybe they should have showed the idiot Bama hooked up to a lie detector that has blown itslef up due to all the lies this guy tells daily. The Obamaprompter is less than half the man and has less than half the intelligence of Mr Bush

  • Mikie

    Thanks FREESPEACHWRITER. You said it better that I could have ever have.

  • Mikie


  • April

    I am a conservative and don’t think that was called for either, However I am endlessly amused by the hypocrisy of the left.
    The sudden attacks of (rare) civility when they feel threatened are amazing. I remember Alec Baldwin encouraging people to publicly murder not only Republicans, but “their wives and children” also. No huge outcry from you tender-hearted people or the press if I recall. If I didn’t get conservative news ,I might not even know that. Your “outrage’ is a sham unless you apply decency and kindness across the board.

  • Freespeechlover

    You are welcome, Mikie! I could have gone on further, like how many of the left TRULY understand who some of their “heroes” are? Take Che Guevara, for instance. They wear his face on t-shirts, but do they know he is responsible for murdering thousands upon thousands of people, and bragged about how much he loved doing it? How about Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. Do you know she was for forced sterilization of people she thought were “unift”, like the disabled, and mentally challenged. That she thought poorly of immigrants and blacks, she thought that they were “human weeds” and “reckless breeders”. Look up these people and see them in their OWN WORDS!! See how intolerant and just plain despicable the people you on the left admire truly are!

    Funny how when I state and cite actual FACTS, the radicals on the left have nothing to say……….

  • billwhit

    Only a Progressive Puke could see a tomatoe as a dangerous weapon! How Idiotic! Of course, if Obama’s head was opened up like that and no Brains falling out, that would certainly clarify why this Idiot in Chief is always coming up with an agenda that only a Marxist could appreciate! Certainly no Red Blooded Patriotic American appreciates this Insanity Obama is heaping on this country. November is Time to Flush the Washington Toilet! 2011 – Time to Impeach and Worthless Excuse of a President!

    • Anomaly100

      @Billwhit: Obviously you got your degree at WorldNetDaily. It’s the same garbage.

  • Harry

    It didn’t bother you commie scum bags when you laughed about Bush being assassinated, but when the shoes on the other foot you whine like dogs. If you can’t understand that this muslim islamic jihadist is destroying this country then maybe that tomato should be on all your faces as well!

  • Lefties are delusional

    Get a grip, leftards – this is a tomato splat over Obama’s face.  If you lefties want to see what it looks like when a real target is graphically pasted over a president’s image, go here or here or here or here.

  • Gov2Big

    Give me a break! It is a tomato, you know the fruit? After all of the BS you liberals threw at Bush you have the audacity to call WND out on something like this? I had no inclination whatsoever when I saw this picture. What I did think is…he really would make a good clown. I dislike this guys policies and his total ignorance of economics. I couldn’t care less about his skin color. I dislike Pelosi, Reid and rank as much if not more than Obama because o their ideas. I didn’t like Clinton and I did not like Carter. So drop the race card people, it is so 90’s. We have a black president, Senators, Governors, CEO’s etc etc. Blacks have the same if not more opportunity than whites. Obama really is a Bozo….

  • Gov2Big

    Reid and Frank

  • Truthonly

    Just so you know. Hannity Insanity is put together by associates with SEIU guy who visits the WH and works with Obama to make America a communist country.
    Even if the sign is a bullet, so what? Think Obama wants goodness to you, to the country? hehehehe

  • BillInOrlando

    It is a photo of a tomato on a photo of a head sticking out of an empty suit.

  • Bolinski

    If they wanted it to look like a tomato, we wouldn’t have to scrutinize it like this. It’s another attack against Obama so that WND can sell their idiocy. I’m surprised anyone wants to pay for idiocy. I guess there are a lot of idiots reading that violence pedddling site.

  • Bolinski

    People pay for this idiot rag? I know a couple of Republicans and they wouldn’t buy into their hate fest for anything. Scroll up and you’ll see many that do apparently.

  • Teresa

    This is a tomato and no tomato splatter has ever caused grave harm to a person before. Gee… this criticism proves that liberals have no sense of humor. George Bush put up with far worse from the media and Hollywood. He had the media hounding him like no other President in history. Now, the media are all a bunch of coverups for the President and aiding in promoting his policies instead of actually just reporting the news. And, then we have whiners like you, complaining about a harmless picture of Obama getting nailed wih a tomato. Where were you when Bush was almost nailed with a real set of shoes? You defend againsy fakery but not against reality. What a hypocrite!! You can “think” that Bush lied, but in fact he didn’t. There was a concensus around the world in which it was thought that Saddam had WMD’s. You liberals pussy out when the going gets tough when it come to fighting our enemy and our soldiers and fighting to keep our freedom. Despicable.

  • BobbySox

    Settle down, everybody… don’t get your panties in a wad now. After all, it’s just a tomato. What if it was a rutebega? Or long piece of burdock root? Or, better yet, how about a slice of sauteed EGGPLANT??
    Now, showing a deceased Obama, would be in bad taste.
    “Here lies corpseman Barack Obama…”

  • BobbySox

    I did a little wandering around this website and concluded that this site is for the mentally ill.
    I’m outta here!

    • Anomaly100

      @BobbySox: A lot of mentally ill people tend to wander.

  • Cowboy

    “Fair enough, but can you say in all honestly that the militias that are forming because they think Obama is going to take their guns, is not a threat. ”

    A threat to our Constitutional freedoms, or a threat to the ‘progressive’ agenda to end our Constitutional freedoms?

    “Death threats to this president just after being sworn in were 400% more than the previous president’s threats. You don’t hear the word, “Revolution” being thrown around in the news day in and day out? ”

    Do you have another invented number to compare that to the number of times that socialists/communists in the US have used the word “Revolution” in the last 4 decades ???

    As far as I have been able to tell, any current usage is in defense of Constitutional rights, while the ‘progressive’ usage has been to end them.

  • Cowboy

    So let’s hear the leftists who are so very concerned about the President and the office of the Presidency express their horror at these, since they never did then…

    • Anomaly100

      @Cowboy: I’ve already expressed my thoughts about anyone that wanted George Bush to die. Look at this post: “I’ve Been Ambushed By An Immigrant Hatin’ Wingnut Blogger.” It’s all in there. All presidents get death threats but a 400% increase is something to be concerned about. I do not excuse this kind of thing because it happened to another president. This needs to end now. Vote him out if you can, but do not touch him.

  • Rebel

    @ Bobbysox: Myself excluded there are some stone cold crazy nuts here.

  • ChrisG

    @Anomaly100: I’ve already expressed my thoughts about anyone that wanted George Bush to die. Look at this post: “I’ve Been Ambushed By An Immigrant Hatin’ Wingnut Blogger.” It’s all in there. All presidents get death threats but a 400% increase is something to be concerned about. I do not excuse this kind of thing because it happened to another president. This needs to end now. Vote him out if you can, but do not touch him.

    Ano…what is this 400% increase? Because if its what I am thinking you better START rethinking and using your head because I will be more than happy to correct you.

    • Anomaly100

      @Chris: Why are you questioning the percentage of death threats? Google it for yourself. I have no reason to lie. Why aren’t you concerned about this? You should be. If something like that happens, the president becomes a martyr while your party fades away. I don’t understand what your question is.

  • Tom

    This man is doing everything in his power to take control of every aspect of American lives. He bashes America in front of world leaders. He has raped the American public skyrocketing our national debt to the point were it iis mathematically impossible to ever pay back. He has toal disregurd for the wishes of the American TAXPAYER. With every stroke of the pen he takes more from the American people, and shreds our constitution. I can’t imagine why anyone would be upset?
    You Obamanites think you are going to exempted from the depopulation plans lol ? Ignorant sheeple follow blindly believing everything this meat head says.

    A turd on his head would be more appropriate.

  • Rebel

    @ Chris: I was skeptical about the 400%, so I did a little googling on it. Death threats to the President are way up. I think that 400% is credible based on what I read.

    We need to keep a close eye on these extremist hate groups. They are breeding grounds for terrorism. I think that the hate groups have more influence now because there are more disenfranchised people looking for someone to blame for their lack of a job or income right now. We should all be deeply concerned for the safety of our President.

    • ChrisG


      I don’t know whether to take that as an insult or a compliment.

  • ChrisG

    @Anomaly100 and Rebel: I did some research and yes, death threats are higher. But I am NO means part of that. What I mean by Political Revolution is non-violent. I in no way in hell endorse the extreme right or left. Stay in the middle. Death threats are never an option. If you want Obama out, vote him out or impeach him.

    • Anomaly100

      @ChrisG: You represent your party well. I mean that.

  • Clint

    Personally, I believe this would drive away anyone on the fence as to the real conservative ideology. For this reason, I would not have approved of this particular cover, simply because it is harmful to a cause I believe in. With that said, I am also, again, astounded by the liberal left’s apparent “shock” when such things as government-funded agencies such as the National Endowment of the Arts use TAX DOLLARS to promote ‘art’ such as a sodomy, morgue pics of dead, including children, gay porn, ‘piss Christ’, masturbating nuns, ejaculation, a whole series on ‘shit’, etc. I OBJECT to my tax dollars being spent on such blatant trash! Where’s the liberal left’s whining on these TRUE outrages of wasteful spending!?

    Groves, TX

    • Anomaly100

      @Clint: If I knew more about this, I most likely would not approve of it. “Nuns masturbating?” I would not condone that. It’s not art and I don’t think it should come from the taxpayer’s pockets, but that’s me again, being a whiny liberal leftist.

  • J.Hall

    Its a tomato.

    Why so quick to jump to conclusions everyone?

    I guess because the stereotype of people who dislike or disapprove of Obama is a ‘redneck racist hate monger'(and that also means gun owner…….

    What open minds you all have lol!

    • Anomaly100

      @J.Hall: I considered the source and actually, you are the one that went to right for the racist rhetoric.

  • Wilson

    Ha ha ha ha …. Loved the picture. Are there more like this? Thanks for the laugh.

  • Henry Massingale

    Part of this issue may be my fault. Because I am dyslectic I am miss under stood when I write. And it took me over a hour to write this with the help of A.I.. I do not know if Officials used any or part of what I shared but this hate threats is not the way to bring a proper reform to Health Care or into the lost ways of { Government way of thinking. } So join us and share good ideas to help build a forum that will help every body. Just leave a great blog statement.
    As I read more of this Health Care Bill 101 I noted it was based on the same concepts as what I offered to the Obama Administration over 7 months ago , but something was left out { because none of these issues released by Officials see into the economic condition at the home. Do not for get why we are in a economic break down of our system. This would be cool if what was offered was used, but hey Guys you left out something …..

    A short re- cap, At average for people with Medicare Insurance, from what I have read is some people pay up to $500.00 per month, if insurance companies are forced to cover preexisting conditions at a rate that may increase coverage up to twice its yearly average on a scale that may effect other people coverages in order to maintain a dollar balance? And for the second time, but none of these issues see into the economic condition at the home !

    So welcome to FASC Concepts of a Economic Adjustment.
    We have got a lot of people who wish to know more about the function of the Federal Act Security Card. The FASC Card is merged with a Health Care Forum for the Poor and the Sick and people who have been impacted by the crash of our system. When we offered to the Obama Administration the concept of a 10% on a yearly income for Health Care Reform , our build blocks was to help the economic effected People Of The United States.
    A incentive program that states if you join the FASC and pay in for a certain amount of time you build a capital of a $10,000.00 dollars as a nest egg for you children after you pass away. Also if you pay in for 20 to 40 years and do not use the extra funds paid in the total savings oh, lets say $25,000.00 + the $10,000.00 goes to your family. The $10 thousand can never be touched by illness or Health Care issues, it is a secured amount for investing into a Concept of Country.
    As for the concept of the Patriot Act, to protect the Health Care dollars, a guide line of law to bring about a delay of fund being transferred out of this country , in order to give time for Government approval for the transfer of millions of dollar. And to make it a Capital Offense…….
    The basic blue print for security of this FASC Card is a 3 part potion, as follows / part a: Windows : a pin number / part b: BIOS a Social Security number and part c : MS Dos a Letter from the alphabet.
    Pin number 0000 / SS# 000 00 0000 / Z, what is good about this is when the SS# is applied it could be in coded within the Government system as for a example 000 00 1362 will be in coded and what number you apply will inter face with the hidden SS# ? To put it bluntly If I can build a system that can not be hacked the at home Our Government should be able to.
    2009® copyright / by Massingale United Internet Advertisement Programs, this copyright is placed on the security program listed above….

    { Re- cape }To help cover the sick and the poor is a FASC Concept that states that to build a Health Care Forum within our Government Institution is a Peoples right to do so and this is Protect Under the Constitution as a Human and Civil Right. So in plan words if the poor and the sick could only afford to pay $5.00 to $10.00 per month this would to bring a balance toward the broken tax system, to add up this number 32 million to 100 million sick and poor people x $5.00 per month. This will place back into the system $116 million $to 500 million dollars per month. The cause and effect of this will reduce the purposed Health Care Tax Forum, to bring about a reduced effect so not to a over burden system. Take my faith in this and almost all the poor and sick would be happy to pay in and help rebuild the United States failed tax system. Also To bring about a balance of trust lost between the people and Officials.
    Under a Federal Health Care Group built by my friends and I, {You see the poor, as you see them}, as for them they see them self not poor, but of a different race of people and environment and have faith it that which was in the past that so many do not have a clue of what God and Country is all about. Those who you see as poor for most, we do not want to be took care of we wish to prosper so that our children will not be the next generation of the poor.
    Will be up dated today 3/25/2010

    Issue 1. Re caped in a short version because my little friend did not prof read before she copied and past in to the blogs ………so if Government Officials did take my 10% concept under advisement you all over looked what the purpose is. And do not for get even people who make a great deal of money some have been seriously effected by this system failure of crime and war…..

    FASC tax and pay in Forum, A Concept to help the Poor and Sick.

    FASC Concepts of a guideline of income and a fair payment for the poor to the rich.
    {A} format for people making up to $29000.00 per year, EST of monthly cost up to $40.00 per month
    {B} up to $19000.00 per year, EST of monthly cost up to $30.00 per month
    {C} up to $12000.00 per year, EST of monthly cost up to $20.00 per month
    {D} from 0.00 income to $9000.00 per year / cost up to 0.00 to $10.00 per month
    {A} {B} {C} {D} classification based on one person If married policy can be divided or stayed. These are concept numbers to open the mind…………..
    Now for those who do not know of me, my old Health Care page at the health care link on page 2 and 1 you will find the early writings by me, the miss spelled words and I am a bit dyslectic so statements are a bit off track. And for those who did read this information will remember how I struggled to use the Artificial Intelligence of my computer to communicate. I hope that they did use my building block for Health Care, that would be cool.
    But there are some issues to work on as in:
    #1. Is There A Constitutional Infringement of a Moral Value for Health Care vs. The People { considered Force Pay ? }
    #2. Concepts is the Freedom Of Choice, because we feel it is unconstitutional to force pay into the failures of Health Care Insurance Companies and then Tax that money. Even these insurance companies are filing suit.
    #3. Should there be a Prime Directive for Health Care Reform that is in the interest for the better good of Man Kind?
    #4. Should there be a web site to show the capital gain of the tax income from Health Care and what the money was used for ?
    #5. Should children be covered by their parents Health Care Coverage ?
    #6. Is the concept offered by us at FASC Concepts to cover the sick a good or bad concept ? I believe this information it is on p26 at the blue pill link , link is on page 100 at the main site.
    #7. Abortion ?
    #8. Sex Offenders ?
    #9. Was there a Unity lost with in Government between parties that made the public feel unsecured ?
    #10. Was this diversity with in the people created by the in perfection of conduct by Officials ?
    FASC Concepts in and for Pay it Forward covers the web see why we have become the Largest web site in the United States

  • Dino

    The CANCER that is killing our Nation, the CANCER that needs to be “cut out” is the BILDERBERGS.

    Obama is the Bilderbergs puppet and Pelosi, Reed, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates and many many others in this Nation most of our Congressmen and Senetors even top military officials and others in the FBI, CIA Interpol etc.. are all CO Conspirators even the Federal Judges and the Supreme Court. The list is long. They have been meeting secretly behind the backs of the American people OUTSIDE of the United States since 1954 with a board of 7 above them for no other reason or purpose than to discuss, plan and implement a perverted scheme to destroy this Nation not just financially (what you are currently wittnessing today) but to attempt to disarm us and destroy OUR SOVEREIGNTY and the Sovereignty of all the Nations on the planet to create their perverted New World Order Utopia and to make slaves of us all for their profit. We are being swindled by the very people we have put in office to lead us and they are all BILDERBERG!

    My GOD, you hear it spewing from their forked tounges every day, the evidence to hang them by their necks till dead is stagering, but no one is doing anything about it……………………Why!!!!

    You can hear the blatant lies and bull shit every day from the fringe left media. They really think we are total bafoons!

    I would love to be President! I would love for everyone in this Nation to vote for me. No matter how much money they spend on their campaigns vote for me and blow them out of the water with a landslide victory for the people of this Republic, Because I would immediately have them all rounded up world wide and have them all charged with Treason and Conspiracy to over throw these United States and the world for their own perverted treasonist financial gain to enslave the planet for their New World Order. Trust me Hitler is alive and well!

    They would all be found guilty, hung by the kneck till dead and all of the Bilderbergs Trillions and Trillions in assests would be confiscated and used to pay off the deficit that they have deliberately created to crash this Nation!! I would abolish the IRS, the Federal Reserve, Nafta, Afta, the Trilateral Commission, Patriot Act and every slimmey law, Bill and Admendment that have been passed behind the backs of the American people since atleast 1919.

    Immediately I would tell every company that has left this Nation on their own for nothing but greed and those forced out by over taxation to come back home or give up their Citizenship and leave the country permenently!! AND by the way we will not give any of your companies any of our business ever again should you choose to stay.

    Immediately I would start COMPLETE AUDITS of our entire government and track all our monies being imbezzled and laundered to secret programs like all of the underground facilities that are being build miles underground like IORN CITY here in Ohio that stretches to PA, NY and Washington 1 mile under ground with 3 full shifts. 6 thousand people are working all three shifts every day. This facility is being built like all the other facilities around the country to house the ELITIST COMMUNISTS underground. For what purpose?? Possible mass extermination of the masses?

    I would immediates reinstate the Missle Defense sheields and come immediately to the AID of ISRIEL!!

    AND excuse my language, but FUCK THE LITTLE FISH that is being used as an excuse to shut the water off to the NAPPA Valley!! The water goes back on!!

    I would also immediately STOMP OUT the power and authority given to the Enviormentalists, FCC, ATF and others and will IMMEDIATELY PULL OUT of The World Court, the EU and the USELESS You Know what!! This folks is just for starters.

    A complete return to the Republic our Forefathers Fought and died for. This Nation is a GIFT from our Forefathers blessed by GOD Almighty. Everyone of our Forefathers were Religious Schollars and this Nation was based on a solid Religious Foundation. AT schools everywhere across this Nation children will sing our National Anthem and say outloud the words of our forefathers and praise America, and we will be able to thank God Almight for these blessings. Our children will all learn at an early age everything about our Government how it operates, our Forefathers and the sacrafices they made to give us the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights so that we could all be FREE men and women.

    Our Government will be by the people fore the people and Congressmen, Senetors even the Supreme Court Justices will have term limitations and before they can take office they will be required to sigh a contract that they go to Washington to represent the peoples of their districts and states and that they will accept no monies or bribes from any lobbyist or corporation and that if at any time any of our leaders including the President of the United Statets should go astray as with this current administration then the people can at anytime hold special elections and have their Congressment, Senetors and yes even the Federal Judges and Supreme Court Justices and even the President of the United States “out of office within 72 hours” and if they refuse to leave they will be escorted via Navy Seals and Delta Special Forces!!

    I am in a wierd sort of way glad this has happened to our Nation. It has waken us up to see who the enemy truly is and how if we are not careful could lose the mosed cherrished possession of all, our Nation and our Freedom. It has also showed us where all the loopholes and crawl spaces the left has used and all these things will be corrected so that from my Presidency on these things that are currently happening today will NEVER be able to happen again!!!!
    If this is the country you want to have vote for me.

    I am Honorably Discharged Veteran willing to sacrafice all to take her back from the arms of the Perverted Corrupt Treasonist Progressives that are killing thisw nation for nothing more than greed and power. NO MORE I SAY!! enough is enough!!! Cut out the cancer and clean house once and for all!!

    GOD BLESS AMERICA she will shine as a becon of Hope for all for ETERNITY!!! Even if I must sacrafice my life to do it!! We are the 4th Branch of Government and the Last Line of Defense. Obam, you have 1 million soldiers ready to to stop us to kill their own family and freinds!! FOR WHAT PERVERTED REASON?? To be able to stay in power so you can destroy the Greatest Nation on Earth to make slaves of us all for your perverted NWO>>>>> I think NOT!!

    You have upwards to 100 million or more Patriots/Melita who are prepared to take your ass out!!

    This does not include the huge segment of our Armed Forces and National Gaurd and others who are fully prepared to pull rank to come to our defense and protect our shores from the enemy to which you are securely and unquestionably in bed with!! This will not be like the Confederacy, this will not be 12 Sates, you will be hammered by all 50 states and I promise as God Almight is my wittness, you will lose!!! The world will see you all hanged for your treason.

    The CONSTITUTION gives us the people of this Nation the right to raise up and remove you all from office by any and all means necessary and we will not let our fore fathers down!! It is you who are the traitors and the Terrorists to this Nation and the world. AND please allow me to be clear. Should we rise we do so NOT to destoy our Government, NOT to destroy our Nation but to save her from those like you who have perverted her and our government and our way of life for nothing more than greed, corruption, racketeering and power, for your own financial gain no matter who you have to destroy to get it.

    Well Mr. USURPER, we are all here to say, not here, not today, not any day, not any second of any minute of any day will we, the guardians of this Republic allow you to take and destroy what millions have died and sacrafieced to give us and keep.

    The day you declare Martial law, the day you sign any treaties to give up our Sovereignty and our rights to bare arms will be met with extreme resistance.

    We will swarm like locust and you will have no where to hide not even going underground in the facilities you have built with the stolen embezzled and laudered monies of the American people will save you from your treacherous end you all deserve.

    AND to those who have sworn the pledge that are in office now if you have the ability to stop this madness and you sit back and do nothing then you are just as guilty of treason as they and you will be dealt with according to our laws for


    Our Military Leaders are HEROS, not to be mocked and beat up for their partiotism. You are a FRAUD, and IMPOSTER and a USURPER and all your treasonist minions will be sent back to the hell from which you came!!!

    I am a member, a proud Veteran and a proud member of Oath Keepers!! You will soon learn what happens when you rule against the will of the American People for treacherous reasons.

    We see clearly what you are doing and the propaganda your leftist media spews daily, their ratings and yours are evidence of that!! To all my brothers in arms remember that the best soldier is a prepared soldier so be prepared at a moments notice becasue if they declare Martial Law, Let it fall upon deaf ears!! Move fast, move swiftly, and have no mercy!………. SEMPER FI

    • David Park

      Disgusting. RT @RichardLaksana: Advertising For Obama's Assassination? –

  • Aviva Gabriel

    This picture–at first–chilled and paralyzed me. Then, slowly, I felt tears well up in my eyes, throat, and heart. And I almost NEVER cry.

    Not only that, no one has ever—or would ever—accuse me of being a sycophant. Rather, I’ve been called an Obama-basher (with little provocation).

    So my tears have nothing to do with any sort of naive adoration for President Obama; they have everything to do with the respect I have for Barack as both leader and man.

    My tears also have to do with the horror of realizing how very sick our public discourse has grown. I’m deeply grieved by the obscene, grotesque, and sociopathic image of Barack Obama (especially Barack, but any man) with a luridly-photoshopped, bloodied bullet to his face, to his head.

    This act of psychic violence is beyond repelling.

    WorldNetDaily isn’t merely putting forth propaganda here. They’re not providing graphic, dramatic art to bolster talking points. This picture is no typical Republican /ultraconservative /liberatarian /radical right-wing smear; it’s not even a convenient fiction or a manipulative lie.

    It’s the truth.

    It’s the truth of what many members of one of our nation’s sickest, most bigoted political mobs actually WANT to do; they WANT to blast a bullet into President Obama’s face.

    I believe what this image tells me: there are radical ultraconservative vigilantes who truly want to murder this man.

    Ultraconservatives of all colors and stripes are FINALLY telling us the TRUTH.

    And they need to be taken very seriously. This psychic violence cannot stand. Not in my country. Not in this United States of America.

    If there is no organized group that will expose WorldNetDaily for their grotesque inhumanity, then it’s up to individuals (like me, like you) to organize and take this garbage behavior back to the gutter where it belongs.

    Flush this filth far, far away from President Obama, from Barack the man, from his family, and from every sane person in this country.

  • Rebel

    Comrade Anomaly: If you think Obama is a centrist, then you are truly to the left of Lenin. I’ll bet you wear pants suits and carry Mao’s little red book in your purse.