The Man Who Threatened Nancy Pelosi Cried In Court

Gregory Lee Giusti appeared in court today after his arrest for making dozens of threatening phone calls to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home and her husband’s office.

Officials have stated that Giusti recited her home address during the calls and said if she wanted to see it again, she would not support the health care overhaul bill that since has been enacted.

Apparently this man was upset of the health care reform bill.  You have to wonder why and who incites this kind of rage and fear to begin with.  I have a fairly good idea.

Giusti wept in court during his appearance.

Gregory Lee Giusti, 48, of San Francisco looked disheveled in a gray T-shirt and khakis as he appeared for the first time before Magistrate Judge Bernard Zimmerman.

Some of these threats are very serious,” Zimmerman said before denying Giusti’s request to be released to the halfway house. He said Giusti may suffer from bipolar disorder and should be receiving treatment.

The magistrate, however, told the U.S. attorney’s office to interview Giusti further to determine if he was mentally competent enough to be released to a halfway house or if he should continue to be detained

Giusti is charged with making obscene, threatening or harassing phone calls to a member of Congress.

Giusti is accused of making the calls to Pelosi because of anger over health care reform. He was arrested Wednesday at a single-room occupancy public housing complex in San Francisco where he lived for the past nine years.

If convicted, Giusti could receive a two-year prison sentence, $250,000 fine and one year of supervised release.

It’s just my opinion but isn’t that sentence rather lenient?  Is he considered a patriot?  I’m having difficulties with the new definition of ‘patriot’ that’s been overused recently.

  • Hank

    Of course he’s not a Patriot.

    But let me ask you people a genuine, honest question. Can you not understand the frustration of citizens who did everything they possibly could by the rules? They voiced their displeasure to Congress. The made their wishes know that the majority of Americans DID NOT want this particular effort at reforming Health Care.

    Yet their voices were ignored and Congress forced this bill on them anyway.

    How do you suggest an electorate deal with a legislative body that ignores their wishes?

  • Martin

    Hank – yes. We had a presidential election & Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. It should not come as any great surprise that HCR was part of the agenda. One of Pres. Obama’s campaign promises was HCR! If you all were so opposed then you should have done a better job nominating an opposing candidate & supporting that person. It would seem that the majority of Americans wanted HCR because they elected the one candidate promising reform? Case closed. All the rantings of right might fall into two categories – those with ties and interests in health insurer’s profits and the impressionable who are blindly led by lies & the vitriol of Rush, FOX, Beck and the party of NO.

  • ChrisG


    You really have NO idea what you are talking about, buddy.

    I support HCR but not the type Obama had in mind and PASSED. Most Americans also feel the same way. Deceived.

    Must I really show you where in the Constitution it PROVES that a government mandate for health care is unconstitutional? oh, thats right…you idiot Libs don’t care about the Constitution…

    • Ren

      Maybe the guy is just mentally ill. If so, prison is NOT the best place for him.

  • Hank

    Martin – Yes. Obama was elected. We won’t go into exactly HOW it was he managed to get elected, but he was indeed elected. And yes, one of his campaign promises was to reform Health Care. I don’t think you should be chiding us for not taking him at face value as he has done very few of the things he campaigned promising he would do. That too is another argument.

    Let’s stick to Health Care. I’ll over simplify so that even the most challenged, yet zealous Obama-ite might be able to understand why it is the majority of Americans are disappointed with his effort in the area of Health Care Reform.

    Candidate promises Health Care Reform. (More likely “free” health care therefore securing the votes of not only the truly needy, but those simply looking for yet another Government handout also.) So, Candidate rides into office on the promise of reforming Health Care. The electorate is ecstatic.

    Candidate, once in office, states the only way he can truly reform Health Care is to make more services available to more people and therefore, he needs to reduce the strain on the health care system by reducing the number of people who need it.

    In order to lower the number of people needing health care, candidate proposes to euthanize everyone over the age of 60

    So, on the one hand, the Candidate was elected on a mandate to reform Health Care. Does that mean we are supposed to just quietly and meekly accept any action he takes in order to try to accomplish that?? However flawed it might be?

    Get the picture? Why should we sit back, whether we voted for this idiot or not, and simply accept anything he does in the arena of Health Care because a handful of simpletons proclaim that’s what he was elected to do??

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  • Rebel

    @ Martin Chris and Hank have done a fine job explaining things to you. I just have one point to add to their remarks about Healthcare.

    65% of Americans are opposed to the bill that was passed. If the bill had been up for a vote by the US Citizens it would not have passed. It was rammed down our throats.

    Yes Obama ran on Healthcare reform and he was voted into office. The problem is that ………HE LIED ABOUT HEALTHCARE. HE’S A LYING LIAR.

  • Hank

    Rebel – I’ll have to disagree with you. NO ONE EVER explains things to people like Marin adequately!! 😉

  • Rebel

    Look at the picture of Nancy. Is that not the fakest looking smile you have ever seen. She looks medicated too. I would like to take some of her pills she seems so happy.

  • Mercypolitics

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