24 Miles Of Louisiana Is Destroyed: “Everything In It Is Dead”

May 22, 2010

After the BP oil spill last month, BP speculated that the damage was  minimal, relatively speaking.   A picture is worth a thousand words as they say:


Don’t they owe us something here?  They could start by being honest with us.

Firedoglake reports:

A  live video feed of the oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico, spilling up to 4 million gallons of oil a day, every day, since April 20.

This was underestimated. There’s up to 4 million gallons of oil a day gushing out into the Gulf and live feed was held back until they were forced to release it.


Grand Isle

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  • Greenlink

    To Anomoly100:I found a source that connects this oil catastrophe with Goldman Sachs;

  • http://twitter.com/irishslave/status/14944544703 Tim McGauley

    RT @FreakOutNation: 24 Miles Of Louisiana Is Destroyed: "Everything In It Is Dead" #p2 #p2b http://is.gd/cldxG

  • Dan

    Until we come up with a better technology to fuel the world’s economies, we are stuck with oil. Someday, we will find a better solution. Until then, we don’t have a choice. Accidents like this are terrible, but they are going to happen as long as we drill for oil. I know it seems really bad right now, but the ocean has an incredible ability to heal itself. Compared to the total volume of water in the Gulf, the amount of oil spilling from the well is quite small. The ecosystem will absorb the toxins and the Gulf will come back. I don’t think it makes any sense to blame BP or the Government. We don’t even have all the facts yet and everyone is pointing fingers looking for a scapegoat. These kinds of accidents are going to happen when you drill for oil offshore. Without oil, the world economy would collapse. Off-shore drilling lessens our dependence on oil from hostile Middle East countries that threaten our national security. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a risk we have to take. Trust me, before the current crop of tree huggers have moved on to the great vegan paradise in the sky, we will have come up with a better technology. Just look how far we have come since the advent of the automobile barely 100 years ago.

  • Mike S

    Chill out, BP said it’s a very small leak, so it’s not a big deal, right?

  • Rico

    Goldman Sacs did have put options on this…just as “put options” were on the Airlines involved in 911…..once they were traced back to a particular bank in Germany, I believe, and the principles involved were found out, the story was dropped…the facts are still out there for anyone interested enough to look…BP seemed more interested in “capturing the oil..to sell”…then stopping the flow….all the intent was to siphon it up to a tanker…..telling the EPA to f^%$ off…having our Coast Guard arrest anyone filming the oil on the beaches…..WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! I am so sad that folks are so numbed out…would rather be watching the last episode of Lost or Dancing with the Stars…..so sad….

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