24 Miles Of Louisiana Is Destroyed: “Everything In It Is Dead”

After the BP oil spill last month, BP speculated that the damage was  minimal, relatively speaking.   A picture is worth a thousand words as they say:

Don’t they owe us something here?  They could start by being honest with us.

Firedoglake reports:

A  live video feed of the oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico, spilling up to 4 million gallons of oil a day, every day, since April 20.

This was underestimated. There’s up to 4 million gallons of oil a day gushing out into the Gulf and live feed was held back until they were forced to release it.


Grand Isle

  • http://www.polrev.com ChrisG

    Why is a chat room posted in the article?

    • http://www.polrev.com ChrisG

      Um, you do know what a LIVE feed is…right? You can’t post a live feed that is already over.

  • http://www.polrev.com ChrisG

    Ano…if you have any understanding of the internet at all…that “highly important video” happens to be a LIVE FEED….meaning the ONLY time you can watch it when the event is actually happening…..meaning you CANNOT repost it later on your site for others to watch. Maybe someone else recorded it and put it up on YouTube since you know how to post Youtube videos.

  • http://www.polrev.com ChrisG

    This is what everyone will get:

    [REMOVED by CMUstream]

    See? Its a stream. A live stream. And you want me to believe you know how to remove pop-ups? Oh wait, you have someone do all that for ya…don’t ya?

  • C Smith

    Tired of all of you posting old news as new news..that was 2 days ago..get updated or get out..and to top it off you probably live somwhere up north and dont know a damn thing what is really happening down here..just reposting news feeds from the real news pages doesn’t put you on top of whats really going on..by now 65% of the Louisiana coast is covered in oil..which in laymans terms means its dead or dying in the next few days..

  • Gord Hambly

    Could this splll have been deliberately allowed to polute and kill off wildlife in the marshlands and the gulf in order to stop oposition from further drilling as there are no protected species left to protect??

  • Rosalie in Canada

    Thanks for this news. I don’t care if it’s two days old, it’s still new for me because I hadn’t seen this before. We can’t be on every website and hear every bit of news out there. I arrived here from a link posted today on “What Really Happened”.

  • Greenlink

    I have read somewhere that Goldman Sachs had made put options on this oil catastrophe. They were betting that it would blow! How could they know this? Does anyone have more information on this?

    • Anomaly100

      @Greenlink: I just Googled it and found nothing. If you do hear of anything, I’d be interested. I did hear they have ties to the dispersant.

  • Dan


    “Could this splll have been deliberately allowed to polute and kill off wildlife in the marshlands and the gulf in order to stop oposition from further drilling as there are no protected species left to protect??”

    What an asinine thing to say! You are truly dumber than dirt or even a box of rocks.

  • George Wanker Bush

    You people are just too damned ignorant to be able to do anything about the oil companies. You are done. It is over.

    Just bend over and let the oil companies slide in – pre-lubricated of course.

    Your government, your employees BTW, just butt f***ed you and you enjoyed it

  • USA=Terrorists

    we ought to ***l those BP executives and all Government agents in bed with them. im sick of these mother *******, i pray all of them ***, i would love to **** them myself and m******** them all. im sick and tired of these people abusing everything in sight. Lets **** all of them and ***** their ****** to block the oil. **** them all, is the only answer.

    • Anomaly100

      USA (?)- Half of your comment is deleted. The other half is left as is (such as it is). I’d like to remind you that your name “USA=Terrorists” makes no sense since BP is a British company. If you wish to comment here again, please leave the death threats and obscenities out of your comment. I’ll keep your ip address for safe keeping. We do not condone violence at FreakOutNation.

  • kdtroxel

    No joke: Goldman Sachs shorted Gulf of Mexico. Link: http://pesn.com/2010/05/05/9501645_No_joke–Goldman_Sachs_shorted_TransOcean/

    • Down Syndrome Fetish

      The 75th Annual SHRIMP & PETROLEUM FESTIVAL is still going on in LA.If you eliminate offshore drilling in LA. it would turn into a third world down there.At this point you could turn the whole gulf black and they would still support it. There are no other sources of income.

  • http://twitter.com/2martha/status/14669684068 Martha Washington

    RT @FreakOutNation: 24 Miles Of Louisiana Is Destroyed: "Everything In It Is Dead" #p2 #p2b http://is.gd/cldxG

  • http://www.polrev.com ChrisG


    You may be FROM New Orleans but you LIVE in New York. C Smith is correct.

    • Anomaly100

      @ChrisG: My entire family lives in New Orleans. I go there many times a year. New Orleans has my heart. Think again.

  • http://twitter.com/gabeg337/status/14697158563 Gabe G.

    RT @MISSMYA: RT @LipsSealed: 24 Miles Of Louisiana Is Destroyed: “Everything In It Is Dead” http://bit.ly/bb3sJa

  • http://www.amerihaz.com AmeriHaz

    Today at 18:23 BP cut live video feed and began replay from 14:30 after massive new eruption starts

    This, just as local TV news is announcing BP will not interrupt the live video feed coverage.

    Just a few minutes ago the live underwater BP camera feed was cut at exactly 18:22:56 and they began sending out a replay from four hours ago, 14:45 or so.

    Just prior to the cut of the live video feed, an enormous explosion of more crud and gases begins to erupt, at one point completely obfuscating the camera’s view.

    It is obvious the BP folks cut the feed so the public will not see this latest acceleration of the underwater catastrophe.

    This is the last of the live feed prior to it being cut moments ago. Watch as at 17:56 in the video the plume starts turning light colored tan/red and begins to enlarge dramatically, then unleash in a fullout explosion that engulfs the camera.

  • Terdell Isotope

    Well at least we don’t have to worry about sharks anymore, and also those pesky Manta Rays. Now I can take a refreshing swim in a vat of crude and not have to worry about those killers of the sea, swimming and swimming and killing and killing. There is one of those fiendish fishes that wants each and every one of us, and now, the one with my name, and possibly yours, too, is no longer amongst us. And after I take my swim I can back my car to the beach and fill my tank up; I’m glad peak oil has been rendered false, I thought we were running out, but this bottomless gusher straightened that out.

  • Robin

    Keep sending what’s most relevant and important. I for one don’t watch TV, and I’m glad to get filled in where I can (found this on Rense). You think it’s an accident that BP is a British company? Britain is the belly of the NWO beast, which has to destroy the old order before the new one can take over. They also control the Fed/IMF, and preside over the economic collapse that must precede the new global economy and currency (coming soon to a sucked-dry government near you).

    • pammalou

      You know…spill doesn’t really describe what we have here.
      There has to be a better term like oil gusher,or oil volcano because it’s still pouring out.A spill is akin to spilling a finite amount.You spill a glass of soda on a table,or even a tanker spillls a finite amount of oil on board.Spill just seems inappropriate in this case.Never has there been anything as tantamount to the situation here.These poor creatures are losing their habitat,and the cost to the ecosystem is unparalleled.This is a clear and present ongoing catastrophe (I hear the Obama guy is going on vacation by the way)None of us have even begun to feel the real repercussions of what this means to the planet(created by the biggest CO2 pushers and alleged environmental BS’ers on the planet )There is no end in sight.This is more than a spill. This is sickening,and the idiots are still making war,and they want a new one in Korea.Where are the priorities?

  • HeartStopper

    In the wake of Katrina, the wealthy cleaned up. Some migrated to Baton Rouge, others built new gated communities just north of the Lake. Pretty cool, unless you lived in Atlanta, where upwards of 15,000 homeless black folks went to panhandle, just outside CNN Center.

    CNN & Ted Turner, I figure their sense of ethics are lower than Oren Hatch’s, hell, Monsanto’s… And, speaking of CHEMTRAILS; — “They’re Back!”

  • HedgehogInTheFog

    I live in Africa. Earlier this year, I decided that it might be a good idea to apply for a green card to work in America, in order to get away from the crap that is happening here. However, after seeing what is happening in the USA, the amount of control that is exercised over you lot, the crap with Obama, and now this spill, I have decided that I will rather face what crap we have over here. This this has been planned – the economy over there is already messed up, (the flow of cash), and now your seas and oceans (and it might get worse – meaning worldwide complications from this). Perfect plan – if I can control your cash and food, I can control you – dance, little puppets, dance…

  • Paul

    Dan, noooo. We’re not nearly as smart as we claim to be. In fact I consider us morons. British Petroleum screwed up bigtime (repeatedly) and we’d didn’t have any Americans to know what the heck to do. Much like 911. Some clowns from a 3rd world country with freaking box-cutters change America forever, and we had to wait 45 minutes for fighter jets to roar in from Otis Air Force base on Cape Cod?!!! I am never surprised at our amazing ineptness.

  • john king

    I have every reason to believe that what is transpiring is intentional on behalf of the Feral Government. All of our industries are being sent to Mexico, India, etc. We still make toilet paper! This spill, oil volcano is going to destroy the entire gulf and its animal/plant life. The fishing industry WAS very important there. You can’t send the fishing industry to China. All you can do it, if you are the type that wants to bring America to its knees, is MURDER the industry. Check out these series of 4 videos and keep an open mind http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHAro1muqzk

  • pammalou

    One more thing…we don’t need oil.
    Henry Ford & Rudolf Diesel Against Petroleum Part1

    Henry Ford & Rudolf Diesel Against Petroleum Part1

    We need to put an end to the silly Klaus Barbie Drug War to end the violence on the border,and grow non toxic manufacturing materials that can be grown in both Mexico and the US and start manufacturing our way to prosperity if this oil volcano doesn’t prevent even industrial hemp from being grown mainland.
    You can’t grow Industrial Hemp because it _looks like_
    the dread marijuana.
    It’s time to cut the crap.
    Or go drink a nice glass of motor oil and allow the criminal prohibition of the most beneficial plant ever known to mankind because it “looks”like marijuana?
    Are we nuts?
    The whole drug war is a nazi invention
    It is an invention of Nazi Butcher Klaus Barbie and General Gehlen both Nazi’s that were hired for US intel immediately after WW2 .Hitler was a meth head (see Vitamultin) and the Nazi’s and Japanese soldiers were given methamphetamines to make better killers of them. So we hired these monsters to run US Intel Ops in South America? Let Them Build NATO?
    CIA and the Nazis
    The Bolivian Cocaine Coup
    This is why the ban goes on.The drug war is a vehicle to corrupt men as we all know who benefits from it.It is a device to corrupt the governments and police,and excuse to act like nazi’s.But it’s original intent was to keep Standard Oil (BP now)
    in business,and Rudolph Diesels agriculturally friendly engine off the market as new ways of processing hemp were invented just as hemp became EVIL

  • Ali Baba

    BP is owned and controlled by the Rothschild Zionist Jews. The Rothschild Zionist Jews control the US Presiden via Goldman Sachs.

    Goldman Sachs blew the well.

    It isn’t time for an ‘American Revolution’. We already had one, paid for in blood. It’s time for an American Insurrection against the corrupt oligarchy, controlled by Zionists – Big Money, Big Oil, the Military Industrial Complex, to restore the government that the first American Revolution was fought for to provide us.

  • http://twitter.com/smurf210/status/14736472780 Him Downstairz Jr.

    :o( oh no! RT @MISSMYA: 24 Miles Of Louisiana Is Destroyed: “Everything In It Is Dead” http://bit.ly/bb3sJa

  • ih8zionists

    it isnt fair that we are letting BP off the hook. our politicians are protecting them as of now. all their stocks, assets should be freezed. all executives jailed and hopfully we can throw their bodies to block the oil if they dont take care of the problem. they can kill the earth but no one can hurt them? citizens of USA must wake up and see that we are under attack.

  • Charlotte

    All major protests or revolutions have been fomented and financed by the powers that be. Anything over a certain size that does not have their approval is quickly shut down. Democracy has been a sham from the get-go, and yet people keep believing in it like a religion. In a way, their ongoing gullibility in the face of obvious duplicity justifies the usurping of power by the so-called elite. The masses are incapable of governing themselves.

    The oil catastrophe is part of a larger plan to cripple the western economy. This will succeed, and the fishing industry and God’s creatures not just in Louisiana and Florida but everywhere the oil seeps and the Gulf Stream flows will be annihilated. The oil will also be caught up in the clouds, through condensation, and fall as poison onto crops, drinking water sources, people and the rest of God’s creatures on land, wherever the clouds are carried by geo-engineered winds. The full extent of the disaster and consequent damage cannot at this stage be grasped, not even by those who instigated it.

  • Laurie

    They cannot continue this destruction of the planet…this gusher has to be stopped or there is a very real possibility that this gusher will contaminate many oceans and kill and destroy environments thousands of miles away from the original area…this is the biggest eco-disaster we have ever seen…and the misery and suffering has just begun…what are they going to do when people cannot breath the toxic air from the mass oil gusher…maybe when the people are convulsing in the streets the brainwashed masses will get it….the corruption on this planet by evil greedy sub-humans in fancy suits will be chased down and treated like the scum they are…they need to be locked in jail and treated just like they treat others and then once their maker takes them they can ROT IN HELL for eternity after that…hey, brainwashed masses is this your Waterloo yet….

  • Gary

    Nuke Britain and be done with it, worthless country

  • Walter E. Haas

    “1/7 Syndrome of Control”You Tube

    Norman Dodd 51 minute interview The Hidden Agenda
    You Tube

    Benjiman Freedman Speech You Tube

    John Coleman -The Committee of 300-You Tube

    This is result of corporate control of U.S. Government.
    The world will be destroyed if there is not regulation.

    Leo Zagami in the 2012 Armageddon-You Tube.
    2011 may start the end as we know it.

    Walter E. Haas Search Yahoo-Google.com
    God Bless America

  • Kamomil


    “Could this splll have been deliberately allowed to polute and kill off wildlife in the marshlands and the gulf in order to stop oposition from further drilling as there are no protected species left to protect??”

    I had the same idea. Now that the Gulf is destroyed there is no more reason to limit oild drilling.

    Now I would suggest at the very least people living on the Louisiana coast file a class action suit against BP for cruelty to animals. I’m sick of seeing thre persons clening a pelican. For one bird that got saved many hundreds died a horrible death. I could weep just thinking about it.

  • Frank

    Every American should be outraged at the casual approach taken by BP and our government to assuage the oil gusher on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.
    Billions of lives have been lost, and our global food chain irreparably damaged. Every life on Earth will be affected.
    There can be no adequate compensation for this crime.
    There will not be any punishment meted out for those responsible, who will dodge any attempt to assign blame.
    Our planet is doomed to be repeatedly raped by those who are deaf to any pleas for it to stop.
    How long can this go on before the population reacts and assigns criminal liability for these and other atrocities?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=zkY6rTI5R1s&feature=related Paul

    Here is one of many bio remediation product that may help with clean up

  • http://twitter.com/redpillvideoz/status/14755442799 REDPILLVIDEOZ.COM

    FreakOutNation » 24 Miles Of Louisiana Is Destroyed: “Everything In It Is Dead”: http://bit.ly/c9HxB5

  • ChrisG


    Spoken like true liberal scum. Keep it up!

  • NotAnObot

    Did Goldman Sachs do some short selling before the wells blew?

    Sort of like what happened before the false flag attack of innocents on 9/11?

  • Andrea

    Why is anyone concerned about “Blame”. Get it stopped, get it cleaned up and THEN lay blame! FUG!

    And all I see from Americans is “My Livelyhood, My livelyhood!!”. FUG! How selfish! You don’t care that an entire ecosystem (indeed the entire world’s oceans) is destroyed, you only care that you can’t make money anymore.
    American scum. Damn you all to hell!

  • http://twitter.com/fhsystems/status/14771612597 Chris Barnes

    "24 Miles of Lousiana Coast Destroyed, Everything There Is Dead" http://bit.ly/b2KNaw

  • http://twitter.com/oilpatchplug/status/14772951603 Dean Philpot

    RT @FreakOutNation: 24 Miles Of Louisiana Is Destroyed: "Everything In It Is Dead" #p2 #p2b http://is.gd/cldxG

  • Scott

    For those who insist regulation is the answer: Well sure. Bit late. Obviously we should have safety standards, most industries do. Make a toaster which electrocutes children, a car that blows up, a public building which collapses, or put in a well which wipes out Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida, long-term safety standards have been violated.

    Here’s an idea: Remove the notion that a multi-national corporation has the same rights as an individual person. Make individuals responsible for what they do in the name of corporations. I read that in past such corporate fiascos, oil companies were fined (a pittance) and put on probation. Which means, what? If they violate probation we put the corporation in jail? Seriously, now.

  • http://twitter.com/paradizm/status/14778563752 Kwesi El

    FreakOutNation » 24 Miles Of Louisiana Is Destroyed: “Everything In It Is Dead” http://bit.ly/blTZhq

  • http://twitter.com/allthingsimple_/status/14781192576 Kelly Todd

    FreakOutNation » 24 Miles Of Louisiana Is Destroyed: “Everything In It Is Dead” http://bit.ly/blTZhq

  • Rico

    Goldman Sacs did have put options on this…just as “put options” were on the Airlines involved in 911…..once they were traced back to a particular bank in Germany, I believe, and the principles involved were found out, the story was dropped…the facts are still out there for anyone interested enough to look…BP seemed more interested in “capturing the oil..to sell”…then stopping the flow….all the intent was to siphon it up to a tanker…..telling the EPA to f^%$ off…having our Coast Guard arrest anyone filming the oil on the beaches…..WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! I am so sad that folks are so numbed out…would rather be watching the last episode of Lost or Dancing with the Stars…..so sad….

  • Mike S

    Chill out, BP said it’s a very small leak, so it’s not a big deal, right?

  • Dan

    Until we come up with a better technology to fuel the world’s economies, we are stuck with oil. Someday, we will find a better solution. Until then, we don’t have a choice. Accidents like this are terrible, but they are going to happen as long as we drill for oil. I know it seems really bad right now, but the ocean has an incredible ability to heal itself. Compared to the total volume of water in the Gulf, the amount of oil spilling from the well is quite small. The ecosystem will absorb the toxins and the Gulf will come back. I don’t think it makes any sense to blame BP or the Government. We don’t even have all the facts yet and everyone is pointing fingers looking for a scapegoat. These kinds of accidents are going to happen when you drill for oil offshore. Without oil, the world economy would collapse. Off-shore drilling lessens our dependence on oil from hostile Middle East countries that threaten our national security. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a risk we have to take. Trust me, before the current crop of tree huggers have moved on to the great vegan paradise in the sky, we will have come up with a better technology. Just look how far we have come since the advent of the automobile barely 100 years ago.

  • http://twitter.com/irishslave/status/14944544703 Tim McGauley

    RT @FreakOutNation: 24 Miles Of Louisiana Is Destroyed: "Everything In It Is Dead" #p2 #p2b http://is.gd/cldxG

  • Greenlink

    To Anomoly100:I found a source that connects this oil catastrophe with Goldman Sachs;

  • tonybinca

    Concerning the death threats, allow me to quote:

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

    President John F. Kennedy (murdered by oil companies, among others)

    Do you think our American Revolution was nonviolent? The French Revolution? All revolutions are violent because the oligarchs understand nothing else.

  • Kingskid

    Anyone read Revelation 8 lately? Scoffers will abound but today is the day for repentance. Choose this day whom you will believe, The Federal Government, BP or GOD.. As for me I choose JESUS.

  • Anomaly100

    @Tonybinca: Are you the same person that wrote the other comment? It doesn’t appear so. This is not the American Revolution. Are you justifying those death threats in any way? I abhor that kind of talk. But only you have to live with yourself.

  • Frydaddy