Michele Bachmann Encourages People To Say One Million People Attended The Rally

Exaggerating crowd numbers at Tea Party rallies and events is nothing new, but it is disinformation and it’s an attempt to make American voters believe America is losing interest in the present administration.  Glenn Beck’s, “Restoring Honor” rally shows different numbers circulating the internet.

Michele Bachmann hosted her own rally with approximately 1,000 people in attendance.

Washington Post:

On a day when crowd estimates could provide their respective groups with political clout, Bachmann asked her audience how many thought more than 1 million people were in attendance. The question was met by big cheers from the gathering of about 1,000. “We’re not going let anyone get away with saying there were less than a million here today because we were witnesses,” Bachmann said.

The Republican lawmaker also took the opportunity to list members of the House Tea Party Caucus, which she chairs. When she reached the name of Rep. Joe Wilson, best known for shouting “you lie” during President Obama’s address to Congress, the crowd started chanting “you lie.”

Yes she lied. One million?!

One of our visitors pointed out the difference between networks which reported the attendance numbers.

Andrea Griffin:

Apparently NBC was reporting 300,000. Strange that CBS was reporting less than a third of that. I’m not convinced that the crowd broke a half million, but when you’re the one standing up at the podium, excited and energized, it’s pretty easy to overestimate these things.

CBS: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20014993-503544.html


MSNBC notes the permit for 300k, but doesn’t give an actual count that I could find: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3889564

None of them came out with a total of a million people in attendance.  Inflating the numbers is not unusual and Bachmann’s extreme account of numbers is expected.  This has all happened before.

News Junkie Post:

Ole Ole Olson reports on Tax Day 2009:

Glenn Beck had what was supposed to be the mother of all rallies in Washington DC on September 12th, 2009. Nobody really knew what to expect about the turnout, but due to the 6 months of planning and repeated advertising on Fox, many of us suspected it might fall in the 300,000 range, the same size as the nationwide Tax Day Tea Party protests in April 2009.—

The first figures began to circulate that very day, propagated from conservative media outlets: 2 million. This would have been a huge success for this rally, the only problem was, the figure wasn’t even close to being true. The fire and park service did not officially release an estimate, which is something they have not done under direction of congress since they were sued after the Million Man March. In this case, someone working for them unofficially released a 60-70k estimate.-

There was zero credible evidence in the 2 million figure. In fact, from the start, right wing sources have been using every trick in the book to circulate this grossly inflated estimate. For instance, trying to pretend this very old photo was from 912. Some people tried to claim that there were ‘hundreds of thousands’ of additional subway riders that day, when in reality, ridership only increased 87,000. As mounting evidence began to refute this grossly inflated figure, various conservative groups began to downscale their estimates.–

FreedomWorks (the main organizers or the event) retracted their gross inflation to a ‘conservative’ estimate of 600-800k. Fox News only claimed400k, and they were the main advertisers of the event. The National Taxpayers Union (another main sponsor of the event) put its estimatesbetween 75-300k. However, the best estimates still tend to fall in the 60-70k range, with low estimates of only 30k. —-

Glenn Beck had what was supposed to be the mother of all rallies in Washington DC on September 12th, 2009. Nobody really knew what to expect about the turnout, but due to the 6 months of planning and repeated advertising on Fox, many of us suspected it might fall in the 300,000 range, the same size as the nationwide Tax Day Tea Party protests in April 2009.

Michele Bachmann again:

Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) organized an anti- health care reform rally at the Capitol. When Sean Hannity reported on the event, he and Fox ‘News’ were quickly caught recycling Beck’s 912 footage to try and once again artificially inflate the attendance.

On her way to the rally:


Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) finished up a campaign tour by shooting off some assault rifle rounds Thursday, a few days before the Congresswoman is set to head off to Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington D.C.

Although none of this is shocking given today’s political maneuverings, this does show how quickly the public will believe what they are told if it’s said 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, brought to you by Fox News.  Bachmann shooting her assault rifle only adds fuel to the fire for the Fox viewers that think ‘Obama is going to take away their guns’.

This is getting  monotonous.

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  • Hank

    Shiva – Thank you for your comments.


    • Shiva
      • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

        @Shiva, LMAO! My side hurts.

        • Shiva


          that gaggle of geeses, a comon occurrence in the area, was gods sign to beck. THE MIRACLE HAS OCCURED!


      • Andrea Griffin

        @Shiva, Thank you very much for the Christian Science Monitor article. Once I knew the name of the company that took aerial photos I was able to actually find some of them:


        I’m not a professional crowd estimator, but that doesn’t look like 300k to me. Looks like CBS was right after all!

        • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

          @Andrea Griffin, Once more, I applaud your research efforts. I’m curious when it first began as to when we needed to confirm crowd numbers. I’m sure both sides do it and that’s not what I mean to say but it seems a shame that you have to go through the trouble to research this. Some will underestimate the numbers and some will overestimate them. Without a doubt, politics on both sides is propagandized, probably much more than we realize.

        • Hank

          @Andrea Griffin, You are being sarcastic I assume? I hope so.

          Anyway, I’m not into all the people that feel compelled to “dress” up for the occasion. But then again, have you ever seen one of the Star Wars Premieres things? I wouldn’t dress up like a Storm Trooper either.


        • Shiva

          @Andrea Griffin, I seen the pics yesterday Andrea, CBS was the only ones who had it done professionally. Anyone else is just guessing

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  • Hank

    Shiva – Insisting on the 87,000 count is negatively impacting your credibility.

    You seem a reasonably intelligent sort. Here’s a picture of 100,000+ people. You still say LESS than 100K??


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  • Andrea Griffin

    This is really ridiculous. I don’t see anything to gain by misrepresenting the numbers. You only end up being a liar when you do. It’s petty politics as usual on both sides. How can anyone have a meaningful conversation when simple facts are being misrepresented?

    > FreedomWorks (the main organizers or the event)
    > retracted their gross inflation to a ‘conservative’
    > estimate of 600-800k.

    Well, at least they said “Ooops, we were wrong” instead of continuing to perpetuate something that isn’t true like Bachmann seems to be doing. Lame.

    Can you find the source of that report? I went to the FreedomWorks website and wasn’t able to find an article or blog post there with the attendance numbers.

    I wonder if they are counting the online viewing in their total attendance. If so, 600k isn’t all that outrageous.

  • Andrea Griffin

    @Andrea Griffin, Ooops – there’s actually links in that text. The light blue color there with the light gray text isn’t playing well with my color blindness. : >

    Still, I didn’t find any actual content from Freedomworks itself when I went to the TPM page. I’d like to know how FW came up with that number. Obviously, any person or group that is intentionally inflating the numbers is pretty lame and should be publicly outed, but it is possible that their number is sensible – if they are counting online viewership.

  • Hank

    @Andrea Griffin, “Obviously, any person or group that is intentionally inflating the numbers is pretty lame and should be publicly outed…

    As is and should any person or group that is intentionally DEFLATING the numbers!

  • Andrea Griffin

    @Hank, Absolutely. The truth matters. It doesn’t matter who is spreading misinformation – if you’re doing it intentionally, people should know.

  • Dianne

    Well it is just as wrong to minimize….I was there and there was a sea of people stretching from in front of the Lincoln memorial (those who were not in the park at the time of the photo) and across the street and beyond the Washington monument…over one mile stretch of people…More will come out about the space that was filled and the number of people. What ever estimate is a guess and not a precise fact…Just like the one million man march..when the park counted only 500,000 disputed the numbers….Where they called liars…Who really cares except when it is a disingenuous attempt to minimize…it is appalling to call her a liar, it was her opinion. she was there and witnessed it…She has seen large crowds before, she is not knew to this game..Why is her opinion minimized and other’s opinion stated as the fact? Bias, maybe? More will be out tomorrow about the space filled and a estimate of the number of people..

  • Hank

    I guess my main curiosity about this is why get sidetracked on issues like “How many attended?” It’s diverting attention from the pertinent points. (Like getting sidetracked by discussion over Rights of Religious Freedom when asserting it’s simply inappropriate to build the GZ Mosque.) Any way you look at it, the live attendance coupled with the online and television attendance was impressive.

    The point is that much is wrong with America these days. There are obviously strong differences about how to approach, address and attempt to solve these problems. The Democrats were quite genuinely impressed by the number of people that turned out for the Obama Inauguration activities. It showed people were interested and involved. It showed they cared. (Although I think they “cared” for some very wrong reasons.)

    Now, Beck, Palin, The Tea Party, et. al. have invigorated the electorate and pushed them to action and involvement. I think many voters are much better informed due to their activities. And this is what really eats at me about the current state of politics in America. Why is it somehow bad or harmful now? That it just isn’t your party? Your fellow ideologues? Your version of the “truth”?

    If both sides are invigorated and informed, perhaps future elections will spawn better results. Better leaders. Whether they are YOUR guys or ours.

    I look at it like this. I did not vote for Obama. But if he had turned the economy around, not raised my taxes, given me better, less expensive health care, not raised my taxes, etc., I would be a staunch, if reluctant supporter now.

    Likewise, I would hope that had someone from my side of the aisle been able to accomplish the same, you guys could have been open enough to understand results were the main thing that counts.

    An informed, literate and intelligent electorate should be nothing for Politicians (or opposing ideologues) to fear IF they are doing the job we elected them to do.

    Unfortunately, so far, President Obama has not fulfilled the “Hope” he fostered and nurtured in an America looking for something “different.” Something “better”.

    While that is unfortunate for him and his political future, it is devastating for America. I don’t think he can turn it around because as I maintained from the very beginning, he lacks the political experience and savvy to control his own party. His Presidency has been undermined by the more radical elements of the Left…his own party, simply because (in my opinion) he lacked the experience, political savvy and expertise to control and restrain them.

    Something has to give in this country. And it needs to be soon.

  • http://twitter.com/prblcse/status/22503054197 Christine

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  • rott3nappl3s

    @Hank, i am continually surprised that people who rail about obama’s demagoguery can turn around and be supportive of some grinning huckster’s cult of personality. the crowd numbers are impressive until you realize that this event was simply the middle-aged white person’s version of a rock concert, complete with getting to see the pretty people from the T.V. say things like they say on the T.V. while wearing their bright and shiny T.V. faces.

    obama never had the “hope” of something “different” or “better”, he had political slogans to help sell his product, that being his political career. likewise, glenn beck et al, have nothing to offer but platitudes and belief reinforcement calculated to keep the money rolling in. to claim an audience so easily manipulated is somehow an informed electorate is like saying that people who love obama no matter what he does are well informed; it’s disingenuous at best and idiotic at worst.

    as for your talking points, they’re all pretty much out of the right-wing playbook, although the phony concern trolling and the bullshit about how you would have supported obama (if only he’d acted like a republican!) are laughable. the way i see it, either you are actually rich, and obama is really going to raise your taxes, which suggests you purposefully support this whole disinformation sham because you stand to benefit financially off of it, or you’re not that rich, are, in fact, grossly misinformed, and easily duped by race-baiting con-men.

    nothing “has to give” in this country. there have always been charismatic assholes around to stoke the fires of fear and hatred, and part of their bottom line is always that some “revolution” that never comes is on its way. in this case, people are terrified that their white privileged is being slowly revoked, so they’d like to imagine some wagnerian deity descending to restore them to their former glorious place as master in a world full of darker skinned servants. ain’t gonna happen. the corporate machine will continue to gobble us up, and we’ll continue to be divided and distrustful of one another, just like the institution wants us to be.

  • Shiva

    @Hank, I am curious as to why you always try to deflect the topic. Prior to the event a number of participants was estimated. That number was not reached and not even close to it. That is the discussion.

    now that you have went off topic again, Obama has not raised your taxes. You are paying less taxes now than you did under Bush. That is partially why the tea party is so funny.

    not even the great Obama can turn this economy around in two years. As you are aware Bush himself did not cause all of this economy, nor can Obama by himself turn this economy around. The banks that so many support via nonregulated have practically destroyed this country as far as employment and then people’s retirement savings just to name a couple of issues.

    He also did not give you more expensive healthcare. The healthcare providers are doing that on the Rhône and were raising rates incredibly fast during the eight years of the Bush administration. Obama does not set those rates. In fact Obama made it so that more people could get insurance thinking that competition would lower the costs. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen because they just keep raising rates.

    that Obama not walked into a financial disaster I think he could have done far more for America. Of course that doesn’t fit the agenda doesn’t.

    It looks like there’s another person who thinks you live on talking points. And you pretty much do.

    I do agree with you that this country is polarized politically and it is coming from a tremendous amount of false information.

  • Hank

    @rott3nappl3s, I don’t have “talking points”. Sorry to disappoint you, but most of this idiocy I come up with all by my lonely.

    However, I do notice that you used four paragraphs and….I don’t know….maybe 700 or 800 words to trot out the tired old liberal argument that I don’t like Obama’s policies because he’s black and I’m a racist. Yawn……..

    You either misread or do not understand what I said. For example, I did not say I support Beck’s “cult of personality” (great song by the way). I simply said it is good for the electorate to be informed and invigorated. You obviously don’t like the “information” they are getting or the “source” of that information. That is your prerogative.

    Also, I did not say Obama had the “hope” of anything different or better. I said he fostered the hope of something different and better in the electorate.

    And if you don’t think this country is so polarized politically, ideologically that “something has to give” in order to make progress, I would respectfully disagree with you.

    Seems to me that you trotted out the “race” card for your comment and not much of anything else you said after that was pertinent.

    But thanks for your attention.

  • Shiva

    @Andrea Griffin, Michele Bachmann says a tremendous amount of stuff that is not true. In fact I am wondering why the Republican Party has not censored her.

    People who do this professionally estimate around 86,000 people. Done from aerial photography and based on comparisons of past groups of people at the very same venue. I have seen a great deal of posts from people who said they were there, but I do not believe that you can gauge the crowd size when you are within the crowd. We all know that Ms. Bachmann is doing this for notoriety, propaganda and that’s about it.

    But as there were no tickets sold were no gate counts I doubt we will ever know for sure

  • Hank

    @Shiva, Okay. Got it!

    Bush did it. I’m a victim of “false information”. The Health Care Industry did it. (I mean, who but the gullible Right could have seen THAT coming?) And I do nothing but parrot Conservative Talking points.

    So, tell me again. Who lives on “Talking Points”?

    “The Last Refuge of the Left”

    Thank you.

  • Hank

    @Shiva, (Andrea) I feel it is diversionary to get all hung up in the numbers. I have only observed one source estimate it at 87,000 and that is CBS News. (Figures) Most other estimates put attendance in the 300,000 to 650,000 range. (Wide enough I guess!! :-) )

    NBC, ABC, Washington Post and the evil FOX News all estimate at least, “100’s of thousands” while even the NY Times conceded “by any measure it was a large turnout.”

    The important thing is between physical attendance and viewers on the internet and television, it should serve as a clarion call to everyone that SOMETHING is lacking in the Political Discourse and the “masses” as it were are thirsting for something.

    For my money, I say Bachman’s over estimation is no less delusional, no more dishonest than CBS’s UNDER estimation.

    But I go back to my original premise. Even taking the lowest crowd estimate and verifiable Internet and Television viewers, you are looking at viewers in excess of 300,000 absolute minimum! For once, I agree with the NY Times.

    But don’t get hung up in the numbers. It’s the message that counts.

  • Andrea Griffin

    @Shiva, I don’t believe in censorship. If someone wants to make an ass of themselves, then by all means. Just don’t be surprised when it bites you in the ass later on – and in this case, I hope it does. The zealous efforts by the major political parties to protect their own at all costs is really obnoxious. Without the truth there can be zero meaningful discussion. If there’s one thing you can I can both agree on, I hope it’s that.

    People who do this professionally estimate around 86,000 people.

    In my comment on the article, I noted that CBS said 87k. NBC said 300k. Most places seem to be reporting in the 300k range. There’s likely something wrong with what CBS reported since their numbers are so much lower than everyone else’s.

    The problem is that none of us here have access to their data and methods, so we can’t say if it was a matter of intentional malicious activity (I really hope it isn’t) or just a goof somewhere along the line (most likely scenario).

    The lack of transparency and accountability in the news media is really appalling.

    But – someone out there has the aerial photos along with the date and time they were taken. There’s probably multiple people with such materials. So, if the population controversy is going to be a news item, I don’t see what is so hard about a large news organization getting access to these photos, getting the information, reporting on it, and outing the people who are manipulating the numbers.

    That way, we can find out if the population was 87k, 300k, 400k, or just a few thousand and some careful camera placement.

  • Shiva

    @Hank, thank you. You must understand that the fact that what Obama walked into was a fact not a talking point. And you also must understand the health insurance industry does raise its prices in fact it raised so much during the Bush administration that you could say Bush did it. But I didn’t I said the health industry did it.

    no Hank, your little book about the last refuge of the left is absolutely silly. I’ve read some of his stuff and he is slightly more insane than Beck is.

    it’s obvious you are incapable of keeping up. Of course if you wish to just pick on the one sentence I put in there or two is fine. Throughout all of your posts you have done nothing but use talking points and never once addressed anything. You do not understand that you do the very same things that your little last refuge of the left says that liberals do.

    I do find it interesting that you deny that the healthcare industry raises its own prices and that Obama must be at fault for raising them through the Bush administration. Thank you.

  • Shiva


    let’s see”
    “that Obama not walked into a financial disaster I think he could have done far more for America.”

    “Bush did it. ”

    you completely missed the whole point because you needed to do your talking points thing. It was a comment on Obama, not Bush

    “The healthcare providers are doing that on the their own and were raising rates incredibly fast during the eight years of the Bush administration. Obama does not set those rates.

    “The Health Care Industry did it. ”

    totally not understanding why you don’t understand that health care industry is the one that raised the prices. Not Bush, not Obama. You could have far more reasonably priced health insurance but it seems there’s a political party that is totally against it.

    “I do agree with you that this country is polarized politically and it is coming from a tremendous amount of false information.”

    “I’m a victim of “false information”. ”

    I never said anything about you being a victim of false information, you assign that to yourself. That’s paranoia

    I suppose I could say as it is presented you agree with me on all points.

  • http://twitter.com/laurieinphilly/status/22538474806 Laurie Chapman

    @davidbadash @eclisham: @yelvington Never to be out crazied, Michelle Bachmann puts GB attendees at 1 MILLION http://bit.ly/apkrS1

  • Shiva

    @Dianne, However, a firm hired by CBS News to estimate the crowd put attendees at between 78,000 and 96,000. The firm, AirPhotosLive.com, had three estimators go over high-resolution aerial photos of the event, and then combined the three estimates. (One of the estimators talks about the experience here.)


  • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

    @Hank, Aha! I caught you again! So you admit that Fox is evil….finally. Welcome to the dark side. Join us. We need more Progressive voices. . 😉

  • Andrea Griffin

    @Hank, My interest in the numbers only goes as far as my interest in the people who are lying about the real counts for some kind of political gain. It’s lame and unnecessary, and shows how low some people will stoop to try to influence others.

  • Shiva


    Actually most sources that I have seen are now saying less than 100,000. Its important because its a measurement of success. Its not MORE important than the content, however is is a measurement. A measurement compared to expectations.

    I think the difference between 86,000+ and a million is pretty telling. Arial photography tells the truth, and estimates by news sources or people on the ground dont.

    Dianne, how many times does Fox have to be proven liars before you will let them go? Fox doesnt do 5 seconds of fact finding, but they do hours and hours of entertainment. Their morning show with Doocy proves that. Ratings do not indicate truth

  • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

    @Dianne, Did you read this entire post? Bachmann did the same thing previously (RTA). Her credibility is lacking. Yes, she’s a liar because one million is huge stretch don’t you think?

  • Dianne

    @Anomaly100, Fox evil… How do you define evil? Fact finding and truth telling… The people in this nation are not as dumb has you think , they can tell the difference. Fox does have the highest rating for a reason…The people can trust them….

  • Shiva

    @Andrea Griffin, I agree that the censorship of ideas and information is wrong.

    The news sources have not really quoted anyone that is professional that I know of. I read someplace yesterday that aerial people estimated between 85,000 and 100,000 as compared to past crowds there

  • Shiva

    @Anomaly100, I seen her in a town hall meeting on youtube yesterday, dont remember how I got there but she was saying that almost all scientists believe in the 6000 year old creation thing.


  • Dianne

    @Anomaly100, Absolutely not!…Goggle it and compare Obama’s inaugural and Glenn Beck’s. The Washington post did a story on how many people fit in the mall…check it out…the mall hold 2.1 million people according to the park . There are graphs in how they measure a crowd. I compared the tow events for my self. Beck’s was the larger crowd and it is very possible to have had more that a million . I was there and I witnessed the crowds. There were people in front of the Lincoln memorial and across the street and beyond the Washington Monument…The mall was full to capacity….Now if we estimate by what the Washington post printed about Obama’s inaugural…to be far and balanced we should use the same measuring stick. Shouldn’t we…No one knows for sure but Michele is very close in her evaluation… check it out for your self. I personally will not trust the writer of this article with reporting the truth and nothing but the truth…We can not longer trust others to report, we must search out the truth for ourselves…

  • Dianne
  • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

    @Shiva, I always consider the source and in this case, it’s hardly a credible one.

  • Hank

    @Shiva, Really? Ha ha ha!!

    But I will say, I saw a youtube video of President Obama yesterday. I can’t find it now and don’t know how I got there. But he admitted he was a devout Muslim, that he believed in Sharia Law and wanted the US to observe it for its Citizens, and that he was indeed born in a tent in Kenya. No! Really!! I just can’t remember how I got there!!

  • Hank

    @Shiva, Really? What are your sources? I have only found one source, CBS News, estimating the crowd under 100,00. But after that, what does it matter? And why are you so desperate to downplay the attendance? Perhaps you’ll like this source:


    Oh! BTW, “FOX Lies”. Would that be a tried and tired Liberal Talking Point? And I disagree with your statement, “Ratings do not indicate truth.”

    In the short term, perhaps not. But over the the last 6 years, with an impressive ratings dominance??? One would think if there was any substance to accusations of lack of truth or bias, they would lose viewers. So far, they have not.

    It appears you are yet another who gets his information regarding FOX from Media Matters.

  • Shiva


    CBS was the only one who hired an aerial team to do the estimation. anyone else is guessing. I left the link to the source here earlier. Hope that helps in your quest to be funny.

    Ratings do not indicate truth. the WWE is proof of that, it makes Fox News look like an ant.

    Fox News ratings indicate entertainment, not news.

    Now carry on, spin it in that little way you have developed in your last 5 posts.

  • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

    @Hank, Please fetch me the link for this video. I don’t believe it. Can you tell?

  • http://twitter.com/shivabeach/status/22565752689 Shiva

    RT @FreakOutNation: Michele Bachmann Encourages People To Say One Million People Attended The Rally #p2 #p2b http://is.gd/eKzAn .