Should The Left Continue Helping Sarah Become ‘President’ Palin?

President Palin redecorates The White House

The stats are in and according to this, the left isn’t fairing too well. My question is why considering the fringe element that is at the front of the Republican party.

We have the Tea Party, libertarians and Conservatives which include Sarah Palin, who is the fringe element. President Obama will probably go down in history as one of the greatest orators of our time as she goes down as the worst.  Ex-half term Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin is pimping herself out by endorsing candidates most Conservatives in private would not justify as being legitimate leaders in any way shape or form.

Here’s the bad news:

The New York Times:

FiveThirtyEight’s projection for the U.S. House shows little change from last week. Republicans are given a 73 percent chance of taking over the House, up incrementally from 72 percent last week. During an average simulation run, Republicans finished with 227 seats, up from 226 last week; this would suggest a net gain of 48 seats from the 179 they hold currently.

However, there is considerable uncertainty in the forecast because of the unusually large number of House seats now in play. A gain of as large as 70-80 seats is not completely out of the question if everything broke right for Republicans. Conversely, if Democrats managed to see a material rebound in their national standing over the final two weeks of the campaign, they could lose as few as 20-30 seats, as relatively few individual districts are certain pickups for Republicans.

Here’s the worse news. So far, 35 of her endorsements are tied to the Tea Party. She’s endorsed the very worst of the fringe element, such as Michele Bachmann and Sharron Angle. Why is Palin backing so many politicians if she did indeed quit her governorship of Alaska to ‘be with her family’? She said she did it for Alaska.

It’s a possibility that this is more political posturing to enforce a win for the presidency. If this doesn’t scare the #hit out of fellow leftists, I can’t fathom what will. Our party is not the party that accepts just anything out politicians do. We hold them accountable. That said, President Obama’s “Buck Up” speech didn’t go down too well on the left, and the right took advantage of our reaction to insinuate a weakness.

I get it.  We don’t like being barked at by our elected officials, but do you want our country led by President Sarah Palin? If that title before her name doesn’t scare the hell out of you, then we should give up, relax and let the country be run by a hoard of Tea Partiers who want, teeny tiny government, no public schools, no medicaid, or social security and hell, why have public roads either? Let’s just drive down dirt paths before we take the TARDIS back in time so that we can then say hello to 1776 all over again!

Doesn’t that sound patriotic? We could continue their version of patriotism and just go full wingnut by taking down the American flag and flying the Confederate flag, after all, Republicans are the only people that condone the disgrace and insult the Confederate flag represents.

Do you really want this? Why do listless?  Move, do something; Blog, donate a few dollars, volunteer, tweet, post, just do it.

GET OUT AND VOTE! Time has run out. Tick Tock.

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  • Hank

    Palin also said she she was looking forward to serving the public outside the governor’s chair. And that she felt she could do more for “America” without being tied to Alaskan Politics. As for her family, I think she said she took that action more to PROTECT her family, than necessarily just to spend more time with them. She wanted to influence change as best she could, and apparently, she is being reasonably successful.

    Wouldn’t it be unique if it were to turn out that she truly did quit to keep from paralyzing politics in the state with all the investigations, law suits and other negativity directed at her by the terrified left??

    You say, “Our party is not the party that accepts just anything out [sic] politicians do. We hold them accountable.

    To which I respond:

    • Anomaly100

      @Hank, Please Mr Man, that’s not right. Not any of it. When Bush lied blatantly about WMD, did any of you act disgusted because you were lied to, now or at the time? I bought into the fear. I believed that at any moment, a hoard of Muslims from Iraq were going to run into the streets and behead us all. THAT is what we were told. I bought it. I admit it. I was afraid that it was the end of America. What about torture? You didn’t mind. You accepted it but if Obama had done something like that…..

      We’re upset. We don’t like being barked at by any elected official. Every leftist blogger was upset that Obama said to “Buck up” except for me. I didn’t like it but I understand the dire urgency. Even you Hank will try to explain away your particular politicians that act completely bonkers (ahem: Paladino). I really don’t believe that you think they are sound of mind. You might say otherwise, but I don’t think you believe it. That’s just a hunch.

      • Hank

        @Anomaly100, I guess part of it is different perceptions. I don’t think Bush lied. I have researched it to the best of my meager abilities. I DO think he was inclined toward aggressive action. But as best I can tell, aggressive action was being suggested by many. On both sides of the aisle and well before Bush was even President. Hind sight is 20/20.

        Personally, I was not “afraid” in the aftermath of 9/11. I was mad. VERY mad. I wanted to go Jamie Fox on them. I wanted to kill them all.

        As for torture, I’m not convinced what we did was torture. I have a different opinion of what constitutes honest to goodness torture and water boarding does not rise to that level. Honestly, some of the things I like best about Obama is that he is standing firm on some of these less “desirable” policies.

        And I know you may think me crazy, but there are certain things I admire about a man like Paladino. That he was ready to fire on this reporter because he felt like he threatened his daughter is one of them. He was absolutely correct in his statements about a gay pride parade being inappropriate for young children. If you disagree, just google for some pictures and let me know if you would want your children exposed to those kinds of public displays. Some would say we don’t need someone like this as a politician, a Governor. I’m inclined to believe that maybe that’s exactly what we need. Men of conviction and determination. Let’s face it. What we’ve BEEN electing, on either side of the aisle, hasn’t worked out so smurfy.

        I don’t think I’m a bad person. And for the most part I certainly don’t think you, particularly, nor many of those of your ideological persuasion are bad people. But we see the world differently. For whatever reasons, be it our backgrounds, the lives we’ve lived, the circles we’ve traveled in…..many things, but we see the world differently.

        My life experiences have helped to mold the way I think. I look at a set of circumstances and formulate my own opinions. (Although I know most of you guys think I just do what FOX tells me to do and/or think.) And I look at some of these things and am truly befuddled why some of us are at odds.

        For instance, my girl friend is staunchly liberal. But we agree on many things. We get along for the most part. But when it comes to the way we view the world in general and politics specifically, we are absolutely on different planets. I wonder how in the heck can she think or believe some of the things she does. And for the most part, I think she just wonders how I can be so stupid.

        Anyway, waxing far to poetic. I guess I could make it a lot simpler just to say that in spite of our differences, as long as we can carry on a reasonable dialogue, I’m willing to hear. I’m willing to listen. I may not change my mind and honestly, I’m not wanting to change yours. But I want to understand you because in order to respect you, I have to understand what drives your thought processing and conclusions. And I guess by trying to state my opinions and why I think and feel the way I do, I am searching for a modicum of respect.

        Whether we agree or not……

        Why can’t we all just get along. :-)

        • Anomaly100

          @Hank, We are different, but if it’s possible to at least speak respectfully, then there is hope. (there’s that hopey changey thing again;-) Far be it for our politicians to learn from their voters though! They will butt heads until everyone is unconscious. 😉

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  • Elizabeth Kennen

    @Anomaly100 Love your new blog post! – you are so right about doing something NOW. We have to keep nutjobs out of power.

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  • libhomo

    There is absolutely no chance whatsoever that Sarah Palin will be president. Republican primary voters and caucus attendees simply will not choose a woman to be president.

    The impossible prospect of Sarah Palin being president is a scam pulled by conservative Democrats like Barack Obama, the Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, Max Baucus, and Harry Reid to try to intimidate liberals into falling behind their GOP style policies. I’m not falling for it for one minute.

  • Rich Howells

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  • Hank

    @Anomaly – Well…when “Hopey/Changey” helps foster civil discussion and debate aimed at reaching reasonable conclusions beneficial for ALL, then I’m for it 100%.

    Good job. Good Blog.

  • Political Packrat

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  • Ahab

    “So far, 35 of her endorsements are tied to the Tea Party. She’s endorsed the very worst of the fringe element, such as Michele Bachmann and Sharron Angle.”

    Mark my words, that will come back to haunt her.