GOP Lawmakers: What Have We Done?

Campaigns from Tea Partiers echoed, ‘Stop Spending’ in unison with their advocates and Republican counterparts, however, some of their spending is outdoing the politicians they tagged as spendthrifts.

My question is, where is the outrage from the right in this — Tea Partiers proscribed certain spending, such as earmarks, calling them wasteful.

Tea Party backed candidate, Michele Bachmann said on Fox, “It’s all bad as far as I’m concerned. All this pork is bad. The old pork was bad, the new pork is bad,” she said. “What’s happened is that Republicans have sworn off earmarks. The President said when he came in that he would veto bills that had earmarks…now just the Democrats will be asking for earmark projects, pork projects if you will.”

If you will, Bachmann is requesting a redefinition of earmarks.

“The earmark issue touches transportation front and center, because how else do we fund these,” Bachmann said, “without ceding all the authority to the executive branch?”

But does Bachmann believe private entities shouldn’t get earmarks?

“I’m not going to comment on that,” she said. “What I’m commenting on is that we need to have a real, practical working definition of what do we mean by” earmarks.


Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.), a tea party favorite who lost out on his bid to chair the House Appropriations Committee, thinks his party may have overreached.

“Let’s look at transportation,” he said Wednesday. “How do you handle that without earmarks, since that’s a heavily earmarked bill? How do you handle a Corps of Engineers project? I think, right now, we go through a period where we have gone one step further than we meant to go, and there are some unintended consequences.”

Nassau County is one of the most affluent counties in America, but is about to go bust, facing an enormous budget deficit, instead of imposing a hiring freeze, when Republican, Executive Edward P. Mangano took office he did the opposite and borrowed more money to subsidize the richest school districts in America. He also lowered taxes which essentially is gutting Nassau County.

Campaign promises are easily made — most politicians don’t follow through, however, when they gang bang other candidates like Barack Obama as a ‘spend, spend, spend’ President, then spend more when they’re elected, it’s a certainty their voters have been used.

Progressive Nation:

Republicans are in conflict here. If they don’t earmark, the executive branch will decide where to appropriate funds that would have been the privilege of Congress otherwise. If they do earmark, then they are open to charges of hypocrisy, as many Republicans campaigned against earmarks as symbols of out-of-control spending.  (Though abandoning earmarks could never, by a long shot, balance the budget.) There are ways around this, such as letter-marking or phone-marking, wherein members write letters or make calls to agencies to try to direct spending to causes in their district.

Rep. Bachmann is by no means the only Republican in conflict over earmarks — most lawmakers want money for their districts, but the tea party strongly opposes the practice of earmarking. (An earmark moratorium failed in the Senate.)

Presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, said he never asked for an earmark — which was false — used it as a campaign tool to outdo Obama, knowing full well that some earmarks are necessary for aid.

It’s all about votes. Privately, gullible Conservative voters must be scratching their heads after their candidates were elected, some of the more clamorous ones did an about face, asking for earmarks.

Next, let’s talk about the missing Death Panels.

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      @Eve, They did judge President Obama for the last administrations’ failings immediately after being sworn in.

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