Michele Bachmann Pretends to be Living the Nightmare of Obamacare Daily

March 20, 2011

Rep. Michele Bachmann claims to be living the nightmare of “Obamacare” using two clinics owned by both Bachmann and her husband as her example.


Using talking points on Fox News, she rails against the “government takeover” of health care, which isn’t a government takeover,  and its hidden $105 billion in spending, that wasn’t hidden.

First, her argument:

My husband and I own two clinics. We live the nightmare of Obamacare every day, as do 49 of our employees. We want government to get out of health care, to get out of education, because we think the American people deserve better.

And now the reality which she disregards.  She is using thousands of federal dollars to fund her clinics.


Minnesota Independent:

Bachmann and Associates, Inc., a Christian mental health clinic founded and run by Rep. Michele Bachmann’s husband, has been taking money from Minnesota’s coffers since it was founded in 2003. It’s the latest example of a disjuncture in Bachmann’s rhetoric: the Sixth District Republican has seen her star rise in Tea Party circles for fiery rhetoric opposing government “handouts” and “socialized medicine,” while, again, she’s found to be directly benefiting from government funds. Since 2007, the clinic, run by Marcus Bachmann, has taken in nearly $30,000.


From this fact and her version of the term ‘socialist’ we can say without contest that she’s a Socialist. Bachmann claimed that she’s “in for 2012” in a previous speech, but later clarified saying she is committed to denying President Barack Obama a second term and not necessarily running herself.


Like Newt Gingrich, this unhinged Congress person, is obviously testing the waters to find out how much money she can raise in order to get the GOP nod.


What this amounts to, is taking down President Obama by any means necessary — by lying, cheating or hurting America as a whole.

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