Gov. Walker Changed The Budget Bill After The Senate Voted

Governor Walker’s union eradication/budget review bill was rammed through legislature quickly, including the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, so much so that no one could say exactly what was in it.


So, the Democrat leader Peter Barca asked what was in the new version — State Senator GOP leader Scott Fitzgerald dismissed his question.


The power plant provision wasn’t in the document passed by the Senate on Wednesday. Miraculously, it was changed before the Assembly vote on Thursday to include it.


Uppity Wisconsin:

“Thursday, the fiscal bureau was forced to correct its memo describing the bill, after unearthing some more buried treasure.  Seems there were a few things the original memo forgot to mention:

There are two items in the LFB’s March 10 document that are not reflected in the March 9 document.

1. The March 10 document includes a provision of the substitute amendment on the Earned Income Tax Credit (page 3, #1).

2. The March 10 document includes a provision of the substitute amendment on the Sale and Contractual Operation of State-Owned Power Plants (page 20, #1).

This bill was passed under the transparently false claim that it has no fiscal impact.  The sale of state property and changes in eligibility for EITC have no fiscal impact?

How this passes a legal challenge is beyond me.  It certainly doesn’t pass the smell test.”


Governor Walker is playing a dangerous economical game, using a financial crisis which he began with his own tax policies and laying it on the doorstep of the middle class. This is his war — Class warfare.


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Cartoon by Dave Granlund with our thanks.





  • DragonTat2

    It’s not his power plant to sell. Should be by a vote of the Owners, the Citizens of Wisconsin.
    Walker is totally out of line and under the influence of sOmEtHiNg!

    • Anomaly100

      @DragonTat2, Under the influence of too much tea perhaps. This is clearly illegal.

      • Intoccible

        @Anomaly100, Tea and a heavy overdose of Koch. *nod*

        • Anomaly100

          @Intoccible, Well that is who is serving the tea in this country. The GOP now stands for: Billionaires for billionaires

  • politicsunspun

    The bills have to match exactly or they are not legal, hence the need for reconciliation of bills.

    If they don’t match, they should both be challenged.

    • Anomaly100

      @politicsunspun, Since you know more about this than I do, what can be done at this point, and how long would it take in your opinion? (If you don’t mind me asking.)

      • politicsunspun

        @Anomaly100, Apparently, there are a number of issues that will need to be ruled upon.

        1) did they violate the open rule laws
        2) did the bill require a quorum, as required by law – if it contained legislation that involved a fiscal issue – which is also being claimed.
        3) the reconciliation issue.

        There may be more, but those are the ones I am aware of. How fast this can be resolved will depend on a number of issues. Can they get a judge willing to fast track it? Will the Attorney General, also a Republican, do everything he can to slow down the process with delaying tactics.

        One thing I do know- you should never, ever ever give complete control of government to a single party.

        We are a government of checks and balances. Without that we, as we can see in WI and these other states, are subject to rule by fiat.

        Of course, at this point, I don’t see any Republican willing to stand up to a tea party candidate’s lunacy. If tea party candidates are our only choice, then I’m picking a Dem, like him/her or not.

        These people are off the rails radicals.

        • Anomaly100

          @FactSpeaker, I just sent it his way via a reply from me, with your name at the top. Would you like me to delete this? I love your comments by the way.

    • Steve Jamison

      You dope, the bills didn’t match on purpose so that they could be sent to committee for reconciliation… This is where the spending part was stripped out allowing the bill to go forward. It was absolutely legal, Doyle did this maneuver on a regular basis. BTW, There is a difference between fiscal impact and what you are calling fiscal impact as defined by the Quorum rules.

      Wildly accusing the Republicans of illegality when you don’t understand the actual rules is silly.

      • politicsunspun

        @Steve Jamison, Wow, you have just proven that the name calling liberals are consistently accused of is not limited to liberals.

        So, if it was all legal as you contend, then why are there multiple law suits contending it was not?

        It is neither up to me or up to you to decide the legality of this bill. It will be up to the courts to make that determination.

        Apparently, you require illumination as well.

        • Steve Jamison


          I never said that name calling was limited to liberals, but I have seen several Hitler references, comments on murder, and calling him a douche made in this chain. Let’s not forget the death threats launched against those who actually voted on the legislation. I suspect pointing the finger at me for using a soft name like, dope, and dopey puts me in the same class of venom.

          With that said, the reason I used “dope” was because many of the comments being made are simply uninformed. Emotional yes, but none-the-less uninformed.

          As for the lawsuits, just because a lawsuit is filed doesn’t mean it has legs. The judge already killed the attempt to stay the legislation until the lawsuit is heard. The irony of this is the office in the capitol that helps Democrats and Republicans determine what’s legal is the one that said it was legal they will be the star witness. It would be a very rare outcome for a judge to say that the body that made the rules didn’t know what the rules meant.

          You forgot to mention that there are also several ethics complaints that have been filed… this is sort of rich given the behavior of the Senate Democrats.

          Mayor Barrett, Milwaukee, even said that the maneuver that was used was perfectly legal, he just didn’t think they would use it. Mordecai Lee also said that it was very unlikely a judge would hear the cases… let’s be honest… Mordecai is not on the conservative side of the spectrum.

          Detroit didn’t have the tools that Walker just provided to Wisconsin, Detroit is losing 50% of their teachers and classes are going to 60 in the next year.

          The unfortunate outcome in all of this is the Union overplayed its hand, influences outside of Wisconsin are rapidly taking this process away from Wisconsinites and the uncertainty created by the hype is causing a lot of sleepless nights.

          I spoke to a teacher this morning, she couldn’t believe what the rest of us were paying for medical appointments, co-pays, etc. Even under her new world order, she pays much less than we do…. the sad thing was … she felt entitled to those benefits… she honestly didn’t see that WE pay for HER benefits… or put differently, she was entitled to something that we can’t afford ourselves.

          • Anomaly100

            @Steve Jamison, Union workers have already agreed to pay more into their pensions and benefits, so, collective bargaining is pretty much the only thing left. To campaign on something, is one thing, to feign an allegiance to his people who are not aware of his next action, is betrayal.

          • Anomaly100

            @Steve Jamison,

            This comment is from @Fact Speaker:

            The “splitting” of the bill was done BY a Conference Committee FIRST, then it was voted on by the Senate, and THEN the Assembly voted on it the next day.

            The problem is that the bill created by the conference committee and voted on by the Senate is NOT the bill voted on by the Assembly the next day. Somehow, by accident or by design (we will never know), the wording in the bill was changed. The bottom line is the bill that was sent to Gov. Walker’s desk is NOT the same bill that the Senate approved and to be legal they must match BEFORE it is sent to the Governor for signing.

      • politicsunspun

        @Steve Jamison, So because others on this site feel it appropriate to name call — which I DID NOT, you think you have a right to call me names, no matter how “soft.” Sorry, that’s a pretty lame excuse.

        From reading the posts here, it seems there is a dispute as to exactly what has occurred.

        There are many times that legislatures overstep their constitutions – which is why we have courts to decide when they have and have not done so.

        We’ll have to wait and see what the outcome is. Like I said, neither you nor I have the authority to make those decisions, regardless of how emotionally you feel about it.

  • Andrew Goulding

    What an interesting twist. Walker is a con!

  • Need2Read333

    What scares me more than just about ANY of this is that only ONE Republican senator stood up against all of these illegal actions and immoral legislation. What do the rest of them know? WHY are they willingly committing what has to be political suicide? I live in probably the most conservative county in Wisconsin—Outagamie. Our state senator had been known for a bit of independence…’s like he’s been assimilated by the Borg!! WTF??

    • FactSpeaker


      The sad truth is (speaking as one who has been in the halls of politics and seen this happen first hand) that the only thing the GOP leadership needed to do was say to those Assembly members who were wavering; “If you vote against this bill, everything you try to bring to the floor for YOUR constituents will become stuck in committee and never see the light of day.”

      Modern politicians are 100% vulnerable to administrative and bureaucratic manipulation at the “paperwork” level. Note how the WI Senate leader used paychecks and copy machines to manipulate the ability of Democratic staffers to do their jobs.

      I saw a fine minor politician destroyed when he showed integrity and went against his own leadership ON BEHALF OF HIS CONSTITUENTS … he spent a year seeing his official paperwork mysteriously get lost again and again as “punishment” for his betrayal. The following election his constituents voted against him saying he was “ineffective”.

      Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
      The question is: Can you sleep at night?

  • Sally

    Wow..this guy a slimier than we thought. (Im)peach pie, anyone?

  • J

    How did he begin the financial crisis with his own tax policies? And many teachers/police officers/garbage men etc. make well over 75k a year plus amazing benefits and pensions, that’s not exactly middle class. Grow up.

    • Anomaly100

      @J, The National average for a teacher: $40K.

      • Ncinerati


        Careful, he’s been sucked in by the “teachers are rolling in the dough” bullcrap fox news has been pushing lately. They are trying to vilify teachers to reduce public outcry as they systematically destroy the profession, fire tenured teachers, and reduce their wages.

        My wife is a teacher. She makes 40k thanks to her masters degree and massive pile of college debt. Because of budget shortfalls and school shutdowns her current average classroom size is 35 students, and is due to go up closer to 40 next year. She hasn’t gotten a salary increase in a few years which is the first time this has basically -ever- happened (salary freezes). She spends her afternoons and weekends steeped in grading, and has to buy many of her own supplies for the classroom because the school can’t even afford enough paper to operate. She pays 100$/month for a “high plan” blue cross blue shield medical insurance plan that makes the possibility of making a baby affordable (our first baby happened under the “low plan” that was the free benefit that is supposed to be so amazing, and that ended up costing us 5,000$ out of pocket).

        We live in a modest house in a modest neighborhood, and she still drives the car she bought in college (a 99 saturn SL2 with over 160,000 miles on it now).

        Eventually, she -may- get to retire on a modest pension, which based upon current inflation and economic indicators will be woefully small and insufficient 20+ years from now.

        I knew exactly -1- teacher making “75k a year”, she’s got her doctorate and a double masters, has been teaching for almost 20 years, and is one of the most incredible elementary teachers I’ve ever met (actually, she only makes 68k a year, but close enough).

        Recently, cities here ended tenure and passed new rules that let schools fire teachers without needing the sorts of “evidence” or “valid reasons” that getting rid of a tenured teacher normally required. The republicans here touted the idea as great because it’ll allow us to get rid of all the BAD BAD teachers who were hiding behind tenure. Can you guess which teachers they got rid of? Here’s a hint: They didn’t fire anyone who’d been teaching less than 10 years and was sitting on the lower income bracket of the salary schedule. The -incredible- elementary teacher I just mentioned making 67k a year? Yeah, she got terminated. They kept all the crappy young teachers, all the bad ones, and focused purely on cutting people who had EARNED the right to make larger incomes due to their years on the job and expansive experience and talent. It was a budgetary decision, not a “what’s best for the kids education” decision.

        So you know what, J, I think you should take a long hard look at the REAL results of this kind of legislation. Lets even assume you were right for a moment, why would it be so bad for teachers to make 75k/year with benefits? If they did, teaching as a career would be incredibly competitive. You would have some of the best and brightest attracted to the field to fill the role, and you know what? EDUCATION WOULD BENEFIT AS A RESULT. Maybe as a nation we should take a second to realize if we go for the cheapest possible education, our children are going to be shortchanged.

        Unfortunately, people like you are so brainwashed against the facts that you’ll probably read this message and STILL feel like teachers are somehow overpaid and evil. Think for yourself for christ sakes. Teachers making a reasonable income is a -good- thing. In fact, every american making a reasonable wage is a GOOD thing.

        • Anomaly100

          @Ncinerati, You can always tell where people get their ‘news’ from. I published a post this week, The Dumbing Down of America” & to verify a teacher’s pay scale, it took less than a minute via Google. Without fact checking, this is only further proof that we are morphing into ignorant bliss. They’re happy to get Fox-facts, & I’m sure they know these facts are way off. They want to win – by any means possible. We need more teachers not less. Your family sounds wonderful. Some of us appreciate your wife’s occupation.

    • someguy

      “make well over 75k a year plus amazing benefits and pensions, that’s not exactly middle class.”

      Actually, that is middle class. It may be more than you’re making but that doesn’t mean they’re not middle class. Teachers in Wisconsin are required to have at least a bachelors degree to be certified to teach public school. If you think someone is making too much money that has a degree you are either a) a troll. or b) so uneducated that you can’t see the worth of someone who actually committed to improving themselves. I’m guessing the latter. I doubt you would admit to being educated yourself because that would invalidate your argument. I myself have a bachelors degree that I worked very hard to get many years after finishing high school. My salary went from less than $30k to over $60k within a few years of graduating. I did consider teaching as a career but decided not to because I felt it didn’t pay enough. I also didn’t want to spend every summer going to school so I could keep my certification up to date. There really isn’t much of a summer vacation for teachers regardless of what you hear from Glenn Beck. So if you’re just here to whine about not making as much as someone who sacrificed much to advance their careers, you should shut up and go back to school.

    • Arielle

      @J, He caused the financial crisis by him and his cronies passing $140 million in tax cuts for the wealthy/businessmen and now we have a $137 million shortfall…YOU do the math!

      And yes, as Anomaly pointed out, the average teacher’s salary is only $40,000 a year…it is NOT a career one goes into in order to get rich…nor is being an EMT, a nurse, a snowplow driver or a garbageman.

      I find it absolutely mind-boggling that people who make BILLIONS of dollars a year have spent millions of their own money in order to convince people making $30,000/year that the problem/enemy is people making $60,000/year rather than those making $60,000,000/year.

      It’s disgusting (and those falling for it are both ignorant AND disgusting).

      • Steve Jamison

        The $137 million was carried over from the Doyle administration’s last budget. It was expected.

    • Matt

      @J, Your on crack making over 75K a year… As a correctional officer for the state of wisconsin my hour wage is 16.89….. So your full of shit man

    • WHAAT?

      @J, @J
      Classroom teachers in Madison who have taught for 20 years make about 55k and have a MASTERS degree. Either your going off BS media or your agitating. DO YOU KNOW ANYONE in the professions you misrepresent in your words. HAVE you looked this info up? Its all public record man. Anyone can look it up.

      When you perpetuate the untruth, You participate in the facade. What may be worse is your buying the rhetoric and in doing so being USED AS A PAWN. You just sound silly and now people are angry at being railroaded. So don’t be surprised when comments indicating false info and aimed at a group of people, by anyone, and in this case you, gets blasted. Bone up man. Get informed. If for no other reason so you can not look ill advised (aka silly, stupid, ignorant, etc.)

    • Steve

      75,000 a year? I don’t know what teachers you’re talking about, but they aren’t the ones where I come from. If educators’ salaries are this high, it’s because of what administrators make, not teachers. I have a masters degree plus six hours, 25 years of experience, and I just cleared 50,000 for the first time in my life. I’m working two additional jobs to put my daughter through school. She wants to be a teacher too. With the kind of uninformed legislators we have these days, I feel sorry for her.

  • Tom

    I would love to have you come run the finances in my house, J…

    A family of 4 can barely get by on 70k a year in todays world. And you talk of good benefits being bad? I think perhaps you are the one who should “grow up”

  • Madaz’ell

    Corruption stinks. The rest of the Republican Senate didn’t say a peep because they follow what they are told to follow, and don’t bother to study or read what they are voting on. This is group dynamics at it’s worst, and the reason people like Hitler, (and Scott,) get away with destroying the foundations of civilization and society as we have known it.

  • Ender

    75k is the upper middle class. You just don’t see it anywhere because they are ERADICATING that pay scale. These are the same jerks who voted to extend the Bush tax for people earning more than 250k because “for a family of 4-5 who want to send their kids to college, 250k is not wealthy”. Hypocrites.

  • mike

    I wouldn’t go so far as to call him hitler…. he hasn’t murdered a million people (yet)

    But he is a douche.

  • Neosopheus

    So it is o.k. for Wall Street and bankers to make millions of dollars a year, who by the way, were responsible for the financial crisis, but it is not o.k. for our teachers, policemen, and other public workers to make a fraction of that amount? This bodes well for the future…

  • John

    Just like Obama did with his bills. What is good for the goose…

  • FactSpeaker

    Here is a good way to define what is “middle class” …

    Q1. How much does a TYPICAL 3 bedroom house cost in Wisconsin?

    Q2. What would the TYPICAL monthly payment on a FIXED 30 year mortgage for that house be?

    ANSWER: Multiply the answer from Q2 x 36 and that is a good basic middle class TAKE-HOME salary.


    1) a 3 bedroom house is the right size for a family of 4 people (the ideal American family size).

    2) owning your own home is the hallmark of the middle class in America.

    3) all experts (banks, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and financial planners) agree that your monthly mortgage payment **should not** be more than 1/3 of you take home pay.

    4) the “x 36” is mortage payment x 3 = monthly income x 12 = yearly income (again, as TAKE-HOME pay).

    Since most people typically get 35% of their gross paychecks zapped by taxes etc the real middle class salary number is more like the ANSWER x 1.35 = GROSS PAY which is what we are usually taking about when salaries are mentioned.

    • Anomaly100

      @FactSpeaker, I think I have the comments in question intact. If I missed any, please let me know. By the way, I have never made a mistake in my life. It must be embarrassing! :-)

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