New Poll Concludes the Majority of Republicans are Birthers

April 21, 2011

It’s not solely the flamboyant Donald Trump making an obnoxious show of his sudden conversion to joining the birther cult.


The absurd belief that President Obama is secretly a Kenyan Muslim here to recreate America into a Socialist utopia, seems to be contagious.  According to a new CBS/NY Times poll, it shows a consistency that the majority of Republicans doubt President Obama’s American citizenship.


47% of GOPers said they believed Obama “was born in another country”
22% “said they did not know where he was born”
32% said they believed he was born in the U.S.


Among major Republican figures polled, real estate magnate and reality TV show king Donald Trump had the highest positive rating and now we know why.  If you’ve been scratching your head questioning how the hell a birther such as Trump could beat Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee in approval ratings, look no further.


Among other things, Trump’s sudden conversion from pro-choice to pro-life has emerged, yet  he has no idea of when this transformation occurred.


Trump is seeking attention and ratings. Look at me, I just stated the obvious.



  • Neo Blaque

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  • Bill

    I’m been following this whole birther thing for a couple of years and I am starting to think that there really is something to it. This is going to come out in 2012. He better get on the phone with Bubbah right now and get some coaching on how to lie his way out of this cuz it is going to catch up to him. And when it does, I will come back here and say “I told you so”.

    • Sammy

      @Bill, Yeah right. In this information age, three years hasn’t been enough time? Orly Taitz has been trying for two years and she’s produced two fake foreign birth certificates, both from different countries. Yeah, that’s a reliable source. Every person who opposed him from the primaries to John McCain vetted the sources and found nothing and are all on record saying there’s nothing to it. But you, Bill, go to World Net Daily, a thoroughly discredited source who used another thoroughly discredited source, and YOU “thing there really is something to it.” Dude, the term “Kool-Aid drinker” is such a tired, worn out cliche, but it’s YOU who have OD’d on it.

    • Neosopheus

      @Bill, So you are saying that Obama was able to thwart the entire system that is in place to vet that candidates are actually qualified to hold the office of POTUS? If it was an actual issue it would have been found out long before this. And you call us Kool Aide drinkers. You are a joke, your reasoning and critical thinking skills are a joke. “This is going to come out in 2012.” Sure thing, Bill, because Rush and some other morons told you so, right? What a fool…

      • Anomaly100

        @Neosopheus, I’m quite sure you’ve read that article by now: Conservative brain vs Liberal brain. It sums their ‘thinking’ up perfectly

  • Bill

    @ Anomaly: So you dispute the fact that Obama’s personal law firm has spent 1.4 million since he took office? All these suits that were filed have to be defended. I’m sure that his firm is a high flyer with fees on the order of $400 hour or more. It wouldn’t be hard to rack up that kind of a bill. I’m sure somewhere this is public info and that the allegation can be substantiated.

    Okay, so let’s say that the 1.4 million is a right wing smear. Fine, then please tell me how much he really did spend defending these lawsuits rather than putting the matter to rest.

    Furthermore, I don’t find the NYT to be a credible news source. They have been busted numerous times for filing bogus and misleading news stories. I would not line my kids hampster cage with that rag. As for Novenator, he should get a Nobel Peace Prize for irresponsible and misleading “journalism” if you want to stoop so low as to label his drivel as such.

    • Sammy

      @Bill, My ORIGINAL birth certificate says “Certificate of Live Birth”. It’s a purple, ancient mimeograph.

    • Sammy

      @Bill, My wife used her re-printed “Certificate of Live Birth”, not the original which she lost, to get a passport. It’s the same thing. It’s the legal equivalent.

      As for legal bills, there is NO public record. Attorney-client privilege.

      HE DID PUT IT TO REST. The state of Hawaii put it to rest. Why won’t you birthers?

  • Bill

    @Kool Aid Drinkers A certificate of live birth is not the same thing as a birth certificate. Back in the days when you could go to Mexico without a passport one of the dudes I was traveling with barely got in with his “certificate”. They wanted to see the actual birth certificate with embossed seal. They are two different things.

    If such a document exists, why not produce it? Some higher level jobs require a background check where you have to produce a birth certificate, social security card etc. Why is it so much to ask that we see Obama’s actual birth certificate that was issued when he was born? He’s got to be hiding something to withhold this. With the kind of scrutiny that Presidential candidates are subjected to, it is ludicrous that he is keeping this a big secret.

    For you idiots that don’t understand what I am talking about a certificate of live birth is a document that you can order from the State where you were born. It is a form that they print upon request. The actual birth certificate is what your parents were given at the time of birth from the hospital where you were born at.

  • Greg

    I didn’t see anything in the poll article that suggested the birther question even came up… Can you source this a bit better? Otherwise, it is just you saying Republicans are crazy in your opinion….

    • Neosopheus

      @Greg, They did make mention of that poll and the numbers, I remember reading it and thinking that the math didn’t add up. It has since been edited out of the article.

  • Bill

    @ Sammy WorldNet Daily claims that he paid his law firm 1.4 million since his election. Much of that money was spent on defending lawsuits to make his birth certificate public. He may have also utilized the resources of the Justice Dept (taxpayer money). So that is where your brethren on the right get the $2 million figure being quoted all over the new media.

    That he would spend even $1000 to keep his birth certificate hidden is telling. All he would have to do is pay $20 and have the original released and this whole issue would go away. But noooooooooooo, this is the great leader and financial wizard Barack Obama who has not spent a day in the private sector yet he is quite happy to waste trillions of taxpayer’s money. It’s one of two things:
    1) His ego and vanity or
    2) There is something on the birth certificate that he does not want the public to see.

    @ Novenator a CBS/NYTimes Poll? You call that credible? You know that is bogus. I wouldn’t use that for any demographic research. You don’t need a poll to know that they were all hayseeds driving red F-150 pickups with a gun rack and spittin’ chewing tobacco out the window.

    or 3) 1 & 2

    • Sammy

      @Bill, As soon as you said “World Net Daily” you lost all credibility. They got those numbers from Orly Taitz. And his birth certificate was made public by the state of Hawaii. Why isn’t that enough for you birthers?

    • Sammy

      @Bill, And by the way, my wife lost her original copy of her birth certificate (or more likely, I lost it). She was born in Oklahoma and filled out the appropriate paperwork and paid her fee. Guess what? They didn’t provide her with a copy of the original. Those have been destroyed and replaced with a new “Certificate of Live Birth” which happens to look almost identical to that of the president’s. And my original BC from California? Also says “Certificate of Live Birth”.

    • Sammy

      @Bill, And one last thing. How does WND know how much was paid to his law firm? And how do they know what it was paid for? Do they have copies of the invoices showing, “3 hours – suppress birth certificate”? Bill, the birth certificate was released and still you guys keep hammering that it wasn’t. So you hammer the dude for not producing it, it’s produced, and then you ignore that it was produced.

    • Neosopheus

      @Bill, “I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawaii State Department of Health, have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawaii State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen. I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October 2008 over eight months ago….”

    • Anomaly100

      @Bill, Mr Man, you can not cite WND as a credible source. Even Joey Farah admits his writers aren’t citing facts. It’s amazing that you don’t find Novenator’s source credible while you quote WND.

  • Mr E

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  • D Free

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