Fox News’ Host Credits George W Bush For Job Growth This Month

After 12 months of an uncertain economy with job creation dipping up and down, the significant increase of job growth this month suggests a strengthening economy.


According to this Fox News host, it’s because of George W. Bush, with no credit given to President Obama.


No, really. Watch:



Fox News hosts push the myth that businesses have “been hoarding cash instead of hiring” because of “the likelihood for higher taxes.” In fact, as the Congressional Budget Office noted, “Increasing the after-tax income of businesses typically does not create much incentive” to hire.


Corporate profits have been soaring and jobs have been created not in America, but overseas; a vast amount of corporations are not paying a dime in U.S. taxes. Somehow this is supposed to better our economy?


Plutocracy is devastating this country, in fact, ask the American people: Raising taxes on the rich beats out cuts to defense spending, Medicare and Social Security as U.S. adults’ top preference on how to close the deficit, according to a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll in January.


Most polls show that taxing the rich would better our economy, but the millionaire Fox News’ hosts want to convince their viewers otherwise, as do their conservative radio host counterparts.


Ask most average, hard working middle class Americans and you’ll hear differently. Yesterday in California,a new poll was released showing strong bipartisanship support for raising taxes on the wealthy. 78% of California voters support a 1% increase in the income tax rate for Californians earning more than $500,000 a year.


New research shows the wealthiest 5% in this country control a whopping 63.5% of everything, while the rest of us, the bottom 80% own just 12.8% of the country’s wealth. And they get tax cuts why?


Dismissing research, Fox News viewers have bought into the idea that taxing the wealthy and not affording them undeserved tax cuts is somehow a maneuver to trick our countrymen and women in order to mold America into Obama’s new Socialist, Marxist, Maoist utopia.



  • Driver Finder

    I feel that the big guys you talked about here have the power to solve problems. But they don’t seem to have any interest to solve them. Although they may show outwardly that they are working for our welfare.

  • Taltool

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  • TomCat

    That’s 1st degree Teabuggery. If Crawford Caligula ate 20 cans of beans, he still couldn’t even do a good job breaking wind.

  • Stephen Lambert

    FreakOutNation » Fox News' Host Credits George W Bush For Job …

  • Ed Huguenin

    What an IDIOT!

  • Kyle Alexander

    #FoxNews host, it’s because of G W. #Bush @addthis @AOL @mmfa @AlterNet @google

  • Neosopheus

    Anyone every heard of Claude Shannon and Information Theory? At one level is says this: the more predictable a message is, the less information it contains. Let’s apply this to any and all of Fox’s reports. Since we can predict with quite a high probability the content of their news programs before they even report it, we can safely say that it in fact contains little to no information. And they call themselves a news organization…

    • OMGawd

      @Neosopheus, And the more their lies are repeated, their viewers take it as fact. All because they have high ratings. So does Sesame Street but it’s not real either.

      • Ben

        @OMGawd, Thanks to the same people, sesame street may not be around much longer…

    • OMGawd

      @Neosopheus, I forgot to mention (this comment system does not allow editing) that your comments are spot on. I just wish Bill could see through his partisan blinders and hear you.

      • Neosopheus

        @OMGawd, The problem is that we don’t even know if Bill is a real person or if those are his real opinions, or if he just posts here to get a rise out of us. However, we do know that he represents an ignorant segment of society who uncritically adopts the opinions of others and then in turn passes those opinions off as fact.
        In psychology there is a term called confirmation bias, which basically says people will put blinders on to any information that does not accord with their already set beliefs. Fox has done a wonderful job of painting Obama in a certain light, pointing out his full name, Barrack Hussein Obama, which puts people off immediately. Then they spread disinformation about him, i.e. he is a socialist, foreign born, etc.. People buy into that crap even though it has no factual basis and then refuse to see any other possibilities. They are literally blind to facts at this point and no amount of persuasion or evidence on our part will convince them otherwise. They don’t see that they are really pawns and are being manipulated to further an agenda that goes against their own self-interests. It is sad really.
        The media has also done a great job of dividing us using labels. As soon as a Republican hears the word liberal, they immediately tense up and it becomes an us vs. them mentality, where they are absolutely right and we are absolutely wrong. Same thing applies to Liberals when they hear that someone or some group is conservative. We spend more time focusing on the labels than actually seeing the forest for the trees.
        I for one don’t believe that either side is absolutely right or wrong. Both sides have some valid points but as long as we divide each other up by these labels we will never work together to make our society a better place for everyone. Infighting will continue and I will stand back and shake my head because as long as we don’t stand together as a united whole, we will all fall.
        I can lead people to knowledge; that is easy. Getting people to think critically for themselves is quite another matter altogether.

  • matt

    Is that host or a contributor? When will plundering the top 5% not be the most popular option? Eventually we’ll run out of other people’s money to spend. With catastrophic austerity throughout Europe, I thought this debate would be over. 80% + 5% = 100%, that sounds right.

  • Ray Lawson

    Fox host credits Bush for job growth this month. How far can u twist hist. b4 it brakes?

  • askatknits

    RT @Lawsonbulk: Fox host credits Bush for job growth this month. How far can u twist hist. b4 it brakes?

  • Ben

    Why are we using taxation as an indicator of job creation in the first place? Isn’t job creation responsible for higher tax income for the state? Not the state giving companies to create jobs. When I was growing up we had one indicator on whether or not jobs would exist… WHETHER or NOT people were buying things… No buy, no job to make or sell. Rich people by their very nature are frugal and will not give away more money simply because they have more of it all the sudden. They are going to turn that money around and invest it somewhere else, not in salaries that don’t show a direct return.

    Create the need/want for a product(advertising) with the ability to pay for that product (jobs/savings), then more people will purchase it and more jobs will appear as the need is sustained and increases (sales sustained growth).

    Tax cuts to sustain positive business growth is the stupidest crutch I have ever heard the republican party stand on. The only difference between the auto industry and a republican?… The auto-industry needed a bailout to recover from a crash, the republicans want to use large tax refunds (READ: BAILOUT) in order to grow in the first place? Sounds stupid to me.

  • Ben

    Short version for job ‘creationists’:
    Republicans – Tax break sustained growth through trickle down salaries. *cough*
    Successful business – Profits from sales give return(not tax breaks), and increased sales increase jobs needed to meed sales demand.

    When was the last time a company posted 30% increase in earnings and announced in the same day that all employees were getting a 10% pay increase to thank them, or hired more works to lighten the load on the workers obviously working hard to earn good profit… VERY FEW IF ANY.

  • Zoopolitics

    After 12 months of an uncertain economy with job creation dipping up and down, the significant increase of job…

  • Neosopheus

    Fox News, if you can call it that, should be required by law to post a disclaimer before each and every show that is not actually news based that would read something like this: the following is an opinion program and not necessarily based on facts. Or something to that effect and it should be left on the screen for at least 30 seconds. They call themselves a news company but yet they aren’t required to differentiate between its news and opinion shows? What a crock of shit. In Canada, they have a law that prevents a news show from trying to pass off opinion as fact. That is why Fox News cannot broadcast in Canada. I guess the Canadians are on to something, eh?

    • Anomaly100

      @Neosopheus, I wonder if there’s a way to sue them for false advertising. It’s something that might get them to take that ‘Fair and balanced’ tag line down.

      • Neosopheus

        @Anomaly100, Well you can sue anyone for just about anything you can think of, if you have the time and money to do so. But going up against a corporation with as much money and influence as they have would probably be a battle that couldn’t be won.

  • kevin bryant

    FreakOutNation » Fox News' Host Credits George W Bush For Job …: Fox News hosts push the myth that businesses …

  • Christy

    FreakOutNation » Fox News' Host Credits George W Bush For Job …: Fox News hosts push the myth that businesses …


    FreakOutNation » Fox News' Host Credits George W Bush For Job …

  • Alex

    laughing! Thanks for the comedy relief today.

  • Bob

    I swear, this one not satire. Really. Oh man!

  • Jonni

    First, the point of U.S. tax cuts is to spur U.S. business, job growth AND economic opportunities. Inflating profits and executive compensation is NOT the goal, but it’s been the only achievement ever since they were implemented. The Bush tax cuts have NEVER created any meaningful employment. In fact, Dubya has one of the worst job creation records in modern U.S. history. That’s why his Presidency is referred to as “the lost decade”.

    Second, Obama has NOT supported tax cuts for the wealthy since day one. If he had, the Republicans would not have resorted to political extortion to get them extended. As a reminder, U.S. middle class tax cut extensions were threatened by Republicans UNLESS they got tax cuts for their true constituency (i.e., top 2-5%) extended. Obama made a mistake by caving into Republican demands and it has expanded the national deficit, contrary to Republican campaign promises.

  • Bill

    @Neosopheus I would like to clear this up for you folks. I don’t get my thoughts and opinions from Fox News. I don’t like to watch the news on television because I read the news on the internet during the day and anything that Fox has to say is just a re-hash. When I am driving in the car, I do listen to talk radio. I like Rush Limbaugh because I usually agree with him and he is funny. As for the internet, I am all over the place and I read anything and everything not just politics. Sometimes I do watch PBS news hour because their presentation is so bad that I find it funny – plus I like to understand the enemy’s viewpoint.

    I don’t just go to conservative sites for my info. For example, I like huffpo. There is much good stuff on digg.
    When I am bored I will go to I read a lot of different things and form my own opinions. I am nut a mindnumb robot taking marching orders from Fox.

    What I am at the very core of my being is a Reagan conservative. I can apply his simple conservative philosophy to any political issue and it works every single time. Reagan is my filter – not Fox news. Any true conservative commentator more or less does the same thing.

    So there you have it. I am a simpleton who sees everything in bold colors – not pastels. If all we do is shoot for the middle on everything we are not going to get anything done – just half-assed measures. I don’t appreciate the nuance like some pompous elites. I don’t think we need a liberal think tank study on why spending too much money or higher taxes is ruining our economy. You have core beliefs and principles like individuality & freedom from tyranny, smaller government and lower taxes – that’s it.

    You liberals should do the same thing. Stand proud for who you are. We can duke it out in the arena of ideas and let the voters decide. What is wrong with that? Some of my very best friends are whacked liberals. I don’t take it personally. We disagree about politics and how to run the country but they are still good people and I enjoy a spirited debate with them.

    • Anomaly100

      @Bill, PBS is your enemy?

      Also, you don’t have to divulge this, but I am curious as to your Digg user name. Everyone is welcome here, so that is not why I’m asking. I do enjoy having people from all parties participate in discussion, after all, it would be boring to just pat each other on the back. It’s just a curiosity thang…

      And, I feel compelled to say, Rush Limbaugh is a self-serving, humorless hate monger. That about wraps it up.

    • Neosopheus

      @Bill, You say you don’t get your thoughts and opinions from Fox and yet they are practically mirrors of each other. I have backed up every argument of mine with facts; you fail to do so. I could go back and rehash every single one of them but to what end? You are not going to see anything but what you want to see.

    • Sammy

      @Bill, The problem with only seeing in bold (did you mean primary?) colors is that the world is made of black, white, gray, primary and pastel colors. If you don’t see the whole palette, you’re missing a lot of nuance. As for being a Reagan conservative, that would drum you right out of the current conservative party. Reagan was not opposed to meeting in the middle, and not opposed to raising taxes when necessary, and it was St. Ronnie who presided over the first great period of deficit spending.

  • Bill

    @ Anomaly: Humor is a subjective matter. You don’t think Limbaugh is funny yet 6,000,000 people do. A lot of people think Bill Maher is funny – I don’t. As for my digg user name I can assure you it is not “Bill” or “Novenator” Why are you so obsessed about digg? Do you really make money off this site? I was very amused to hear that Huffpo was sold for like 300 million and that Huffinfton’s writers were mostly not even paid for their submissions.

    LOL, who am I? Well, if you can guess correctly I will let you know. I am not any sort of “Bill” and I am not “Novenator” I will tell you that much. I will tell you this. I’m on digg. I don’t have any followers and noone follows me and I very rarely login to bury or digg anything. Relax, I’m not who you think I am. You are too paranoid. You must really make money off of this to be so concerned about one person on Digg that might bury the occasional liberal submission.

    • Anomaly100

      @Bill, You misunderstand. I have a couple of Conservative friends there — there is no paranoia. I do like a few of the Conservatives, others, not so much. I simply wondered if we commented to each other in the past. You can bury any submission of mine you like. It’s not a concern of mine.

      And obviously, you know Novenator. Yes, I think he’s a great guy too. And we both know, I do not think you are Nov.

  • Bill

    @ Anomaly: and PBS is not my enemy. They just represent a lot of what I am against philosophically. I also am irritated that my tax dollars fund a lot of pathetically bad TV. The whole notion is ridiculous.


    Fox news host credits George Bush for jobs growth this month.