Study: GOP Plan Will Leave 44 Million Americans Without Medicaid

June 10, 2011

Concerns about Republican efforts to eradicate Medicare have been met with ire at Town Hall meetings across America; with seniors showing anger over tax cuts afforded to the wealthy while they are left without a future with Medicare.


After demonizing the President for his Health Care law, they’ve found it more difficult to argue against big government when they have solely targeted popular programs among the elderly and poor — but sided with insurance companies.


Now Medicaid is on the chopping block.


The GOP plans on repealing the President’s new Health Care law will backlash; they’re also going after Medicaid, which will force 44 million poor and disabled Americans out of the program; most of them will be left uninsured, according to a new analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation.


Kaiser’s analysis concludes that this period would encompass the next decade. This state by state study, also shows the House Budget plan could affect health centers, hospitals and safety-net facilities that serve low-income and uninsured people and rely heavily on Medicaid revenues.


Kaiser reports that within the next decade, the extreme reductions would come at a time when millions more people would lack coverage, increasing the potential demand for uncompensated hospital care.


With insurance prices soaring due to political manipulation, there will be no way to insure the poor but, the elderly will at least get — a voucher.


H/T Los Angeles Times

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  • Fara

    Actually What i thought is this is a one of the many happenings in the government, so by reading this article you cannot decide your voting. Have a look on other matters too.

  • Kyle

    Show how stupid and truly blind you are. Those “exemptions” that you speak so proudly of are no more than extensions so that companies like Walmart can continue to offer their useless $30 a month emergency policies until the 2014 deadline comes. It’s not an exemption, but an extension. Keep believing that BS on faux news, because all those “exemptions” still have to comply with the law by the deadline. Fox left that part out so you would have a good water cooler story, and continue to spread their BS. Congrats your a fool.

  • Kevin

    And yet with control of the House ‘Conservatives’ continue to be hypocrites. This is nothing unusual for this corrupt party. If it isn’t in the best interest of their financial backers (banks, top 1%) they dont give a damn about anyone/anything else.

    So their dropping their own “government-run healthcare” will NEVER happen. Why should they feel the same pain as the less fortunate? Again: Embarrassing Hypocrites.

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