Struggling Unemployed Guy in Mitt Romney’s ad Is not Unemployed

Mitt Romney’s newly released ad titled, “Obama’s misery index” showing another struggling American trying to obtain employment is highly questionable a lie.


Mitt Romney, who is hoping to get the GOP Presidential nomination, made a recent statement, “I’m also unemployed” but he’s actually worth several hundred million dollars.


Voters should question the Republican definition of ‘struggling’ after several GOPers recently have claimed to be scraping by, on far more than an average American makes — some of us, won’t see that amount of money in an entire lifetime.


Ryan King, the ‘struggling’ guy, who claims to be an unemployed college graduate with only $3 to his name, surviving on baloney, is not telling the entire truth.

Greg Sargent reports on King’s inconsistencies:


In 2009, King was identified in the local press as the vice treasurer for the Midland County Young Republicans. He seems to have been a local Republican activist since; his Facebook page shows him partying away at the 2011 state GOP convention.

King’s employment history is also unclear. As late as May, he boasted on his Facebook page of getting a job at Quality Marketing Enterprise in Midland, as a marketing accounts rep. “Got the job, booya!!!” he exclaimed.

An employee at Quality Marketing tells me King no long works at the company. But he seems to have gotten a job since. If you listen to the video, at one point he says: “Right now I have about $3 to my name before I cash my paycheck tomorrow.”


Unemployment is a dire issue, but to utilize an activist for an ad attack against the president in regards to the economy only proves that the Republican definition of ‘struggling’ is not in Webster’s dictionary.


In one part of the ad, King states he can’t find a job, then in another he claims he has only $3 until he cashes his paycheck.  Didn’t Romney’s camp scrutinize this ad over before releasing it, or at the very least, glance at it?

King is a Republican activist and there’s nothing wrong with activism, but let’s not go the James O’Keefe route – surely there are struggling Americans who can step up. For example, seniors who are being asked to sacrifice, while millionaires and billionaires are given generous tax cuts.


Unions, the middle class and the poor, are all asked to sacrifice while Republicans attempt to take away collective bargaining rights which is the only tool they have to keep workers’ rights intact.


Medicare is on the chopping block, so let’s video tape an American that is 54 years old that has paid into Medicare for a lifetime and has no other health care — but will lose his or her benefits at the age of 55 if this paid into service is eradicated because of the economic apocalyptic scenario Republican politicians have been portraying — while the rich remain protected — while Republicans try to get even more tax breaks for corporations that send jobs to China.


But, apparently the economy is so dire, that we need to ask only the needy to sacrifice.


King could always work the crops in Georgia where the tough new anti-immigration law has driven away undocumented workers, so much so that the crops are ruined.


He can earn up to $8.00 an hour working in 100% humidity, but at least there will be no undocumented workers to be found, or any others for that matter because no one else wants the job.


But, his ‘struggles’ will be over.





  • Diane

    The problem with putting an “unemployed” person in a Republican attack ad is twofold.

    One, many of the unemployed and underemployed are Democrats. Dems aren’t heartless/soulless enough to chase the Almighty Dollar with extreme prejudice.
    Two, given that the House Republicans held up unemployment checks — TWICE — the whole thing is the very picture of hypocrisy.

    • Anomaly100

      @Diane, You bring up a very good point, which spotlights Republicans wealth and why they only ask the needy to sacrifice. They are the corporations. Sure, GE donates to Obama, but as a whole, they are Corporately owned, so why not ask everyone else to sacrifice — and without an unemployment check coming in.

  • Edward

    >King could always work the crops in Georgia where the tough new anti-immigration law has driven away undocumented workers, so much so that the crops are ruined.

    Looks like it’s time to pay farm workers a decent wage for 10+ hour days sweating in the heat, eh?

    • Anomaly100

      @Edward, Indeed it is time, however, they don’t want to pay more, which is why they employed undocumented workers. Orrr…perhaps farm workers to join a union. Oh right, they tried that. We’ll think of something.

  • Jed

    I really can’t understand the “demonize the rich” mentality that seems to be Democrats only playing card for the 2012 election.

    In attacking the rich, you take away the one reason why people in this country work hard. Do you think, like Obama, that the American dream is to be middle class?

    No! We want the opportunity to be rich, even if we don’t quite get there. It would also be nice to keep and enjoy what we get once we get there.

    If you saved up all your life and bought a Lamborghini, how would you feel if the government called and said you have to sell it to cover the deficit spending of California?

    Romney makes a good point when he says profits are a good thing that promote better quality and efficiency and service and allow a business to reinvest in growth and jobs.

    • Anomaly100

      @Jed, For the life of me, I can not comprehend the “demonize the middle class” mentality that Republicans are pursuing. Teaching was always considered to be a noble profession. Now, they’re treating their profession as if it’s a ‘scam’.

      I do not understand why your party solely asks for the middle class to sacrifice, while the rich make money on seniors’ backs.

      First, Bush put us in an economic spiral, now this president is supposed to ‘fix it’ in 2 years and if the GOP has its way, it will be because we are asked to sacrifice, not them.

      If I saved all of my life and your party was in control, I would still not be able to afford a Lamborghini, because I’ll be sacrificing by paying into the insurance companies greedy pockets — your party defended them while calling us Socialists for wanting decent health care.

      When workers’ rights were initially at risk, we were told that firefighters and police persons would not be at risk. Now they are. What are you people thinking?

      The agenda your party is trying to force through is to the detriment of ‘we the people’.

  • learnavatar

    My friend inherited/owns the largest farm in Georgia. The corn is a few feet overhead and the other crops look good as well. he could care less if he pays $8, $10, or $15 an hour, the demand for ethanol is so high his profits are actually up since the new law passed.

    • learnavatar

      @learnavatar, oh, and unemployment has dropped to zero in the smaller towns near his farm since the migrant workers did not show up this year.