Study: GOP Plan Will Leave 44 Million Americans Without Medicaid

Concerns about Republican efforts to eradicate Medicare have been met with ire at Town Hall meetings across America; with seniors showing anger over tax cuts afforded to the wealthy while they are left without a future with Medicare.


After demonizing the President for his Health Care law, they’ve found it more difficult to argue against big government when they have solely targeted popular programs among the elderly and poor — but sided with insurance companies.


Now Medicaid is on the chopping block.


The GOP plans on repealing the President’s new Health Care law will backlash; they’re also going after Medicaid, which will force 44 million poor and disabled Americans out of the program; most of them will be left uninsured, according to a new analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation.


Kaiser’s analysis concludes that this period would encompass the next decade. This state by state study, also shows the House Budget plan could affect health centers, hospitals and safety-net facilities that serve low-income and uninsured people and rely heavily on Medicaid revenues.


Kaiser reports that within the next decade, the extreme reductions would come at a time when millions more people would lack coverage, increasing the potential demand for uncompensated hospital care.


With insurance prices soaring due to political manipulation, there will be no way to insure the poor but, the elderly will at least get — a voucher.


H/T Los Angeles Times

  • novenator

    Just like their health care plan. They seem to think the magic number of Americans that they can safely fuck over is around 50 million.

  • Jim Irwin

    It’s really quite simple … DO NOT VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS!
    If people would just realize that then the GOP would out of control in the House as far as budgetary legislation.
    Do Not Vote Republican! … repeat after me … Do Not Vote Republican!

    • Anomaly100

      @Jim Irwin, Just keep saying that. Hopefully others will hear you too.

    • Sally

      @Jim Irwin, DO NOT VOTE REPUBLICAN! DO NOT VOTE REPUBLICAN…hope it catches fire….

  • Adrian

    Americans are broke. They need to eliminate everything the government can urgently. Otherwise, hyperinflation due to high printing of money will become soon a reality.

    • Jonathan

      @Adrian, Yes – but America itself is not broke. The country has lots of wealth. Since the 1980s the top 1% has seen their incomes increase 280% while the rest of us have had a meager 16%. Tax breaks for the wealthy and a continued push to dismantle the social services is just the republicans way of forcing those less fortunate to live like our grandparents did.

      • Adrian

        “America itself is not broke. The country has lots of wealth.”
        Your real wealth comes only after you pay your debt as individuals and state.
        From Wikipedia(Economy of the United States page):

        The overall financial position of the United States as of 2009 includes $50.7 trillion of debt owed by US households, businesses, and governments, representing more than 3.5 times the annual gross domestic product of the United States. As of the first quarter of 2010, domestic financial assetsA totaled $131 trillion and domestic financial liabilities $106 trillion.

        Plus, you “produce” 14 trillion per year mostly through a service economy. And your government alone is 14 trillion in debt. The entire population is more than 50 trillion in debt. That’s about $166.000 in debt for every person in the US.

        “Since the 1980s the top 1% has seen their incomes increase 280% while the rest of us have had a meager 16%”
        You can’t raise the lower level unless you raise the higher level. This difference has more to do with the economic ignorance of the masses of people.

      • Adrian

        “Tax breaks for the wealthy”
        Wealthy people are smarter at investing their money. Most of their wealth is in assets. They start businesses and hire people. Logically, everyone should pay the same amount of taxes.
        Tax the wealthy too much and they will do business in other countries that offer a better business environment. It’s that simple. They don’t have to stay in United States.

        “a continued push to dismantle the social services”
        Your social services are too expensive. They are unsustainable in the long run. You don’t afford them as a nation. Plus, the costs are artificially high because of your government’s involvement. There’s a moral hazard that happens when the government subsidies part of the costs. The pharma and other suppliers keep raising the prices. The same happens in your educational system which is too expensive as well.

      • charlie

        @Jonathan, AHAHAHAHAHA… dude who gives a shit what the wealthiest people in the world make? That’s there own business. If you want to compare wages and wealth compare american lower class to fucking ethiopia or some shit. The poorest in this country can eat food everyday and have a roof over their head. Shit… I’ve seen homeless people that have a wad of cash… can’t say that for someone starving in africa. Not everyone has to have the exact same!!!! And if there are poor people in the world and you’re well off… then lend a fucking helping hand. Stop bitching at rich people you jealous mother fucker.

        • Anomaly100

          @charlie, You need to adhere to some sort of civility. Is short, watch your language.

        • Bill

          @charlie, That was eloquent! You nailed it dude.

  • Matt

    Canada and European countries spend 10.5% and 10% of GDP on health care, respectively.

    The United States spends 17% and doesn’t have universal health care.


  • msbpodcast

    Is there anything dumber that a Republican?

    They p*ss all over the poor, the stupid, the Monster Truck crowd by making all kinds of false statements* and they’re upset when the same falsehoods come back and bite them in the ass?

    And ever notice all Republicans are hale and healthy?

    That’s because if you’re NOT hale and healthy, then you’re not a REAL Republican.

    Too bad about those embarrassing statistics about disabled Americans making up 15% of the population.

    *) The assorted BS is:
    • ObamaCare has got death panels, (its called end-of-life counseling; they’re telling you you’ve got choices, instead of the Republicans who’ll tell you to “get out of my limo’s way, Grand-ma”,)
    • it’ll cost too much to cover everybody, (why is it okay to give tax cuts to the rich, spend billions making ourselves hated and call the cops on the poor,)
    • it’ll ruin your capacity for choice, (how much choice do you get in Arkansas? There is NO choice for more that 55 MILLION Americans, and not much choice for the rest,)
    • they’ll ruin medicare, (see 2 points above,)
    * they’ll ruin medicaid, (seniors are very leery of that, as Republicans are finding out.)

  • Agnoa

    I might be killing myself on the steps of the White House with a shot gun when I can’t use medicaid to buy overpriced Pharmacy medication that keeps my depression at bay. Since they could care less about the mentally ill like me who need medication desperately in order to live some sort of normal life. Fortunately I’ve found another medication which is more effective and hundreds of dollars cheaper. It’s called marijuana and it’s illegal right now yet it works better than the pharmacy drugs. And guess what? The Pharmaceutical companies are starting to look at marijuana and they will not stop there, they will patent the seeds themselves and we wont even be able to grow it.

    The republicans care nothing about the poor, the middle class, minorities, women, children, no one or nothing but their wallets. They are for letting the big companies trample over the environment, poison us, dumb us down with cuts in education, crush anyone that tries to stand up to them. These companies are run by ruthless psychopaths that care nothing about others. They will let your children be fed E Coli and the Republicans will prevent you from suing them. The republicans WANT to take away your rights and once again anyone that isn’t a billionaire will be like the peasants of the old days. Life was hard and miserable back then you know, and history can repeat itself.

    To all of the Fox News watching Non-Millionaire Non top 1% rich Republicans:

    STOP being prideful and closed minded and realize that the Republicans don’t give a crap about you or me or your family, friends, or children, your grandparents. They don’t care about Jesus, they don’t care about helping others including you. They want an eat or be eaten kind of world, where they have all of the power and muscle and the others, you and me, are less than and forced to bow down. They use religion, gay marriage, etc. to fool the less educated in the south to gain votes and support.

    If you want to return to the days of monarchy then vote Republican. If you want to live in a country that actually has morals and values and aren’t a bunch of sleazy self interest scumbags, then vote Democrat. I admit no party is perfect and corruption has run out of control with lobbyist in both, but the Republicans have finally gone to far in showing their true colors. Lobbying is legal bribery, the big companies by votes and send in hordes of lobbyist to drown the others which have real issues and bills to past for the better. It was not and has not ever been about abortions, guns, etc., it was about gaining power and shutting down the competition.

    REPUBLICANS ARE HEARTLESS EVIL PEOPLE, stop pretending they are otherwise and WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • Neosopheus

    More like “Republican’t”…

    • Anomaly100

      @Neosopheus, I haven’t seen you for awhile. I hope you’re well.

      • Neosopheus

        @Anomaly100, I am very well, just been busy busy busy. How have you been?

        • Anomaly100

          @Neosopheus, Busy here too, dealing with a family emergency in New Orleans, so I’m not in my usual habitat. But, these days you can blog from anywhere. It’s good to hear from you!

        • Bill

          @Neosopheus, you guys should go out on a date

  • Ryan Webster St Charles MO

    I agree. Hopefully others will catch onto this and it will reflect in their votes next election.

  • Eric

    Solution: mandate that all politicians be given the same health plan as the working class.

  • Glen

    Conservatives suggested this, when “Obamacare” was being
    created, and once a single democrat signed onto it, the
    conservatives dropped their support of it.

  • Kevin

    And yet with control of the House ‘Conservatives’ continue to be hypocrites. This is nothing unusual for this corrupt party. If it isn’t in the best interest of their financial backers (banks, top 1%) they dont give a damn about anyone/anything else.

    So their dropping their own “government-run healthcare” will NEVER happen. Why should they feel the same pain as the less fortunate? Again: Embarrassing Hypocrites.

  • Kyle

    Show how stupid and truly blind you are. Those “exemptions” that you speak so proudly of are no more than extensions so that companies like Walmart can continue to offer their useless $30 a month emergency policies until the 2014 deadline comes. It’s not an exemption, but an extension. Keep believing that BS on faux news, because all those “exemptions” still have to comply with the law by the deadline. Fox left that part out so you would have a good water cooler story, and continue to spread their BS. Congrats your a fool.

  • Fara

    Actually What i thought is this is a one of the many happenings in the government, so by reading this article you cannot decide your voting. Have a look on other matters too.

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