Fox News Host On Rupert Murdoch Scandal: We Should All Just Move On

July 17, 2011

Public relations is a beautiful thing and a story can be spun so much so that the victim becomes the perpetrator and vice versa. Fox News finally gave more than a New York second’s coverage on Rupert Murdoch’s recent scandal — while other news stations devoted an abundant amount of time and attention to the story.


Fox News used the same aberrant behavior we are accustomed to in order to justify the extreme misconduct criminal behavior Murdoch’s companies are charged with. Fox believes we’re making too much of this.



Rupert Murdoch’s disingenuous apology was published and according to Fox, that should be the end of it. That said, this is his real apology which may or may not have been forged (we can play this game too):















What they didn’t intentionally inform the audience during the show was; according to James Fallows of the Atlantic, the “expert” in this video that discusses the hacking menace with Steve Doocy of Fox is indeed an expert — in corporate public relations. He is Robert Dilenschneider (below), former head of Hill and Knowlton and now head of the Dilenschneider Group, who recently was featured in an interview, “How to Manage a PR Disaster.”




During the show, the two acted as shields for Murdoch, deflecting onto disasters as I waited in bated breath for the pair to blame the alleged malevolent behavior on President Obama — instead they chose the economy, then mentioned that we should just move on.


Simply, no we do not ‘move on’. If the accusations of hacking the families of 9/11 victims proves true, then we must ponder the notion that others have been victims of the media mogul’s deceptive practices previously — or rather, News Corp’s deceptive practices.


Fox News implemented a ‘fair and balanced’ tagline since its inception, but it’s never come close to their claim. They are the GOP headquarters/PR firm that promotes a far right wing agenda, which they forge onto Americans with an abundance of talking points. Why would a news station not just report the news?


Yeah, I’m suspicious. Where is Glenn Beck’s chalkboard now?


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  • Robert

    Let’s be clear News Corporation is not just accused of fiddling with a few phones. They are accused with hacking a computer communications network, using the information gathered for blackmail and extortion, bribery of police officers and interfering with the course of a criminal investigation and treason as a result of corrupting government leaders for foreign corporate advantage.
    These are a whole host of extremely serious crimes, hardly a surprise that Fox not-News would ignore them, after all they ignored illegal wire tapping, torture, deceiving the public and government into a war for profit and blatant public corruption with no bid billion dollar contracts.

    • Anomaly100

      @Robert, Agreed, and if you’ve noticed the MSM is calming down on reporting Murdoch’s scandal lately. It’s the biggest topic to hit the airwaves and they are barely touching it.

  • A Nonny Moose

    I can tell the whole of that video “news item” was crafted by PR experts. Much of it was designed to be redirection of the person’s thoughts and attention – away from Rupert himself and any thought that FOX itself might have something it does not want exposed.

    Note how they discuss pretty much every topic imagineable EXCEPT the crimes and Ruperts’ responsibilities.

  • Elle

    Well if you are Murdoch can do this with his own wrongdoing – why do we support his news channel or his media empire. There are alternatives.

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