Fox News Host On Rupert Murdoch Scandal: We Should All Just Move On

Public relations is a beautiful thing and a story can be spun so much so that the victim becomes the perpetrator and vice versa. Fox News finally gave more than a New York second’s coverage on Rupert Murdoch’s recent scandal — while other news stations devoted an abundant amount of time and attention to the story.


Fox News used the same aberrant behavior we are accustomed to in order to justify the extreme misconduct criminal behavior Murdoch’s companies are charged with. Fox believes we’re making too much of this.



Rupert Murdoch’s disingenuous apology was published and according to Fox, that should be the end of it. That said, this is his real apology which may or may not have been forged (we can play this game too):















What they didn’t intentionally inform the audience during the show was; according to James Fallows of the Atlantic, the “expert” in this video that discusses the hacking menace with Steve Doocy of Fox is indeed an expert — in corporate public relations. He is Robert Dilenschneider (below), former head of Hill and Knowlton and now head of the Dilenschneider Group, who recently was featured in an interview, “How to Manage a PR Disaster.”



During the show, the two acted as shields for Murdoch, deflecting onto disasters as I waited in bated breath for the pair to blame the alleged malevolent behavior on President Obama — instead they chose the economy, then mentioned that we should just move on.


Simply, no we do not ‘move on’. If the accusations of hacking the families of 9/11 victims proves true, then we must ponder the notion that others have been victims of the media mogul’s deceptive practices previously — or rather, News Corp’s deceptive practices.


Fox News implemented a ‘fair and balanced’ tagline since its inception, but it’s never come close to their claim. They are the GOP headquarters/PR firm that promotes a far right wing agenda, which they forge onto Americans with an abundance of talking points. Why would a news station not just report the news?


Yeah, I’m suspicious. Where is Glenn Beck’s chalkboard now?


  • Sally

    Can you imagine if the boogy man Soros was accused of hacking 9-11 victims? The Fox crew would have the tar, feathers and the noose on the table at all times. Idiots.

  • Tom

    To bad honesty is as lacking here as you claim it is on FOX. Your basic premise you start out with is false. I watch FOX on break at work (which lasts 2 hours for every three I work), and the first day as well as the full day after, FOX reported all that was happening with the scandal in detail. I remember thinking, “wow they are spending alot of time on a scandal that makes their boss look really bad.” I actually thought it was quite obvious that they were trying not to be guilty of avoiding a news worthy story. Although some of your accusations are true, i.e. the talking points that I get tired of as well, I doubt you spend all that much time watching the station. I’ve spent alot of time between MSNBC and FOX (not much with CNN) and by far the fairest anchor is Shepard Smith(Who I think sucks as an anchor. He annoys me) and the fairest commentator by far is Bill O’Reilly and that has been backed up by a recent poll. Being a conservative doesn’t make you ipso facto unfair or dishonest nor does being a liberal. Sometimes people just have different beliefs on the roles of gov’t and economic philosophy. If we acknowledged that and discussed statistics instead of playing emotional games and name calling then maybe the truth would come out of its hiding place and make a difference.

    • Justin

      FOX has no interest in the truth, only in how factual events can further their agenda. Back when I was a republican, I often laughed at this and thought it was ingenious. Now that my world-view has broadened a bit, I see it for the slime it is. Effectual, but slime nonetheless.

      • Tom

        @Justin, No more than MSNBC Justin. Since these posts are about an article written on this website it is ironic that you choose to point out your percieved view of FOX’s truthfulness and ignore the false presentation of this article. I have no desire to defend FOX about anything other than when they are being attacked unfairly as this article does. I don’t think FOX is always fair and balanced, I don’t think they always present all the facts. And sometimes they play the attack dog rather than presenting the news. But, in the case of this scandal, this article treats them unfair and is down right deceptive and if you are so upset with FOX’s techniques you should be equally upset at this articles message as well.
        I used to be a republican to. Theres no way in h.ll I would identify myself with any political party anymore.

    • Kathy

      Shepard Smith is the only commentator on Fox that comes close to fair and balanced. I also watch Fox and they have hardly mentioned the scandal. You do not realize how biased you are.

      • Tom

        Thanks for you reply. I actually expected to be shouted down when I first posted and that so far hasn’t happened and I am pleasently pleased.
        I realize you may think my thoughts are dictated by my bias but at least in this case I don’t believe that to be true. I would like to reflect your comment back to you and ask you to check out your own biasas if you think FOX hasn’t been covering it. I think its human nature to have biases and I definately have some. It often guides who I trust when conflicting points of view are raised but I put all my effort trying to be personally consistent in my point of view and choosing my opinions based off of the best facts I have found. I try to avoid emotion like the plague. I’m quite proud of myself for this because I think I am rare.
        Now, if you are reffering to the commentators when stating that fox isn’t covering it I would be more in agreement with you. Bill O’reilly is the only commentator that I saw spend any significant time on it. But, the news cycle the rest of the day was all over it. In fact yesturday I watched the hearings of Murdock and the lady with the big hair after him. FOX broadcasted the whole thing. Hardly an action of a network trying to avoid the story. This is just one example.
        As a comment to all those following this post. If your a liberal I understand your dislike of FOX. Im a conservative and I’m not completely happy with the network. But be FAIR, MSNBC is just as bad and CNN, although much more subtle, is just as slanted to its point of view as well. They all are and should all be condemned for it or they should all be tolerated for what they are and we should focus on the issues not how the networks present them.
        Thanks again Kathy for your reasonable reply.

  • Driverside

    We should have moved on when Breitbart said there were pictures of Wiener on the internet. This is a case where real crimes may have been committed. We should move on with further investigation of the Murdoch empire.

  • Alex

    So the problem is hacking? Not the people committing the act? That is one of the most obscene attempts at deflection I have ever witnessed.

  • Eric

    Your left wing biased article though circle jerked by your favorite people looks like utter nonsense by anyone with two brain cells to rub together. Liberal Hack.

  • Laura

    The left bias in your article is glaringly obvious… You should at least make the attempt to be more subtle.

    So, Fox news is “FAR” right? Oh brother. You have no idea what “Far” right is. To you anyone who is conservative is FAR right. Anyone who does not subscribe to the tender sensibilities of the left is “FAR” right. In fact, anyone who disagrees with anything the left thinks or says is FAR right.
    The problem I have with the left is that it is a philosophy of self-destruction and loss of freedom… put forth as if it were kind and caring for the poor and underprivileged, but in the end, it destroys opportunity, self reliance and independence.

    • JB

      @Laura, You know what the worst thing in the world is…hyperbole. You made me giggle.

    • Anomaly100

      @Laura, I admit my bias, but Fox’s ‘fair and balanced’ tagline is a disgrace. Here’s the difference since you didn’t catch the obvious; this is a progressive blog and I publish posts from a progressive standpoint. It’s a simple concept.

  • Jon

    Ok.. so they’re comparing companies that have been hacked (banks in particular) to a news corporation that hacked citizens’ cell phones. Did I hear that right? Does it really matter when it happened? Then they go on to say that the bigger issue is hacking in general? If you can’t see past the very obvious bs in this “news spot”, you must have not been paying attention. Yes this article is written by a “leftwing” conspiracy theorist, but that doesn’t make the Fox interview any less repulsive. Gotta love PR.

  • aaron fleszar

    Look like Rupert won’t be covering this juicy story now.

    Sarah Palin is a spy. Everything about her is a compete fabrication.

    She was planted as McCain’s running mate to flush out those who are a part of the “New World Order.” This group consists of CEOs, wealthy elitists, and a collection of corrupt politicians with the goal of overthrowing the US government.

    Obama, much like Osama, appears to be nothing more than a spokesperson for this group. Osama Obama, Biden Bin Laden, it’s a code. The feds are trying everything to contain this from leaking out. Whether you believe this or not it is honest to God’s truth. The military is using Obama as their puppet. This is also the reason why all the CEOs who ran in the last midterm didn’t get elected.

    The majority of the media has been taken over by the feds in an effort to suppress this. Want proof? Didn’t you find it a bit odd that we caught Bin Laden 3 days after Trump, of all people, got Obama to release his birth certificate? Did you actually look at his birth certificate? After 3 or 4 days covering the death of Osama, a completely manufactured lie, the media moved onto 3 weeks of Anthony Weiner’s weener coverage. The Pentagon is not only controlling the news stories, they are also controlling the commenting. 90% of the comments you’re reading are manufactured garbage. This is what your tax dollars are paying for.

    If you want the real story about what’s going on in America then by all means read and share the following story before our democracy ceases to exist. The future of our country is in your hands. Are you going to do anything about it?

  • Brian

    This segment doesn’t even need Jon Stewart. It stands alone.

    The fact that people see this channel as a News channel is incredibly scary.

  • Nixter

    Fox News excels at misreporting the news, why would this behavior be surprising? That this disreputable propaganda machine is trying to cover up and silence an investigation that may ultimately lead to their own back door, that is very predictable. Only 30% of the population is identified as always voting conservative, it is and always has been Fox (news?), intention to expand these numbers by any and all means available to them, truth telling is not among the methods used. Facts and truth are the enemy of ignorance and intolerance, and so they are avoided at all costs by Fox and company. This scandal and it’s investigation, represents a shinning beam of enlightenment and factualism, Fox (News?) and it’s supporters are a type of real world disinformation Vampires pushing the worst kind of darkness and lies, and they know that they cannot possibly withstand it’s brilliance.

  • Elle

    Well if you are Murdoch can do this with his own wrongdoing – why do we support his news channel or his media empire. There are alternatives.

  • A Nonny Moose

    I can tell the whole of that video “news item” was crafted by PR experts. Much of it was designed to be redirection of the person’s thoughts and attention – away from Rupert himself and any thought that FOX itself might have something it does not want exposed.

    Note how they discuss pretty much every topic imagineable EXCEPT the crimes and Ruperts’ responsibilities.

  • Robert

    Let’s be clear News Corporation is not just accused of fiddling with a few phones. They are accused with hacking a computer communications network, using the information gathered for blackmail and extortion, bribery of police officers and interfering with the course of a criminal investigation and treason as a result of corrupting government leaders for foreign corporate advantage.
    These are a whole host of extremely serious crimes, hardly a surprise that Fox not-News would ignore them, after all they ignored illegal wire tapping, torture, deceiving the public and government into a war for profit and blatant public corruption with no bid billion dollar contracts.

    • Anomaly100

      @Robert, Agreed, and if you’ve noticed the MSM is calming down on reporting Murdoch’s scandal lately. It’s the biggest topic to hit the airwaves and they are barely touching it.