Two Hours After John Boehner’s Bill Was Passed the Senate Killed it as Promised

After struggling to appease the Tea Party-led House, John Boehner’s bill to raise the debt limit and reduce the deficit was just passed in a close 218-210 vote, with no Democratic support and losing 22 Republicans. Two hours later, the Senate killed it as promised.


Previously, Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid stated that if passed, the House Speaker’s bill will go nowhere and that’s exactly what happened. In this economic roller coaster, back and forth, political power grabbing by the Tea Party House, the Senate now has to move quickly to avoid default by the deadline on Tuesday.


Harry Reid said that he intends to start the legislative clock ticking on Friday on a new plan to raise the debt ceiling, but could wait until later in the evening in order to allow more time for negotiation throughout the evening.


In other words, we’re back where we started; a Tea Party-led House that obstinately refuses to compromise with their own Republican counterparts, much less with Democrats. It’s a standstill until a more viable option comes to the table and even then, given recent history, no matter how much is brought to the deal by the left, the Tea Party will probably say no. Just because.


Given the Senate’s quick kill on Boehner’s bill, I’m sure they’ll reciprocate when Mr. Reid revals his plan. In addition, shutting the government down is applauded with vigor by the Tea Party. As it stands, in short, we’re fucked.

  • OMGawd

    They are playing games. Boehner knew this wouldn’t pass. Sometimes you have to wonder if they plan these shenanigans. He made a bill they knew Reid wouldn’t pass but did it anyway to appear they are cooperating which they are NOT.

    • Anomaly100

      @OMGawd, I think both sides will milk this for whatever they can – they already have, much to the detriment of our country. But, one side is unrelenting in its stubbornness, almost as if they can’t wait for us to default.

  • Money Money

    So now with the introduction of Clive Goodman’s revealing letter the phone hacking enquiry begins to take on all the hallmarks of a major scandal, one maybe big enough to bring down not just News International (as it certainly should) but the Coalition government also (as it hopefully might). It appears when Cameron said “We’re all in this together”, he really wasn’t kidding, was he? They’re ALL of them crooked! LOL!

  • JamesFunchowk

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