West Defends Crass Remarks by Blaming his Military Background and Democrats

Facing a backlash of criticism, Tea Party hero Rep. Allen West (R-FL) remains defiant saying he won’t apologize to DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) for his disparaging email in which he called her “vile, unprofessional, and despicable” and “not a lady.” West also told her to, “shut the heck up.”


After refusing to apologize on Fox Business Netowrk, he does blame his lack of civility and decorum on something other than himself — and it’s not the English language or a lack thereof.


It’s the military’s fault. West, a veteran who was discharged for abusing an Iraqi said, “there are certain ways we talk in the military. I guess I haven’t learned the DC-insider talk.”  West added, an apology is “not happening.” I guess they don’t do that in the military either, even while they’re discharging you for abusive behavior.


“This is something, once again, the Democrat Party, they put my Social Security number and my wife’s employment identification number in a mail piece,” he said. “This has just been an ongoing thing. I have been called Uncle Tom, a sell-out Oreo. It’s not about Allen West. And so once again, it’s very interesting to me that we continually allow liberals to do whatever they want and attack conservatives, but all of the sudden when a conservative stands up and says enough then people all want to sit back, especially liberals, and play victim. She’s not a victim. She’s been attacking Allen West for quite some time.”


She never called this man any of those inappropriate names. Republicans are trying shift any racism in their party onto Democrats lately, as if they grew weary of the burden of their own past exhibited at Tea Party and Palin rallies, where racism was prevalent. Instead of apologizing, they deflect — and so does West, as if to appease his party or ignore it altogether.


West has consistently distanced himself from any semblance of etiquette in the past; recently he stated, “I must confess, when I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.” The military’s fault again?


This is reminiscent of the highly Breitbarted video of Shirley Sherrod. Andrew Breitbart never apologized either. He must have been in the military too.


A big thank you to David at Crooks and Liars


  • Shiva

    Alien West can find whatever excuse he wants to use, it doesnt matter. Debbie was not abusive to him and said nothing that isnt said on the floor any day of the week. (well when they are working).

    All this person wants is attention. Reminds me of Sarah palin

    • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

      @Shiva, After Obama was elected, it become a free for all on the right; who can act the craziest gets the most support.

  • OMGawd

    Can you imagine how insufferable this guy would be as the president! He’s never wrong (but clearly is) has no sense of civility and thinks people don’t like him because of this race. There is so much that is unlikeable about this guy so why would anyone even think about his race!

    • OMGawd

      @OMGawd, His. I meant “his” race.

  • Sally

    He is disgusting. Anyone who would stoop to calling a colleague names and then not seeing how that was stupid and juvenile has no place in any discussion of a Presidential candidate. Then he blames everyone but himself. Typical. And to say that Democrats are worse than he is? How? Herman is an idiot. Palin is an idiot. Bachmann is an idiot. Truth hurts, I guess.

  • http://www.hghreviews.org/ Eric

    Most men with a Military background have the backbone to take responsibility for their own words and actions.

  • http://www.gorgeousworld.net/ Glen

    Bulls**t. He was forced out after abusing and holding a gun to an Iraqi’s head. Google is your friend.

  • http://www.penisenlargementmethods.net/ Kyle

    I said he was a criminal, not a convicted criminal.

    The military protects its own. And practically speaking he was kicked out of the military over the incident, thus showing what the military brass really thought about his actions.

  • http://www.sextoysdiva.com/ Kevin

    TubeFolly, nonlethal? Like waterboarding, electrocution, pulling teeth, depriving of sleep and food, and various other forms of torture that are not only illegal in the U.S. but would get one convicted as a war criminal are just fine to you?

    • juandos

      Spoken like a true liberal, limp wristed pussy…