2% of Welfare Recipients Failed Rick Scott’s Welfare Drug Tests: Tests to Cost State Millions

The highly unfavorable governor of Florida, Rick Scott, whose self interests outweigh his constituents just got owned. Scott initiated a new drug test for the welfare program where the recipient of benefits would have to go through a drug test before getting aid. The results are in on the first batch of tests.


98% passed which debunks much of the Republican rhetoric of welfare being largely for drug addicts. Governor Scott is also an avid critic of the health care bill but the multimillionaire and former hospital chain executive enjoys a taxpayer subsidized health insurance plan offered by the state of Florida. (Yes, he’s a socialist!) He pays $400 per year to cover health insurance for his wife and himself. We should all be so fortunate, but especially those in need who he denies while he benefits.


Tea Party backed Scott’s past stereotypical statements include,  publicly stating many times that people on welfare use drugs at a higher rate than the general population. Scott then prompted a legislature implemented policy requiring all temporary cash assistance applicants pass a drug test before getting any help — almost all of them passed.


Only 2% are failing the tests.

The Tampa Tribune did some research to discover how much Scott’s stereotyping will cost the state:

Cost of the tests averages about $30. Assuming that 1,000 to 1,500 applicants take the test every month, the state will owe about $28,800-$43,200 monthly in reimbursements to those who test drug-free.

That compares with roughly $32,200-$48,200 the state may save on one month’s worth of rejected applicants.

Net savings to the state: $3,400 to $5,000 annually on one month’s worth of rejected applicants. Over 12 months, the money saved on all rejected applicants would add up to $40,800 to $60,000 for a program that state analysts have predicted will cost $178 million this fiscal year.

Rick Scott on the other hand stood to gain financially if he hadn’t been publicly outed for his involvement in a drug testing company. Two weeks later, Scott finalized a deal to sell Solantic Inc.

It gets worse:

Scott had appeared to satisfy state law when he transferred his shares of the company a few days before he took office to a fund in his wife’s name, the Frances Annette Scott Revocable Trust. But political pressure from Solantic has weighed on Scott since last year, when his Republican primary opponent made the company a campaign issue.


Soctt should be drug tested, instead of the needy,  considering his own criminal background and his wife who owns/owned a large portion of the drug testing company can foot the bill for the state. Now, that would be fiscally Conservative of him.

  • Mike B

    Ya this is how the tea party plans on saving money! Put an idiot like this in office. Goes to show you they dont know what the hell they’re talking about!

  • Autty

    I would just like to point out that 100% of the people I know receiving welfare/foodstamps/WIC are drug users AND 100% of people with any kind of sense will pass a drug test if they have at least a 2 hour notice. I ssmoked marijuana for 10 years and never failed one drug test out of about 20. I’ve also never been on welfare just so u know.

    • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

      @Autty, If an addict can pass a drug test while indulging in drugs, then the Governor should have been aware of this as well – which means he’s scamming the system – which we already knew. Either way, he looks bad.

    • logos76


      Since when does personal anecdote count as a reliable source of information to base policy on (especially the testimony of an admitted drug user)?

      • Theo


        Actually there’s major truth to this. EVERY person I went to high school with who was on probation almost ALWAYS passed their urine tests. Why? Because they knew they were coming. It’s extremely easy to pass urine tests. When I used work retail and had to pass a test I was able to clean my system out only hours after smoking a joint.

        The fact that you rely on studies to gather metrics shows your inability to accept a simple truth.

        You probably would believe the sky is green because a text book told you while everyone around says it’s blue.

        • greg norman

          @Theo, You’ve twice now stated that drug tests are useless, so how is Gov. Scott’s spending of the taxpayers’ money justified? Truth does not come from a textbook, but it does come from unbiased observations (which are then published in a textbook). Personal experiences from a small portion of your life do not make the truth either, no matter how simple. How do you choose a vehicle? Do you stop someone on the street and ask them what you should buy based on how they feel, or do you research and find the best option based on facts?

        • Pook


          Interesting high school you went to. It somehow defies all the statistics we get from out patient addiction centers.

          Even when addicts know they are going to be drug tested, the failure rate for blood/ urine drug test is still remarkably high.

          This phenomena is repeated over and over again throughout the drug treatment industry.

          Perhaps your high school just had casual users…? If so, I could care less if some dude on welfare shares a friend’s spliff at the occasional party.

    • http://www.mscalcote.hubpages.com jakeettac

      @Autty, Agreed!

    • That guy

      @Autty, Are you sure you took the tests? Are you sure that you’re not making it up?

    • Pook


      Really? One hundred percent of the people I know who are on welfare, use WIC, etc don’t take any drugs.

      Maybe you just hang out with the wrong crowd.

      I think your statement says a lot more about you than people on Welfare & WIC.
      Stop taking drugs and stop hanging out with drug addicts.

    • http://www.momsformarijuana.org Theresa Knox

      @Autty, 100% of the ppl you know who are welfare recipients are drug users? Where do you hang out??

    • Frank Smith

      You must still be smoking. Marijuana can be detected in your system for 30 days heavy users 60.

  • anonymous

    Drug Test for welfare folks it is not Constitutional. It’s “feel good” legislation designed to make all the testosterone enriched Conservatives fist pump and go YEAHH! In reality, it’s a boondoggle because the company administering the tests is owned by Rick Scott’s wife.

    • Theo


      I’m sorry, but someone better be ready to prove they aren’t a social parasite if they expect to receive my tax dollars to live.

      However, the tests should be completely random. Giving people a heads up only means the program is doomed to fail.

      • Re


        I know plenty of people who are marijuana users that hold jobs, and and are contributing members of society. Just because a person smokes pot doesn’t make them a social parasite. I don’t use drugs and I still wouldn’t be willing to take a drug test for state benefits.

        • Anon

          I would postulate that a person receiving welfare is, by definition, a social parasite. I’m not saying there aren’t valid reasons a person may need that assistance, just that if they are receiving money from a social program run by the government, that is somewhat parasitic.

          I agree that some people who smoke weed could hold down a job and be functional member of society, but then that person wouldn’t necessarily need the social assistance of a welfare program. I agree with Theo that the people who are receiving that assistance should be ready to prove they are not addicts before receiving my hard earned money. I, like Theo, don’t want my tax dollars being blown on someone who can’t hold a job because they are on crack.

          • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

            @Anon, You don’t want your “tax dollars being blown on….” even if it costs more in tax dollars? Interesting.

      • Cara

        @Theo, It’s not your tax dollars. It’s Unemployment security. We pay into it while we work. These people pay into this in surance. You ain’t paying for anyone but yourself, nitwit.

        I was unemployed for three years, and they STILL owe me money which I will never see.

        • JohnC

          @Cara, Unless you are an employer you did not pay anything into the federal or state Unemployment Insurance fund. Your employer pays a tax based on their prior claims experience and total wages paid. In addition, they are levied additional fees to replenish the fund in periods of high unemployment. YOU ARE NOT OWED ANYTHING and you did not pay a penny into the fund.

      • StevenR
      • http://www.momsformarijuana.org Theresa Knox

        @Theo, Your government is a social parasite. Stealing our taxes straight out of our checks– did you know the IRS was supposed to be a temporary institution?? I get no say in how any of my tax dollars are spent. I don’t believe in the bullshit wars of the last 10 years, but my tax dollars go to funding that effort. I don’t believe we should waste so much time on road ‘improvement’, but I don’t get a say in that. When my tax dollars were spent renovating the Capitol building, I was against it…. still happened. Do you get a say in how the company you work for spends its profits? How about your church, do they ask your permission before spending the tithes? Do you realize how ludicrous it is to judge a person for something that could easily happen to you?

  • M.Funkibut

    2% is well within ‘false positive’.

    But then this is a Republican administration so explaining the science would be pointless.

  • CaptainDiahrreaCloak

    It’s like the dude doesn’t even care about his credibility anymore. Maybe he thinks the end times will come before the next election.

    • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

      @CaptainDiahrreaCloak, Just a hunch but if this guy is praying, I think it’s to a darker entity altogether.

    • RonZ

      @CaptainDiahrreaCloak, It’s more like he’s cynically praying for his constituents to remain blind and apathetic; which is cynical, as it’s sort of like praying for water to remain wet.

  • http://www.moralintelligence.net/ Abdel Irada

    Kamikaze tea, anyone?

    I think too many of us are overlooking something essential about elected officials from the Tea Party: They don’t actually care if they get re-elected, which frees them to do an enormous amount of damage without the usual concerns about popular reaction that inhibit most officeholders.

    If my surmise about them is correct, what they’re doing is part of a comprehensive plan to discredit, debase and defund government. They spend gobs of corporate money to get into office and, once there, lay about them blindly, hoping to achieve two things before an exasperated citizenry boots them from office: The first is to fulfill their purpose by deliberately wasting public funds so as to leave no resources with which to pay for social programs and corporate oversight; the second, and incidental, is to shunt as much as possible of that revenue into the pockets of them and their cronies.

    To be sure, they may leave office discredited, with any potential political career in tatters, but that doesn’t matter because, like planes that have crashed into enemy warships, they have accomplished what they set out to do.

    This is why it is so essential to keep such cattle out of government in the first place.

  • Rose

    As someone who works at a gas station that accepts EBT I can tell you first hand how people will come to the counter with as much potato chips, candy, and soda that they can carry and pay with foodstamps. Then whip out their wad of cash to buy rolling papers, blunt wraps, tire gauges, steel wool, and torch lighters that they need for their “tobacco”. (and the majority drive better cars then my rusty ’97 neon) Drug tests need to be random, not just when they first apply. Anyone can buy a $20 detox when they anticipate a test.

    • http://www.momsformarijuana.org Theresa Knox


      Really? Their ‘wads’ of cash? Yeah, being a welfare recipient is totally profitable these days. Also, you have to work to get food stamps– at least in my state. Did it occur to you that the issue here is not what people spend their food stamps or money on– that’s their personal business. The issue is that it is a major invasion on civil rights, not to mention a colossal waste of time, manpower, and money. And I must pose the question: if an ‘addict’ is together enough to pass a drug test, just how badly is the substance he’s ‘addicted’ to really affecting him??

      • Ashley C

        It is everyone’s personal business what welfare recipients spend money given to them by taxpayers on, since it is not money they themselves earned. Especially when they’re supposed to buy food and buy garbage instead. I used to work at a pharmacy and I know exactly what Rose is talking about.

        I wonder if the author has checked to see if there were fewer applicants applying in a month than before this legislation. Could the test be a deterrent itself? And Rose is right, it’s not difficult for people who use drugs to detox if they know the test is coming. Anyone who has ever known a drug user that is trying to find a new job knows that.

        @Theresa Knox,

        • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

          @Ashley C, Have you ever received benefits from the government?

        • Ashley C

          @Anomaly100 C,

          I receive the veteran’s educational benefits that I’ve worked for and negotiated for in my enlistment contract, yes. And I’ve peed in many military cups. If I fail, I’m out, no military, no benefits. And if I don’t use that money appropriately, I have to pay it back. Better yet, they would take it upon themselves to recoup it.

          Have I ever used any government benefits other than that? No. I’m a fan of personal responsibility. It’s not your job to take care of me, it’s mine. And if I need you to take care of me but some stroke or extreme misfortune, you have every right to make sure what you give me is being used appropriately.

        • http://www.momsformarijuana.org Theresa Knox

          @Ashley C,
          If you don’t think Welfare recipients earn their benefits you are sadly mistaken. Losing all of one’s dignity is very hard work. The whole issue at stake here is personal civil rights. It is NOT ok to say that because you need financial help, you have to pass a drug test first. Do banks drug test you when you apply for a loan?? That is the same thing, a person needing money they don’t have. Also, it really doesn’t matter what they’re spending their food stamps on… do some research, our food and drinking water are killing us. Unless you want to increase their food stamp allotment so they can buy organic, it makes no difference if they buy Cheetos or an apple. As for fewer applicants being the reason for the low test results, if that’s the case, I hope everybody feels really good about the children going without because Mommy smokes pot. And if you wanna complain about your tax dollars being correctly or incorrectly spent, let’s talk about cops shooting ppl on our tax dollars, about wars being funded with our tax dollars, about having no say in how ANY of it is spent… don’t just pick on the poor ppl when your real source of frustration is your government.

      • Cara

        @Theresa Knox, moreover, the governor is profiting from the very tests he is requiring, which do absolutely no good. He’s a thief. Once again, the conservative small minds will spend a fortune to prove bankrupt and immoral prejudices. They have a fundamental distrust for human kind.

        • http://www.momsformarijuana.org Theresa Knox

          @Cara, Agreed! But no longer surprised… Pennsylvania had 2 judges sent to prison for accepting over $2M in bribes from privatized juvenile detention centers for sending kids to jail. The greed in this country (the whole world, but especially in the US) is going to be our downfall… it already is.

      • Rose

        @Theresa Knox, if you have enough money to spend on pot you have money to feed yourself without stealing funds from people who work hard for their money. If you can’t think of anything better to spend your foodstamps on besides chips and candy you are not really starving. The problem with people on welfare isn’t that they can’t get ahead, it is that they have no appreciation for the people who are paying their bills. No humility, no respect, no gratitude. Just GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME! They don’t need more handouts, just a course on common sense. I.e. how to make a budget. How buying lotto is not a sound retirement investment. How if your refrigerator is empty maybe you shouldn’t spend $30 on Cheetos. Poor people shouldn’t complain about being poor when somehow they always seem to find money for beer and $8 packs of cigarettes. if it is unconstitutional to drug test, it should be unconstitutional to tax hard working people so that others can sit on the couch all day stuffing their faces!

        • http://lifelinks835.blobspot.com Darrell

          I can’t tell if you are talking about poor people or rich people.

        • http://www.momsformarijuana.org Theresa Knox

          “The problem with people on welfare isn’t that they can’t get ahead, it is that they have no appreciation for the people who are paying their bills. No humility, no respect, no gratitude. Just GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME! They don’t need more handouts, just a course on common sense. I.e. how to make a budget. How buying lotto is not a sound retirement investment. How if your refrigerator is empty maybe you shouldn’t spend $30 on Cheetos.”

          Would you have appreciation for someone who talked about you like that? What do these ppl have to do? Send you a thank-you card every month with their receipts for the month enclosed?? My god, get off your high horse and start praying you never lose everything and have to grow some humility, respect, and gratitude. Would be grateful if your boss paid you less than poverty-level wages?? Would you be humble if ppl expected you to spend your money as they saw fit? Would you respect someone that can be as callous and downright mean as you? Also, you’re making an awful lot of assumptions. Ppl don’t always pay for pot… being potheads we are sharing, caring ppl who will go out of our way to make sure others don’t go without. Some grow, some barter, but not all pay… can you say that about yourself? If you’re so worried about what welfare recipients are eating, why haven’t you taken a recipient some organic vegetables? Or one how to plant a garden? Or shop ‘responsibly’? One of my greatest hopes is that ppl who feel the way you do end up being dependent on someone financially. In this world, no one seems capable of compassion about a thing unless they themselves have experienced that thing. How sad/

          • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

            @Theresa Knox, While Republicans are buying into a desperate conspiracy that Michelle Obama is trying to tell them what they can and cannot eat – they want to have that authority over others.

            Republican to the poor dude: “Step away from the Cheetos or else your check gets it!”

    • Phil

      @Rose, of course thats what you seeing working at a C-store. Now go work at a grocery store where you will likely see people buying actual food with their food stamps.

      • Tiffany


        My roommate works at a grocery store and most people there use their foodstamps to buy junkfood, soda, and other crap. The people who get actual food are the ones that get the checks that you can only use to buy specifically listed foods.

        I’ve personally had people tell me that i should get knocked up a few times because teh goverment will then pay for everything. I was told this buy a girl in her early twenties with three kids who was living in an upscale apartment complex, drive a brand new 2011 lexus, and hadn’t worked a day in her life. Which meant as a taxpayer i am funding her lifestyle while my job barely pays my bills.

        I’m a big supporter for goverment aid for those who need it but from what i’ve seen first hand most people who have it abuse it.

        • Arlen Owens

          @Tiffany, It is unlikely someone is living the high life off of welfare. The number of kids you get paid for is restricted. You CANNOT own a brand new car, you can own a low budget car. You cannot have savings or assets of any kind. In Ohio, you can only be on welfare for three years, and you have to work 35 hours a month. This is pretty similar to other states. If someone it telling you they are living the high life on Welfare, they are lying to you, to try and intimidate or impress you. In reality, it is a very crappy life.

          Plus, if welfare folks are buying pop and chips, so what? Government aid does force folks to make good food choices.

        • http://www.momsformarijuana.org Theresa Knox

          @Tiffany, Bullshit. You can’t get more money for more kids, that went out in the early ’90s. If your friend is living in an upscale apartment complex and driving a 2011 car, she is working under the table. Or selling drugs. The whole ‘working the system’ thing is a myth. In my state, if you make more than $300 a month, you can’t have Medicaid. However, if you make less than $700 a month, you can’t get food stamps. I have a friend on disability, has been on disability forever. She gets less than $700 a month from disability, and the state gives her a whopping $50 a month cash aid. So show me exactly how this is profitable?? And I do have to ask how one’s income dictates the food they eat… do you buy only healthy food?? And if you think you do, do some research into GMO and fluoridated water before you climb up on your pedestal.


    I love it. Americans was asleep at the wheel in 2010 when they let these teagaggers in It sure woke them up.

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  • http://www.politicsplus.org/blog TomCat

    If they added up all the welfare the 2% would have received in a year or two, it would be far less than the cost of the tests.

  • Feldwebel Wolfenstool

    Drug test all politicians, judges, lawyers, doctors, nurses, civil servants, cops, and jailers. Starting with YOU, Dick,

    • dave

      @Feldwebel Wolfenstool, and then drug test every college student, coffee shop employee, waiter, dishwasher, fastfood employee, computer programmer, service industry employee, and factory workers. Right?

      • Timoteo


        Wait, they don’t already do that? I’m pretty sure every job I’ve tried to get in the service industry/tech field have asked me to pee in a cup…

        • Lynn


          That’s funny, I’ve had the opposite experience… I work in tech and have NEVER been asked to be drug tested.

    • Ashley C

      If you work for the government, you have to pee in a cup. Why should someone who is getting money from the government without working for it be exempt from peeing in a cup too?

      @Feldwebel Wolfenstool,

      • Virgil

        @Ashley C, Because it’s a waste of $. To test them cost more than the tests save. It may make someone feel better to know that “at least the druggies aren’t getting anything”, but it costs MORE TAXES to pay for the tests.

        It’s just too dang emotionally based. Food Stamps are 2.83% of the budget. (source: President Obama’s 2012 Budget proposal). Housing Assistance: 1.59%, totalling 4.42%. IT’S SMALL CHANGE. You can’t save your household budget by cutting 4.5% of your outgoing. And that would mean a lot of starving people.

        Now look at healthcare, and Social Security. Total 42.66% of the budget. Where do you think we can actually make a difference?

        Logic Check people, please.

  • Citizen Dos

    Wow! Are citizen really this stupid? Seriously, I see ranting on and on about welfare and drug testing people who need it, but no one is talking about the corruption!!! If this article is true and the guy did own a drug testing company and then transferred it into his wife’s name then the legislation was NEVER about drugs or improving society. It was ONLY about getting richer.

    Blabber about recipients using drugs is inflammatory and of course people support the idea of NOT helping drug addicts. But he’s just playing you and others of that support. Try this on. Imagine he stands on his soapbox and blabbers welfare recipients should wear pink t-shirts!! We MUST identify those in need and by law we MUST make them wear pink t-shirts. Now of course, no one is going to back him on this initiative, but say the law is passed. Later we all learn that he is heavily invested in a pink t-shirt company. And, he gets richer after the law is passed. Come on. There is no difference. Think people think! So much distraction from politicians on people who have no desire to think on their own and are more than willing to work overtime to insure politicians live a life of luxury while living in poverty themselves.

  • Ronnie

    Shoot try testing michigan i know alot of people will fail here, and dont give them a notice when its going to happen!!

    • anonymous


      Same in Syracuse NY. That is BS I know like 95% of them are on drugs.

      • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

        @anonymous, How do you know that 95% of welfare recipients are on drugs — did Rick Scott tell you that? I’d like to see your source of information. I assume you can cite a credible source.

        Share with the rest of the class and link us up!

        • Joe Bagadonuts

          @Anomaly100, What anonymous means is that 95% of his friends are on drugs. He probably lives near Wescott, where it’s ez to find A)poor people B) drug users C) drugs. Nice way to bias your case study…
          Oddly, 95% of the COPS I know in Syracuse also use drugs

          • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

            @Joe Bagadonuts, Let’s just say I’m in the addiction field [professionally not personally]. I know a little bit about this, and they are giving this a big GOP spin. Anyone can tweak anything, but ‘could’ have does not = facts and statistics. Keeping funds away from the poor so they can eat is lowering the bar even further. One would think there are no poor Republicans but most of the recipients of welfare come from red states. Wealthy people are addicts too (Hello Charlie Sheen) but they aren’t parasitical in the Republican eye because for now, they are not poor.

            It’s bullshit.

  • anonymous

    Take the arrest records of people arrested for drugs and see how many are collecting welfare. Duh.

  • Steve

    This is just one example of Scotts wrongheaded decision making, they are now too numerous to count! Its amazing that we narrow down election choices to idiots like this guy, its all about money and connections. How to hell do people vote for someone like this guy, especially after learning about his corrupt management of the health care company and his deceptive lack of knowledge of anything going on there. (have you seen his deposition?) He was only there to collect his multi- millions every year I guess!

    Wonder how he.s going to get the 65 million of his own money back he spent to get elected Governor?

  • http://appealingsmokes.com scott

    Just remember your only as good as the brain within the Labyrinth. If this means not paying some who are not following the rules, cool SAVE US TAXPAYERS some cash in our pockets.

    • John

      @scott, They already have your money, so either they waste it on programs like this, or just find another program that will in turn line their pockets.

      The brain inside your labyrinth is not too bright to follow something like this and still think it is somehow going to help regular people out.

      It does not matter who you vote for, all these politician are working toward one purpose, to crap on the little guy. Which is why I say everyone vote only for people THAT YOU ACTUALLY KNOW next year, let them try to figure that one out

  • Paul Frank

    popurls.com??? Yay! Your a rock star!

  • http://www.moralintelligence.net/ Abdel Irada

    Paul, this is what happens if you spend too long hanging around comment boards: You lose all control of your punctuation.

    We commenters are, on the whole, a terrible influence. :-S

  • Adam

    It’s a documented fact that many welfare recipients use illegal drugs. If you can’t say it out loud, then there’s no hope for you.

    I think that you should watch the welfare roles of Florida closely over the next few months, and see how many people drop off the government dole as a result of this policy. As an aside, when liberals like you talk to me about wasting money I just chuckle. If you’re going to force me to support a nanny-state life-style, I see nothing wrong with ensuring that my money is going to people who at the very least don’t do drugs.

    Since many of you probably get all your taxes refunded, please don’t talk to me about government spending until you put some skin in the game.

    Idiot liberals.

    • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

      @Adam, If it’s a ‘documented fact’ then cite your source. And make it a credible one.

      • Adam

        @Anomaly100, I would assume that a university paper would suffice. Strangely enough, this was the #1 Google result for “Welfare recipients use drugs.” I can only assume intellectual laziness on your part.
        This paper cites anywhere between 6.6% and 35%, so we could split the difference and call it 20%. Though the paper is intended to refute the cause-effect relationship of drugs and welfare, it does adequately state that welfare recipients use drugs. If we agree to split the difference, it’s 1-in-5 who do.
        “Due to differing definitions and data sources, published prevalence estimates of use vary widely, from 6.6 to 37 percent of those receiving public aid” – http://www.npc.umich.edu/publications/policy_briefs/brief02/

        • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

          @Adam, 6.6% is hardly “many”. That would be considered, ‘few’. Do not assume laziness with me. You are projecting. You left the poorly worded comment saying many welfare recipients are on drugs, thus stereotyping the poor with a broad and undeserving paintbrush.

    • http://www.momsformarijuana.org Theresa Knox

      @Adam, Plenty of CEOs, teachers, law enforcement, astronauts,and clergy use drugs too. If you’re going to drug test one group of ppl, you must test all the other groups too. The list above covers some ppl I would seriously worry about if they were doing drugs… welfare recipients aren’t responsible for the safety or education of my children, the safety of my community, or the safety of the church-going masses. Is everyone’s life so small they have to pick on poor folks?? Go online and read some world news if you want something to bitch about…hell, read about your own president spending tax dollars on war with Libya without our consent, or the consent of Congress. What have welfare recipients ever done to you? Collected welfare?? That’s not their fault, the government runs the program.

      • Adam

        @Theresa Knox, I beg to differ with your comment. You seem to take the position that welfare recipients are entitled to their money without any work on their part. How can asking them for something (a drug test) in order to take part in a program be wrong?

        Your comments about other ‘groups of people’ isn’t germane to this argument. It is precisely BECAUSE the government runs the program that we can require a drug test.

        My position is simple: If the welfare recipients want to get their money, then we should require something from them in turn. In this case, we are requiring they NOT do drugs.

        I have nothing against welfare recipients, I had to take public assistance at one time. I am against subsidizing drug habits with the welfare money. If this is picking on ‘poor folks’ then I’m guilty.

        • http://www.momsformarijuana.org Theresa Knox

          @Adam, Without any work on their part?? Unless disabled, welfare recipients are required to either work or participate in job training programs that are usually scheduled during normal working hours. Once they ‘graduate’ from the program, if they don’t apply for and get work, they will be dropped from the program. This is no longer an opportunity to get something for nothing.

  • Dean

    What type of test was this? Urine test? Should have been a mouth swab, you can’t drink chemicals or cheat in other ways with a mouth swab test. Even more extreme could be a hair test. just like stupid politicians to have a great idea but then screw up the results by using an in-effective test.

    I hope other states will follow suit and administer swab tests before letting people on welfare. Brilliant idea, poor choice of procedure.

    • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

      @Dean, Hair samples could work, but they go back as far as 6 months I believe, so if someone sobered up 3 months prior, their hair sample would still come back with traces of drug use. I don’t think any of the tests would be inexpensive to administer, swab tests included. I could be wrong, since I’m certainly not an expert.

  • Dean

    @Anomaly100, I agree about the hair samples going back too far.

    As far as costs are concerned, what’s more expensive? A lifetime welfare recipient, or a one time swab test?

    I know families that are at least 3 generations of welfare receivers, it’s a cycle. These drug tests could break that cycle.

    • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

      @Dean, Admittedly, the welfare system needs to be reformed. 3 generations of welfare recipients is a tell – there needs to be a better training system enacted. Get them to work and they pay taxes, then your burden is lessened.

      But, as far as the one time swab test, well that would have to be given to the entire welfare population, which would be costly. It wouldn’t be one-time either. It would have to be repeated before each check.

      • Dean

        @Anomaly100, I like the programs that Clinton put in place, but welfare people have learned how to work around the system.

        Is Rick Scott suggesting that a drug test be administered each month to the same people? That would anti cost effective for sure.

        If it is not cost effective to test the current welfare recipients, testing new comers would be a good idea.

        I’ve always had the idea of welfare drug tests, and glad to see at least a move in that direction.

        Now if someone with power would enact a “controlled child birth program”. This is where all children at birth (either male or female, whichever is easiest) be fixed. And at the age of 18 or older, will need to fill out an application to be approved for parenthood. Can you imagine the drop in poverty, crime, welfare and all things poor cycles produce?

        • http://www.chefbob50-inmyhumbleopinion.blogspot.com chefbob50

          @Dean, WOW Dean all I can say is you’re a man out of time you should’ve been born in Nazi Germany with those insane ideas, in other words you are one crazy mother fucker…

    • http://www.momsformarijuana.org Theresa Knox

      @Dean, These days the only ‘lifetime’ welfare recipient is the disabled one… should we just cut them off?

      • Dean

        @Theresa Knox, If they are using gov funds to buy illegal drugs, absolutely!

        • http://www.momsformarijuana.org Theresa Knox

          @Dean, Why does this affect you so much? How does this affect you at all? You have no say in how tax money is spent anyway… why so up-in-arms if ppl use drugs? Really, how does it affect you?

        • Dean

          @Dean, Welfare people spending tax dollars meant to feed their children effects the entire country in many ways. Those funds could be used in positive ways. You seem really offended? Do you use welfare/social security money to get high? If so i at least hope that you don’t have children.

  • Geo

    Test his wife….she’s got to be doing something to be with him……..

    • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

      @Geo, You thought of that too, eh?

    • http://www.chefbob50-inmyhumbleopinion.blogspot.com chefbob50

      @Geo, Definitely some form of hallucinogenic and lots of it…

  • http://none Jerry

    I think you all failed to notice that the only real reason he was requiring these drug tests was because he benefits from the company that administered the tests meaning he is part owner of it or he is a partner in it or owns a large portion of their stock, whichever is the case, and unfortunatly that is the driving factors of almost every single politician up to and including every president we have ever had, and theirs nothing wrong with that, its the way our country has always been and its not just america its the way every single country in the world is.

  • http://lifelinks835.blobspot.com Darrell Turner

    Dope Fiends think everybody gets high. If one doesn’t use illegal drugs then he must drink alcohol or something. Dope fiends cannot conceive of a life without being high; or else how could one deal with life? With dope fiend thinking, one can have as much as advance notice as possible and still wait 2 hours before the test to stop.
    The fact is that most people don’t use any sort of illegal drugs. I found this out after I stopped using them!

    • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

      @Darrell Turner, 2 hours notice would not change a positive result in a drug test. A few days, maybe, depending on the illicit chemical.

    • http://www.chefbob50-inmyhumbleopinion.blogspot.com chefbob50

      @Darrell Turner, In the case of pot it takes 30 days to clear your system after you stop, Coke slightly longer. That’s the limit of my drug knowledge except a hair sample can show positive for up to a year…

  • http://airbagsuspensionsystem.com Doug

    Just another political scam. Use it to put money in their own pockets.

  • Dean

    chefbob50@ No, what’s crazy is America’s prisons being filled to capacity with violent offenders (most born into poverty) that get released early and commit more violent acts. That’s crazy!

    And you need a license to drive, to get certain jobs, you must be approved to get credit, to buy a house..ect ect ect. Who or what controls to whom children are born to? Nobody! Unfit parents should be executed. Or better yet, they should never be allowed to have children in the first place. I see nothing “hilter” about asking people to provide proof of their qualifications to be a parent. Speaking of Hitler, there have probably been more innocent lives lost due to unfit parents than all the wars and genocides put together.

    • http://www.chefbob50-inmyhumbleopinion.blogspot.com chefbob50

      @Dean, Dude you really are twisted, capital punishment for unfit parents?? If you have kids (and I doubt that any women would have you or bear you any) I would feel bad for them as they must be disturbed, demented psychopaths who will no doubt be killers when and if they live long enough to grow up. I can only assume that you’re a Conservative Christian as only those folks spew such disgusting nonsense…

      • Dean

        @chefbob50, I’m married, have been for 15 years, and yeah, no kids. My wife and I responsible enough not to have kids that we can’t afford to raise right.

        This is a moot argument anyway. Nothing will ever change so why argue. Just take your welfare check, fill up the bong and party on dude and dudettes!

        • http://www.chefbob50-inmyhumbleopinion.blogspot.com chefbob50

          @Dean, Just a point of clarification I’m not on welfare, I quit smoking pot a long time ago and I happen to own 3 restaurants at which I work 10-15 hours a day 6 days a week. (Sundays are for football and beer).

          I don’t agree that not much will change unless Republicans take over then we’re headed for darkness but I have some confidence that the American people will get their collective heads out of their asses and keep the GOP and other Conservatives where they belong in the South and on the margins of polite society…

  • Dean

    @chefbob50, I’m not on the side of any political party, I’m on the side of common sense. I will agree that it’s the ultra rich that hurt this country far more than the poor do, the only difference is that the poor go to jail for financial fraud while the rich get bailed out.

    With only two democrats on the ballot (Obama, Terry), who are democrats voting for these days? Anyway, both parties are just puppets of the machine, so political party really means little.

  • Ed

    Yeah Governor Scott. You knew the liberal media would jump all over this like the fleas on a dog they are. It takes guts to do the right thing knowing these socialist clowns would jump all over it with made up numbers, interviews with clean welfare recipients, and whatever else they could make up. They probably parked their star reporter in front on a testing clinic and had them interview each person before they entered the clinic. They politely ran off the ones who were on drugs and only allowed no drug users to enter this clinic. Even at that 2% slipped through. How many did they turn away 40%?, 50%?, 60%? We will never know the truth. Here they try and make tax suckers look like the cleanest drug free group on the world. Yeah, right. How in they hell these idiots think they can justify drug testing all people before they can get a job, but pass out money to anyone that shows up with a sob story and no drug test? Stupidity at it’s finest.

    • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

      @Ed, Your comment is astoundingly misguided, or should I say full of deception. I have some advice for you: Shut Fox off and pick up a book. Read and try to look at what’s going on around you.

  • Malllis

    The Tea Party will be dead soon.

    And punks like Scott will have to find a real job instead of living off US…and acting like we have some nerve breathing

  • Charles7

    and i don’t suppose obama is living off us; i believe he should be tested for drugs because he is on welfare

  • Meihns

    When I had my kids I was married and we made a decent living. Things happened completely out of my control.

    I am not a drug user and do not party. I work hard for what little money I bring in, and I receive food stamps and medicaid for my daughter and I.

    My son who is sick and unable to work is 18. He was taken off of my benefits the day he turned 18. He has no health insurance and now we have even less food.

    I run out of groceries and food stamps before the month is out. I recently had my water shut off, and live in fear of losing what little I have every single day.

    I resent people lumping all those on assistance into these categories. It is simply not true.

    I am NOT a fat lazy white mama who keeps popping out kids. I am a NOT a drug user/abuser. I am NOT taking advantage of the system that I paid into and still pay into.

    I’m sick of hearing all this non-sense. Until you’ve walked a day in the shoes of someone who does need assistance you need to think carefully before you speak. I am not just speaking to you @chefbob50, but to everyone out there who thinks and speaks this way.

    It’s just absolutely rediculous to assume that everyone on assistance is like all those stereotypes. We are NOT!!!

  • Miehns

    I don’t smoke/buy pot or any other illegal drugs for that matter. I do not waste my money on a tons of junk food. I am NOT a selfish person and I am very appreciative of every penny that comes my way no matter the source. I do NOT have a GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME attitude toward the assistance I receive or anyone/anything. I have plenty of common sense. I know how to make a budget, but you can’t keep in check with a budget if the funds are not there. Yes, my fridge does empty every month, but I do not spend $30 on cheetos or the like and so and so on.

    I am a woman who has and still does work and pays into the system just like everyone else, but I do not make enough money to make ends meet. I have a sick child and many health issues myself but I still work.

    Yes, I get food stamps and medicaid. I also get child support. My food stamps are just a little over $300 a month. My medicaid pays for most things except my eldest child, and some of my medications and the medications they do not pay for our expensive, but I have to have them. I know that I do because when I have not been able to take them I have ended up in the hospital. My child support is $212.00 a month for 2 children.

    But I suppose because I am poor you think it’s ok for you and everyone else to decide what I am allowed to buy at the grocery store or how I spend what little money I do have.

    I pray that you NEVER find yourself in circumstances such as mine.

  • Whobdy

    …but we need to see the number of applicants from when they implemented drug testing, and from before, to see if less drug users even bothered to apply.

  • Whobdy

    …but we need to see the number of applicants from when they implemented drug testing, and from before, to see if less drug users even bothered to apply.

  • Rex

    What have you been smoking to think that the only multi-generation welfare users are medically handicapped??? I am not a welfare recipient, I have however been in business long enough to observe those 3 generation and four generation welfare users that are not handicapped. Do your homework! Regardless of Rick Scott’s financial involvement there are a lot of people from other states wishing their state had the same deterrent as Florida

  • Meihns

    100% of people of people on welfare are ABSOLUTELY NOT drug users!

  • Miehns

    I’m a Conservative Christian and I absolutely do not agree with him.

  • Genius

    anomaly100 your a gay piece of shit

    • http://FreakoutNation.com Anomaly 100

      Your debating skills are overwhelming me. What to do? What to do!

  • Smokeitup

    Im on welfare and i use it to buy drugs:)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EMKNBTS4I7OW57ZFM3EVA7CCHA David

    1. It creates inferior humans by stunting the growth of the kids the money is supposed to support.
    2. It supports criminals south of the border and internal to our country that don’t give a shit. Probably every $500 spent on drugs kills 1 person in South/Central America.
    3. That money then leaves the economy and goes back to the drug lords… Maybe it ends up back here if they buy their nice weapons through the ATF/DOG though.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EMKNBTS4I7OW57ZFM3EVA7CCHA David

    1. It creates inferior humans by stunting the growth of the kids the money is supposed to support.
    2. It supports criminals south of the border and internal to our country that don’t give a shit. Probably every $500 spent on drugs kills 1 person in South/Central America.
    3. That money then leaves the economy and goes back to the drug lords… Maybe it ends up back here if they buy their nice weapons through the ATF/DOG though.