Not One American Died While Bringing Down Gaddafi: Republicans Stay Silent

It took just six months for the 42 year reign of a dictator to come to a close without one American life taken. Forces on the ground in Libya, America and NATO airpower helped the rebels overthrow Gaddafi. Even though this was brief in the scheme of things, no Americans perished and freedom seems inevitable, Sens. John McCain’s (R-Ariz) and Lindsey Graham’s (R-S.C.) reactions show they would have supported a larger role in the conflict:


But the GOP senators also criticized Obama’s handling of the uprising. For one thing, Obama had limited U.S. military involvement to carrying out the early rounds of airstrikes before pulling back to a support role and refused to send in U.S. ground troops. McCain has said a stronger showing of U.S. air power could have dramatically shortened the conflict.

“Americans can be proud of the role our country has played … but we regret that this success was so long in coming due to the failure of the United States to employ the full weight of our airpower,” McCain and Graham said.

As optimism sets in, Libyans are celebrating outside of the White House, giving thanks to our President. But, right wing Americans are staying silent and the ones that aren’t, perhaps should.


 Glenn Beck, the former Fox host, couldn’t decide who to root for:

For any Glenn Beck apologists that happen along, if you believe the former Fox host intended to be humorous, then your sense of humor is lacking.


 Michele Bachmann said in June that the United States has no “vital national interest” in Libya and that the president was “absolutely wrong in his decision.”

Donald Trump, the former Republican Presidential hopeful said America should take their oil:

We are NATO,” Trump said. “We back NATO in terms of money and weapons, what do we get out of it? We have all of these rebels running around, beautiful name ‘rebels,’ are they from Iran, who is going to take over Libya, who’s going to take over the oil?”

Trump said this previously so it’s not surprising. While in campaign mode, the real estate billionaire stated that Obama was handling the conflict in Libya all wrong, then said, the United States should just “go in there and take the country’s oil.”


Just as when Osama bin Laden’s kill was accomplished, Obama got little if no credit from Republicans. Jon Stewart pointed out the nearly dozen people appearing on morning news and talk shows gave George W. Bush credit.  Karl Rove, Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney and more made it seem like “he invented bullets,” as Stewart put it. Stewart noted that the only person doing the TV show circuit on behalf of Obama was National Security Advisor Tom Donilon.

This instance is no different.  Forerunners, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman have yet to utter the President’s name, to congratulate him on his efforts or otherwise.  The spin on this should be amazing, so pass the popcorn and consider it a comedy.


In anticipation of further upcoming comedic relief, I await Ann Coulter’s demonization of President Obama. Ann, who supports bombing Iran, will surely twist this into a win for George W. Bush and not the Libyan people; most certainly not even a nod of recognition toward the President to acknowledge that no Americans will come home in a casket.


Let’s be perfectly honest here. Republicans are pondering Osama bin Laden’s kill, now Libya’s freedom, the upcoming election, then weighing their chances. But regardless of the soon-to-be spin, freedom was gained in an oppressive country and it happened, on Obama’s watch.


Image: Daily Kos with thanks

  • Jim

    Technically no active duty American soldiers were killed, or at least there has been no public acknowledgement of such. American journalists were killed covering the war, and at least 2 American volunteers lost their lives in the fighting.

    • Anomaly100

      @Jim, Thank you for the link.

  • steven

    How many Lybians died?

    • Anomaly100

      @steven, How many would have if we had not intervened? They were being slaughtered.

      • ben dover

        probably not many, remember, he didn’t attack the civilians until obama started making threats. obama claimed we had to go in because gaddafi threatened violence he wasn’t engaging. how many countries right now are killing their own people, are we to invade or bomb all of them. it’s none of our business, the surrounding countries can take care of their own backyard. our terrorism issue is directly related to our heavy handed interventionist policy.

      • UnecessaryEvil


        So you think intervening actually helps us and Libya? No, look at Iran, we intervened in the 1950s — and guess what? Iran hates our guts…not just that, we also got to involved with Israel’s affairs, and they more dependent on us then ever before — we give more aid to Israel than any other country, as well as it’s enemies. This war was illegal and undeclared by Obama who said he didn’t need a deceleration of war and throwing away the most important power given to congress under the U.S. Constitution.

        Anyone who thinks we should have gotten involved is just as brainwashed as everyone else was during the Iraq invasion. We’ve been bankrupted because of our awful foreign policy, and things are not changing.

        • Anomaly100

          @UnecessaryEvil, I’m not saying we should or should not have gotten involved. Quite frankly, I’m on the fence on that one. But, as mentioned in the post, the GOPers that wanted more involvement are strangely silent. Well, not so strange when you’re used to the partisan politics we’re witnessing presently. I do appreciate your thoughts and I agree with some of them.

  • http://[email protected] Cupholder

    We still wasted alot of American tax dollars to save a country of savages that will continue killing each other until the end of time (just like Iraq).

    I really don’t care if the people of Libya live or die, or are free or not free. I wouldn’t spend one penny to save that hell hole.

  • Dave

    Is the country stable? Are average Libyans better off? We should ask more question before declaring “mission accomplished”

  • Peter

    The sad thing is, a number of Americans seem to have died in relative anonymity, bringing down Gaddafi. You can google Muhannad Bensadik, to get you started…

  • Boki

    No, the sad thing is most of you actually believe what’s going on. lol. Do a bit of research instead of relying on the mainstream media.

  • ben dover

    almost a billion dollars was spent on this; we can’t afford it and it’s none of our business. how many civilians did obama’s drones kill. how many is he killing in yemen and somalia, yes he’s bombing them to. of course, i guess civilian deaths aren’t real because it’s not a “kinetic’ military action. whatever happened to his kill squads in afganistan? lucky for him greece wiped that story off the front page. oh wait, it wasn’t on the front page; the fair and balanced press ignored that one, rolling stone to their credit, did not. there really isn’t’ much difference between obama and bush if you take an honest and informed look. most people seem to have picked their “team” and don’t’ really care what’s being done in their name just who is doing it. please stop voting democrat or republican, opposite sides of the same crappy coin.

  • Neocon

    Hey not fair I’m a hardcore conservative and fully supported Obama on this one. I do however think it could have been faster but a win is a win now how about we get Syria and Iran and since you liberals are all about sharing democracy and helping overthrow dictators and fight terrorism all of a sudden why not finish in Iraq and Afghanistan while were at it.

  • Letsgetreal

    It’s a damn shame that the Republicans are so bigoted and narrow minded that they are unable to give credit where credit is due.

    I really believe the Republicans are on a self destructive course. Racism is rampant even though they attempt to disguise it as patriotism. Especially on Fox News.

    That’s one of the reasons that I quit the Republican Party and am now an independent.

    I wouldn’t vote for any Republican as long as there is a Tea Party member in office.

    I truly believe the Tea Party and Republican Big Brothers will destroy human and civil rights unless we kick them out of office.

    They have done NOTHING but harm to this country over the past 11 years. Only fools follow the blind.

  • Audie Dummett

    All I know is that I am ecstatic that the rebels won the conflict. Colonel Gaddafi is out at last and Libyans can now move into a new beginning in history! Audie Dummett from New Zealand