Right Wing Freaks Over Obama’s Bus & Security But Not Private Citizen Sarah Palin’s

President Obama is on the road unleashing a gutsy tour, in seemingly campaign-mode spotlighting Congress and his Republican rivals’ unwillingness to compromise.


The right-wing media attacked President Obama for traveling on buses that reportedly cost $1.1 million on his bus tour, but left out significant facts; One of the facts being that the buses are provided for both parties, Republican and Democrat. Republicans have yet to nominate their choice, but a bus is waiting.


President Obama could campaign on a tricycle from State to State and Republicans would still demonize him as a spendthrift, “Does he really need three tires at our expense?” We can only conclude that they prefer this President, as opposed to every one before him, not have any security detail. Barney Fife and Gomer Pyle could be hired as his sole security team and it would be too costly for them. 


Secret Service officials stated that the buses will pay for themselves over time and there has been a need for these buses for some time now. Sean Hannity, from Fox ‘reports’ on this, in his ‘fair and balanced’ Free Republic rhetoric, calling President Obama the ‘Anointed One.’

Media Matters:

 HANNITY: And today, President Barack Obama embarked on a three-day bus tour in the Midwest that the White House says will allow him to escape the Beltway bubble and hear from actual Americans. But let’s be honest, he doesn’t have to waste your tax dollars and travel around in a $1.1 million luxury liner to find out what is on the minds of these so-called commoners. Because the American people, well, they are speaking loud and clear about the president’s performance. According to a brand new Gallup poll, only 39 percent of those surveyed say the anointed one is doing a good job, while a 54 percent majority say they disapprove. And both of those numbers are the worst of the Obama presidency

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Many Conservative papers and blogs are writing this up as if it’s the economic Apocalypse, which Obama initiated by utilizing full security and a bus. But, not one mentioned the special treatment Sarah Palin was afforded on her bus tour, and she’s a private citizen.

Jason Easley from PoliticusUSA reports:


As a private citizen Sarah Palin is allowed to visit any public place that she wants, but the taxpayers should not be responsible for her escort and security any more than they would be for any other citizen. Why are taxpayers footing the bill for Palin to get the VIP treatment? After all, she was supposed to be on a “family vacation.” In these tough economic times America can’t afford to make the transplanted Cactus Queen feel like a VIP.


Sarah, ‘the Anointed One’ Palin (we can play that game too) has been getting a free pass from the right wing media, but the leader of  our country uses the same services as his predecessors and they are aghast. Fucking hell, Fox really should be sued for their ‘fair and balanced’ tagline for misrepresentation and false advertising.


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  • Sally

    Fox is becoming irrelevant almost as quickly as their “annointed one.” Frankly, no one cares and no one listens to either one of them. Hannity has been on the President for three years, and will never stop. He also loves Sarah for hiring whomever writes her scathing blog entries. Maybe when she’s hiding in her mansion with her forked tongue gagging her he can hire RAM himself. He could use some new material.

  • tara

    I don’t understand why people are unable to see the difference between private and public. Sarah Palin – free citizen – can do whatever she wants with her own money – this is America (at least for now) Public officials – 1) are not permitted to use to public funds for election campaigns -so yes, a tricycle would be too much for the public dime and would be illegal – that is why Obama is spending so much time fundraising – because there are, or at least there should be, two different coffers. And 2) So let’s say, as Obama does, that this is not a campaign – that he is on a “listening” tour to see people’s needs (in which he tells dissenters that they are not listening.) At a time when he demagogues daily – telling people they might not get their food inspected because the budget is so beleaguered – to at that time spend $2.2 mil of my and your money – on busses (manufactured outside of the US) that he is going to use for 3 days – it’s just another “let them eat cake” moment. And he is going to let the GOP candidate use one? So it is for campaign use? So back to argument 1 – it’s illegal. If anyone is going to run for any elected position to represent the taxpayers, they should not begin by confiscating money from those very people to ride around in. They should use their own money they have made, or raise the money from people who want them elected. And although that is my firm opinion it is also the law.

    As an aside, Fox claims its news to be “fair and balanced” it does not claim so about its political shows. It’s not like CNN claims that Wolf Blitzer is objective, he’s a host, not a news anchor.

  • SteveeB

    Yeah, but Palin isn’t the POTUS. She’s doing it on Fox’s dime, not mine and yours. She’s running around in a bus that that is a Fox dog and pony show.

    The POTUS is running around on our dime, using BOTH buses, to essentially campaign.

    derp derp.

    • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

      @SteveeB, The security for Ms. Palin was on our dime. Obama could travel in a beaten up old station wagon and people like you would complain. Obama is getting (listen carefully now) the same treatment Bush got.

  • Al

    Sarah paid for her bus. The tax payers paid for this Canadian behemoth. Record debt, economy is a mess, unemployment is as high as 50% in some demographics and the President goes RVing….how nice.

  • ralph


  • Yo

    @Al – I want to see you complain when the Republican candidate rides the OTHER Canadian behemoth. OK?

    Oh wait, you’re probably like majority of Americans with short term memories. So by then, you’ll probably try to spin this as well. Our tax money should be used to protect American citizens.

    Economy was a mess while W was still in office, thank you! 9/15/2008 – when Lehman Brothers went down the poop hole. You probably don’t remember this because Fox News doesn’t report on that anymore.

  • http://www.elizagayle.com/ Kyle

    The commentators are way overboard! The duly elected President of The United States Of America deserves at least as nice a ride as Willie Nelson.

  • http://www.buyhgh.me/ Andrew

    NASCAR drivers regularly own tour buses worth twice as much as this, and they don’t have all the special protection mechanisms and armor that these buses have, so really, how much “luxury” do you really think went into them?

    My guess is not very much at all. That cost was almost entirely for safety purposes, but don’t try to explain that to a right winger. They don’t want to hear it. f**king idiots.

  • http://www.4yourcountry.org Jim Bell

    This is a government funded trip, not a campaign, so all the “Republicans get one also” conversation is not relevant. This is a base bus for 1.1M plus upgrades (probably a lot more) for a 3 day trip to the Midwest where he “Told” but did not “Listen”. Its also dangerous for him to be in such a big object. I doubt he actually is traveling in it between towns. Its also sort of ominous. Why are we buying a bus that is going to be used a few times every 4 years? In 4 years they are going to tell us the bus needs to be replaced because it is out of date and does not meet the new CAFE standards.

  • chuck Smith

    Somehow, some way, this hatefulness has to stop. It’s pretty simple. Put aside whatever you are hearing and seeing in the print media and television. Obama’s record speaks for itself. Ask your unemployed neighbor how they like the “Hope and Change”.

    • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

      @chuck Smith, I have one unemployed neighbor and she is an Obama supporter. She’s also well read and knows how, where and who instigated our economy’s downfall.