Karl Rove Gives a Gift to Dems: Believes Sarah Palin Will Run for President

Please Run Sarah!

On Fox News this morning Karl Rove, a long-time critic of Sarah Palin’s, as if presenting a gift to Democrats, stated that he believes the half-term Governor of Alaska will enter the Republican Presidential race around Labor Day.


Washington Examiner reports:

Rove said Palin “has a schedule next week that looks like that of a candidate, not a celebrity.” Rove also cited a new campaign-style video Palin has released on her recent visit to the Iowa State Fair as evidence Palin is gearing up for a run.


Sarah Palin’s ‘One Nation’ bus tour and her recently released video which looks more like an ad, is an indicator of a possible Presidential run. Much like her recent film, The Undefeated which bombed, this ad is full of praise from pundits and her publicized love of America. Besides, she’s touring in a painted bus dripping with patriotism which envelopes the vehicle.


Ms. Palin appears to be campaigning but has never officially confirmed it, leaving the public guessing, and garnering more publicity due to her super-duper secret of whether she’ll try for a Presidential run.  She has hinted at such, but distances herself once asked for a concrete answer.  But, her supporters/organizers seem optimistic:

“We’re confident she’ll run, and we’ve worked to build that really strong grassroots base that you have to build for a candidate to be successful just in case she does,” says Singleton, the Iowa “Organize4Palin” representative.



Palin does appear to be campaigning — but she’s consistently done just that since she was picked as Vice-Presidential material by John McCain.


For just this once, Karl Rove put a smile on the face of Democrats everywhere. Come on Sarah, run! You’re a Mama Grizzly. You go grrrl!


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  • OMGawd

    It’s another Karl Rove trick. This news is too good to be true.

  • sly

    Karl’s still not in prison?

    • http://FreakOutNation.com Anomaly100

      @sly, You tease you! When I read Karl and prison in the same sentence, I actually feel hopeful.