Union Bashing GOPer Received $92,273 In Disability payments from his Union

To further prove the acronym, IOKIYAR (it’s okay if you’re a Republican) Tea Party backed Rep. Chip Cravaack, who supported Paul Ryan’s budget plan receives benefits from his previous career as a pilot, which is unionized. 



The freshman GOPer supported Ryan’s plan to end medicare, replacing it with a useless voucher program, but his benefits include, vacations, union negotiated salaries and disability payments, all of which he enjoys. It gets better/worse.

MPR news reports:

Cravaack’s earned income for fiscal year 2010 topped out at $92,273; the cash comes in the form of disability payments for sleep apnea, which ended his flying career with Northwest Airlines, now Delta Airlines, in 2007.


Records released by Rep. Cravaack show that he received  $92,273 in 2010 from dis­abil­ity pay­ments he received from North­west airline while at the same time he was cam­paign­ing with promis­es to end “big gov­ern­ment,” and often using the union bashing rhetoric common with Republicans.


Tea Party backed Cravaack, a veteran, also enjoys benefits from the V.A. as well as government provided health care in Congress, which is the same Socialized medicine Tea Partiers believe is some evil Marxist-Maoist-Communist agenda created to turn America into a Socialist utopia. The hypocrisy doesn’t end there; the former pilot also voted against the FAA.


Cravaack’s town hall meeting was under siege by his constituents, when the union bashing, medicare eradicator, decided in Pay-per-view style, to charge his voters to attend. The ‘small government’ Congressman replied after being confronted:


You guys want a town hall? Be at the airport tomorrow at 4 o’clock.” The former pilot’s office confirmed the town hall at the Duluth International Airport tomorrow, but even that won’t be entirely free. As the Duluth News Tribune reports, anyone who drives to the airport will have to pay to park there.


In his defense, Cravaack was probably using common sense, thinking with his pilot’s license and airplanes close by, he can always fly away when constituents start asking those ‘gotcha’ questions.


Cravaack’s actions and inaction during the debt ceiling debacle:


With only four days left for Congress to avoid defaulting on the nation’s debt obligations, Representative Chip Cravaack helped push our nation one day closer to crisis as he continued to hold out against compromise.  Earlier this week, Speaker John Boehner admitted “a lot” of House Republicans are refusing to compromise on a debt ceiling deal in hopes the resulting economic “chaos” would force Democrats to support the so-called “Balanced Budget Amendment” – wildly out-of-touch, unrealistic legislation that  “would require more extreme cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid than the Ryan Plan,” while safeguarding subsidies for big oil companies and deficit-busting tax breaks for millionaires, corporate jet owners, and large corporations that ship American jobs overseas.


‘Small government’, my ass.


H/T EZKool with our thanks.

Image: MPR News

  • Tim J

    The CBO says medicare will run out of money and will cease to exist in 2020. What other plan is there besides the Ryan plan? This is a plan written under Bill Clinton because it was known then it was not going to last in its present form. Something has to be done to save these programs. This may not be the right plan but at least it is a plan.

  • Vito Corleone

    @Tim J – Are you kidding me? You can’t figure out what other options are available? For starters let’s end the cap on deductions when you reach a certain income limit. I think the limit now is about 100,000. Second, increase the amount of tax SLIGHTLY, and the fund will be solvent for another 100 years. Oh, and how about getting the Federal Government to quit borrowing the money that’s already been built up in the fund. Get real. It’s not that hard to fix. You just have to put country about your re-election efforts.

  • jennifer

    Typical, I get mine but you cant have yours mentality once again. A local government official in Oak Brook IL campaigned on ending unions and it turns out…He was getting a nice sum from the teachers union. His take on the situation was that he worked hard for that pension and had contributed. Exactly you moron, you think your the only one who worked hard and contributed. That’s what the pensions are all about!!! Its truly a sad day when the GOP attempts to turn hard working Americans on each other. Let’s blame the middle class, yes they are the reason we’re in financial crises. HUH???

    • Vito Corleone

      Jennifer – you hit the nail on the head. How the average middle class working stiff in this country can vote Republican just boggles my mind. Yet, they can’t see the forest for the trees and keep doing it.