GOP Partisanship is Showing: Some Not Attending Obama’s Job Creation Address

What's a 'priority'?

When John Boehner said that jobs would be ‘priority one’ when Republicans took control of the House, I guess he was just making a little jokey joke. Thursday, as the President delivers his address on a new job creation plan to a joint session of Congress, there will be a few empty Republican seats.


This tweet by Republican Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia, which was posted last January, sums up the right wing thought:

“Mr. President, you don’t believe in the Constitution. You believe in socialism,” one of Broun’s tweets read.


If they are going to opt out of job creation plans on a false premise,  why not just say to the President, “We’re not going. You’re fat!”  But, that’s okay because instead of attending the speech, Broun will watch the speech from his office across the street and post even more tweets to misinform the public.


Broun is hosting a live Town Hall via Twitter to interact with his constituents — I’m sure even more insignificance can be retweeted around the world in no time, instead of attending the speech for a show of bipartisan solidarity for job creation.


Other Republicans that are too busy not focusing on ‘priority one’ job creation to attend are, Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh, who announced his intentions last week saying he didn’t want to act as a “prop” for Obama’s speech. Orrrr, maybe he would have had difficulty from restraining himself from slandering the president with another “You Lie” shout out to Obama.

Yahoo reports:

South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, a member of the Senate Tea Party Caucus, told Jon Karl of ABC News that he “probably” won’t show up either.

“If he sent a written proposal over first, I would go hear him explain it, but frankly right now I’m so frustrated I don’t think I’m going to go,” DeMint told ABC News. “I can’t imagine too many Americans wanting to hear another speech with no real plan attached.”


DeMint is too ‘frustrated’. So are his unemployed constituents so at least they have some common ground. DeMint simply assumes Obama has no real plan attached, therefore, instead of attending the speech, he’s going to go along with his assumptions. Got it. I did expect DeMint would attend to at least pretend to be interested in job creation, no matter who has a plan, it should be heard. Instead, they’ll just throw those unemployment figures in Obama’s direction. Now that’s a real plan — if you want to call obstruction a plan, then it is, but not much of one to their constituents in the unemployment line that are in no mood to play partisan games when the rent was due two months ago.


Florida Sen. Marco Rubio may be a possible no show, but he actually has a very good reason. Rubio’s mother has fallen ill after suffering a series of recent strokes.


But, the others just don’t feel like it.


Best wishes to Sen. Rubio’s mother from FreakOutNation.

  • SteveRG

    Very nice exposition of the flapdoodle, fustian and codswallop that so headily infuses the banter of our Republican patriots in the House and Senate. Time for the left (previously known as middle-of-the-road) to start screaming from the rafters about the GOP’s utter lack of vision, planning and decency. When the hell will they either have a coherent plan or show some concern for the bleeding millions of American workers? Can you use “freeze” and “hell” in a sentence? ‘Tis an ill wind that blows from the right, and it stinks of rotting mackerels.

    • Bazza


      The right wing party of obstruction and denial?
      They are the only people who can do nothing and still have jobs. They sit around and do nothing and all their constituents will blame the President for getting nothing done.
      That is classic ignorance in action perpetuated by ignorance in the voting booth.

  • Will

    It’s simply that not too many people are left that have any respect for POTUS. Even Carville didn’t care much about what he has to see. It’s the same false promises over and over and over again!

  • Hiricine

    The president wouldn’t bother attending their speech if they had one on job creation, why should they bother going to his? The bills starting on the house rarely come to vote in the Senate, the democrats are simply not even voting because they’re scared of saying “no”. I really think the president’s speech should be “my party isn’t willing to buckle on anything. See you in a year after elections, everyone can go home.”

    At least its better now that he can’t pass anything, as compared to before when he was screwing everything up.

    • Anomaly100

      @Hiricine, Where the hell do you get these assumptions? I know you pulled them out of somewhere….