GOPers Want to Adopt Gov Rick Scott’s Failed Drug Testing for Benefits Law

Recently, Governor Rick Scott of Florida initiated a new drug test for the welfare program where the recipient of benefits would have to go through a drug test before getting aid. The test ending up costing the state rather than save taxpayer dollars. Aside from that, Scott’s own special interests were at play.


Instead of learning from her Conservative counterpart’s mistakes, Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) said she wants to institute drug testing for people who apply for state unemployment benefits — obviously under the impression that if a person is not working, they’re abusing drugs. This whole line of thinking gives into the false premise of the lazy middle class.

“I so want drug testing,” Haley told a receptive, hometown gathering of Rotarians at a breakfast reception held at the Country Club of Lexington. “It’s something I’ve been wanting since the first day I walked into office.”

However, Haley stopped short of proposing any such testing for those who receive welfare benefits, including those on food stamps.

Haley must be aware that the results of drug testing the unemployed would closely mirror Scott’s – 98% passed which debunks much of the Republican rhetoric of welfare being largely for drug addicts — but Haley shifted this thought onto the unemployed.


The theme of the political theater we’re witnessing is simply whoever vehemently opposes the other party, no matter what facts are presented, garners the most support and publicity.

We have to pull the numbers,” she told reporters after her speech. “We have to make sure this works. We have to see what the return is on it. And, we have to see federally and legally if we can do it.”

Ohio State Sen. Tim Grendall said, Hard-working taxpayers of the State of Ohio should not have to pay for the drug habits of illegal drug users.” Following suit, he also plans to introduce legislation requiring drug testing for unemployment and other benefits specifically modeled on Rick Scott’s law.

But, Scott’s plan failed miserably.


They can both read his results without spending one taxpayer dollar. As far as the legalities, Scott’s bill is said to be unconstitutional, so while feigning naivete, tax dollars are spent simply to be the most radical voice on the right, each competing for the limelight that only shines on the craziest.


Are these people suffering from a reading and/or learning disorder? Pick up a paper, Google, do something but quit wasting our money on this sham of a proposal.


  • Laughing

    Republicans continue to try to pass laws that were proven to be a failure.

  • Cosmic Surfer

    So, are they going to submit to the tests as well?
    How about any one caught with a cocktail or other illicit substance in their system while in Chambers will be impeached, OK?

    • Anomaly100

      @Cosmic Surfer, I wonder if Clarence Tomas would pass the test?

  • Jo Savage

    lol Rick Scott is such a wanker.

  • sly

    When I hear the word Republican,the phrase anal retentive comes to mind.

  • Michael

    I think they should have to take a test before getting state aid. Why should they get help if they just use it on drugs.

  • Billy

    IF a person is getting aid from the state or federal government they should have some restraints. Drug testing is not all that hard to do
    so the recipient of aid should have not have any qualms about taking a drug test, if they are on drugs then there are programs to get them off drugs, if they are not on drugs the test is just like filling out the correct paperwork to get the aid. and they should have to take drug test on a regular basis to keep getting the aid…. We have families that have been on welfare and other types of state and federal aid for generations, There fore they should be made to take the drug test. It’s not about rights of the individual but the rights of the tax payers that have to pay the taxes for this aid.

    • Anomaly100

      @Billy, So, rights only pertain to some of us, not all of us? Huh. What a new twist in our Constitution.

  • tom

    Thats such fucking bullshit, marijuana is cheap, cheap enough for people on welfare. Sometimes I run errands for one of the local dealers and he pays me in weed. I’d be smoking it even if I was on welfare.

  • Joey

    Why don’t we do mandatory drug testing for people who have been elected? say every 6 months + random testing. Seems like a good idea since these are the folks who are making big decisions that affect all Americans…

    • Anomaly100

      @Joey, Certainly the SCOTUS Justices should be tested.

  • Wewantjusticenow

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that we SHOULD require all social service recipients to be drug tested!!! Federal employees have been required to do so for decades!!! If you’ve nothing to hide then what’s the big deal?! RIGHT?!!! Also, local governments and many ‘regular’ companies have required this as a routine part of their employment agreement so I REALLY don’t understand why the pushback. Apparently the kind of people who blog negatively here have a lot to hide!!! And you are exactly the type of people who SHOULD be drug tested!!!

    • Anomaly100

      @Wewantjusticenow, You’re obviously a Republican. First you want to save money – then we point out this costs money – then Republicans say it’s still a good idea. You have no idea what’s coming out of your mouth before you open it. Think.

      You are either for fiscal responsibility or you are not. I’m going to go with the latter – and I’ll cite your comment as my source.

  • WTF

    Yes, this law may go against the grain of some folks, tough excrement.

    I’m one of many who work hard in this country and pay their taxes.

    A portion of which are meant to help folks who are down on their luck (i.e.: welfare).

    As a tax payer.. I want my money to go to only those who really need it.

    I especially do not want it to go to those who are having a party, while I carry the financial burden.

    AND yes, we should test everyone who is collecting any social hand-out’s, just to make sure their doing their part….. WHICH IS….. getting back on their feet as soon as possible and becoming self sufficient.