Imagine if Tea Partiers Were Treated like This: Wall Street Protesters Maced, Arrested, Tased

While right wing talking points are circulating that only a handful of protesters showed up on Wall Street on September 17th, just disregard it just as you would Fox News, because this ain’t no Tea Party — this is a peaceful protest that is a nonpartisan event.


Reports include: police abuse, bloody arrests, over 75 arrests thus far, tasing peaceful protesters, pushing protesters back and now reports of tear gas being used are pouring in.


This protest was blacked out by all media outlets. When the Tea Party has an orgasm, CNN is there — where are they now? MSNBC can’t seem to be bothered reporting the news either.

Jason Easley from PoliticusUSA reports:

The hypocrisy related to the lack of media coverage for this protest is obvious and undeniable. If twenty tea partiers stood in the very same spot and had announced that they were occupying Wall Street, it would have been all over the news. I think there is a great deal of truth in the idea that any protest that is deemed liberal gets classified by the media as non-news. Why this occurs is up for debate, but the message from the corporate run media is clear. It doesn’t matter how many people come out to protest in favor of collective bargaining or against the corruption on Wall St, the mainstream corporate media is not going to cover them.

If you’re a blogger, I urge you to blog this protest, or you are as much a part of what we/they are protesting against. We can not count on the MSM for accuracy, or even a semblance of such — the MSM does not even put on a pretense of reporting on this major event.

Journalists were arrested, a cameraman doing the livestreaming was arrested, even reports of a protester holding an umbrella was reportedly arrested. This is not democracy – this is oppression.

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”


~ Thomas Jefferson



Livestreaming, after this video. Halfway into this, take note of females being maliciously maced by NYPD officers. Imagine if the same had been done to Tea Partiers.

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  • novenator

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
    -Mahatma Gandhi

    • RealityCalling

      @novenator, Yes, you wards of the state, leeches, parasites, and entitled snot nosed brats HAVE ignored American taxpayers & job-creators, you HAVE laughed at us, you are now fighting us, and we ARE winning.

      And the Tea Party would NEVER be treated like this because the Tea Party obeys the law, and doesnt try to use government to steal other people’s money.

      Awesome pepper spray shot, wish it had been clearer, and closer-up. was disappointed that there were no rubber-bullets, flash-bangs, tear gas and tazers to the balls!

      Free ride is over you lazy, greedy self-entitled childish bitches. Unless you are handicapped or too old, shut the fuck up, get a job and pay for what you want YOURSELF!

      • You can’t be serious

        @RealityCalling, Some seriously good satire my friend

      • bzjzkxvj

        @RealityCalling, Welcome to Tea Party Fantasy Island, where all your whining right wing self-pity is indulged. AK-47s are handed out at the entrance. Screaming fits are encouraged.

        Are there jobs available on your island? I haven’t noticed any out here in reality.

      • Frothy-Santorum


        typical Christian Right wing Blood-lust

      • Paul Sz

        @RealityCalling, LOL – Nice try. What would you call a bailout? Is that productive? Or a $15 trillion 0% loan from the Federal Reserve? If that’s not parasitical, I don’t know what is. The financial sector is a criminal organization, and based on your comments, it sounds like you may be an accessory.

        Don’t get angry with the poor and struggling, it is they who suffer most under welfare, warfare, and inflationism. What I wish people would acknowledge is the similarities between this protest and the Tea Party. It is corporatism that plagues this country – the marriage of big government and big corporations.

        Big government gives special privilege, funding, exemptions, and protection under the law to big corporations, who in turn create, bribe, and protect big government. We need to unite against this parasitical class of criminals. Don’t let them divide and conquer us.

        • Anomaly100

          @Paul Sz, The original Tea Party had some great people supporting it, sadly that seems to have changed. I’m sure it would be to our best interests to work together.

          Oh, they wouldn’t see us coming!

      • ted

        Yeah! Welcome to AmeriKa where you are free to speak providing you are chanting the party line (like a good Nazi); no one listens, or you don’t come too close to the truth! I’m a 56 year old man, not a snot nosed kid, and I have more money, more guns and more willingness to use them than your chickenshit ass ever will. It’s time for an all out revolution in this country to overthrow the military/industrial complex run government once and for all. When that day comes I hope I see your yellow belly in my crosshairs RC.

        • Anomaly100

          @ted, Who are you talking to Ted?

      • RealityFailing

        @RealityCalling, You are so full of shit. Your reality is deeply skewed and distorted. It’s people like you that make economic recovery impossible. You Tea-Partiers obey the law alright, as long as the law is written in your favor. Btw.. didn’t one of your people get arrested for piracy? I didn’t know piracy was legal in your world. Since you law abiding, tax paying, stand up citizens are so awesome, why do you need to steal microsoft office? Should us poor, non tax paying asshole be doing that instead? Anyway, have fun being another dumbass idiot that make living in America so frustrating.

        FUCK YOU!

  • Laughing

    I hope this spreads quickly to other states. These people are fighting for all of us.

  • Ahab

    Thanks for bringing attention to this!

    This is why I love blogs. GOOD blogs can function as citizen journalism, allowing multiple viewpoints and topics to be discussed online. We don’t have to get news filtered solely through mainstream media anymore.

    • Anomaly100

      @Ahab, I hope you plan on covering this on your site. Let me know, I would love to read it and pass it on to others.

  • chefbob50

    I pasted this article to my blog to let the rest of the world see how much our Democracy has crumbled as I get alot of visitors from China and Europe and the Middle East…

    • Anomaly100

      @chefbob50, Thank you Bob! We need to get this out there. The MSM is not doing their job [as usual].

      • chefbob50

        @Anomaly100, My pleasure…

      • mg


        oh no they ARE doing there job, they work for the people who own them who are so obviously in bed with the gov and corporations. they are perfectly doing their job and are exactly why this protests is needed.

        • mg

          woops their! its very late where i am i apologise (yes a Canadian S in there also)

      • iiiears

        Lol – No one on the weekend news desk wants to give the green light to this story.
        We will see this covered on Monday when more people are at work and it has been rubber stamped by network execs. explained the depressing situation with humor.
        It’s too long to post all of it here, but the fake Michele Bachman quote is laugh out loud funny.

        “When major figures in media were asked about the absence of coverage, here are some of the responses:

        Rachel Maddow: “Were any gay people arrested?”

        Phil Griffin, the head of MSNBC: “Um, did any of the protesters happen to mention General Electric?”

        CNN: “Well, we only like to cover democratic efforts in anywhere but the US. Hey, was their any blood?”

  • bob

    holy crap i thought msnbc was on our side what the hell just goes to show where the money is and who can pull the strings damn gopers

    • Paul Sz

      @bob, didn’t you know MSNBC was owned by GE? They are war profiteers that pay $0 taxes…

  • Mike The Libertarian

    The hippie-liberal’s screams after being maced was music to my ears. People just need to shut the eff up and get back to work. And your “if this happened to a tea partier” hypotheticals are so petty and childish. Please just stop and go away forever

    • chefbob50

      @Mike The Libertarian, The hippie-liberal what are you a time traveler from 1970? You should go away forever…

    • Anomaly100

      @Mike The Libertarian, You probably would have been in state of euphoria at Auschwitz – that is, if you were a guard.

      Mr. Libertarian, there are Ron Paul supporters there as well.

    • Paul Sz

      @Mike The Libertarian, you sir, are no libertarian. You are a violent thug, with no understanding of the concept ‘liberty’ or non-violence.

    • mg

      @Mike The Libertarian, So mike what exactly do you stand for that is so different to what these people are protesting for?

    • Franklin

      @Mike The Libertarian,

      A troll. An agent of the government macing any citizen is positively repulsive to any true libertarian.

      • Anomaly100

        @Franklin, Well said. It is repulsive. Good on you!

  • MrWhite

    Here’s a video I took today of the protest,

    The first minute is when we just got to union square and things were cool.
    I got something to eat and came back an hour or so later and the cops rolled up big time.
    Looked like the movie 300, they were getting ready to smash people so I got outta there.

    • Anomaly100

      @MrWhite, Thanks for sharing your video. It is reminiscent of ‘300’. I’m glad you took off. I was there on the first day and I saw nothing but peaceful protesters. Shame on the MSM for not reporting this, but it’s getting out there little by little. Keep up the good work!

  • Adam

    Fuck the police.

    • Anomaly100

      @Adam, Not with my body.

      Ooo, let’s use Bachmann’s!

  • Porky D

    “The MSM is not doing their job [as usual].”

    Seems to me that the problem is that they are doing their job. They are supporting the corporate world they are part of – that is their job.

    • Anomaly100

      @Porky D, I agree which explains why America is so propagandized.

    • mg

      @Porky D, Exactly, they are perfectly doing their job, which just proves how fucked up the system is.

  • Chuckerdietz

    If you want the same press at the teabaggers, get a quirky name so that the news outlets can report it easily & quickly.

    Perhaps ‘The Changers Party’?

    • jalama

      @Chuckerdietz, How about what you are, the Dirty Sanchez Party.

      • Anomaly100

        @jalama, But that would be disinformation.

  • Artor

    I don’t remember who said, “There comes a time when you just have to pull on the black mask & start slitting throats,” or something to that effect. I’m a peaceful person, really I am, but seeing those girls, my daughter’s age, get maliciously maced by thug cops really makes me want to grab a mask and a knife.

    • ted

      1) Why bother with a mask?
      2)Never show up to a gunfight with a knife..
      Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

  • iiiears

    So was the problem delivering yahoo mail with “wallstreet protest” human error by yahoo, spam filter manipulation by protestors, or something else?

  • Cory

    I think the real sad think is the people who are demonstrating are actually seriously pissed at what this government gets away with and pissed that everything we work for is just getting pulled out from under us and no one does anything about it, certainly not our politicians. Alot of people hate on these people and call them right wing this and right wing that….but the sad fact is that they are actually getting angry and protesting which is more then i can say about the majority of you all that just sit there and are silent. Really it just shows what breed of cowards people have become. I think these people are more american then the rest of us, at least they use their freedom of speech to protest on the streets, not to be bitching cowards attacking them on a forum. But if you are content with our lives being sold down river then w/e GG to you.

  • Andrew

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  • Anonymous

    There isn’t police brutality at Tea Party movements because the Tea Party hasn’t broken the law. The Tea party is proactive in geting permits for their rallies while OWS is not.

  • AJ_Olding

    There isn’t police brutality at Tea Party movements because the Tea Party hasn’t broken the law. The Tea party is proactive in geting permits for their rallies while OWS is not.

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