Protesters Arrested on Brooklyn Bridge Appear to be Planned Ahead of Time by NYPD

Protesters from Occupy Wall Street marched to the Brooklyn Bridge — now reports are pouring in that the Police department permitted a portion of the protesters to march across the bridge then barricaded them in and began arresting them by the busloads. Natasha Lennard from the New York Times was allegedly among those arrested.


The mass arrests appear to be a predetermined move by the NYPD — 10 Department of Correction buses from Rikers Island were on the scene with each one capable of holding 20 protesters.  The NYPD will not release the amount of people which were arrested.


According to the New York Times, one law enforcement official said it was “a planned move on the protesters.” (my emphasis) Can you say, trap?  Just to wager a guess, but I’m sure officials didn’t realize they actually arrested a reporter from the Times. 


The law enforcement official’s statement proves this was exactly as it appeared; a trap to silence this protest. While watching the livestream, the protesters remained peaceful as the police officers plucked them out one by one in a scripted effort to quiet this movement which is picking up in other states around the country.


NBC New York reports:

There were reports of protesters being beaten by police, but no confirmation has been made. 
Traffic on both sides of the bridge is blocked, with no Brooklyn-bound lanes open. The FDR Drive is also backed up as a result, as cars are blocked entering the bridge.
The Occupy Wall Street group was joined today by various unions, including the Transit Workers Union and the United Federation of Teachers, in this “solidarity march” to Brooklyn. 
The plan, according to the group’s website, was to end the march at a gathering at Brooklyn Bridge Park at 5:30 p.m.

At one point to avoid being corralled and arrested, some protesters climbed the bridge (see top left) to look down on the police provoked chaos.


Chants were heard via livestream at Global Revolution saying, “The people united will never be defeated.” As arrests were made, they chanted, “They’re not the criminals!”


All pictures, aside from one are from Jeffrae’s timeline on Twitter with our thanks. He has tweeted that he’s about to be arrested. We wish him all the luck in the world.

Tweets are presently coming in stating that 350 protesters are still trapped (there’s that word, trap again) on the bridge. Other tweets expressed outrage over what appeared to be a child being arrested, which could be seen by over 15,000 people at one point via Livestream at Global Revolution.


2nd picture: NBC New York

  • Sally

    What are we becoming? Our President orders the execution of an American citizen, and peaceful protesters are beaten, maced, and hauled off to Rikers? Meanwhile, Fox calls them ‘anti-capitalists’ for asking that the rich pay taxes…any taxes, and that the banks stop their money grab. These people are so brave, and so are the folks in WI and Ohio who are standing up to the bullies trying to run their states into the ground.

  • bob

    Holy shit are they looking for total all out war. Sum bitch how god damn dumb are they oh wait i forgot GOPers.

  • Festival Bretagne

    how many people were arrested ?