The Only Senators & Congress persons who never supported the Patriot Act and NDAA

December 31, 2011

Republican, Democrat and Independent politicians from the Senate and House who did not sponsor NDAA, the Patriot Act (and hopefully SOPA) is unforgiveably too short, therefore, the supporters of America’s freedom should be commended because they are the only ones that did not disregard the rights of those who elected them to represent our individual best interests and our nation’s as a whole.

We previously posted the names of the 86 Senators who voted to pass NDAA; the following list are the Senate and House members who did not support the aforementioned. I assume the majority of all parties are in agreement that the Patriot Act is inaccurately titled — this reauthorized Act is an overly broad surveillance bill. With our government’s overreach manifesting in recent days, it’s of monumental importance to be observant as to how our elected officials vote, which sadly is too often overlooked. If we do not hold bad/unconscionable behavior accountable and continue reelecting politicians due to partisan issues, then our system will remain broken.

Our country is facing undeniable oppression and it’s presented to us by politicians from both sides of the aisle. This is not the bipartisanship we had hoped for — instead of the tedious bickering from both parties we’ve unfortunately grown accustomed to, they’ve finally come to terms with bipartisanship but on the worst issues fathomable.

The politicians who supported the unimaginable are either self-serving or have become nonchalant since their election. Aside from the following listed, all other politicians should be thoroughly scrutinized  because we the taxpayers essentially sign their paychecks.

It’s time to clean House.

The following list includes the elected officials who stood up for our well being, and also includes those that did not and/or could not vote.



Name Party District PATRIOT ’01 PATRIOT ’06 PATRIOT ’11 NDAA ’12
Schweikert R Arizona 5th District NP NP X X
Grijalva D Arizona 7th District NP X X X
Giffords D Arizona 8th District NP NP NV X
Speier D California 12th District NP NP X X
Stark D California 13th District X X X X
Honda D California 15th District X X X X
Farr D California 17th District X X X X
Waters D California 35th District X X X X
Sanchez D California 47th District X X NV X
McClintock R California 4th District NP NP X X
Filner D California 51st District X X NV X
Woolsey D California 6th District X X NV X
Miller D California 7th District X X X X
Lee D California 9th District X X X X
DeGette D Colorado 1st District X X X X
Polis D Colorado 2nd District NP NP X X
Mack R Florida 14th District NP X X X
Hastings D Florida 23rd District X X X X
Johnson D Georgia 4th District X NV NV X
Lewis D Georgia 5th District X X X X
Woodall R Georgia 7th District NP NP X X
Labrador R Idaho 1st District NP NP X X
Rush D Illinois 1st District X X X NV
Jackson D Illinois 2nd District X X X X
Davis D Illinois 7th District X X X X
Schakowsky D Illinois 9th District X X X X
Burton R Indiana 5th District NP NV X X
Braley D Iowa 1st District NP NP X X X
Richmond D Louisiana 2nd District NP NP X X
Pingree D Maine 1st District NP NP X X
Michaud D Maine 2nd District NP X X X
Sarbanes D Maryland 3rd District NP NP X X
Edwards D Maryland 4th District NP NP X X
Cummings D Maryland 7th District X X X X
Olver D Massachusetts 1st District X X X X
McGovern D Massachusetts 3rd District X X X X
Frank D Massachusetts 4th District X X X NV
Tierney D Massachusetts 6th District X X X NV
Capuano D Massachusetts 8th District NP X X X
Clarke D Michigan 13th District NP NP X X
Amash R Michigan 3rd District NP NP X X
Ellison D Minnesota 5th District NP NP X X
Thompson D Mississippi 2nd District X X X X
Clay D Missouri 1st District NV X X X
Cleaver D Missouri 5th District NP X X X
Payne D New Jersey 10th District X NV X X
Lujan D New Mexico 3rd District NP NP X X
Clarke D New York 11th District NP NP NV X
Velazquez D New York 12th District X X X X
Serrano D New York 16th District X X X X
Tonko D New York 21st District NP X X X
Kucinich D Ohio 10th District X X X X
Fudge D Ohio 11th District NP NP X X
Ryan D Ohio 17th District NP X X X
Blumenauer D Oregon 3rd District X X X X
DeFazio D Oregon 4th District X X X X
Roe R Tennessee 1st District NP NP X X
Cohen D Tennessee 9th District NP NP X X
Paul R Texas 14th District X X NV NV
Johnson D Texas 30th District X X X NV
Welch D Vermont At-Large NP NP X X
Scott D Virginia 3rd District X X X X
McDermott D Washington 7th District X X X X
Baldwin D Wisconsin 2nd District X X X X


Name Party State PATRIOT ’01 PATRIOT ’06 PATRIOT ’11 NDAA ’12
Lee R Utah NP NP X X
Merkley D Oregon NP NP X X
Paul R Kentucky NP NP X X
Sanders I Vermont NP NP X X

NP = Not elected into office (Not Present)

NV = Did not vote

X = A nay vote

Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent it’s time we hold the sponsorship of bad bills accountable, and even go as far as to GoDaddy them from office. This is the only avenue in which to fix our badly broken system or at the very least, it’s a start.

The bitch slap heard across the Internet: To display how powerful ‘we the people’ can be/should be when using intellect and savviness collectively against the government’s overreach, the behemoth social site Reddit‘s community forced Go Daddy, the enormous hosting and domain service to reverse their support of SOPA, however, websites are still being transferred by the droves due to their initial support of the censorship bill. Imagine, just imagine, if all parties did the same collectively and promptly, what we could achieve. We cannot depend on our elected officials when oppression is staring down our nation and our politicians decidedly appear oblivious to the direction our country is taking.

Sadly, there is too much money that’s come in from pro-SOPA groups to determine how that bill will play out. For example, Rep. McDermott (D-WA) has received $60,700 from pro-SOPA groups and $7,950 from groups opposing SOPA — this is why money and politics should not commingle in such abundance. ‘Fairness’ is then determined by dollar bills.


The above list was compiled by Redditor Student_Mammal. Thank you for this proactive measure against political insanity.


Image: How The Hell Should I Know


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  • Anonymous

    Your Senate list is short. Here’s a different list. The 13 senators who voted against the bill were

    Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Ben Cardin (D-Md.), Al Franken (D-Minn.), Tom Harkin (D-Iowa),

    Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Jim Risch (R-Idaho),

    Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Mike Lee (R-Utah), Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) and Tom Coburn (R-Okla.).

  • Steven Chavez

    if our founding fathers were here to view this congress they would tell us to draw our sword, fight for your life. They don’t teach children about our wonderful history rather they teach them about muslims and their contribution to American society?? These men with bibles in hand allowed all schools to teach our children about creation, values, and moral… Creating the greatest nation in history.. Today we have a Godless homosexual loving, porno driven, idol Loving cheats slowly it dims the LIGHT of a nation, that was bright but now turns dark. I pray you guys turn on the light of Jesus in your heart don’t allow religion (tradition of men) to fool you.

  • Brandon Magoon

    #RonPaul #RonPaul2012 @RonPaul

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