NYPD Officer on Occupy Protest: “It would be nice to crack a white guy over the head”

Michael Bloomberg, New York City’s apologist mayor for the NYPD turned a blind eye toward police force used against peaceful protesters during Occupy demonstrations; now it comes to light that some of New York City’s finest boasted about their abusive conduct before it even began.

Where are the Minority Report Thought Police when you need them?


The NYPD is besieged in scandal as of late; this particular scenario occurred on Facebook. Allegedly, officers within the NYPD made highly racist comments on a public Facebook page which went undetected until a New York attorney uncovered them.

This seems to be a habit they just can’t break; Cops like Facebook. Now there are confessions of a sort that appeared on their wall. Before protesters marched across the Brookyn Bridge, they were led there by the police, in a case of clear entrapment, resulting in the arrest of 700 demonstrators.


RT.com reports:

A Facebook profile allegedly registered to New York Police Department Officer Michael DeRosa, Sr. shows correspondence between a couple cops from November 17, 2011, a massive day of action for the Occupy Wall Street movement which marked the campaign’s two month anniversary. Before heading out for work with the “Brooklyn Bridge Arrest Team,” DeRosa posted on his own wall, “On my way to wall street…..Let the savagery begin….Hey Aaron see its not a racist statement!”

DeRosa’s comment is clearly a reference to another online scandal dealing with race that was reported by RT last month. At the time, several profiles allegedly registered by NYPD cops were linked to a public Facebook group where officers made bigoted remarks against parade goers during the annual West Indian Day festival.

On DeRosa’s public profile this time, another suspected officer, Rey Hernandez, responds, “wish I was there with you guys..it would be nice to crack a white guy over the head.”

“LMAO,” adds Hernandez.

Another Facebook friend of DeRosa adds to the posting, “Lock one up for me!”

(My bold)

In the first case, officers involved denied involvement, however, their names were matched with those in the force. DeRosa stated that he just leaves his phone around, which I assume means that anyone could have invaded his house daily in order to use his Facebook page? Really? Officer Genius has just closed his Facebook page.

Commissioner Ray Kelly is supposed to launch an investigation, but it’s not clear whether his concern (which is doubtful) encompasses the police abuse used on protesters.

Image: Huffpo

Big thanks to RT.com


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