Police Militarization hits Los Angeles; drills conducted over downtown LA

January 28, 2012

There is no doubt that police forces across America are transitioning into  militarized departments; the Los Angeles Police department with the Pentagon Conducted Military drills over downtown L.A.



The excuses given in the video don’t pan out. There are other areas where these drills could take place.

With police brutality during Occupy Movements becoming commonplace, it’s almost as if the public doesn’t recognize the drastic differences around us. This  ‘rescue vehicle’ which undoubtedly appears to be a tank, was displayed during Occupy Tampa, and I wonder who they were ‘rescuing’.


Guns pointed at protesters, Veterans shot in the face while censorship is sweeping across the globe – Welcome to 2012.


Video H/T: Your Anon News



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  • Lwlfcln

    Dry run….? Wake UP People !!!!

  • guest

    Most of these perverted sex sites have bots or virus, or at the very least trojans. The military plants this sleezy stuff on sites like this to get people to go there and infect their computers. It is part of the game to take out our communications and destroy our unity. Don’t ever go to a site like this. Especially if they are STUPID enough to put it on a page like this.

    If you have already gone there and infected your computer, get it cleaned. Microsoft has the scrubbers.

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