An Overwhelming Majority of voters want the Catholic Church to STFU about birth control

February 15, 2012

President Obama’s birth control rule initially mandated that employers provide health insurance plans which would include coverage for birth control exempting religious employers but not institutions, which of course sparked an uproar (or possibly a deflection). A new poll suggests that an overwhelming majority support this mandate.


Catholic hospitals and other institutions also support the policy. Catholic approval for the President has remained unchanged.  95% of Catholics use contraceptives.

Abortion is frowned upon by Republicans, yet birth control is a touchy subject. 1+2 suddenly equals 4. So, in order to appease opposers, namely the Catholic Church (again, deflecting) the Health and Human Services Department gave an alternative. Still, the church and the sudden influx from Evangelicals seemingly turned Catholic, raged on.

According to the new poll by the New York Times/CBS, 65% percent of registered voters said that religiously affiliated employers should cover the cost of birth control in their employee health care plans.

A reader here suggested that we outlaw Viagra — possibly to deflect their deflection — which is a fine idea.  In addition, the Catholic church should prioritize their need to protect children, not the pedophile priests which they hide from charges.  Those children which are victimized are alive. Since when do we allow such people to dictate their feigned moral outrage onto us?


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  • Malby

    The last three words in the headline are unnecessary.

  • MOHAWK225


  • Believer

    I agree with the separation of Church and State… the state shouldn’t interfere with the affairs of the Church.

  • williameb

    Separation of Church and State is what the Catholic Church wants. Don’t pass laws which force the Church to do what is against its beliefs. Freedom of religion is basic to the United States. If this law isn’t changed the other Christian churches will join with the Catholics and opposite it.

    The way that the law is written is difficult to understand but its bottom line is making people do what many consider sinful. If it was simply an option no one would be upset.

  • stan chaz

    What a circus. Republicans condemn condoms! Republicans praise rape as a gift from God. Republicans endorse trans-vaginal probes. Republicans hate women (and men who want to plan their families). What’s next? Republicans mandate missionary-position only? Hey, Newt was right. ‘Cause Newt and all his Republican friends SHOULD set up a moon colony…. AND GO THERE! Then, they could tell each other what to do and how to live and who to love…. while leaving the REST of us alone, here on Earth. Newt, I always KNEW that you were a problem-solver. Unfortunately, you and your Republican friends ARE the problem…

  • Garyjminter

    With the bad economy and overpopulation in urban areas, we must consider sterilization of those receiving public funds for their survival. After one or two kids, if the parents are dependent on taxpayer funds for their survival, they should be encouraged to be sterilized.

  • blairjohn62

    indolering: Wow, for a name like that (indolering) , I would think that you are smarter than that but then again, I see that you wrote your letter from where you work, The New York Times, another one of the governments “favorites”.

  • blairjohn62

    indolering: Wow, for a name like that (indolering) , I would think that you are smarter than that but then again, I see that you wrote your letter from where you work, The New York Times, another one of the governments “favorites”.

  • blairjohn62

    Eugenia: For YOUR INFORMATION: The Catholic Church has thousands and thousands of excellent, professional priests and no one approves of ANY TYPE OF MOLESTATION, now, if you realize that all the other Christian Churches in the country are not organized as the Catholic Church IS. IF you did add all of the other Christian Preachers, Ministers and Deacons, etc. together, they too would have a bunch of Molesters also, but being as there is only 1/1000 of 1% of the Catholic Preists that were actually CONVICTED (and that too, I add, is too many) so don’t just put it all on “Catholics”, The Church cannot control each and every individual that gets a Theology Degree, it is a world wide problem, include Muslims, Jews and all other denominations that don’t turn in their Elders, but choose to hide them, do you not think there is corruption in all denominations? There is.

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