The GOP clown car is now officially packed full: Sarah Palin is ‘game’ for another run

Failed Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin coyly suggests she wouldn’t rule out throwing her name in the ring. Many Democrats are hoping for a Rick Santorum nomination from the GOP — this can only be surpassed by them giving Palin the official nod.

So, a mormon, a serial adulterer and a failed Governor walk into a bar and decide to run for President. What could go wrong?

And naturally she mentions ‘fire in her belly’ (again).

CBS reports:

“I cannot predict what will happen in the future, but I know that I have got the fire in my belly to try to help, to try to make a difference and if that involves running for public office at some point in the future, I’m game for that,” she said.

Fox News analyst Sarah Palin hinted Wednesday that it is not too late for her to get into the Republican presidential contest.

Asked in an interview if she would be interested in jumping in the race if there is no clear winner by the time Republicans gather this summer for their nominating convention, Palin said she would “do whatever I could to help.”

Fox Business interviewer Eric Bolling asked about the possibility of a so-called “brokered convention” in Tampa, Florida, in August — a scenario many consider unlikely.

Palin told Bolling she thinks “it could get to that,” and if it does “all bets are off.”

Ms. Palin’s husband publicly threw his support behind Newt ‘serial adulterer’ Gingrich — for that family values and common sense Palin has campaigned on  — yet Sarah has not endorsed anyone. Either she’s leaving room to jump in the race against the rest of the Republican candidates or she’s hoping for another vice-presidential bid. If she’s vying for VP choice from Newt Gingrich and he channels an honest John McCain, I’m sure the Senator would be very vocal, saying, “Are you fucking kidding me!”

“Well, what we’re still lacking is a lot of that enthusiasm for one — any one individual,” Palin said. Most Dems will be extremely enthusiastic if Palin jumps in. There are no issues there. You go Sarah! Jump in that race. You’re a Mama Grizzly. You go grrrl!

As if the GOP clown car is not full enough, another one might step into the race. We’ve got nine more months of this ongoing comedy show. Enjoy!

  • Mark T

    Well, she apparently was portrayed rather amusingly as president in Iron Sky, so I guess that makes it ok –

  • Justin Capalbo


  • Justin Capalbo