By Limbaugh’s definition, all Fox News Female employees are Sluts (they’re covered for contraceptives)

By talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s definition, any woman that is insured for birth control is a “slut.” The GOP mouthpiece deemed Sandra Fluke as a prostitute as well.

After Limbaugh brazenly said the Georgetown University coed was a “slut” and a “prostitute” for wanting oral contraceptives to be covered by her health insurance, I can only assume that he means that about any woman — even those that work at Fox News.

And they do fit the word more appropriately.  (Hey, he started this. I’m playing by his rules)

Sunday on Fox News with host Chris Wallace, they discussed this suddenly controversial topic.

Raw Story reports:

“Before coming on today, I checked with the women here at Fox News and it turns out that Fox News health coverage does cover — there’s a co-pay — but it does cover contraception,” Wallace explained. “When it comes to contraception, you know the idea that — and we’re not talking about religious institutions. According to the Blunt amendment, any — U.S. Steel, as I said, Fox News, any company could simply decide, we are not going to offer that. An insurance company could decide, one that has no ties to any religious organization.”

Unless Republican men want women to go full Lysistrata on them, I suggest using more appropriate wording when describing the female gender. In Wisconsin, women make approximately 70 cents to every dollar a man makes, yet females are expected to dish out thousands per year on birth control pills because Republicans are now Anti-sex. Heads up: For the amount of stupidity we’ve taken in since this debate came to being, it’s hardly worth anyone’s time to school them but no one will be paying for our birth control. Insurance which we pay for is supposed to cover it. If a woman works for a religious institution, then they are tax exempt and should cover it in their insurance.

Just be respectful. If you want sex with women ever again (not sex you pay for), then relax. Women are not asking for something unreasonable. In fact, we shouldn’t even have to ask.


See the Video at Raw Story 

Image: Zimbio


  • iPhone spy

    this is a new marketing strategy of Fox news may be :)

  • Gues

    Dosen’t anyone remember Dan Akroyd’s SNL skip “Jane You Ignorant S***”? He was a lot worse on Women and SNL gained viewers. This hwole thing is a smoke screen to get people to stop thinking about the bad economy and stop watching Wall Street hand out huge bonuses (now in stock options, not cash so they look smaller). Really, unless you love Rush, who cares what he says?

    • Nobody

      You are comparing a political commentator slandering a real student to one comedy skit character calling another comedy skit character a “bad word”?

    • Nobody

      You are comparing a political commentator slandering a real student to one comedy skit character calling another comedy skit character a “bad word”?

  • Guest

    While I don’t necessarily like Rush and I certainly don’t agree that birth control makes a woman a slut. I do think that taking half a quote from any public figure and writing an entire article is just as inappropriate. What happened to journalistic integrity and getting the entire truth out to your readership? Why misrepresent a statement to prove a point.

    • Guest

      Not necessarily liking Rush says it all about you. You either love him or hate him. There is no I agree with some things he says. So you must love him.

  • Guest

    Don’t forget Tricare covers it as well, so all the women defending the country and dependents are sluts too.

  • Misteraction

    I don’t think the woman in the picture above has aspiring between her….legs.

    • Misteraction


  • Lanark

    Or maybe that’s the only way Fox can get women to work in a place like their’s.

  • Hysteric-Satire

    I cant believe the amount of “news” articles about this subject like it matters. This is considered a top story? First off i dont care for this guy’s show or whose thin skin was hurt due to lacerating words. Rush should watch his mouth, and that lady can get over it. Moving on. Politics shouldnt be centered around all this melodrama. For those cheering at the verdict from the court of public opinion ‘OFF WITH HIS HEAD!’ (sponsors)… at the expense of your first amendment rights. Back onto the animal farm- because your turn is next right after useful subservient idiocy is no longer any substantial value. Or pull your focus out of this distraction and realize it for what it really is.

    • aenn88

      Get over it? Some of us have to get a second part time job to cover the costone of bc pills–i can’t take the one that costs $4 at Wat-Mart, so every month I pay $185 for 1 packet.

      But of course I could just “get over it”, get pregnant and go on welfare. Which would you rather have?