Recall Walker Efforts Rejuvenated as 35K-60,000 protesters descend on Wisconsin’s Capitol

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker one year ago signed into law his plan to undermine collective bargaining rights and the uproar has been relentless. The recall petition brought in one million signatures, some having voted for Walker showing buyer’s remorse.

The ‘Reclaim Wisconsin March’ yesterday brought out the masses in protest of Walker’s efforts to butcher workers’ rights. Note that this was not what Walker campaigned on, but it was his first effort once obtaining office. In fact, his sleuth-like efforts in passing this law was so underhanded that the entire country took notice.

The Nation reports:

As the state prepares for a recall election that could remove Walker from the governorship — along with his lieutenant governor and four Republican state senators — tens of thousands of union activists and their supporters rallied once more Saturday at the state Capitol in Madison.

It was an epic turnout, estimated by Governor Walker’s Department of Administration at 35,000 and by organizers at closer to 60,000.

John Nichols reports that this was the largest reported gathering since the mass mobilizations of February and March, 2012.

“Look at what a difference a year makes,” declared Mary Kay Henry, the president of the Service Employees International Union, who marveled at the size of Saturday’s crowd of union members, farmers, small business owners, students and retirees that surrounded the Capitol. “Governor Walker and the Koch Brothers started something last year, but they’re not going to like how it ends. When it ends there is going to be a pro middle-class governor and lieutenant governor — and a pro-worker majority in the Senate.”

The division created by Gov. Walker has upset the middle class. His partisan politics have wreaked havoc on workers’ rights – even after promising to negotiate, he did not fulfill that vow.

Stand firm Wisconsin. Republicans that supported Walker now have changed positions with unfavorable statements on his agenda (read: Sarah Jones’ article at PoliticusUSA)

The pro-Walker support that showed up was a force of one. Only one supporter was spotted. Again, one person.
Tick tock Governor Walker. Your time is running out.

Image: The Nation

  • Azman0205

    …we the working class people of this country have all the power. We have more power than Big Oil, Big Pharma, Wall street and all the health care companies combined. Dont mess with us!

    • gt

      And the businesses that are trying to make a profit have the “power” to move their businesses to a location more business friendly. Sometimes they even take their jobs out of the country. How does that benefit the people of this country? I work 2 jobs. I’m non unionized. I make what my skill set deserves to make. By forcing companies or governments (taxes that you and I pay) to pay you more more more, it does not progress society. Car companies that have been destroyed by unions cannot compete with foreign companies that do not have the ridiculous benefits that American companies have been forced to give. Look at the prices of American cars. How much is materials, labor and admin expenses and how much must these companies have to charge to cover pension costs for workers who have long retired but still get paid. Do you think car makers in India or China have to factor these into their prices? Unions prey on uneducated (not saying they are unskilled people in their trade) workers and take union dues that many workers are required to pay. The union bosses then bribe…. I mean lobby politicians to favor laws and regulations and expand unions. How is that different from corporate lobbyists lobbying congress at the detriment of the American people. You want to dis “big pharma” and “big oil” and Wall steet, but unions are no different. They rake in billions of dollars to and do not do what is best for the people either. They shut down business, and blockade progress. Look at the new World Trade Center. China would have had that building up by 2003. Its still not finished and its been over a decade. Its sickening that whiny unions and the people working on those buildings don’t think that they make enough and they have the ability and power to halt something as important as rebuilding this building and showing the people of the world that America is back. When unions have the ability to tell private companies where they can and cannot do business, things have gone too far.

      • Hawk

        “When unions have the ability to tell private companies where they can and cannot do business, things have gone too far. ”

        No, unions are made up of citizens, and yes we do have the right to regulate business in our country

        America is governd by our citizens, not some fictitious “corporate personhood” and we’ll make the laws as the Constitution mandats, thank you very much.

      • Blanche Starbong

        You sir, are a sucker.

  • John Hoffman

    I sure hope he gets recalled just before the indictment rolls in!

  • 34vdfc

    “sleuth-like”? wtf does THAT mean? you don’t do the cause any good if you write like a 15-year-old — get a dictionary.

  • JackK

    Does anyone remember when Mitt couldn’t fill up the end zone in the football stadium? He had at most 200 to 300 people come out to “show” their support. In Wisconsin the power of people is going to topple Walker. That is, if he is not already in jail or under indictment.

  • alan8

    Don’t forget that Wisconsin still uses the easily-hackable and unverifiable touchscreen voting machines. And Wisconsin has a long history of Republican election fraud.

    Don’t get overconfident. Wisconsin should have a parallel movement to get these potentially-rigged voting machines replaced; their use in OUR elections is an affront to democracy!

  • Blanche Starbong

    Army of One. A global force for good!!

  • Blanche Starbong

    Army of One. A global force for good!!