How cute: The Catholic League plans to mobilize a Boycott against Jon Stewart

April 18, 2012

The anti-gay Catholic League is displeased with Jon Stewart after his segment denouncing Fox News for ignoring the War on Women, while pushing wars on Christmas, so the League is demanding an apology or they will “mobilize a boycott.”



Bill Donahue, the League’s President — who really is just a crazy man with his own gosh darned League — said in a press release:

The cover-up is revealing. This episode of “The Daily Show” was done to protest Fox’s alleged indifference to the “war on women,” and in doing so Stewart not only made a vulgar attack on Christians, he objectified women.

We are asking Stewart to apologize. If he does not, we will mobilize Protestants, Jews, Mormons and Muslims to join us in a boycott of his sponsors. Moreover, we will not stop with a boycott; there are other things that can be done to register our outrage. We are prepared to spend the money it takes to make this a nationwide issue, and we are prepared to stay the course. Tomorrow we will have something definitive to say, one way or the other.

How dare Jon Stewart disregard the War on Christmas – the one that never existed — but was afforded hyperbolic overkill on Fox News.

I don’t see this boycott working out in the League’s favor, after all, how many gay bashers tune into the Daily Show? I’m not sure, but Jon Stewart’s ratings are higher than all of Fox News.

PoliticusUSA reports:

According to the May Nielson ratings, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart beat the entire Fox News network in terms of total viewers. Stewart averaged 2.3 million viewers, while the Fox News prime time and day time line up averaged 1.85 million viewers.

Last week, Bill was outraged with….the Three Stooges, and it’s not because Moe is such a bitch.

Huffington Post reports:

The Catholic League’s President, Bill Donohue, has put out a statement condemning the movie for its disrespectful portrayal of Catholics, specifically nuns. Donohue claims that the movie is more evidence of the increasing hostility towards religion and Catholics in Hollywood.

So, that’s two statements he’s released against these evil Catholic hating entertainers. I guess he told them!

H/T: Mediaite


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  • Haaah

    I really can’t wait for Jon Stewart’s commentary to this. Obviously this pales in comparison to what Rush Limbaugh said about women… except not

  • Patel

    So glad Hindu’s are above all this!

  • E

    Stewart has my support

  • stan chaz

    Ah, my dear Mr. Donahue, let us take out our bible and meditate a bit on the words attributed to the founder of your religion, in Matthew 5:44: “But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those that hate you, and pray for those who insult you and persecute you.” Go in peace my friend – and show us what your religion means by the example of your life, not by having your religion trying to control the lives of the rest of us. ‘Cause when you do that, then both you, and your religion, are fair game……

  • direwolf29

    I fully support the Catholic league in boycotting this leftist bigot.

    • The_Pony

      You forgot the /s tag.

    • Margaret Whitestone

      It’s pretty hard to boycott something you don’t watch. (Skimming clips so you can find something to be outraged over doesn’t count) But I’ll give him a Z for effort.

  • moflow

    Bill Donohue*

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