Critics tout Nikki Haley’s memoir as ‘fiction’: This lady just makes stuff up

Our glitzy governor is again in the so-called TMZ spotlight.

Instead of being hailed as a productive governor, Nikki Haley is having her stooges fend off criticisms about her book being “fiction” and not truthful in accounts on certain people.

Gov. Nikki Haley’s new memoir, “Can’t Is Not An Option,” is untruthful or twists many events, a half-dozen S.C. politicians said last week.

Members of Haley’s own Republican Party — including the speaker of the S.C. House and a former lieutenant governor — say allegations against them are “absolutely not true” and “not true at all.” Democrats, including Haley’s 2010 opponent in the governor’s race, describe the book as “fiction.”

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Most memoirs, like the softly focused photo on the jacket of Haley’s book, are sympathetic to the autobiographer, who is — after all — writing the story of their life.

But, added a Democratic state representative, “This lady just makes stuff up.”

Here we are, folks. Suffering under a celebrity governor who gets called out on everything wrong she does, but denies it and pushes further in to lala land.

In the memoir, for instance, Haley says voters have a right to know who legislators, paid part-time for their service, “worked for in their day jobs. … It breeds conflict of interest. The people deserved to know who paid us. Once they see … people will understand why policy moves the way it does in Columbia.”

But, 60 pages later, Haley calls campaign questions about her own possible conflict of interests — taking $42,500 in what she refers to only as “consulting fees” from the Columbia engineering firm Wilbur Smith and holding a $100,000-plus-a-year job with Lexington Medical Center while it was seeking legislative approval to expand — “a nuisance issue” and “character assassination.”

Wow. And the people buy this stuff. They line up, tell her she’s awesome. Plus, Haley is asking for donations of at least $50, for her reelection campaign. Donors will receive a copy of her new book and a chance to have lunch with the governor. Yeah.

Haley and a trio of Democrats also disagree on accounts in her book.

Haley writes that while she ran an issues-oriented campaign, her Democratic opponent, state Sen. Vincent Sheheen, D-Kershaw, had a strategy that “wasn’t to offer the voters a choice between two different policy directions for the state but to simply attack me.”

“He and his advisers evidently made the decision that they couldn’t beat me on the issues, so they devised a campaign based on character assassination and guilt by association,” Haley wrote.

That association, according to Haley’s book, was her tie to then-Gov. Mark Sanford, a Haley mentor who was the first to encourage her to run for governor, as well as the character attacks launched by the two men.

Sheheen said Thursday that Haley’s book “should be on the fiction rack.”

I would use it for fire fuel.


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