Jesse ‘remove Giffords from office, shoot a fully automatic’ Kelly wins Republican nomination

 Ah, so this is how you get Republican approval: Republican Tea Party favorite, Jesse Kelly won the Republican nomination primary last night to fill the seat left vacant by the resignation of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ).

Kelly who was Giffords’ 2010 Congressional opponent held a June 12 gun event that was billed as follows on the Pima County Republican website:

“Get on Target for Victory in November Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office Shoot a fully automatic M15 with Jesse Kelly.”

Kelly’s comments occurred after failed Governor Sarah Palin’s dubious comments toward Gabby Giffords.


Jesse Kelly, was never bothered by Sarah Palin’s controversial remarks, instead, he amped up the lack of civility.

But, this type of political discourse, as lacking as it is, is acceptable in the Tea Party’s eyes. Hell, look at had-been rocker Ted Nugent, whose recent violent remarks were cheered on at an NRA convention.





Better  yet, look at who they nominated to fill Gabby Giffords’ seat:










Can we get some adults in office now please? I know, I ask a lot.

H/T: Think Progress

Image: Fire Dog Lake



  • Robert Rowley

    THIS is Jesse Kelly

    Article: Citizens United Endorses Jesse Kelly in Special Election
    About “Citizens United”:

    Article: CD8 candidate Jesse Kelly’s and Tea Party’s economic platform similar to Communist nations

    Article: CD8 Republican Jesse Kelly Calls For New National Sales Tax

    Article: Giffords Opponent, Jesse Kelly, Held June Event to “Shoot a Fully Automatic M16 to “Get on Target” and “Remove Gabrielle Giffords” and

    Article and Video: Jesse Kelly: “Oil Is A Renewable Resource”

    Article: Jesse Kelly Supported by Groups Tied to White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis

    Letter: Tucson Tea Party Co-Founder: 13 Questions for Jesse Kelly that must be answered before you vote

    Simply put, Jesse Kelly has neither the brains, credibility or honesty for public office, the will for fighting or the compassion to represent the people of southern Arizona either CD8 OR CD2.

    • Anomaly

      His ideology scares the hell out of me. There must be a strong Tea Party influence in Arizona to nominate this nutcase.

  • geoff

    Kelly is for things he has no knowledge about (Paul’s economic policies), changes with each wind (hence the “add-ons” to campaign signs), from a USMC enlisted perspective thinks he has a handle on the military, has no public history of social service, does not know what petroleum reserves world nations hold, has a businessman’s perspective on protecting our planet (cost is the only criteria)….is this the best the Republican Party can do? As a soldier, he is to be honored, as are hundreds of thousands of us, but we don’t pretend that makes us capable lawmakers.