Battle Hymn of the Republicans (video); aka: This is why we think the GOP is crazy

Republicans, I take issue with you for so many reasons. Your party has revised the dictionary, the Bible and the Constitution and now, you applaud stifling dissent because it’s not your party protesting. We protest while ‘our guy’ is in office. Your party did not protest overspending when ‘your guy’ was in office, but on President Obama’s inauguration day, behind closed doors, your leaders became traitors to America, putting Party First and country last. Behold, the Battle Hym of the Republicans; note that these words are from the mouths of your leaders.



Note that this video was created last year. In one short year, so much more footage can be added, and so much was left out.

  • Sally

    And these are the people who are so cocksure they are better for America?

  • Anonymous

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