Drop all the F-Bombs you can now: new legislation to cease “mean-spirited & baseless political attacks”

Most of us are already aware that ACTA, PIPA, CISPA and all of their acronym cohorts were never authored due to a concern over piracy, but actually about censoring the public while using an authoritarian hand. If you’re a mean person to anyone on the Internet — which occurs in about 99% of the political comment threads — you can be censored then required to release your real name. Suggestion: drop all the F-bombs you can muster now because those days will be history — at least here in New York, but it’s not a stretch to assume, given the other censorship legislation which has been authored, that this too will be coming to an area near you.


The explanation given, albeit the most oddly worded one (for an explanation) yet was by Mr. Rogers Republican Assemblyman Peter Lopez, who co-sponsored the bill, stating that the Internet has become the “wild west: almost anything goes.” Has Lopez seen Congress lately?

Well, we call that Freedom of Speech.

New York magazine reports:


Identical bills in both houses of the New York State Legislature would require all New York–based websites to “remove any comments posted on his or her website by an anonymous poster unless such anonymous poster agrees to attach his or her name to the post.”

If the bill passes, websites would be required to provide a toll-free number or e-mail address where people could report cyber-bullying. After receiving a complaint, websites would need to contact the original commenter and inform them that their post will be deleted if they don’t identify themselves within 48 hours.

Let’s pause for a moment. Fuck! Moving right along…..

Republican Assemblyman Peter Lopez, who co-sponsored the bill, said the Internet is like the “wild west: almost anything goes” and the legislation is a step toward ensuring that we’re “civilized as we conduct ourselves in the use of that resource.” Supporters of the measure say that in addition to ending online harassment and preventing businesses from posting negative reviews for their competitors, it would elevate the level of political discourse online. Assemblyman Jim Conte, who also co-sponsored the legislation, explained:

Finally, the legislation will help cut down on the types of mean-spirited and baseless political attacks that add nothing to the real debate and merely seek to falsely tarnish the opponent’s reputation by using the anonymity of the Web. By removing these posts, this bill will help to ensure that there is more accurate information available to voters on their prospective candidates, giving them a better assessment of the candidates they have to choose from.

(my bold)

Seriously? And who will be Lording over Internet users in order to differentiate between the ‘good’ comments and the ‘bad’ comments. It appears that politicians who decidedly made themselves Gods of the Internet can pick and choose whose comments are conducive to their particular political standards. If/when this day comes, I’d rather shut FreakOutNation down that to demand that readers give up their anonymity in order to enjoy our right to Free Speech — and I say this as Anomaly100 not my birth name because I prefer to not give up my rights too.

Drop your F-bombs now because those fucking fuckwits are trying to find out who is mean, and who is nice like Santa Claus in a Bizarro fucking World.


H/T: My friend @Sevey77 with thanks.

  • http://twitter.com/JPJABBER JUDI

    So….does that mean that RWNJs have to tell the TRUTH…….no, probably not.

    • Don Roberts

      The problem is people consider it harassment just for disagreeing with them.

  • http://twitter.com/JPJABBER JUDI

    So….does that mean that RWNJs have to tell the TRUTH…….no, probably not.

  • Don Roberts

    The problem is people consider it harassment just for disagreeing with them.

  • Heywood Jablowmie

    Shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker tits. There, I said it. Thank you, George Carlin.

  • http://nomadicpolitics.blogspot.com/ Nomad

    Nope, They still haven’t learned what the Internet is all about.

    Next stop? They will demand that every Internet user have a personal Identity number and a license. You break their rules, you will not be able to access the net at all. I give it.. say, 5 years but maybe next year if the Republicans can win the election.

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