Gov Scott Walker promises 350 whole jobs (which will cost approximately $42,857 per job)

Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) has been touting his job creation prowess in Fox Valley, a Republican area in Wisconsin.  So, let’s look at that. Walker said as many as 350 jobs related to a new facility could be created; that calculates to $42,857 per job — probably close to the wage of those factory workers.

No one gives me credit for creating my job!

Even if we could be dismissive on the costs, Wisconsin lost nearly 6,000 jobs in April, according to preliminary data state labor officials released yesterday, which makes another setback for Republican Gov. Scott Walker as he faces a June 5 recall election, and he ran his campaign on job creation.

 Walker ran on a moderate platform of job creation but has failed miserably on his promise to create 250,000 jobs during his first term. Bloomberg reports, “When Wisconsin job numbers compiled by the U.S. government were on the upswing last year, Governor Scott Walker traveled to Milwaukee to tout them as proof that he was turning around the state’s economy.” And now that jobs numbers suck, Walker is not using the same statistical methodology that the rest of the country uses. In short, he’s fabricating the numbers to help fight the upcoming recall.


And then there’s the little matter of Walker’s assault on Collective Bargaining rights and the besieged Governor has denied any attempt to turn Wisconsin into a right-to-work State, however, to quote the great Betty Davis, “But ya’ are Blance, ya’ are in that chair!” And videos prove otherwise. 

Walker will dismantle unions without job creation, simply for the betterment of Corporations not people. I almost forgot; Corporations are people. If that’s true, then where are the jobs?

Jobs won’t be created by educating the masses because he stripped over $1 billion from education. When the recent video surfaced of Walker declaring his ‘divide and conquer’ strategy with his billionaire benefactress, this is possibly another step as well as, Voter ID laws, and his recent assault on women.

What you can do now:




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