Obama Campaign’s new ad is brutal, highlights the devastation of Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital

The Obama campaign came out with a two minute ad on presumptive GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. The ad, in just two minutes, is brutal, going after Willard’s Bain Capital record.

This ad is in stark contrast to Romney’s version of events, or rather, his sidestepping of what actually occurred.



Remember that Mitt claimed he created 100,00 jobs, well his campaign has changed that figure considerably since this ad was released.

Think Progress reports:

BuzzFeed’s Zeke Miller reports that, in the wake of the Obama campaign’s new ad attacking Romney’s record at Bain, the “new Romney jobs math” is significantly more modest than the old. This time, the campaign is asserting that Romney created a meager and vague “thousands of jobs” at Bain and “tens of thousands” of jobs as governor of Massachusetts.

For the full story on Bain Capital’s devastating effects on the people that worked there and surrounding businesses, watch this.

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