Wife of GOPer who authored the anti-gay bill says he wrote it to “protect the Caucasian race”

The wife of the author of Amendment One, the anti-gay marriage amendment which would promote discrimination, has admitted (rather, she outted her hubby) that her husband wrote the bill “to protect the Caucasian race.” The wife admits in a recording that the Amendment was authored by her State Senator husband to save the white race (from catching the gays?).

I don't like gays. I prefer the closet.

(Sorry, I was stuck in a what the fuck moment. Moving right along now…)

Pam Spaulding reports:

Chad Nance who is a freelance journalist in Winston-Salem and is covering the election here in NC, recorded the wife of NC Sen. Peter Brunstetter confirming that she believes that Amendment One’s destiny is not only to save marriage, it apparently also has something to do with white power preservation. (!)

Nance said he recorded a conversation with the woman, whose name is Jodie Brunstetter, on video, and that she confirmed that she used the term “Caucasian” in a discussion about the marriage amendment, but insisted that otherwise her comments had been taken out of context by other poll workers.

…Nance paraphrased the remarks, as told to him by those who were present: “During the conversation, Ms. Brunstetter said her husband was the architect of Amendment 1, and one of the reasons he wrote it was to protect the Caucasian race. She said Caucasians or whites created this country. We wrote the Constitution. This is about protecting the Constitution. There already is a law on the books against same-sex marriage, but this protects the Constitution from activist judges.

”Nance said he recruited a friend, who works for the Coalition to Protect All North Carolina Families, to witness his interview with Jodie Brunstetter. He said Brunstetter reluctantly acknowledged that she had used the term “Caucasian” and then repeated the statement previously attributed to her, but substituted the pronoun “we” for “Caucasian. Nance said Brunstetter insisted there was nothing racial about her remarks, but could not explain why she used the term “Caucasian.”


I’m trying to get this straight (no, not that kind of straight). So, since my best friend is gay, I might lose my whiteness? I always suspected my Puerto Rican buddy was up to something dubious — but to take my whiteness by supposedly trying to indoctrinate me into the….gay agenda! Oh my fucking God girl, you’re too much.

The transcript can be read here.

Big thanks to Pam Spaulding.




  • http://myshambhalavillage.wordpress.com Paul Frank

    Has she had her medication?

    • Anomaly

      I think she needs more than meds. A padded cell, far away from any Klan members perhaps.

  • http://myshambhalavillage.wordpress.com Paul Frank

    Has she had her medication?

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