Will Smith: America has been fantastic to me. I have no problem paying to keep my country going

Other prominent figures have spoken up in what’s been deemed as the ‘Buffet Rule’ and now, Will Smith adds to the fold. Smith, one of Hollywood’s most well paid stars, earning an estimated $20 million for “Men In Black III” alone, supports bringing in tax revenue.


Will Smith said while promoting his new film “Men In Black III” last week that he supports the move. “I’m very supportive of that idea,” Smith told The Associated Press in an interview. “America has been fantastic to me. I have no problem paying whatever I need to pay to keep my country growing.”

Obama has proposed that everyone earning $1 million a year or more should pay at least 30 percent of their income in taxes. One research group said the change would affect around 210,000 taxpayers.

While Republican opposition has been intense surrounding the Buffet Rule, notable figures are speaking out in support of tax revenue, such as Stephen King.

Anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist must be feeling a little partisan pain right about now — and that’s a nice thought.

Image: USA Today


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  • Fuckyou

    So, did he say “going” or “growing”?

  • Fuckyou

    So, did he say “going” or “growing”?

  • poww17

    Talented people who came from humble beginnings tend to get that they likely wouldn’t have had the same level of success without America. Those born into wealth usually miss this point and take all the credit themselves.