Elizabeth Warren wins 95% of delegates: “Are you ready to stop Republicans from taking over the Senate?”

June 2, 2012

“I’ve got just one thing to say: Are you ready?” Ms. Warren shouted from the stage of the MassMutual Center to thunderous applause of support from delegates after the announcement that she won 95% of the delegate votes for the nomination. “Are you ready to stop the Republicans from taking over the U.S. Senate?” she asked.

This is why Democrats love Ms. Warren — she’s the ballsiest candidate in politics.








MassLive reports, “We’ve been endorsing candidates this way for 30 years and we’ve never had a candidate get 86 percent of the delegates votes,” said party Chair John Walsh, referencing the minimum15 percent support threshold Marisa DeFranco needed to appear on the party’s primary ballot.

The Democratic Senate candidate won an election day showdown with Sen. Scott Brown, without the hurdle of a primary.

To answer her question, yes Elizabeth, we’re ready.

Image: Telegram

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  • Anon

    Not gonna lie, I cannot wait for her to get her ass kicked by Scott Brown.

  • Anon

    Not gonna lie, I cannot wait for her to get her ass kicked by Scott Brown.

  • Cainhook

    Let’s see, 10% preference for being female, 15% native American, and 20% for being a victim of those awful old men. 50% sounds right.

  • Jeevus

    the two party system is a lie

  • Stogie69

    Cracks me up how many Redditors who don’t live in Mass. are so impressed with Fauxcahontas. Her ‘resounding victory’ over a little-known and poorly-financed primary challenger is attributable to her anointing by the national party elite (as evidenced by our governors 11th-hour endorsement despite his prior commitment to remain neutral in the primary). The fact that she’s only running even with the Republican candidate in a state that bleeds blue should give pause who are ready to declare her the next senator from Massachusetts.

  • Cherokee Indian

    We need more Indians like her!
    Take America back!

    • Blah

      Nice trolling.

  • DavConn1

    Watch the Repubzis go after Ms. Warren, now. She is their greatest fear: a charismatic thinker who can aikido their fear and mendacity into a positive plan of action.

  • Sfmrman

    Demo or Repu they are the same politicians bought and sold by corporations. Only 2 politicians have stood out for me 1)Ron Paul and now Elizabeth Warren. Watch her interviews on the Daily Show back in 2007-now.

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