And so it begins: Republican Governor calls for ending all public sector unions (cops, teachers, firefighters)

June 10, 2012

When collective bargaining was put on the butcher’s block in Wisconsin, Democrats suspected their next move would be eradicating unions altogether. On Fox News Sunday, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels called for the elimination of public sector unions, which confirms that theory.

Huffington Post reports: “Wallace… asked whether Daniels would like to see public-sector unions disappear entirely. ” Daniels replied, “I think government works better without them, I really do. There’s a reason that defenders of labor … always said that unionism had no place in the public sector, that it was necessary freedom, and it is, in the private sector. But that it was a bad idea in government.”

Remarkably, for years we’ve all had to endure attacks on teachers, with the onslaught of propaganda claiming educators are afforded extravagant wealth and luxurious lifestyles — except that’s not true at all.

Let’s review public unions, who are now among the long list of Americans ostracized and demonized by Republicans:

In 2011, 7.6 million employees in the public sector belonged to a union, compared with 7.2 million union workers in the private sector.
The union membership rate for public-sector workers (37.0 percent) was
substantially higher than the rate for private-sector workers (6.9
percent). Within the public sector, local government workers had the
highest union membership rate, 43.2 percent. This group includes
workers in heavily unionized occupations, such as teachers, police
officers, and firefighters. Private-sector industries with high
unionization rates included transportation and utilities (21.1
percent) and construction (14.0 percent), while low unionization rates
occurred in agriculture and related industries (1.4 percent) and in
financial activities (1.6 percent). (See table 3.)

(my bold)

Republicans claimed that eradicating unions altogether was not their goal, but after Walker’s win in Wisconsin, right wing politicians morphed overnight into dogs with a bone. While at an Occupy event here in New York City, a police officer told me during a conversation, “they would never go after police unions.” (In your face hipster cop!)

Present day Republicans have become the most unrelenting, uncompromising, polarizing force in American political history. It’s their way or no way. This is unacceptable. Sure, Republicans voted them in, but now there is a nice faction of the 7.2 million union workers who will rethink their Republican vote.



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  • Ewd3

    This is how the Nazis started.

  • Sujan Suninfo

    Million of people uses computer a day. In those of people, few are knows how to keep their computers smooth, fast and reliable.

  • Spiele4kinder

    It’s a dirty poloitic, the interest is only corruption and to their benefit foloseascadelegi legal to steal

  • Peter

    Now I’d be the first to admit that I think unions are abusive and do harbor a non-progressive/entitlement attitude in many ways but to abolish all unions! Are they kidding me or what! The Republicans are calling for all Unions to be abolished because big corporations (who own all Republicans) want to relinquish all power from the people in order to have total dominance as it was 100 years ago. No rights for the common man means more wealth to the wealthy few. If we as a nation ever allow this to happen again we the people should and shall stop working! Period! And see let’s see how those few wealthy control freaks feel when no one picks up their garbage, puts out their fires, let’s criminals take all of their belongings and no one oversees their cable/dish service. They truly believe they run the world but they still don’t see that they need us more than we ever need them because we have the skills and we make the goods. Money is a made up commodity but skills and goods can be traded, and we the people can make money worthless if we chose to!

  • Robin

    I think anyone dealing with current issues like this is also looking for ways to handle their future, finances, and even retirement in successful ways. One interesting story I found today that talked about this issue is an intriguing write-up about a wealthy boss that decided to do something different with his career. He left Newmont Mining, a $6.5B company, to join a tiny mining company. Very inspiring story that dovetails many of the themes here, I figured you might like it:

  • br56

    i read patriots remarks and figure he doesn’t get it. The only rights unions have is that every 3 or 4 years they have the right to sit down and renegotiate their contracts with their employers, which is a good thing for both parties, just as you probably negotiated a verbal contract with whoever you work for when you were hired. You are covered by just as many laws as anyone else its just that their is more strenght to bargain a good deal when you are in a union, and the reason that these laws cover you as well are because of unions.

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