Banned for saying ‘vagina’: Alternative words Rep. Lisa Brown could use (only to be banned again)

Thursday Rep. Lisa Brown, while speaking to the Michigan House of Representatives said the evil V word while testifying for women’s reproductive rights. Brown made her comments during a debate on proposed legislation which is deemed the most extreme in the country. ”I have not asked you to adopt and adhere to my religious beliefs,” she said. “Why are you asking me to adopt yours? And finally, Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina, but no means no.” Vaginaphobes in Michigan were stunned by her wording. It’s just not done!







As reported here, the new anti-choice bills are packed full of regulations. The bill was stalled when 500 supporters for women’s rights showed up, taking the capitol while wearing pink t-shirts.

The Raw Story reports:

Speaking against the bills after being recognized by the House speaker, Rep. Brown relayed a little known fact: Jewish law that places the life of the mother over that of an unborn child, no matter how far along the pregnancy is.

That’s when she dropped the v-word.

House Republican leadership later confirmed to Michigan Radio that they felt her comment violated decorum, and that she would not be called upon in future debate.

Well that’s pussified of them. So, we should demand that Rep. Brown is allowed to speak at future debates — and will in no way be made to leave her ‘V’ at home. Some other words the committee might find more acceptable for her to use while speaking about the eeevil vagina:



Pleasure mound

Love canal

That Oooo spot

The Oh my God, Oh God, Oh God, OH GODDD! place

Receptacle for a penis

Bearded clam


Quivering mound of love pudding

Jack in the Pulpit

Velvet folds

Hot Mussel

Moss covered cave

‘All up in that’


Drmangrum adds to the list:

‘Hoo hoo’.

Nether region

When asked about the purpose of the legislation, co-sponsor State Rep. Mike Shirkey previously said: “Until we completely eliminate abortions in Michigan and completely defund Planned Parenthood, we have work to do.” Obviously, this isn’t about using the word, vagina anyway.

Please sign this petition and stop the madness; lift the ban on Lisa Brown and Barb Byrum.


Image: Jezebel


  • Ahab

    Seriously? Up in arms over the word “vagina”? Some people need to grow up and talk about biology like adults.

    Was “quivering mound of love pudding” a reference to a certain Naked Gun movie? :)

    • Anomaly

      Was that in the movie? I have no idea how I came up with this list, but I had help. Cosmic_Surfer added the last few.

  • lala

    Ha! America is so last century and this clinches it!