Gov Scott, you’ve been served: Police association have supported Republicans for 20 years until now

Governor Rick Scott (R-voter purge) is plummeting so badly in the polls among his own constituents that the Broward County Police Benevolent Association is holding a “Party to Leave the Party” next month.  The event is a coordinated effort with the Supervisor of Elections so police officers and the general public can switch their voter registration from Republican, to Democratic or Independent.  The associations states, “We’ve been supporting Republican governors for the past 20 years.” Until now. Ouch.

It was just one of my little jokey jokes.

The voter purge, as well as what the association deemed as a, “flat-out union-busting bill” isn’t working in the Governor’s favor. The association serves as the bargaining union for the county’s law enforcement officers, and they are highly disappointed with their State’s Governornance and the results of the past legislative session; including changes to the Florida Retirement System that will require the workers to pay more of their own wages into retirement savings.

NewTimes Blogs reports:

The PBA may be a union, but it’s not traditionally a bunch of liberals. “You’d be surprised,” says Broward PBA President Patrick Hanrihan. “I think most of our police officers and stuff are Republicans.” Well, until the party-switching party, that is.
“We’ve been supporting Republican governors for the past 20 years,” Hanrihan continued.

But this one’s antics may be too much for the traditionally red-voting, gun-wielding, meat-eating, hippie-busting (OK, we’ll stop) cops to stomach.

“[Governor Scott’s] union dues deduction bill is a flat-out union-busting bill,” says Hanrihan. “Under the law, a government agency wouldn’t be allowed to collect union dues if it was involved in political campaigns.” He notes that Scott had “no problem” taking money from the police union in the past election. Scott did get significant pushback on the bill from some Republican representatives, but the House eventually passed it.

Here is the invitation to the event itself:

The Broward PBA wants to send a message to the Republican Party, the governor and the Republican-led legislature– those that are wreaking havoc on the lives of public employees–that we will not sit idly by and take it. Supporting the GOP means supporting those that are working hard against your interests and those who believe that labor unions are bent on destroying America.

On July 16, we want you, our members, your friends and your family, to leave the Republican Party. Law enforcement, firefighters, teachers and other public employees are invited to join us in switching from the Republican party to the party of their choice. Those who are not registered voters are welcome to come register so their voices can also be heard. Reg- istering or switching parties takes two minutes. All you need is a government-issued ID like a Florida Driver’s License or a Florida ID.

There is one more legislative session before the 2012 elections–let’s put them on notice.


(my bold)

It’s on. I suspect Scott realizes his end in politics is nearing, so all bets are off — and now he hopes to be the cataclysmic force to stealing the 2012 Presidential election. Karma sucks though, doesn’t it Governor? Never treat your constituents as if they’re ignorant as to what’s really going on. 

I wonder what Gov.Mitch Daniels is thinking right now? 



  • Denise

    scratching my head trying to understand why blue collar, working class folks vote republican. everything they do is to hurt them at the expense of helping the wealthy

    • Robato Kestrel

      Gullibility. Ignorance. Dogma.

    • Robato Kestrel

      Gullibility. Ignorance. Dogma.

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  • Linda Perry

    Unfortunately there are still about 35% that would still vote for Romney.

    What has the GOP done for these USA since 1968?

    Wars, Tax cuts, Deficit, political and racial division, regional resentment, fewer people getting ahead, and slowly decimating USA in every measurable way known in Western World.

  • Mojoman1234

    pssst. I saw this story elsewhere. Check the date. It was supposed to happen last year, July 2011.

  • contentnihilist

    So. .I can’t be a liberal if I eat meat and own a gun?

    • Thomas

      Sure as long as you ndon’t “Bust a Hippie “

  • Guest

    So. .I can’t be a liberal if I eat meat and own a gun?