Hello China, TeamGhostShell is breaching your sites with a vengeance: Meet #OpDragonFly

A related faction of Anonymous, TeamGhostShell, is targeting China with a vengeance in its newest operation, #ProjectDragonFly.

Their focus is set keenly on the Chinese government, its institutions, corporations and companies. As the leader of TeamGhostShell, @DeadMellox words it, “I’m declaring war on China’s cyberspace.”

With DeadMellox stating,”due to unfortunate events and a wanted poster in 4 continents on my head, I decided to sail over to south-eastern Asia for a while” he began the process of breaching hundreds of sites, including those of top companies.

Mellox notes that the government in China is teemed with propaganda:

“It has been reported that in 2005, departments of provincial and municipal governments in mainland China began creating teams of Internet commentators from propaganda and police departments and offering them classes in Marxism, propaganda techniques, and the Internet. They are reported to guide discussion on public bulletin boards away from politically sensitive topics by posting opinions anonymously or under false names. Chinese Internet police also erase anti-communist comments and posts pro-government messages. Chinese Communist Party leader Hu Jintao has declared the party’s intent to strengthen administration of the online environment and maintain the initiative in online opinion.”

Of relevance:

On 14 November 2007, Professor Guo Quan published an open letter to Chinese communist leaders Hu Jintao and Wu Bangguo, calling for a “democratic government based on multi-party elections that serves the interests of the common folks.” ” What? Democracy?! What is this sorcery? Well, as you can imagine, this didn’t sit well with the very serious business commie ruling party of China. In fact the following occurred… “Guo’s very public open letters to President Hu Jintao demanding multi-party elections and the depoliticisation of the People’s Liberation Army, was widely published in internet blogosphere as well as the tradition media. Since then the Chinese cyber-police had begun to black out his blogs.” Yes, you’ve read that correctly, the chinese cyberpolice started taking down blogs because a university professor & doctor (PhD) began talking about democracy and his message was so inspiring that it spread like wildfire all over the chinese domains.

In 2008, February, he reported and gave an interview to The Times on how his name and work was getting practically removed from google and yahoo cn. What happened to him you might wonder? Oh, you know… ”

On 13 Nov 2008 cnews reported that Guo Quan, was arrested Thursday in the city of Nanjing. According to his wife, the police’s charge was “subversion of state power” Chinese police routinely uses the charge of “subversion of state power”to imprison dissidents for years.”

“On 17 Oct 2009, Reuters reported that he was sentenced to 10 years in jail.”

Why am I telling you guys this story? Simple. Because, I want everyone to grasp the situation I am putting myself into right now and how big this will be. If a well respected and educated citizen of China got sentenced to a decade in prison simply for expressing his personal feelings about democracy, his own “free speech” that many others on this planet take for granted, then imagine how pissed off they’ll be for what I’m about to do.

#ProjectDragonFly began by breaching every site in their way, including national and regional sites, giving as examples, “Hong Kong (hk), Beijing (bj), Shanghai (sh), Macau (mo), Tianjin (tj), Anhui (ah), etc.”Included in the leaks are usernames, passwords, addresses, phone numbers, passports, flight numbers, private messages, project descriptions, and much more.DeadMellox states, “This is merely an introduction, after today the real fun will begin.”

One of TeamGhostShell’s main members, Zoone, was arrested for being involved (ironically) with Anonymous work, in addition to another leader behind @AnonymousChina’s account.

In their honor, DeadMellox states the arrests will not discourage his operation, in fact, quite the opposite, “This made me reconsider my position and leak a bit more than just gov/edu/ac data, but also company information. While sitting on around 800k chinese accounts, i’ve decided to leak around 100k from different places. The police world-wide got the best of us this time, but now it’s time to strike back, therefore I’m bringing to you all, a real cyberwar. Enjoy!”

Feel free to browse around. 

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